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Last Call
by Larry Taylor

I tend bar in an upper middle-class lounge in the best neighborhood in the city. I've been a bartender for ten years and have worked in several bars but this one is the nicest by far. Tending bar isn't rocket science but I enjoy it. The hours are long but the work isn't difficult and I meet some nice people. Several months ago I met some of the nicest people yet. May I tell you about it?

Friday night is usually one of my best nights, but that particular night was slow because of the nasty weather. We had been hit by a string of vicious thunderstorms all day long and the gusting wind and torrential rain kept my bread-and-butter customers at home. Only a handful of customers had dropped in by ten o'clock and my tip bowl was looking mighty sick.

The waitresses had called it quits long ago. The joint was empty and I was giving serious consideration to locking up and heading home to snuggle up against my pretty wife in my warm bed. I figured the boss would never know the difference. "A game of Hide the Salami will really hit the spot," I thought. I didn't want to get soaked and was just waiting for a lull in the rain to make my getaway. Then, in the blinking neon light from the sign, I spotted two people running toward the door huddled under a raincoat. They laughed the way people laugh when they are made the butt of a joke, brushed themselves off, and hurried to the bar. I figured they were either an attractive middle-aged married couple out to have some fun or a boss trying to lay his secretary. What a hell of a night they picked!

As they ordered their drinks, I could tell by their slurred speech that my joint wasn't their first. They told me that they had been bar-hopping, looking for "some action". As I mixed their drinks, I fumed at being denied a few hours off. On the other hand, I soon discovered that my customers were good company. They asked me to join them in a drink, so I poured myself a shot of our best brandy.

They were soggy, so I dug around under the bar until I found a couple of towels for them to dry their hair with. With combed hair and fresh makeup, the babe looked pretty good. She wasn't gorgeous, but she was the kind of woman that no normal man would kick out of bed. The guy wasn't bad himself, but I didn't pay much attention to him. I was much more interested in his wife's cleavage.

We were all on friendly terms by the time we finished our drinks. They told me that they had come from The Swing, a notorious swinger club just down the road, and were very disappointed by the quality of the people they had found there. "Nothing but fat old ladies over there tonight," the man griped. "Yeah, and that bitch at the door wouldn't refund our money," the blond added. I had heard that The Swing charged couples fifty bucks admission, so could understand why they were pissed. I've never been there, but have heard stories about orgies. I would love to try it just once, but my wife isn't the swinging type.

The way the blond leered at me made me uneasy. Both of them were staring at my crotch. My uniform pants are tight and the slightest arousal shows. When I complained to my boss about it, she said it was that way on purpose. "The barmaids show their tits and the bartenders show their packages," was how she put it. They ordered fresh drinks but I took a rain check when they invited me to join them. I had a feeling that something good was going to happen to me, and I wanted to be in peak form in case it did. They were getting sloppy drunk and I should have cut them off, but things were getting very interesting so I served them another round. They were talking about sex and the people they had fucked or wanted to fuck and were purposely talking loud enough for me to hear every word they said. Blondie was openly flirting with me and her husband seemed to be encouraging her.

"I've noticed that you have very large hands," Blondie said. "I've heard that's a good indication of the size down below. You'll notice that my husband has small hands, and the rule certainly applies in his case." The husband laughed and interrupted her. He told her to stop beating around the bush and come right out with it. "I'll give you twenty bucks to show us your cock," he said, as he slapped a bill down on the bar.

By then, I had the start of a pretty decent boner, and its outline showed through the pants. I've got a wife and two kids to feed and clothe and will take any twenty that comes along. "Sure, I'll show you my cock," I said, slipping the bill into my pocket. It wasn't likely that anyone would come in at that hour in those conditions, but I decided to play it safe. I locked the door and closed the blinds, then stood in front of them, unzipped my fly, and lowered my pants a little to get my cock and balls out. They stared at my ten-inch pussy-pleaser with wide eyes. Blondie's eyes were kind of glazed over and she licked her lips constantly, sure signs that she was in heat.

Old Faithful was at half-mast with the foreskin still covering the flange of the head. "I'll give you another twenty to show it to us hard," the man said. If he was so determined to give me money, I figured I might just as well take it, and slipped another bill into my pocket. As I started masturbating, I was already planning ahead. I figured I might get another twenty for jerking off for them.

Within a couple of minutes, I had my pussy-pleaser hard enough to drive nails with. "My God, you're hung like a mule," Blondie said. Their wide eyes were burning holes in my cock. I lifted it and pressed it against my belly to show off my nuts. "That's a nice set of balls, too," the man added. I continued playing with my dick, hoping he wouldn't make me ask for more money to shoot a load. When no offers were forthcoming, I decided that I would just have to do it for free, and jacked my cock harder. "Wait until I get back," the woman said as she headed for the Ladies' Room, staggering and bumping into chairs.

"I'll pay you a hundred to fuck her, but only on the condition that she cums at least once and I get to watch," the man said. I guess that's what I had been hoping for all along, and jumped at the chance. A payment on my oldest girl's braces was due, and that hundred would cover it. "Sure, okay," I answered. "And, don't worry, you'll get your money's worth."

We have a nice little bedroom in back where our very best customers can sleep it off for an hour or two, or even spend the night if they are too fucked up to drive. I took Blondie's hand and led them back to the room, my cock and balls hanging out. On the way, they introduced themselves as Becky and Dan. I told them to make themselves at home, then hurried back to the bar to fix them fresh drinks, turn on the neon "CLOSED" sign, and open the blinds. The last thing I wanted was for the cops to interrupt the party because they were suspicious of the closed blinds.

When I got back, Becky was stretched out naked on the bed and Dan was sitting in a chair to the side. Becky was sexy enough to make my cock lurch upward when I got my first look at her! She had big, floppy tits, a slightly pudgy waist, a true-blond pussy, and long, sleek legs. Her short hair was dry by then and fluffed up. I took off my clothes and crawled between her legs where I sucked, licked and nibbled on her sweet, soft, blond pussy. She was quick on the trigger and came within a couple of minutes. "Oh, sweet Jesus, this guy knows how to eat pussy," Becky exclaimed as she clamped my head between her thighs. In my peripheral vision, I could see Dan stroking his cock. The broad grin on his face told me that he was enjoying the show.

When her orgasm wound down, I crawled up her body and suckled on her creamy tits for awhile. Her big, brown nipples were the kind that make my mouth water. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up for a kiss. When I tried to work my dick into her honey-pot, I discovered that she had blocked it with her hand. "You'll need this," Dan said, holding up a foil packet. "Let him put it on you, baby," Becky whispered. "Why not?" I thought, as I walked over to him.

Dan took my cock in his hand and stroked it up and down. "I can't see," Becky complained. I turned to the side so she could watch her husband masturbate me. I had never had my cock stroked by a man before, but it felt damn good, so I didn't say anything. "I'd better wet it so it will go in easier," he said. That sounded like he meant to wet it after the rubber was on, so got a shock when his hot mouth closed around the bare cockhead. He was giving me better head than I had ever had from a woman, including my wife, so I let him have his way. "This should be worth an extra twenty, don't you think?" I asked. "You've got it," he said. Then he took the biggest gulp yet and the head of my dick went down his throat.

"Don't you dare make him cum, honey," wide-eyed Becky warned. I told him I might do just that if he didn't stop. He dried my dick on his shirt-tail then rolled the rubber on. It only covered the top half of my cock. He sucked it some more to wet it. "You're going to need help getting this thing in," Dan said. "I think you're going to like how tight she is." Dan lined my cock up with his wife's fuck-hole and told me to push. It took a forceful lunge to mate and then my prick was buried in one of the tightest pussies I had ever had. Dan had been right about that! She dug her fingers into my ass and told me to give it to her good.

Dan stripped off his clothes and knelt at the foot of the bed. He asked me to spread my legs so he could see what was happening. "Oh, baby, you should see how beautiful your blond pussy is with that big fucker stuck in it." At first, I had to work to get my piston down Becky's cylinder, but she oiled up very nicely, and it got easier with each passing minute. I only had to fuck her for about five minutes to give her an orgasm. She tossed her head from side-to-side and howled like a wolf. It seemed fitting that a series of mighty thunderclaps accompanied her orgasm. I gave it to her for thirty minutes, and she came again every four or five minutes. "I told you you'd get your money's worth," I said to Dan. He answered with a wink. I kept working her legs up higher until, by the time I came, I had her ankles propped on my shoulders.

As soon as I dismounted, Dan hurried to me to examine the load in the end of the rubber. He removed it very carefully so as not to spill any of my cream, then he knelt next to his wife, poured it onto his cock and masturbated with it until he shot his load all over her tits. We lay there panting for quite a long time. They didn't reach for their clothes, so I figured they wanted some more sex, and that was fine with me. I went out to the bar and fixed a round of fresh drinks.

As they sipped their drinks, I asked Becky if I could fuck her again, on the house. "My pussy is too sore to take you on again," she said. "I'm not used to cocks as big as yours." I was disappointed until she offered an alternative. "Ever had a blowjob from a man and woman at the same time?" When I answered that I hadn't, she asked me if I wanted to try it. I remembered that she hadn't had my dick in her mouth yet, and wanted to see if she sucked as good as her husband did. I probably could have gotten a little more money out of them for the blowjob, but I had a hundred-sixty as it was, so decided to do it for free.

Becky took Dan's half-hard cock in her mouth and sucked it until it was hard. When he was worked up, they motioned for me to join them on the bed then they got on each side of me and went to work. They passed my cock back and forth, taking five or six pulls on each turn. My head spun as two of the best cocksuckers in the city worked on me. They were so good that I couldn't decide which was the best. Becky sucked the head while Dan ran his tongue down my shaft and around my balls. Then they switched off. I don't know how I managed to last thirty minutes, because after the first fifteen it was a constant struggle to keep my load from shooting out. I finally shouted that I was cumming, and an instant later they were sharing the creamy lotion that spewed from my cock. When I was finished, Dan jumped to his knees, grabbed his wife's hair, shoved his cock into her mouth, and came instantly.

As we dressed, Dan passed me an extra twenty bucks for giving his wife such a great fucking. They asked if I would be agreeable to them stopping by from time to time for more of the same. I said I would, but it has been three months and they haven't been back. I sure would love to get some more of Becky's fine blond pussy! I have been writing this story on a notepad here at the bar. It's a stormy night, just like that night three months ago. There isn't a single customer in the place and the waitresses punched out hours ago. Could tonight be the night?


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