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Lady Dos
by Kelley Spice

The ceiling fan spun around and around and around. It was that time of day again. It was that kind of class again. Dr. Seguin was now lecturing about the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Jeffrey LaDow loved it. LaDow would sit back in his desk, stare at the ceiling fan, and let his imagination run wild. As a child, he remembered going to the theatre and watching old movies about the Egyptian kings and queens, and the great pyramids.

A rustling sound shook LaDow out of his daydream. The class was ending, and the students were leaving.

"Mr. LaDow, I see you've been riding on your magic carpet again," laughed Dr. Seguin. "Don't forget, you have a test on Friday."

"Thanks professor," smiled LaDow.

"Yeah Cloud Nine," don't forget your test Friday," laughed a group of students leaving the room."

LaDow's active imagination was something not lost on fellow students in class, hence the name "Cloud" or "Cloud Nine."

The 19-year old history major left the classroom, made a beeline across the campus quadrangle, and eventually to the bus stop.

As the 4th street bus approached, Jeffrey felt a tap on his left shoulder. He turned, but saw nobody. He boarded the bus for home.

The bus came to a stop right at 1527 4th street. Home sweet home.

Up the steps and into the two-story house he went.

"Hello nephew," bellowed a voice from the kitchen.

"Hello Aunt Jade," replied Jeffrey. "You know Aunt Jade, you really ought to keep that front screen locked. You-"

"I'll lock it when I feel like it," she snapped. "I know these people in this neighborhood."

Jeffrey knew the people in the neighborhood too, and he knew they were not as good as they used to be. But, he was not about to argue with Aunt Jade, whose real name was Jada Scott. A lovely, firmly built, dark-haired woman of 44, she was Jeff's mother's sister. LaDow's mother was a single parent named Lana Travis. Lana was in a mental institution. When Jeff was six-years old, she suffered a nervous breakdown. She claimed to have seen smoke coming from the walls of her bedroom on frequent occasions. One afternoon she had one vision too many. She even claimed to have had some after she was committed. No one else saw these visions.

Aunt Jade stepped right in to raise him and had been a pillar of strength. Jeff loved her dearly.

As "Cloud Nine" climbed the stairs to his room, he noticed the familiar smell coming out of the kitchen. Dinner would be baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and cream spinach.

LaDow made it to his room, threw down his books, and raced quickly to his computer. He turned it on. As soon as his desktop appeared on the screen, he logged on to the Internet. Immediately he went to a search engine, and requested information on pyramids. Over 3,000 different options availed themselves.

"Jeff, dinner is almost ready," said Aunt Jade from downstairs.

"Okay, be down in a minute," he replied.

The third web page on the search revealed a topic saying, "Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt." LaDow clicked on the link. A website appeared with digital photos of several pyramids with an eye between them. Right below the eye, it said "click to enter the chamber."

"Jeffrey, are you up there fooling around on that computer again??" came the voice from downstairs.

"Uh, no, just changing my socks," lied Nine.

LaDow clicked on the eye, and his screen went black, with nothing showing but a blinking cursor.

"Hello," hissed a low-sounding voice.

"Wha, Who-,"

"I am Dossipria (Daw-Sippria), guard of the lower chamber, you may call me Lady Dos," said the voice.

"Where are you?" "Who or what are you??" exclaimed LaDow.

"Type cd, add a space, DOS, and then press your enter button," answered the voice.

Then, Jeff heard a shriek from downstairs. He ran out of his room, to the head of the stairs, and then down the stairs. He looked into the kitchen. He saw his aunt in the grasp of a huge man, who was brandishing a switchblade knife.

"Okay sister, don't make a sound and you won't get hurt," said the intruder. "Now, we are going to go upstairs, and you are going to show me around."

The man was so busy wrestling with Jada, that he did not notice LaDow watching them. However, Jeff could not find a weapon within his reach.

"What is going on down there?" hissed the voice from up in the room.

Jeff, paused, and jumped out of site. How could he hear the voice while nobody else could hear it???? He turned and looked quickly around the room, but saw nothing he could use as weapon. He could hear the attacker and his aunt move closer to the stairway where he was standing. LaDay slid quickly up the stairs and into his room.

"Quickly, type what I told you, and I will help you!!" ordered the voice.

LaDow typed in the code. Right then he felt a tap on his left shoulder. He turned and saw the near bedroom wall began to mist.

"Stay in the room!" the voice commanded to LaDow.

He heard struggling noises as the criminal and his aunt approached the top of the stairs. The man was immensely strong, for Jada was no runt. She had broad shoulders and thick hips.

Right then, the mist began to flow out of the room and towards the top of the stairs. The thug had dragged Jada across the head of the stairs and was moving them both towards her room. He did not see the mist heading for them, as it circled over them, and then entered his left ear. The mist vanished into the man's head.

All of a sudden, a huge gust of wind began to blow on the top floor of the house. The criminal let go of Jade and dropped the knife. He began to tremble violently and slumped to the floor, and rolled on his back. His face and stomach were bloated, and he had a peculiar smile on his face.

Jade stared in horror.

The assailant zipped down his pants, and began to masturbate, as Jade stood frozen in her tracks. As he masturbated, the black mist that entered him began to spew out both of his ears. As well as coming out of his ears, the mist came from his nose and penis. Then, there was a hissing sound, as he man began to break wind, emitting the mist from his ass. The mist took the shadowy form of a woman, right between the attacker and Jade. The attacker got up and began to scream loudly. His hair was now white, as he ran down the stairs, out of the house and into the streets.

Everything outside had come to a total standstill as the criminal made his way outdoors. Nothing was moving, neither people, animals, nor cars, as the man stumbled wildy down the streets, babbling as he went.

The figure now turned on Jade, who stood in fright. It pointed a right finger at Jade, and rolled the finger in a clockwise motion. Jade's eyes rolled and began to close. She slumped into the arms of the shadow, which began to carry Jade to her room.

LaDow had crept to the door while all of this was going on.

"What are you going to do with my Aunt?" he questioned the figure.

"I thought I told you to stay in your room!" exclaimed the figure. "Very well, follow me."

Jeff followed the two into the room. The figured laid his aunt gently on the bed, and transformed itself into the black mist once again. It circled the room and entered into Jade's right ear. Her stomach, breasts, thighs, and buttocks began to bloat.

LaDow was in shock.

A smile appeared on Jade's face a she slept. Also, her appearance began to change. Her body tone became more firm, and the hue of her skin became a golden brown. Then as by command, she sat up, eyes closed and smiling, unbuttoned and pulled off her sleeveless nightcoat, and then her black underwear. She was left on the bed with one of her swollen breasts protruding from her bra, and a shaved vagina.

LaDow began to shudder. Having to watch his aunt lay in front of him naked, not knowing what was wrong, was making him sick.

Then, Jade lifted her arms and folded them behind her head. Then LaDow noticed something that horrified him. Another eyelid had appeared between his aunt's eyebrows. Then all three of her eyes opened at the same time. Her pupils were as black as coals and her retinas were sparkling goal.

"Come to me Jeffrey!" hissed a voice coming from Jade, but LaDow noticed his aunt's lips were not moving.

Ladow did not budge.

"Very well!" the voice hissed. Then a beam of light emitted from Jade's center eye and struck LaDow in the forehead.

"Come Jeffrey!" the voice commanded again.

LaDow moved towards the bed, closer to his aunt. He reached the foot of the bed.

"Take off your clothes!" the voice directed, with the beam still directed at Jeff's forehead.

LaDow obliged. After he was standing naked by the bed, the beam lowered itself down to Jeff's penis, and began to circle it, weaving a black pouch.

"Nothing like safe sex!" laughed the voice. Now, I want you inside of me."

The figure on the bed laid on her right side with her ass and huge cock facing Jeff. He crawled into bed and began to rhythmically ram his penis into the giant pussy.

"Yes!" said the voice. "More, side to side, and up and down!"

LaDow obliged. And this process lasted for 15 minutes.

Finally he was commanded to stop.

"Now get up, get you're your clothes, return to your room, and sit by your computer," ordered the voice.

Jeff obeyed.

When he was gone, she continued to lay on her side. Then her bowels began to rumble.

Poot! A big black bubble issue forth from her ass. Poot, poot!! Two smaller bubbles emitted from her anus. Her stomach, thighs, and breasts began to deflate as the bubbles ascended above a Sleeping Jade. Her original complexion returned.

"You will arise, go downstairs, and dispose of the food," ordered the voice. "Then you will come back, get into bed, and sleep until daybreak. You will remember nothing from the time your nephew entered the house."

Then the black bubbles floated into LaDow's room.

Type c:\ladydos\chamber," ordered the voice from the bubbles. LaDow obeyed.

"Now, go and lay on your bed, and masturbate," said the voice. Jeffrey crawled into bed, lay on his back and began to stroke himself. While he did this the voice continued to talk to him.

"You have done well. You have provided me with a portal across time my soldier. The one thing you will remember is to summon me when you need me. I will tap you on your left shoulder to prompt you to summon me when you need help. You see, I cannot properly help you unless my full being is here, and it can only be here if you go to the website and type c:\ladydos at the c prompt. You will remember nothing else of this afternoon, except how to summon me. We still have a lot to talk about.

At this point LaDow ejaculated.

"You will sleep until the dawn," the voice hissed. Then the bubbles burst into the black mist, entered the computer, and was gone, as the pc shut itself down.

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