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Lisa Exposed
by Luke

Lisa, being a natural exhibitionist, was 100% into my new "adventure." I wanted the world to experience the beauty that her body possesses. We needed to make this experience memorable.

Our first encounter happened in a hotel in L.A We rented a suite for the night and got "ripped" drinking champagne. Our first skit involved room service. We ordered a couple of sandwiches and bottles of soda. I placed a video camera inconspicuously in the room. When there was a knock at the door, I hid in the closet with the door cracked open and let her go to work. Lisa was wearing a large terry cloth bathrobe and nothing else underneath. She spread a baby oil all over her body, paying special attention to her perky breasts and shaved pussy. She positioned her robe just right, so not to be too obvious, it was tied very loosely at the waist and closed just enough to cover her body, but any movement would change that. She opened the door.

The room service person was a short, non threatening looking Mexican man in his late 20's. He probably hated his job. We were about to give him something to perk up his life for a few weeks. She let him into the room and closed the door. He walked over to the room's dining table and placed the tray down. Lisa sat in front of him on the bed with one leg up on the bed and one leg down on the floor, giving him a full view of her bare naked and shaved pussy. She acted as if she didn't know that she was exposed. She asked him if he had a light. He turned and looked down a her pussy for a second and turned beet red. He looked away and pointed at the sign in the room that stated that it was a nonsmoking room.

"Okay, what ever," Lisa says, nonchalantly.

"Please sign here, Miss," The guy says, handing her the bill and trying not to look down. Lisa leans over to grab it, exposing one of her breasts. He gives it to her. She turns away from him to sign it. He started staring at her bare pussy. She took her time signing the receipt. The poor guy was mesmerized at the sight of her bare naked pussy. I could see that he was getting a boner. He put one hand in his pocket to reposition his growing cock.

"Here you go," Lisa says with a smile.

The guy says, "Thank You," and turns to walk out.

Lisa says, "Excuse me... do you know how to get to the Beverly center from here? Can you show me on my map?"

He nods his head "yes". Lisa looks around the room as if she can't find it.

She leans over to turn on the light on the dresser, exposing her entire torso. She stands and walks over to the corner of the room (her robe is at least 2 inches open) and says, "Oh it's in my suitcase." She walks over to bed, gets on her hands and knees and flips her robe from under her, exposing her entire ass. She bends all the way over exposing her puckered ass hole and her glistening pussy. The guy was going nuts. Sweat was pouring off of his face. He couldn't decide if he should say something, leave or jerk off. Lisa "searched" for the map a little longer, while moving her round ass in the air. "Oh here it is," She sang out.

The delivery guy looked away as Lisa stands and sits on the bed with one leg up and one leg down, giving him, once again a full view of her pussy. She told him to sit on the bed and he does. Finally he points out the Beverly Center on the map and excuses himself. The poor guy had such a boner that he walked out of the room sideways.

Once he left, we rewound the video tape and had a good laugh, watching this poor guy trying to contain himself. Once in Miami, I decided to take nude photos of Lisa. We found a deserted beach, which was located directly behind a deserted hotel. Lisa stripped naked and we started shooting away. Of course I was turned on at the fact that I was staring at one of the most beautiful woman in the world, naked in the middle of the day, in a public place. Suddenly out of nowhere, a security guard comes walking out with the biggest smile on his face. He was a middle-aged Caribbean man. Lisa started laughing. I apologized for being on the property.

He told me, "Not to worry and to continue." So we kept on shooting Lisa, naked in the brilliant late afternoon sun, incorporating the beach, the overgrown shrubbery and the fenced off condemned hotel. The guard stood there smiling as we got more and more comfortable with him being there. Her poses get more and more provocative with time. She squats down and spreads her large pussy lips. Then proceeds with sticking a couple of fingers inside of her glistening wet pussy.

"Come pose with me," Lisa tells the guard. He shyly nods his head "no." Lisa walks over to him. He cannot take his eyes off of her hairless pussy.

"You like?" she says playfully. He shakes his head like a child in a toy store. "C'mon." She says to him. He explains that he doesn't want to lose his job. "He won't photograph your face." She tells him. The guard doesn't say anything, so Lisa squat in front of him and poses at his waist.

Lisa turns to him and looks at the bulge in his pants. "Ooh, look what we have here." She says, while unbuckling his pants. He doesn't say a word. He just keeps staring at her. She drops his pants, revealing his boxer shorts. She pulls his enormous cock out through the fly.

"Oh shit!" She says while laughing in disbelief. She slowly begins to jerk his dick, while posing with it near her face. Within about 30 seconds, the guard comes, hard! Squirting come all over her cheek. She re-aims his ejaculation onto her tits, coming like a pony. It seemed like this guy must not have had sex in months with the amount of cum that he sprayed on her. I continued shooting stills. Lisa could not contain herself and continued laughing at the amount of cum that drenched her cheek and chest.

The guard felt really embarrassed. He pulled his pants up and walked away. We continued shooting stills with Lisa now drenched in this stranger's cum. She rubbed it all over her chest and posed with it dripping off of her tits. She made sure that it didn't go into her mouth. I ran out of film, so she put on her wrap around and her bikini top and we walked back to our hotel with her chest still glistening with the guard's cum.

As we walked, she sometimes let the slit of her skirt fly open when an unsuspecting man walked towards us. It was hilarious watching the expressions on the men's faces as they walk towards her hairless, naked pussy. I turned back a couple of times to see the guys just standing there dazed and confused.

I waved "Bye!" at a couple of them. We walked into the lobby of our hotel and up to the front desk. She asked the clerk for the room key. She obviously was getting a kick out of the fact that, what everyone thought to be suntan lotion and sweat, was actually cum. We went up to our floor. I dared her to strip while walking down the hallway. She immediately drops her skirt and pulls off her top and runs down the hall. I grabbed her stuff off of the ground and walked towards the room.

Just as I neared it, a young man walked out of his room, only to bump into Lisa's naked body. "Sorry!" says while laughing. He doesn't say anything, just walks towards the elevators. We rush into the room, cracking up, also afraid that the man might tell the hotel security and kick us out. No one came to bother us.


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