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Latina's Email From the Edge
(of Ecstasy)

Fifteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Hi, my dear friends and loyal readers,

I've saved up a bunch of my recent email correspondence, with another female writer of erotic fiction. Taken as a whole, I think they are a good update on the Latina and Frank series, which is based on the real-life exploits of my husband "Frank" and me. I like to recount every nuance, every detail of our lovemaking, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoying living it.

-- "Latina"

* * * * *

Hi, again!

My pussy is still sore from two hours of lovemaking, from 4 to 6 this morning. But also so wet and eager, because we're planning a "nooner" at home on our lunch break.

I'm still picturing his big cock stretching out my mouth, and exploding faster than I could swallow. What a predicament I was in early this morning: a thick shaft filling my mouth and dribbling warm, creamy come down my chin. I know I loved it!

Of course, while I was sucking on him, he was just as attentive to my clit (we were in a hot 69). The 69 was followed by a hot fuck, he really POUNDED my walls, mmmmmm, so GOOD! and I can still feel his warm, creamy come deep inside of my pussy, even 4 hours later.

I guess I should set the scene for you, as you always do for me, when you write about your relationships with your husband, and with that sexy redheaded woman next door. Well, Frank woke up about 3 a.m., and he couldn't get back to sleep. I was dimly aware, through my sleep, that he got up to fix himself a cup of hot cocoa, and to watch a late- night movie in the living room until he got sleepy. Not feeling him next to me, made me want him all the more. So by the time he came back to bed at 4 a.m., I was just too horny to let him get back to sleep. I reached over, and I began lazily stroking his cock, right through the sexy red boxers I bought him (I love that he dresses up so sexy for me every night, and that I got him out of wearing wool pajamas by night and cotton briefs by day!)

Well anyway, you know how much my Frank loves me, how close soulmates we are, so even my gentle stroking, quickly erased his sleepiness, and got his cock hard and ready for action, just the way I like it. I smiled that he was ready to give me exactly what I craved right then: his long, strong, thick, hard cock. I guess that's when I leaned over him, and I began sucking and then licking his big, tasty balls.

Next I began licking my way up and down his shaft. I then kissed all over his cock head, until he was pulsing wildly against my face. That's when I opened up my lips, and I let him start pushing his way up into my hungry mouth.

Before I could swallow his fleshy sword whole, he withdrew, and he turned around. At first, I was mad that he had left my mouth, but as soon as I felt his tongue on my lower regions, and his cock pressing back up into my mouth, I knew that he had made the right choice, in turning my blowjob into a mutually-satisfying 69.

I think we were too busy enjoying each other, so I don't even remember him turning around again. But somehow, I went from contentedly sucking on his sweet cock one second, to having him pound his cock in and out of my inner walls the next second. Believe me, I did not at all mind the friction of his thick love hose slamming in and out repeatedly, pounding me senseless, over and over again.

When his cock head began rubbing up hard and fast against my G-spot, I completely lost it, moaning loudly, babbling incoherently, writhing, shaking, and quivering, until my orgasmic burst washed over me. When I came, he thrust as deep down into me as he could, his balls to my walls, and he stayed there: calm, motionless. I felt frustrated that he was no longer pounding me, but it turned out that he just couldn't take one second more of this excitement. That's when it happened: he literally exploded, forcefully and powerfully ejecting the gallons of come stored-up in his balls, filling up my pussy, until I overflowed. Oooooh, I just LOVED the feeling, as his warm spunk filled me to overflowing!

By the time we finished our extensive foreplay and fucking, the 6:00 alarm rang, time for us to get up. We had been going at each other, at full intensity, for two solid hours! I've never had a lover with as much endurance and stamina as my Frank!

We got up then, and we showered together. Frank's arms are hairy, but his chest is hairier, and the hair on his head is longest and darkest of all. My hair is also dark, long on my head, and thick and bushy between my legs. We both loved running our soaped-up hands all over each other's various hairy parts, in the shower!

Well, I gotta go now. More later, after our nooner (only 90 minutes from now--I can hardly wait!) I'd better close off now, before my excitement over the memories of this morning, and my anticipation of what is to COME, lets TOO much juice escape. Gotta save THAT for his incredibly- talented tongue.

-- "Latina"

* * * * *

A follow-up on this morning's email to you.

As I had planned, I got home before my husband, at lunch time. This gave me time to be ready for him, including slipping into the red teddy with peekaboo top, that he bought me last month for Valentine's Day. I am a brunette who is dark-complexioned. My outfit includes red garters, red stockings, and lacy red gloves.

I had him strip and lie face down on our bed, as I massaged his neck, shoulders, back, ass, and legs. When I got to his legs, he leaned over, and he began kissing his way up, starting from my toes. When he kissed my inner thighs, and he rested his palm on the outside of my pussy, cupping my crotch, and letting his fingers gently massage around my most sensitive spots--well, what can I say, any woman would MELT from such loving attention, and I really did. Eventually, of course, he got to kissing my dark, thick, furry bush, then after untying the bows around the crotch of my outfit, he started voraciously licking me, and eagerly, happily probing me with his fingers and tongue.

With all of his loving, attentive licking and fingering, of course, Frank soon had me wide open and dripping, moaning and begging for him, writhing in anticipation.

The flesh on the outside of my pussy is dark, almost brown. After he made me come all over his tongue and face a total of three times, he licked me clean all around my thighs and my pussy. I practically BEGGED him to slide it into me, and happily, he obliged. He fucked me right THROUGH my lacy red teddy.

I'm very hairy around my pussy, he is very hairy on his legs and torso, and I could feel his hairs entangling in mine, as he began his powerfully-loving thrusts. How can I sum up how I felt through all his pounding? Just picture my stretched-out pussy lips, wrapped around a very stiff, two- inch thick love pole, thrusting 8 inches deep into me, and a look of total ecstasy on my face.

My pussy was ALREADY sore but happy from the two-hour lovemaking session, from 4-6 this morning, so just IMAGINE how I'm feeling this afternoon, following our 12:30 to 1:30 tryst! As I sit back at my desk, I can still feel his gallons of spunk, oozing out into my panties! Should I tell my classmates why I have this big dumb grin lighting up my face? They've probably already guessed.

-- "Latina"

* * * * *

Hi, it's me again, nearly a week since my last email to you.

First, I want to thank you for your latest email. I am so flattered, that you and your foxy redhead neighbor turned each other on, by reading MY email about my nooner with my husband. I'm SO glad I helped you to satisfy each other's steaming pussies. I wish I could have been there to see it! But I'm strictly a one-lover woman, and anyway, I prefer my hubby's cock to a pussy.

I still feel like such a lucky lady, after the way I was eaten out, on last Friday's nooner that I told you about, when I stretched out sideways across our bed, and my lovely and loving Frank knelt on the floor, and he leaned in for a feast on me, that neither of us will soon forget.

I produced SSSO-O-O much come, when he ate me to THREE orgasms last Friday. I was just so wet and sloppy, from his licking and nibbling. And lucky me, he licked every last drop of my mess off of me! It felt SSSSOOO good! Just remembering it all again, is starting to get me all juicy "down there" again.

Another way I was so lucky, was to be able to suck off a long, thick one! My husband is endowed with a very long 8" shaft, and my man's is 2" thick, too--that's over 6 inches around, a LOT of surface to get my eager hands. my drooling mouth, and my hungry pussy around. In the throes of foreplay, he often moans out, that he wants to stuff me all full of hard cock. He is so thick that, lucky me, he CAN completely stretch me out and fill me up. Imagine being filled up to the max by your man, as he slams all the way into you, with 180 pounds of pure masculine energy powering him into you. Mmmmm! But then, you don't have to imagine it, you did tell me that your own husband's cock is ALSO 8" long and very skilled, so you know first-hand just what I mean.

Frank's cock is long, thick, dark, and hard, with lots of veins filling him up, so he gets even harder, just the way I like it. He likes to tease me, by rubbing it over the outside, as a prelude to the friction he will soon produce INSIDE of me! I am just SSSOOO lucky to have him!

Well, the day is at an end, time for me to go home, and pounce on my husband again.

-- "Latina"

* * * * *

Got your email.

Yes, I absolutely LOVE sucking cock, too, just as you said that you do. The other day, I got so desperately horny for another taste of him, that I just couldn't wait for his pants to come off, and I wound up sucking him right THROUGH his jeans! My frantic need to taste him got HIM pretty stiff, so I REALLY enjoyed it! He was SO thick that he really just STUFFED my mouth completely full, and I couldn't have BEEN any happier! So yes, I do know what you mean about enjoying him completely filling your mouth, and how lucky you and I are that neither of us gags no matter how big the cock we suck. You say that is a RARE skill, and I'm afraid I'll have to take your word for that, I only know that I love my husband SO much, and he has done such incredible things to and for ME, that I don't mind at ALL, taking him all the way down my throat; in fact just like you, I really enjoy the feel of him, and his moaned reactions make me feel so sexy and SO talented. And he really does TASTE good when I swallow! (So sweet, and so creamy).

But in addition to sucking cock, I like to lick & nibble his balls, usually BEFORE I lick my way up his shaft, and then I suck my way down from his cock-head, to swallow more and more of his shaft.

The best part, of course, is the explosive result that makes all that licking and sucking so very worth while! Mmmmm! As I mentioned, these kinds of thoughts dampen my panties, as they are doing right now.

Husband and I went bicycling, with my cousin and her husband, on Saturday. I noticed my hubby admiring my ass as I pedaled. I wore my ultra-short jeans shorts, the ones where you can SEE the crease, where my ass cheeks join my legs. Even from the front, they offer an enticing view for my husband, especially as I like to pair it with a big belt buckle that points directly to my zipper, and top it all off with a completely- unbuttoned shirt or vest.

On more than one occasion, I caught Frank riding his bike behind me, his eyes riveted on my ass creases, disappearing and reappearing as I pedaled. I also noticed he was watching my cousin, too--a hot Hispanic redhead. I was watching her husband, a well-muscled Japanese-American, and I surprised myself by wondering about the one muscle I COULDN'T see! Even more surprising, I found myself admiring my cousin. Maybe some day we might want to form a foursome, but so far, my husband and I are still into exploring each other, and we have no interest in extra partners. That could change, given that we do FANTASIZE about such things sometimes, and we DID go ape-shit horny with each other, for about 2 hours, after getting back home from bicycling, with my sexy redhead cousin and her hunky hubby.

-- Latina

* * * * *

Wow, I haven't written to you in nearly 2 weeks now.

I did manage another nooner with hubby this week. We started out just hugging and kissing on our bed. Then I went into the bathroom to change.

As soon as I felt the satiny purple bra against my 38-Cs, my reddish-brown nipples instantly sprang to attention, jutting straight out, all big and hard, right through the peekaboo holes in my bra. These holes are trimmed all the way around in white lace, with a tied white ribbon above the opening.

When I entered the room, Frank began a slow strip-tease for me, until he was just the way I like him: 100% completely NAKED! Mmmmmm! We both climbed under the sheets and resumed hugging and kissing.

Hubby instantly began licking, sucking, and nibbling on my hard nipples, right through my peekaboo bra. Then he kissed his way down my body, which was covered only by two tiny purple silk triangles over my breasts, and one over my hot, sweet pussy. When Frank kissed my belly button, I begin squirming in anticipation. Of course, I REALLY started to lose it, when he began kissing the tiny purple-satin triangle, at the front of my G-string panties. His fingers eased the satin aside; his tongue curled up, and slid inside my already-juicy slit.

With long, slow licks and loud slurps, Frank worked his way all over the inside and outside of my steaming pussy, before focusing his licks directly on my horny clit. My Frank has this way of sucking my entire swollen clit up into his mouth, and gently nibbling with his teeth, between licks and loud slurps. As his licks and nibbles began to build and build, toward our crescendo, I started writhing side-to-side while bucking my hips up into his face, whining, moaning, and begging for more, all during his nibbling and slurping. In short, I behaved like the totally uncontrolled and uncontrollable slut I always become, when Frank starts licking and nibbling on me. Sometimes, I swear it feels like Frank's tongue controls some hidden pleasure switch inside of me, located somewhere between my clitoris and my G-spot, and once he turns that switch on, a nuclear bomb couldn't prevent the inevitable climax of his foreplay.

Finally, he slid my G-string down my wide-spread legs, and past my raised knees, giving his lips, tongue, and teeth unobstructed access to me now. He licked, he sucked, he slurped, he kissed, he nibbled--and I shook, and I came, and I came, and I came. He moaned about how sweet and delicious I taste, as he licked up my flow. His comment made me come yet again. Maybe it was his deep, rich, masculine baritone voice, which has a way of making me melt into a swoon. More likely, it was his teeth, clenching and unclenching my swollen and extended clit. Whatever the cause, I really went over the edge, and I burst all over his face. His tongue swept my pussy and my thighs, until he had cleaned up every drop that was still gushing out of me.

Frank slid his way up the mattress, and he kissed me on my mouth, and he snaked his tongue past my lips and teeth. I could feel my own wetness on his lips and tongue, and I could taste the tangy sweetness of my own fresh juices on his breath. I could also feel his wildly-pulsating cock, throbbing against the mattress, shaking the mattress and me.

My naughty little tight pussy betrayed me now, as it always does, loudly emanating turned-on squishing and smacking noises, in eager anticipation of feeling his thick cock, driving deeply into me.

I wrapped my little fist around as much of his two-inch thick, eight-inch long, quivering, throbbing, one-eyed trouser snake, as I could. By this time, I just couldn't WAIT any longer, and I began begging in a loud moan, for him to slip that 8-inch love hose of his into me. Happily for me, he readily complied with my request, and I felt inch after loving inch glide over my slicked-up walls. As soon as the cock-head was all the way in, and the shaft began its own slow descent, I grew so excited that I came yet AGAIN!

My Frank likes to slowly slide into me, giving an extra push that almost sends his balls into me along with his shaft, and then he likes to slowly slide back out again, building up speed VERY gradually with each in-and-out stroke. I marvel that he can be so patient, when his slow thrusts drive me into a frenzy of orgasmic ecstasy. He likes to shift his hips from side to side as he thrusts, so that some of his thrusts drive straight into me, and some drive in at an angle, against the tightness of my inner walls. He knows that feeling the tip of his cock-head, against my side walls, increases the pleasurable sensations, as much for me as it does for him.

When he was finally thrusting at his maximum speed, he was going way too fast for any more of his wonderful side-to- side maneuvers, and he just thrust straight in and out of me now. At this rapid pace, I came again. Feeling my sticky goo coating the entire length of his deeply-buried shaft, was enough to trigger his own hot explosion, deep inside of me. God, but Frank's come felt SSS-O-O-O good, blasting into my innermost recesses, as he continued his frantic in- and-out thrusting! When he finally finished, he stopped thrusting, and he just lay contentedly in my arms, leaving his rock-hard shaft to continue throbbing deep inside my love tunnel, as my pussy walls contracted tightly around him. I came one more time, as he pulsed against my walls. My ooze was so slippery that, unfortunately, he slid out of me then. He turned over onto his back, and I smiled at the mixture of my juices and his, matting up the thick brown hair above his still semi-hard cock. My GOD but he nails me SSSOOOO good!

He's not home right now, but retelling this session has made me so HORNY again, that I'll log off for now, and as the old yellow pages ads used to say, "let my fingers do the walking." I'm wearing only one of his plaid work-around- the-house shirts, completely unbuttoned, and nothing else. It smells faintly of his sweat and cologne, and I love feeling it against my skin, knowing that it has touched HIS skin! It was my intent to surprise him at the door when he returns from work, wearing ONLY his shirt. But now, recounting you for our latest nooner, I'm getting so hot at reliving the memory, that I don't think I can wait for his return, before I release all my pent-up sexual energy again. Hey, that's what fingers are for, right?

As if just reliving our latest escapde wasn't enough, I have before me the photo you emailed of you and your own well-hung husband. Looks like you are as lucky as I am, when it comes to husbands. Judging by your own figure, I guess he's pretty lucky, too. Now I'm picturing YOU getting so turned-on by my story, that you're also beginning to play with yourself, right there at the computer. Or maybe you can invite that hot redhead neighbor of yours over again, and you two ladies can pleasure each other over my stories again, like you did last week. God, I'm getting so HOT, I REALLY need to make myself come. Gotta go, right NOW!

-- Your always-horny gal pal, "Latina"


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