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Ladies' Fun
by Mike Ginsburg

Well, Betsy's friends wouldn't listen to her pleas that they halt their punishing me. They would just laugh and say they were promised six months. Then our daughters, Wendy, Lauren and Sarah begged Betsy's friends to stop on our behalf. They, from what I understand, made a good point and had tears in their eyes, and that appeared to do the trick.

Nancy, Lisa, Michelle, Susan and Kym told us this evening that they were going to come over to our house every other evening and continue their verbal assault on me, but that all physical abuse/contact is over. They said that their lady friends would continue to join them in the verbal assault and that we will all be nude during the sessions, so they can get a good laugh. They say that they can see what remarks work particularly well when I lose my erection and my face turns red. Furthermore, they say that these visits may very well continue for a year or longer.

We are still waiting on news as to whether or not Michelle is pregnant with my child. She keeps telling Betsy and me that she expects me to do the right thing if she is pregnant. She says, if she is pregnant, she has absolutely no intention on terminating the pregnancy. I am still excited over the prospects of her giving me a child, but concerned over how that will affect my family situation.

My genitals and rear still pain real is still severe, but we feel they'll get better over time. Betsy and I are trying to get back to our normal three or four night's week lovemaking, but are slowed by my lingering pain.

This, even though the physical portion ended well before the six months they initially told me, made a lasting impression on me. I truly believe I won't ever again make Betsy as unhappy as she was when I was caught visiting "off-limit" Internet sites and ignoring my household chores.

As it turns out, the verbal/physiological abuse over my tiny genitals does me even more harm in the long run than the physical pain? The fact that these ladies are getting such a good laugh at my expense, and that they are getting photos of my genitals posted on the Internet is humiliating.

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