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Lisa's Gangbang
by Pornstar

It was a hot August day, around 5 p.m. when she picked me up at my mothers house. The air was thick and muggy and the temperature was about 95 degrees. I hopped in her car and kissed her hello. She was wearing a summer dress that crept high up her tan thick legs. I slipped my hand up her skirt and saw that she had on her red g-string. I mentioned that I liked her "fuck me underwear" as she would often refer to it as. She answered, "If the shoe fits, wear it." She had on black shoes with a tall thick heel. Her lips were dark with lipstick. I could see the perspiration beginning to bead on her chest. Her breasts were of medium size, round and perky. She had long thick black hair that fell to her waist.

We had talked earlier about entering Ryan into our bed and she agreed that it would turn her on to fuck two men at the same time. My heart was beating so fast during the car ride to pick him up. How would I feel to see the love of my life getting nailed by my best friend? Earlier I had showed him some naked pictures of Lisa and commented on how lucky I was to have her on tap. I told Lisa that I showed him the picture and to my surprise she asked what he said. I told her that he said that he wished that he could get a piece of something like that. She answered, "Why not." So I took the initiative to set up this encounter.

I convinced her to take off her red bra in the car so her tits would be flush against the fabric of her dress. You could almost see her nipples through the dress. She looked magnificent and was dressed like the slut I had turned her into.

We picked Ryan up at about 5:30. He jumped into the back seat with enthusiasm knowing that he would soon have his way this dirty slut of mine. We joked on the way to his uncles condo about how we were going to break the ice and who would go first. Ryan complimented her, telling her she looked hot. She looked at me with a devilish grin on her face.

When we pulled into Ryan's uncles driveway, the anticipation was almost enough for me to cum in my pants. She walked in front of us to the door. Ryan stared at her big, plump ass and smiled at me. I smiled back. His uncle answered the door and let us in. He was staring at my girlfriend, undressing her with his eyes. I thought how she would react if I offered him to stay. But decided not to. She had brought some rum and a shot glass with her. I guess she thought she would be more comfortable with a little buzz going on. Ryan's uncle was getting ready to leave when he asked her if she really wanted to do this. She was somewhat surprised because she thought this would be a secret. She smiled and said "Oh yeah, I'm sure." He then left to go out. As soon as he left, Lisa turned to me and said, "You should have asked him to stay." I went out to get him but he was already gone. I went back inside and told Lisa that it was too late. "Too bad," she said "I would have enjoyed three dicks a lot more than just two."

Lisa took about three shots before she started to warm up. At one point in the kitchen I playfully flipped up her skirt to reveal her red thong. I noticed Ryan saw and she pulled her skirt down and said "Not yet."

We then moved into the bedroom. We decided to play some music. Ryan was fumbling through the CDs and putting on something with some thump. I laid on the bed and she laid down beside me, facing me, with her ass towards Ryan. I flipped up her skirt again, this time she didn't stop me. Ryan laid down behind her and started to run his hand up her leg to her ass cheek. Her skin was tan and smooth and her ass was big and firm. I sweetly kissed her on the mouth and then gave her a look as if to tell her to kiss Ryan. She turned her head around and her and Ryan started furiously kissing. God, it turned me on to see her tongue in his mouth. Both of our hands immediately went to her tits as we massaged her breasts. She was sweating and I could hear her breathes becoming quicker and louder. We managed to undo her dress and pull it down to her stomach. Her bare breast shone in the sunlight. We both started to suck each nipple, me on her left and Ryan on her right. She started to moan and I looked down to see Ryan's fingers under her thong and in her pussy.

Ryan started kissing lower while I began to french kiss her. She began to moan louder and I looked down to see Ryan eating her pussy. Her pussy was like none other I've ever experienced. It was shaved bare with a short landing strip right above her clit. I could tell that Ryan was enjoying it. I began to unzip my pants and let my dick fall out onto her face. She grabbed it and took it into her mouth. Ryan pulled off her thong and took off his shirt and pants. He thrust his dick into Ryan and began to fuck her with might. I thought she might stop and make him put on a condom but I guess she wanted to fell his dick in her. There is no greater feeling than your girlfriend moaning from another man's dick in her while your dick is shoved down her throat! He fucked her fast and furious. Her legs her wrapped around his waist and her heels were locked into place. I looked to my right to see a full length mirror. In the mirror I saw the love of my life sucking my cock while getting fuck-slammed by another man. She was loving every second of it. That dirty slut! Ryan then flipped her around and hoisted her ass up by placing a pillow under her stomach. He slammed his dick into her pussy from behind. She grabbed my inner thigh and squeezed hard. Obviously she wasn't ready for the pounding she was taking. We both started to slap her ass hard, watching her fat ass jiggle. She began to scream out so I shut her up by thrusting my cock down her throat. This muffled her cries as we began to give that whore what she deserved! Ryan fucked her ass for about a half an hour all the time when I was grabbing the back of her head and violently skull-fucked her.

I looked at Ryan and told him that I wanted a peace. We flipped her over and I stuck my cock into her. Her pussy was warm and wet and obviously stretch out by Ryan's battering ram. I began to fuck her fast and looked up to see her take Ryan's cock in her mouth. She was always the porn queen at deepthroating and backed up her claim to fame. It didn't take me long, while looking at her suck Ryan's cock, to feel that twitch in the base of my dick. I pulled out and came all over her stomach. I rubbed it into her skin and went to the bathroom to wash up. I could hear her scream in ecstasy while I was in the bathroom. I came out to see Ryan pounding away on top of her. His sweat was dripping onto her body and her hands were on his ass pushing him into her. She screamed out: "Yes, oh God yes, fuck me harder Ryan. Fuck me like the slut I am! Fuck me like your cum-slut!" This obviously pushed Ryan over the edge as he whipped out his dick and shot his load all over her leg and pussy. She rubbed it in her pussy.

He shoved his cum drench dick back into her to get his cum deep in her pussy. She looked up at me, grinning, and said "Which one of your friends is next?"


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