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Lucky Guy
by NewAnon

Even though our son was nineteen and in college, I knew that he always had been a shy kid who had not been with many girls, if any at all in terms of intimacy. But, like any teenager, his body and mind probably dwelled on sex whenever there was a free moment. I could tell that he was masturbating a lot, based upon what I saw around the house. For one thing, there were all those tissues in the wastepaper basket in his room, where he spent so much time with the door firmly shut.

More potently, I saw him ogling his Mom, my attractive wife Charlene. Often, she would lounge around the house without wearing a bra, only an old white t-shirt of mine that accentuated her still shapely breasts, especially the nipples. He would glance at them and away, then back again. She was aware of it, but it didn't seem to bother her. In fact, I believe it aroused her, judging from the way those nipples seemed to become more prominent just when he was around.

And, more recently, she had become more passionate in bed. Once we left the bedroom door open by mistake. We were in a sixty-nine position with Charlene facing the door when suddenly we both heard his door open and, before we could do anything about it, there he was, stopped in his tracks, staring into the dimly lit room. I couldn't see it, but Charlene told me later that she and he locked eyes as she continued sucking, then he blushed and moved away.

I have to admit that the apparent sexual attraction between Bobby and his Mom aroused me. My mind began to move into areas I had not explored before. Even a while back, my sexual fantasies would never have involved the taboo area of mother-son sexual love. But now I found myself seeking out stimuli to arouse my prurient interests. Surfing the Internet one day, I came across a site with some pretty wild stories. One, in particular, got to me.

In the story, a young boy asked his father questions about sex, in particular, as to whether women enjoyed sex as much as men. The father laughingly assures him that they do and to prove it, he on the spot calls his wife over and they engage in sexual play on their couch with their boy sitting there. Gradually, the woman is more and more turned on as more and more of her clothes come off. Her boy helps out her husband in this process. As the man kisses his wife's revealed breasts, he urges his son to caress her long smooth thighs and as he does so, she shifts them open to his eager gaze. The father has his boy pull down her last remaining item of clothing, her panties, and then the boy needs no further instruction. By this time, the mother is so hot she welcomes her boy's advancing tongue as it moves up her naked thigh to find and kiss and lick her waiting wet cunt. From there, the story moves on to further action in which the boy and his father enjoy sexual love with the passionate mother.

I printed it out and then, on a lark, that night I left it where Charlene would find it in our bedroom.

I spend a little extra time brushing my teeth and the like before coming to bed. As I had hoped, she had been reading the story and was now just reaching its conclusion.

"Hey, Jimmy," she looked up and laughed, "what's this all about?"

"Just some fun stuff, like it?"

"Come to bed," she replied

No sooner had I come to bed than she stripped off my shorts and went down on me, sucking me like a wild woman.

There was no doubt, then. She had been turned-on. I decided to take a big risk. I put my voice into a whisper mode, and felt a thrill run down my back when I spoke.

"Mom, oh Mom, I like the way you suck me!"

In response she redoubled her efforts and when my fingers found her cunt, they came away soaked.

"Oh, Mom, yes, make love to your boy's big cock. He's always looking at your tits, wanting to suck them."

Then I couldn't hold off any longer and pushed her off and climbed on her.

"Yes, Mom, your boy is going to fuck you at last. You want it don't you, you want his hard boy-prick in your mother-cunt?"

"Oh, yes, you bastard with your hot story, I want him! Be my boy and fuck me, fuck me!"

"Yes, Mom, your boy is fucking you now, he's been jerking off in his room daydreaming about it, about his cock in his Mom's mouth and then in her hot mother-pussy! Now you're being mother-fucked!"

We both came in a crescendo of taboo excitement.

After a while, she looked at me. "So ... what's next?"

I thought for a moment. "We'll see. Soon."

The next afternoon, Bobby and I were sitting in the living room talking when I took the next step.

"Bobby, do you understand love-making?" I asked.

"Of course, Dad," he blushed. "Everyone does."

"Do you understand that your Mom and I make love?" I asked.

Again he blushed. "Sure, Dad."

"But do you really? Do you really understand how tender loving sex occurs between a man and woman who love each other?"

"Uh, I guess."

"No, you don't Bobby. But you're going to find out tonight."


"Tonight at exactly eleven o'clock I want you to get up from bed and come down here to the living room. Mom and I will be here, on the couch."

"Uh, uh, ...."

"Don't worry, it'll be nice for us and for you. You'll learn about love-making from an expert."

"Hey, cool Dad!"

"Ok, see you later."

The day seemed too long, but finally it was late evening and so far I had not informed Charlene what I had in mind as we bathed in preparation for making love. In those days, we often came down to the living room and made love on the couch so it was no big change for me to guide her downstairs. She was dressed in her sexiest things, while I just kept on a pair of boxer shorts.

For about ten minutes, we very gradually engaged in foreplay. I probed her cunt a little but mostly we just kissed. I worked up the kissing to a more feverish level as my eye caught sight of the time. I wanted her to be very hot and ready for what was to happen.

Charlene generally would do whatever I asked, provided I got her to the right point -- meaning, hot enough.

Her head was propped up by pillows as she rested her back on my lap, her legs stretched out on the couch. I picked up even more on the deep soul kissing, swapping lots of saliva with her and licking her lips. Then began to use words to excite her.

"My tongue is going in and out of your hot mother mouth, in and out, just as later, down there, it will go in and out."

"Hmm, yes," she whispered and then met my tongue with her own, as I my tongue entered her open mouth and shot back out and in again.

"My boy-tongue is making love to your mouth," I whispered.

"Oh, yes, do it," she replied eagerly.

I let my fingers gently caress her panties and felt the wet stain.

"Oh, baby, you're hot, you're hot for your boy's tongue, aren't you," I whispered urgently.

"Yes, yes," she cried and then smothered me with passionate kisses, her hands playing with my hard cock.

Suddenly, at the door to the living room, our boy Bobby appeared, wearing only his briefs. He was a well-proportioned, somewhat shy boy, waiting there, fully aroused. I continued to kiss Charlene and then motioned him to come to the couch and, as he approached, to sit down. I motioned for him to remove his briefs and saw a much larger organ than I expected.

He sat only inches from her feet.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, startled, and then at me.

"It's OK, sweetheart, let's let our boy see how much we love each other," I said soothingly.

Her face flushed and I could see an element of lust in her eyes just before she closed them and then came up to meet my mouth with her own. Now she plowed her tongue into me with a gusto that was arousing, my prick hardening in anticipation of what might arise in this unusual but exciting situation.

"Hmm, baby," I whispered, "You love to be loved, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, kiss me, kiss me," she replied urgently and once again probed my mouth with her eager tongue.

Then I continued in a lower voice, "... loved to be loved ... by your boy, right?"

She went into a frenzy, her mouth finding my prick and sucking it deeply into her mouth.

I let my hand caress a silky leg, reaching down first to her sexy shoe and then upward to the calf, then the thigh, then gently caressing her wetness.

"Ohhh," she moaned, sucking me more intensely.

I turned to Bobby as he watched his Mom making oral love to his Dad's erect cock.

"Sex is about feelings, about love, and it is exciting," I told him. "Watch us and learn, so that when you have a girl you will do the things to excite her."

Charlene's eyes popped open and then closed as if to shut out any thought of stopping the progress of the scene.

Then I had her sit back on the couch, and I kneeled before her.

"Now I'll take off some of these things, very slowly and lovingly," I said as our boy watched with fascination.

I removed one shoe, then the other. Then I very slowly pulled down one stocking, then the other. My hands lingered on her feet and legs, tracing a slow gentle movement along each thigh.

I lifted one lovely foot and then commenced sucking the big toe, in and out of my mouth.

"We like to suck," I told Bobby, emphasizing the sexual word. I noticed how he was rubbing his cock under his briefs.

I ran my hand along a smooth beautiful thigh of my now hot wife while I sucked first one toe and then the other.

"Now we have to remove these," I said to Bobby, as I pulled down her panties.

I lifted her legs and brought my face to her belly and began to lick her belly, then moving to kiss and lick one thigh, then the other. I could feel her heat.

"Now is the time we use words that we never use otherwise. Now they are not curse-words but love-words. Understand?" This question was to Bobby as he nodded, staring at his mother's bare legs and watching me as I licked and kissed my way around her thighs and belly.

"I'm going to make love to Mom's cunt. That's what we call it now, her beautiful hot wet cunt."

I felt rather than saw that Charlene became even hotter, her middle arching up eagerly toward my mouth. I saw Bobby squirming and motioned for him to pull down his briefs to relieve the tension there, and he did, showing a now surprisingly large and good-looking penis.

"Do you want me to make love to your cunt, sweetheart? With my tongue?"

"Yes, yes, do it! Lick my cunt!"

"Hmmm," I muttered as began to lick her, filled with the excitement of her passionate hot command and responding to her heat, her odor, the sheer sexual ambiance, not least the eager audience.

"Now I'm going to fuck Mom with my tongue."

Bobby's eyes lit up at the use of the word, and he began to slowly masturbate.

"But she has to ask for it, so I know that she is ready," I whispered devilishly.

"Yes, yes, fuck me with your tongue! Now!" She cried out.

I plunged in and out of her sopping-wet cunt while holding her legs far apart.

I motioned for Bobby to come closer to us. When he was very close, I directed him to sit on his knees so that his prick was near his Mom's breasts.

She opened her eyes, startled, then again closed them but not before I saw the sheer lust in them.

"Doesn't Mom have lovely tits?" I asked him. He nodded, mesmerized by the awesome sight of his mother's taboo breasts, naked before his lustful eyes.

"Let your Mom feel your prick on her tits," I said to Bobby.

He nicely let the lead of his prick caress one breast, then the other while I went deep into her cunt, sucking and fucking with my tongue.

"Touch your boy's prick, feel it," I commanded her, knowing that she was hot enough to risk the taboo command.

Keeping her eyes closed she ran her hand over his prick and then began to masturbate him. He closed his eyes in sheer ecstasy.

I waited a moment then used my hand to gently urge his body into a somewhat different position for what I had in mind.

"Look at it, sweetheart." Her eyes opened and she stared in sheer animal lust at the huge organ just over her face.

"You know what you want to do. What he wants. Suck it!"

She began to suck him with an obvious joy. Her cunt was leaking so much I was essentially drinking her juices as they flowed out of her.

"Oh, yes, let your boy fuck your mother-mouth" I said, the excitement of it thrilling me.

"Hmmm," she took his prick with an abandon I would not have predicted, taking all of it!

"I'm going to suck your hot mother-cunt while your boy fucks your mouth with his hard prick!" I whispered. Bobby then sank his prick into deep into her mouth as I sank my tongue deep into her cunt. Then, taking his cue from me, we both slowly pulled out and re-entered. Soon, we were in tandem, our rhythmic fucking going on and on.

Then I moved up to sit on my knees opposite him, one on each side of Charlene. I bent to lathe her breasts and suck them.

"Oh, Charlene-baby, you're the woman with two lovers, making love to you anyway you want it."

"Oh, yes, yes," she cried, pausing from the sucking to push her son's head down toward her other breast.

"Suck Momma, my boy-lover. Both of you, suck them!"

"Oh, Mom," he said in total awe and disbelief at his good fortune as he kissed and then sucked his Charlene's eager mother breasts.

After a while, I motioned Bobby to take my former position.

"Now tell your boy what you want," I commanded my wife.

"Baby, yes, lick and suck Mom's cunt! Oh please, hurry!"

Bobby, on his knees before her, bent in and commenced a hot eager kissing, licking and sucking.

"Hmmm, oh yes, my boy is doing it!" She cried out in ecstasy.

We kissed, her tongue plunging in and out of my mouth as her boy continued to tongue-fuck his mother.

Then she grew too wild to suppress.

"I need to be fucked with a prick! Fuck me, Jimmy, fuck me!"

I became so excited I pushed him out of the way and plunged into her while he returned to his former position and shoved his prick into his mother's mouth.

None us could hold on any longer. Just as I came into her, I saw her pull back a bit from Bobby's prick as it began to gush, some of his come entering her mouth, the remainder spraying over her face.

"Lick if off her lips," I ordered him. Bobby eagerly let his tongue roll across his Mom's wet lips, then she captured it and they kissed deeply with open mouths, trading his cum from mouth to mouth, fucking each other's mouths with it.

Then, we all lay back, exhausted -- for the moment.

"Wow!" That came from our boy.

Charlene looked at him with an uncertain, almost shy smile.

"Mom, that was fantastic!"

I grinned at him. "So do you understand better now?"

He grinned back. "Sure do. I'm a lucky guy!"


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