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Limo Gal
by CRH

I am a 28 year old vagabond. I guess that is the right word as I can't seem to settle into anything, a job or a relationship. I've had several relationships over the last ten years, with males and females. Can't even decide which one I prefer. As for jobs, a year at any was a long time until I started driving a limo about two years ago. I started with a stretch, mostly working parties on weekends. A lot of fun at first , great tips, but it was hell on my social life and after a while I got tired of being propositioned by drunks. About six months into the job I was moved to a town car and started doing airport runs exclusively.

This was a lot better because I was dealing with business people and off most weekends. I still got propositioned occasionally and was very tempted a couple of times, but they were married men and that is not my scene. I was even propositioned twice by married women. (I'm only 5'3", very trim, small breasts and short, reddish blonde hair. I think the tailored slacks and white shirt I wear when I work makes me look butch.) What I was looking for was a one-on-one long-term relationship and think I have finally found it.

About four months ago I started picking up a lady named Gail and did so frequently as she traveled almost every week. She has a high paying job with a major corporation and lives in a gorgeous house with a pool in a gated community. I found out later that she would request me every time she called in for an appointment. That's not unusual, but it is usually men who request my services.

Gail is 40, divorced and was living alone. She is about my height but a little more voluptuous. Some would say that her rear is too wide, but I think it is sexy. She has blonde hair and I think she is very attractive. She always wore loose fitting blouses so it was hard to judge what size her tits were, but I got the idea that they were a lot more than a mouth full. My nipples would get hard just thinking about them. For a whole month we would just talk about general things and never discussed sex or relationships, although she did give me the impression that she was lonely. A few times we would have casual physical contact which I always thought it was accidental, but maybe not. I did fantasize about her sometimes, especially about her boobs, but I wouldn't even think of making a pass at a client..

When I met her at the airport late one Friday night I got the impression that she had been drinking. She didn't act drunk, but was a more relaxed than usual and her voice was a little husky. She had asked me on the way home if I was through for the night and was I working the next day. The questions were very casual and just part of normal conversation but caused me to think of all kinds of possibilities.

As she got out of the car at her house, she said: "Would you mind coming into the house for a minute Jennifer? I have to get some cash to pay you."

"No, I don't mind."

As I followed her to the door, I was watching her gently swaying ass and got a tingling sensation in my fingers. I was anticipating something that may not happen, but did have hope.

The inside of her house was gorgeous...the living room had a cathedral ceiling and deep pile carpet.

"I'll be back in a sec dear."

She went into another room and was gone several minutes. When she returned I noticed that her blouse was outside her skirt and the top two buttons were undone. "Maybe this is going to be a good night." I thought.

"Here's your money" as she handed me a fifty, "and here's your tip" as she put both arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. I could feel her full breasts against mine and knew immediately that she had removed her bra while she was in the other room. I could feel a warmth flowing through me all the way to my crotch. My arms went around her and I had just started to kiss her back when she broke away. "Is that a good enough tip?"

I hesitated for a second, then replied "No" as I pulled her back to me and started kissing her . Our tongues immediately came in contact and she sucked mine right into her mouth. I could feel her hands on my ass as she pulled me closer. I could feel her mound through her skirt and began slowly rotating my pelvis against hers. I was getting so hot that my panties were soaked already. I brought my hands around and started rubbing her breasts and trying to get her blouse off at the same time. As I was pulling off her blouse she was tearing my shirt off, popping off two buttons in the process. I put my arms around her again and pulled her naked breasts tightly against mine. We were still ravishing each others mouths when Gail threw a leg on the other side one of mine and starting humping it. I felt Gail start to shake all over, she was beginning to have an orgasm and so was I. I pulled her tighter and pressed my leg harder against her crotch. I could feel her thighs quiver against mine as she was cumming and started cumming myself. She pulled her head back and let out a big moan. As the last convulsion was subsiding I pushed her to the floor, pushed her skirt up, pulled her legs apart and gazed upon her beautiful, glistening, pink pussy. I kissed her cunt lips several times, then started working on her clit with my lips and tongue.

Gail put her fingers in my hair and started fucking my face. I was afraid I was going to smother but couldn't take my mouth off her sweet cunt. I put my arms under her legs and pulled her ass off the floor. I had her ass so far in the air that only her shoulders and head were on the floor. When she started yelling "EAT ME..SUCK ME..MAKE ME CUM", I looked down and saw she was running her tongue all over her lips, squeezing her breasts together and pinching her nipples. I was licking her from asshole to clit, putting my tongue in her vagina, sucking her clit with my lips, over and over, wanting it all at the same time. When she began climaxing, I concentrated on sucking her clit all through a shuddering orgasm.

As her quivering was subsiding, she let out a big moan and weakly said: "Jen, baby, that was soooo good. I needed that. I love you.". I licked her pussy for a couple of more minutes, gently lowered her ass to the floor and crawled up next to her. Gail was lying with her arms spread wide, completely spent. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. I know she could taste her cum , because she licked it from my lips and face.

"Jennifer, I've been wanting you since the first time I saw you"

"I have been wanting you too" I replied.

We lay there for awhile, slowly kissing and exploring each other while we regained our strength. This was the first time I got a good look at her tits; they are huge with large pink nipples, and beautiful. I was just starting to nibble on them when Gail suggested that we finished undressing and go to the bedroom. I had completely forgotten that I still had my slacks and panties on and she was wearing a skirt. Well, not really wearing it, as it was bunched up around her waist.

We got on the bed and continued kissing and fondling. (I couldn't get enough of her gorgeous breasts.) Soon Gail was kissing my tits and rubbing my pussy with her hand, making me wetter and wetter. Then she slipped a finger into my vagina and I started to hump it as she slowly moved it in and out, but then she suddenly stopped. "Don't stop. Please don't stop"

She said: "Lie back baby, I'm going to make you feel soo good." as she got on top of me and started kissing me. My hands were all over her breasts as she started ravishing my body with her hands and mouth. Her lips, tongue and hands were everywhere, making making me hotter and hotter. Occasionally she would run a finger along my slit, just barely touching my clit. I kept begging "Please..please..finger my cunt", but she would take it away. I was going nuts and started humping air. She would take all of a breast in her wet mouth and suck back on it till she got back to the nipple, then she would pull on it the with her lips. I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy as I continued to hump air like a male dog in heat. She kept working on my breasts and the rest of my body with her magic mouth and hands, still teasing my pussy occasionally. The more I begged, the more she teased, creating agony and pleasure at the same time.

Finally, she pulled me by the legs to the edge of the bed. With my ass half off the bed, she got on the floor on her knees, pushed my legs apart with her arms, pressed my ass to the bed with her hands and started lapping my pussy. I wanted to push my pussy closer to her face but couldn't move my ass. I tried to push with my feet but they just barely touched the floor. All I could do was thrash my upper body around while my hands were everywhere, trying to reach her head, grabbing my tits, rubbing my belly. I couldn't keep them in one place. I was going nuts and screaming "Eat me, you bitch, eat me". Then at last I felt this rolling orgasm start in my belly and go right through my pelvis to my thighs.

While I was shaking all over and cumming, Gail kept sucking on my clit and didn't let go. It was without a doubt the best orgasm I had ever had. When I would quit shaking from an orgasm, Gail would start tonguing my clit again , slowly at first, then faster and faster, and before long, I was cumming again. She lead me to an orgasm four times, with each getting a little weaker than the last. Finally, after the fourth one, she planted a big wet, passionate kiss on my pussy, pulled me back up the bed, took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. My cum was all over her face, but I didn't have the energy to lick it. She pulled me tight to her breasts, got one of my legs against her crotch and asked: "Is that enough of a tip?".

All I could do was a weak moan: "oh yes".

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