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Lisa Gets Hers (Finally)
by Slowhand

The big day had finally come. After months of barren social activity, Lisa's dinner/pool party was all set. Her husband Derek, an on-call surgeon at the City Hospital's Emergency Center, had finally managed to secure a Saturday off. They happily set the patio with tables and decorations, exchanging lighthearted kisses and caresses like when they were newlyweds. This was all going to be so perfect, her friends would all be there, hopefully seething with jealousy at her beautiful home and her successful husband. Before long, the patio looked perfect, the cabana theme by the pool was just right.

They stood back together and admired the scene, and much to her surprised delight, she felt Derek's strong hand creep up her thigh under the light sun dress she wore. Her eyes met his and she smiled warmly, their love was so often interrupted by his career, it was nice to finally have a moment's peace. They locked lips gently, both breathing hard as a swell of passion washed over their senses. His hands had moved to her back, he rubbed and stroked her soft skin through the thin dress. A small moan ringed in her throat, coinciding with the ring of the doorbell inside. The first of the guests had arrived, entirely too early to be fashionable. With much frustration, they parted as she gathered herself to answer the door and he went off to prepare the grill.

Lisa opened the front door to reveal her best friend Leslie, carrying a pot of what appeared to be instant macaroni and cheese. Leslie apologized for being so early, citing fumigation problems in her building, and made her way inside. Sighing softly, Lisa put on her best hostess smile and followed. Eventually more guests showed up, and the party went into full swing. It was all going perfectly as planned. Lisa kept glancing toward her husband, the picture of manhood behind the flaming grill, and smiled to herself.

onight they would finish what had been interrupted earlier. The atmosphere stayed light and lively, she engaged in conversation happily until a sound she had come to loathe chirped through the chatter. The sound of a beeper, exactly the tone of the one Derek always wore at his side. Her hopes flared briefly as several other husbands checked their belts, (a good deal of her friends were also married to doctors), but the grim look on Derek's face sent her crashing back down. Before he could approach her and sheepishly explain, she new what he would say. There was some kind of emergency, the hospital needed his help. He apologized profusely, kissing her quivering lips quickly. Within minutes, he was dressed and off to work, leaving her alone to attend the rest of the party.

She struggled through the rest of the evening wearing a false smile, seething with disappointment and anger on the inside. Finally, at around ten o'clock, the guests started to filter out. Lisa thanked them for coming, kissed every one on the cheek and promised to attend some upcoming function, until every last person was gone. Even Leslie had ducked out early, she had a date with an artist later that night. Biting back tears, she made her way back to the empty cup strewn patio and settled in a chair. Her first social event in such a long time and Derek couldn't be there with her, an occurrence that seemed more frequent lately, each time becoming more painful. She decided to try to wash her bitterness away with a dip in the pool. Their spacious back yard had high fences, perfect for privacy, and swimming nude was one of the few wild pleasures she allowed herself.

She slid her dress off, letting the straps slide down her shoulders until the whole thing slithered down her still trim body. She unhooked her bra and let that fall too, enjoying the cool evening breeze on her poor neglected nipples. Slowly, to enjoy the sensation of being completely nude, she slid her conservative whit cotton panties off her hips and down her legs, stepping out of them only after she had savored the caress of the air on her bared ass. In one smooth motion, she leaped into the pool with a gasp of shock as the cold water enveloped her naked body. She surfaced with a shiver, pushing her wet black hair back and catching her breath. The night was crystal clear, bright stars gleamed at her as she swan lazy circles in the pool, body gradually becoming used to the water's temperature.

She was glad she had decided to come in, the stillness was very relaxing, and Lisa soon found herself daydreaming while floating on her back. So lost was she, she didn't notice the figure approach the side of the pool until with a quick shriek, she saw him and instinctively covered up. It was Derek, he had come home without her noticing, and now he stood staring at her warmly with the little half smile that always melted her heart. Slowly, while she watched, he undid his shirt, pulling it off of his tight chest with a smooth motion. His hands moved to his belt, her eyes following every inch of his pants slide down his toned legs. He stood before her in gray briefs, a pair she had bought for him last Christmas.

She could see the growing bulge between his legs, but the suspense didn't last. Derek pulled the briefs off quickly, and out popped his perfect penis, almost glistening in the light of the stars. It had been so long since she had actually seen it that it looked brand new, and Lisa was overcome with desire. She held out a hand to beckon him in, and he slipped into the water gently, meeting her at the side of the pool. They embraced warmly, meeting in a kiss that seemed to last for hours. Her hand made it's way slowly down his chest, pausing to circle his hard nipples, and continued under the water. The frigid temperature had shrunk things a little, but her warm grasp soon brought him back to full size and more. He grunted softly as she pumped his bulging cock with her soft hand. Suddenly she stopped and pushed off the wall of the pool with her feet, floating away from him with a smile.

He pursued, jettisoning himself with his strong legs, until he embraced her once again. Their lips met again, his hands taking her soft breasts gently as they glided through the water. His hard manhood brushed her thigh and she gasped, legs spreading to invite her husband in for what seemed like the first time in years. Derek braced his feet and pulled his beautiful wife to him, entering her warm body slowly. They moaned together, moving as one, locked in the motions that had been neglected for so long. Lisa whispered his name, kissing his neck and running her nails along his wide back. The whole world seemed to revert into silence as they made love, even the crickets had ceased their chirping in respect to the wonderful act.

Together they lost themselves in ecstasy, gyrating in sync in the welcoming water. Their motions became faster, breath quickening, until they both exploded in glorious simultaneous orgasm, holding each other tighter as the waves of joy passed through their interlocked bodies, bringing them closer than they had ever been before. Hours later, Derek and Lisa lay together in their soft bed, wrapped around each other under the warmth of the down comforter. For the first night in ages, they slept soundly until late the next morning.

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