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Linda Gets Lucky
by Carl East

Linda walked home slowly her head bowed, and a tear running down her cheek. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, who had informed her that he was seeing someone else. As she walked she started to think, 'if he is seeing someone else then why am I crying, I'm well rid of him,' that thought seemed to cheer her up a little. She picked up the pace, and soon found herself back at her apartment.

Kicking off her shoes she sat down in her own special chair, then she flicked the TV on. She was just in time to see the national lottery program starting; she grabbed her purse to take out the three sets of numbers she used every week. The first number that came out was hers then the second, and when the third turned out to be on the same line, she suddenly sat on the edge of her chair. Waiting patiently she shouted out 'YES!' when the forth was hers as well. By now she was begging that the fifth ball be her number, she closed her eyes not wanting to see the fifth ball coming down the shoot.

Then she heard the presenter state that it was 45, she jumped up into the air knowing that that was on the same line. If the next ball was hers she could be a millionaire, she got down on her knees with both hands clasped together and waited. The ball seemed to spend ages in the shoot before emerging at the bottom, the presenter announced the number to be 12, and Linda looked at her ticket. She couldn't believe what she was seeing with her own eyes; she had all six numbers. She sat staring at the TV, not knowing if this was a dream or reality. Then she came to her senses, and quickly turned on the teletext to see how many winners there were. It hadn't been added yet, so she left it and proceeded to put the kettle on.

When she returned she found that there was only one winner, which meant that she didn't have to share her winnings with anybody else. Then she spotted how much she had won, a cool 12 million pounds, she sat down heavy in her chair, the realisation hitting her, that she was a multi-millionaire. Phoning the people who ran the lottery she calmly claimed the prize, they asked for the number at the bottom of the ticket, which she supplied. Then the phone went quiet for a moment, and someone said congratulations you are a multi-millionaire. It was only at that point, that she truly believed she had won, all her emotions were suddenly released. The tears of joy, the mocking laughter at her ex-boyfriend, and the sheer bliss of knowing that she would never have to do that nine to five routine ever again.

Two months later Linda had changed homes, given her family and close friends a share in her money, and was now starting a new life. One of the very first things that she had always intended on doing, if she ever won the lottery, was to regularly have a massage in her own home. To this end she sat one day in the lounge and poured through the many adverts that claimed the best masseurs. When she realised that they were all claiming they were the best, she phoned a friend who she knew had a masseur that visited her on a regular basis.

"Hello Joan, it's Linda here, can you recommend a good masseur?" She said.

"Hello Linda, it all depends on what you're looking for, if it's just a massage and no more, then anyone of them will do. But if you're looking for something special then there is only one." Replied Joan.

"What do you mean by special?"

"The masseurs I am referring too, give extra services, that will knock you off your feet, and go by the name of, 'Plaything,' but their not cheap."

After giving Linda the phone number, she hung up, leaving Linda wondering if she dare ring them, Joan had also said that if she wanted something really good she should ask for Johnny. She picked up the phone again and rang the number supplied, after a few seconds wait it was answered. Within minutes she had spoken to Johnny and arranged a time for this special treatment. She had been asked to wear just a robe, and to prepare the bedroom, for that is where they would be giving the service. Linda got undressed and looked in the mirror; she still had a nice body for a, twenty eight-year-old. Her breasts were large but firm, her butt was still the peach she always had, and her face was clear of marks and blemishes. In fact she still got the wolf whistles, whenever she went out. Wearing panties and bra she placed her robe on and went back down stairs. Two hours later they had arrived; she answered the door to find two young men.

"Hello, we're from plaything." One of them said.

"Oh, come in." She replied, feeling nervous.

She watched them as they entered the lounge, thinking, 'how cute,' then entering behind. They informed her that all they needed was a bed, and they could begin. They didn't mess around, thought Linda. She led them up stairs, where she was told to disrobe and place a towel around her waist. Once this was done she was instructed to lie on the bed face down, which she did.

"Do you want the full service, or the half service?" Said one of them.

Not knowing what he meant, but knowing that she could afford it, she went for the full service. Hands were then suddenly placed over her body, with aromatic oils being rubbed into her calves and lower buttocks. They suddenly removed her panties, then continued as nothing had happened. By now the towel was also off and on the floor, then she felt one of them undo her bra. The massage-felt lovely at this point, their hands over her butt felt gentle and soothing. To her surprise they then pulled her over onto her back revealing her naked body. Then as if not noticing how attractive she was, they continued to massage her. She felt wonderful as one of them worked on her inner thighs whilst the other massaged her breasts and stomach.

They as yet had not tried anything of a sexual nature, although this could be construed as a very erotic massage. That suddenly changed when the man massaging her inner thigh suddenly opened her legs a little, and deliberately started to massage her vulva with both hands making Linda gasp at the surprise of it. He didn't stay there, but he did keep coming back. This was starting to get Linda very aroused, with the other one concentrating on her breasts more and more. She could feel the wetness between her legs, and wondered if he knew. He continued to visit her pussy lips, every time he came up her inner thigh, making her take in a breath of air each time. Then he asked her if she were relaxed enough for them to begin, to which she answered, 'yes,' not knowing quite what he meant. He commenced by taking his shirt off then removing his undergarments, and stood there with a cock that was hard, big and ready to go.

Linda didn't care, by now all she wanted was a good fuck. He, then got on the bed placing his cock at the entrance, and pushed it in. Linda had never had anyone this big before, and gasped as his cock sank all the way. The other one now started to get undressed as well, she watched as he removed his pants, revealing yet another nice cock. When he presented it to her mouth, she never flinched. Sucking his cock she began to feel wonderful, as her pussy was receiving a very good service. Up until now, the one fucking her had been slow and gentle, but that changed when he started to speed up making her climax for the first time. He pulled her legs up into the air getting a deeper penetration; she sucked the cock in her mouth with more urgency, taking in as much as she could. Her cunt felt wonderful as yet another orgasm approached, making her want to feel the cock in her mouth shoot its load.

Her wish suddenly came true, as the cock in question started to jerk, and empty its load down her throat. She gamely took most of his sperm, unable to swallow it all, as there was too much being pumped into her. But as it left the side of her mouth she collected it with her fingers and sucked them dry too. Then she could feel the other one start to cum, his first jet of spunk hitting her insides, while the second and third were directed onto her stomach. She placed her hand into the creamy white substance, moving it around and into her belly button. They then changed positions, with the one that had just finished fucking her, lying flat on the bed, while the other one came around the back. She started to give the one on the bed a good deep throat, whilst the other pushed his cock into her wet pussy.

In this position she was very good at giving head, for she nearly had the whole of his cock down her throat. She realised as the cock in her cunt started to go faster that he was slightly thicker than the one in her mouth. It was making a difference, for she was already coming again, her pussy starting to feel well used as he pounded into her. The cock in her mouth started to twitch, but she wasn't ready yet, so she grabbed hold of the base to stop him. Once she thought he had calmed down a little, she reinserted it into her throat. By now she was feeling eighteen again, being fucked like this made her want to scream out that she was very happy to be alive. She heard the moaning coming from behind, so she knew he was close. She redoubled her efforts in an attempt to make them both cum at the same time.

She got it spot on, for as the one in her mouth erupted, so did the other, making them all moan with pleasure simultaneously. They got dressed after that, and presented her with a bill, which she paid saying, thank you, as they left. When they had gone she sat down in the lounge and couldn't help thinking, that no matter what people say, money does make a difference.


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