The Best Erotic Stories.

Latina Goes Shopping
Ninth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

When the invitation to a baby shower arrived from her former co-worker, Mi, it brought back a flood of memories from five years earlier. Back then, Latina worked night shift on the manufacturing floor of an electronics company. Almost the entire night crew consisted of women, mostly ethnic (she was Mexican, and her friend Mi was from Taiwan), mostly single or divorced, many with children to raise, and the repetitive manufacturing tasks their only means of support. Latina and "the girls" would sit around talking about their dreams and hopes for the future. She and Mi would discuss moving off the manufacturing floor to find better jobs, and finding a husband. Most of the other girls did not believe that either Mi or Latina would ever accomplish those dreams. You couldn't shop for a job or a husband like you could for clothes--or could you?

Latina's first husband had passed away a year earlier, after 17 years of marriage, leaving her a single mother raising a 5-year-old son. She had been an emotional wreck ever since, but now she was pulling herself together. She had gotten this night-shift job, and she ran her own small business in the daytime. Relatives watched her son most of the time, but she DID take him on weekend outings. She had also joined a local dating service, and was meeting a few men, although most of them failed her "must rules" about being monogamous, non- smokers, and non-drinkers.

Now here it was, 5 years later. Latina had shopped for, and landed, a daytime office job, with much less stress, and much better pay, than the night shift in manufacturing. She had given-up her small business, which had not succeeded. And by "shopping" through the dating service, she was happily married again, for almost two years, to Frank, who was as much fun out of bed, as he was in it.

Mi had also done very well for herself. She had moved-up to an administrative job, she had married her childhood sweetheart a year ago, and now Mi had her first baby. And so the invite received that morning, to Mi's baby shower.

Because Latina and Frank worked just three blocks apart, they car-pooled to work every day. She had the car that day, and she decided to "highjack" her husband for the evening, to shop at the local mall for presents for Mi's baby shower. She found a very nice gift set, more for the parents than for the newborn, consisting of a silver-covered photo album for baby pictures, and a silver tube for safely keeping the baby's birth certificate. That shopping out of the way, she whisked Frank off to a quiet, romantic dinner, followed by some window shopping.

He remembered their favorite store in the mall, a novelty shop specializing in adult toys and games. Commenting that they had some extra money that week, he asked if they could go there, knowing that she would like this idea as much as he did.

The selection of vibrators in this store brought back a flood of memories to Latina. For a year after her first husband had died, she had been miserably depressed, and she had often broke out crying. When she first met Mi, she had finally pulled herself together, and had started dating again, but she seemed to have a knack for dating real losers, who smoked like chimneys, drank like fish, cheated on her, or all of the above. She couldn't picture herself getting intimate with any of them. That's when she'd bought her trusty vibrator. Seeing the selection before her, she recalled how she would soothe away the stress of her night-shift job with a hot soak in her tub, then towel herself dry, and then let her textured, contoured toy softly buzz and shake up her insides, building her excitement, but at the same time soothing her, and lulling her into a much- needed deep sleep.

Now she recalled that she had thrown away her vibrator after the first time she had slept with her second, and current, husband. Thoughts of their first sexual encounter flooded back, and as she thought about it, she couldn't help peeking over her shoulder and secretly smiling at Frank, who was just then too absorbed in browsing through the adult toys, to notice her lascivious smile.

That first time had started out innocently enough, talking and then kissing, as seductive jazz music played softly on his stereo. But she had been fantasizing, all the previous week, about what his tongue would feel like, french-kissing her pussy instead of her mouth. And that night, she had made the first move toward fulfilling that fantasy, by slowly, seductively, unbuttoning her blouse, as they kissed on his couch.

He had helped her fantasy along, by trailing kisses down each newly-exposed area of her skin, as she unbuttoned. When her blouse was open all the way, he had slid her bra straps down off her shoulders, tucked the bra cups under her breasts, and began kissing, licking, and nibbling everywhere. Not just the obvious places, like her nipples. She recalled how she had melted into his arms when he first kissed UNDER her breasts. Not many men seem to think of kissing a woman there, but certainly in her case, his attention to that spot had made her even friskier. She suspected that if more men paid attention to these less-obvious erogenous zones, the way Frank had done that first time, fewer men would be complaining about their inability to "score" with women. His kisses there had made her involuntarily let out a long, low moan, which in turn had made him even bolder in his passions that first night.

She recalled that his arousing moves on her, had made her hungry for every part of him, too. As he continued his kisses on and around her breasts, she had slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, revealing a smooth-skinned but hairy chest. It was a well-developed, but not overly muscular, chest. Her hands had slowly and gently rubbed his chest, and had stroked his wonderfully-soft chest hair. As she did this, he had started to unfasten her skirt. But before he could remove her skirt, she had grabbed his hand, and they had both stood up and led each other to his bed.

She recalled how, once in his bedroom, he had continued to slowly pleasure her, kissing and caressing his way around her feet and up her legs, increasing her desire, as he slowly moved up her legs, but deliberately avoiding touching her pussy.

When he finally did start to pay attention to her by-now desperate pussy, he still continued to tease, playing with the thick triangle of brown hair between her legs for a while, before touching the hot center of her deep desires. Finally, he had knelt on his knees between her spread legs, and he had slowly slid his long, thin middle finger deep in her dripping pussy. As his thumb gently rubbed and pressed against her throbbing clit, her breathing had become heavier. Starting with a tingling in her toes, her passion had worked its way up in waves, up to where his talented probing, exploring fingers were so patiently, tenderly, and lovingly ministering to the needs of her starving pussy.

Stretching himself out along the bed, he had cupped both of his hands under the cheeks of her ass, and he had finally pressed his face against her desperately- hungry pussy. This had felt much better than any of the many fantasies she had cooked-up that week. He had started with kisses on her outer pussy lips, and around her still partly-hidden clit, but soon his tongue had darted out of his mouth, and had rolled slowly up and down along the outside of her pussy lips, before licking at her hard love button.

His teeth had gently nibbled on her outer lips, and then also moved up to her clit, which was just beginning to stiffen and arise out of hiding. His fingers had then gently pried her outer pussy lips open, and his tongue had darted deep inside her, licking the gathering moisture from her inner walls. Her breathing had then grown heavier, her passion building from deep inside her, in wave after ever-more-excited wave.

The inner walls of her pussy had quickly become very slick and wet, and she was amazed at how quickly he had coaxed her hot liquid lust from deep inside of her. She was already bubbling up around where he was licking her clit. Her hips and ass had then rocked up off the bed and back down again, slowly at first, but more rapidly with each of his tongue's licks. Having lost all control of her passion that first night, she could only wrap both legs around his back, and she had continued rocking ever-more-rapidly off the bed, and back down again, her legs pushing him away and pulling him closer, in rhythm with the motion of both his tongue and her hips.

After just a few minutes of his licking, her passion had gushed more rapidly than ever before in her life, and had then slowed to an ooze, from around her clit, onto his tongue, and into his mouth. As she had continued to ooze her clit's passion into his mouth, and he continued to lick and gulp down every drop, she had moaned loudly, and had thrashed uncontrollably on his bed, with her legs still locked around his back.

But that had not been the end of that first encounter, just the first of several orgasms that night. When she had finally calmed down from that first orgasm, and her breathing had slowed to a more normal pace, he had slid his way up the bed, lying next to her, and had softly kissed her on the mouth. She could still recall the faint taste of her own fresh pussy juice on his breath, and how she had felt sexier at that moment, than she had ever felt before in her life. She had then repaid the favor, by stripping off his trousers, and his white cotton briefs, and she remembered how excited she had felt when she finally got to see and touch his full eight inches of hard, throbbing cock.

She remembered how good it felt when she first kissed, sucked, licked, and nibbled on the head and shaft of his cock. She had then opened her mouth into a big, round O, and wrapping her hand around the thickness of his cock, she had slowly and hungrily devoured it with her lips and tongue. As his cock had slid in and out of her hungry mouth, his hips had thrust upward wildly, as her head slid down on him. She remembered how eagerly she had rolled her tongue all around his throbbing manhood, while it thrust up against the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. She remembered just beginning to feel and taste his come, and then feeling let down when his warm cock suddenly withdrew from her mouth. But she had quickly perked up again when he had explained that he wanted to come deep in her pussy, not in her mouth.

When the tip of his cock had finally pressed just past her outer pussy lips, she had wrapped her legs around him, and she had rested her feet on the cheeks of his ass. He had then eased his entire 8 inches into her dripping pussy. She remembered him very gradually, almost imperceptibly, increasing his speed with each in-and-out thrust. Each time, the very tip of his cock had rubbed ever-so- briefly against her magic button, before passing lower and deeper into her. His cock tip, brushing her like that, had made her clit longer and harder each time.

When his thrusts in and out of her were finally up to maximum speed, she had used her feet, still resting on his ass cheeks, to push and pull him at this same maximum pace. Had she actually felt, or just imagined, his come traveling up from his balls, up the inside of his shaft, out the tip, and deep inside of her? His sperm had come out of him, just as he had completed a very rapid downward thrust, so his come had gushed very deeply and forcefully into her. Just as she had begun to feel his love juice flowing so deeply inside of her, she had felt her own juice, which had long since started bubbling just below the surface, finally breaking forth, and gushing out from around her swollen clit, to coat all along his deeply-buried cock.

And still, the best had been yet to come. After their orgasms, he had left his cock buried deep inside of her, and he had wrapped his arms around her back, in a gentle and very-loving embrace. As they had held each other and calmed down, his now spent but still-hard cock had started throbbing away deep inside of her, pulsing once for each beat of his heart. This had made her tight little pussy even more ecstatically happy, than when she had come only moments earlier. She had responded by squeezing her pussy muscles tightly against his stiff rod, which, to her great enjoyment, had made him pulse even more strongly.

Recalling his post-orgasmic throbbing, she thought about how, being a man, James Bond had, of course, gotten it all wrong, wanting his martinis "shaken, not stirred." If the character had been Jane Bond, she would have known that stirring is far superior to shaking. Latina's vibrator, which she had been using before she met Frank, had shaken her into a single orgasm every time, after which she had always rolled over and fallen asleep. But whenever Frank's eight inches of vibrating human swizzle stick pulsed, and stirred their love martini deep inside of her, he always triggered her multiple orgasmic after-shocks. His throbbing cock, stirring their creamy martini, definitely felt much better than any shaking her vibrator had EVER given her. After that first night together, she had tossed her shaking vibrator into the trash, in preference to his post-orgasmic stirring of their love martini. Since then, she had never thought about her vibrator again, until just now, as she and her loving hubby browsed through the sex novelty shop.

Thinking about her old vibrator, and how Frank was so good at her favorite activity (which began and ended with the same letters as his first name), she desperately wanted to explore him with her hands, lips, tongue, and pussy, and to feel his lips, tongue, hands, and solid cock exploring her. As they continued to browse through the sex shop, passing up the kinkier items (whips and chains were not their style, although both were tempted by the fur-lined handcuffs), they each made their selections, paid the cashier, and headed out of the store, and back into the corridors of the mall.

When she began to lead him by the hand through the mall, he turned to her and asked "Where are we--". Before he could say "going," she placed her fingers to his lips, to shush him. Ducking through swinging double doors, she led him through a twisty, turning maze of back corridors, past delivery entrances, to a little lobby, which ended at a huge freight elevator. Two large potted palms were tucked into a corner. She pulled him behind the palms, pushed him flat on his back, and lying on top of him, she wrapped her arms around him, and she kissed him very firmly and passionately on his lips. She then rolled them both over, placing him on top. As he wrapped his arms around her back, he also opened his mouth, to let her tongue enter.

Although nobody used the freight elevators that late at night, the thought that somebody might come by, excited them both even more. The potted palms would hide both of them from any prying eyes that might happen past, so while the thought of getting caught was exciting, deep down they knew that they would be alone for as long as they wanted, or at least until the mall closed.

She reached up to unbutton his shirt. He sat up, his hips over hers, and his stiffening cock pressing through his trousers, against her skirt.

She pulled his shirt sleeves off of his arms, and looked up admiringly at his bare chest. His chest was just what she had always wanted on her man: it was slightly, but not extremely, muscular, and it was hairy, without hiding the soft, smooth skin underneath. He lay back down on top of her, with his arms around her back, and he kissed her, his tongue sliding into her opened mouth, and wrestling with her own tongue.

He now rolled them both over, so she was now on top again, and he began to unbutton her blouse and remove it, as she had just done with his shirt. He also pulled her skirt up, so that she could feel the long ridge of his hard cock, pressing through his trousers, against her bare pussy (although she had not known about the baby shower, nor planned their shopping trip that morning, she had somehow been psychic enough not to wear underwear that day). She reached down and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, and slid her hand under the fabric, to massage his already-excited cock and balls. He lifted his legs, so she could slide his trousers completely off of him. She struggled a little to slide his pants over his socks and shoes, which in their desperately-burning passion, he had not had time to remove. Now she finally had him naked from his ankles up.

Still sitting up over him, she reached around behind her, to unclasp her bra, and she hiked her skirt up even higher. She reached down with both hands, and as she sat back down on top of him, she guided his full eight-inch length and two-inch girth into her already-drenched pussy. As she slid up and down on his warm, rigid, shaft (which was pulsing rapidly against both of her slick inner walls), she kept her back straight, aligned with the trunk of one of the two potted palms, so that their activities would not be visible to anyone approaching the freight elevator. She felt his cock pull almost all the way out of her, then the thick head pressing simultaneously against both walls, as it pushed tightly up into her, like a piston pushing up tightly against all walls of a cylinder. His cock-head was quickly followed by eight solid inches of love shaft, his upward thrusting finally stopping, when the eye at the tip of his cock rested against the back wall of her cavern, and his balls rested against her pussy lips, which stretched tightly around his shaft.

Her hungry pussy was now just the way she wished that it could always be: completely stuffed full of rigid cock, with no more room for even a finger inside of her. After a brief pause, he slid back out again, until only the head of his cock remained in her. Then another powerful thrust, all the way into her again, his legs, hips and thighs rising off of the hard floor, as he thrust himself deeply inside of her, and he paused again.

With each inward stroke, she could hear the whoosh of air escaping from her pussy, to make room for her to be completely stuffed full of his upwardly- thrusting cock again. Her pussy, which never could keep a secret, betrayed her once again, emitting loud squishing and smacking noises, every time his cock pulled part way out of her. Her noisy slit was revealing her secret to him quite vocally, that her build-up to orgasm was already past the point of no return.

On about his fifth or sixth up stroke (she was so excited that she lost count), her love-juice burst out in wave after wave from around her swollen clit, coating his cock, slicking down his thick pubic hair, dribbling down her own thighs, and splashing out onto his thighs, too. He waited for her thrashing orgasm to finish, then he slid almost all the way out of her. Finally, using all the strength he could muster in his hips and thighs, he thrust his cock deeply and powerfully into her one last time, exploding deep inside of her, and adding his juices to her own, in streaming down her silky thighs.

Reaching into his back trouser pocket, he produced a handkerchief, and he wiped their thoroughly-mixed goo off of her outer pussy lips, off of her soft, smooth thighs, before wiping off his own hairy thighs and his still-hard cock. They hurriedly dressed, and hand-in-hand, giggling and grinning, they returned through the maze of back corridors, into the main mall area, and back out to the parking lot, to drive home before the mall could close for the night, and trap them inside until morning.

That night, during routine pillow talk in bed, Latina mentioned to Frank, that there is a very quiet, very secluded park, not far from where the baby shower would be held, at Mi's house.

"What are you cooking up?" he asked, knowing that her very creative and lust- focused mind, was probably already planning-out the details of some memorable sexual adventure in the park.

"That's a surprise!" was her only answer. She wasn't about to admit it, but in reality, she had only vague, half-formed notions of what they would do in the park. Only she knew that whatever happened, it would be as much a surprise for her as for him.

"Will it involve our new purchases?"

"It might. But I really want to use some of them on you, on us, right now, tonight."

"I was hoping you'd say that," he grinned, producing the deck of lover's playing cards that he had purchased at the novelty store. The rules on the box said that they were to take turns drawing a card and following instructions on the card. Her first card seemed innocent enough: "gaze into your lover's eyes for five minutes." But gazing at him for that long, did start to stir her passionate love for him. So she was relieved when, at the end of the five minutes, he drew a card instructing him to massage his lover's back.

She lay face-down on their bed, her head resting on a pillow, her arms hugging it, as if the pillow were Frank. He climbed on top of her, sitting up, his legs and thighs draped over both sides of her ass. Now his long fingers, and his palms, began soothingly massaging her shoulders, rubbing, rolling, and pressing her skin. Then his hands worked their way down her back. As he masterfully worked her day's stress-knots out of her back, and he moved ever-closer toward massaging her ass cheeks, she could already feel his hardening cock, pressing through his clothing, against the crack of her butt. Feeling his throbbing made her moan loudly into her pillow.

When he finally started massaging her ass cheeks, Latina rolled over onto her back, sat up on their bed, and drew the next card from the deck. The card instructed her to "ask your lover to strip for you."

He slowly, seductively unbuttoned his shirt. Too slowly for her.

Ignoring the rules of the game, she kneeled on her knees facing him, reached out, and began unbuttoning his shirt for him, nearly ripping the buttons off of him, in her haste to start rubbing his hairy, muscular chest. She began kissing his chest, and when she switched from kissing to gently nibbling on his nipples, he began to moan softly in his deep, rich baritone voice--the voice which was, as usual, already making her damp and dizzy with desire.

After a few minutes, her attention to his chest was no longer enough for her, and she sensed that it wasn't enough for him, either. She reached out to unbuckle his belt, and to slowly unzip his jeans, the back of her hand deliberately and teasingly rubbing the outside of his zipper, while she let the zipper slowly glide downward. She could feel his jeans getting tighter on him, even as the zipper opened to relieve the growing pressure. She smiled as she felt what the power of her touch was already starting to do to him. After a few more minutes of sitting-up face-to-face, she pushed him down, flat on his back, onto their bed, leaned over him on all fours, kissed him passionately on his lips, then got up.

Leaving him naked on their bed, and completely powerless to resist her lust, she headed into their bathroom to, as the cliche goes, "slip into something more comfortable." But before she left, she instructed him to open the box that she had taken out of her shopping bag, and placed on their bed. She told him to wear the box's contents for her. She wanted him to be ready for her when she returned.

In the box was a tiny orange-colored square, with two narrow strings at the top, and one at the bottom. It was a man's G-string, the two upper strings tying around his waist, and the bottom one running up his butt, to tie at the back. The orange-colored square was actually made of passion-fruit flavored candy (bad pun on the manufacturer's part, he thought, but the image of what she would do to him and his edible underwear, soon made him forget the feeble humor). Even the white tie strings were candy, too.

This new underwear was completely edible, and just the thought of what she was about to do, soon had his still semi-soft cock peeking out the top of his tiny, edible G-string.

She emerged from the bathroom, wearing the same purple outfit that he had so enjoyed the previous week, on his birthday. It had a tiny purple satin G-string panty. Her purple satin bra, with two tiny bra cups, was made even smaller by the peekaboo cutouts over her nipples. A very short lacy white "baby doll", just touching the top of her thighs, completed the provocative picture, and soon his edible underwear could scarcely contain his very visible excitement. She could hardly wait to taste the sweet little orange square, and the even sweeter natural flavor that her lips and tongue would soon be coaxing out of him. As she approached the bed, and as she thought about what her lips and tongue were about to do, she couldn't help licking her lips suggestively, and smiling sweetly at him.

She lay down, her head propped up by two pillows, and he began kissing and nibbling her nipples, through the peekaboo holes in her shiny, purple-satin bra. To his surprise, her nipples tasted of mint, as she had bought a mint-flavored nipple gel at the sex store, and she had applied it when she changed into her lingerie. The blend of the natural taste of her nipple and the mint gel, coupled with the thought of her about to devour his edible underwear, raised his passion level for her almost beyond endurance. After only a few minutes of excitedly lapping his tongue over both of her tasty nipples, he quickly turned around. Now his face was pressed into her purple satin G-string, and her tongue was free to lick at his edible underwear, and his even-sweeter treat already arising from underneath the candy. They both lay on their sides, facing each other, each with their face buried in the other's crotch.

She began her licking at the base of his underwear, only the thin layer of passion-fruit candy separating her tongue from his balls. As her tongue glided up the length of the orange candy square, she felt his cock pulse up into her face through the candy, then pulse back down onto his tummy. When she reached the top of the candy square, her tongue continued its upward licking, to touch his cock- head, already poking out through the top of his edible underwear. His squirming and moaning, encouraged her tongue to continue licking around the head for several minutes, before traveling back down over the candy square, licking all the way down over his rock-solid shaft, and licking around his balls.

Meanwhile, his tongue was just as busy as hers. He had curled his tongue up into a U, and he was using it to plow the center of her purple silk panties ever deeper into her juicy slit. The front of her G-string panties, and the full length of his tongue, both disappeared completely up into her pussy. Her thick crop of dark pubic hair, and her soft outer pussy lips, were peeking out more and more around the edges of her panties. Meanwhile, his long middle finger was pressing the narrow, white-lace rear strap of her G-string, deeply into her ass. As his finger probed her ass crack, his hand massaged her butt cheeks, paying particular attention to circling his fingers all along her sexy creases, where the soft curve of her ass cheeks sloped down, to meet the backs of her thighs.

As she continued to lick up and down the tiny orange square covering his 8-inch shaft, she felt the passion-fruit candy dissolving on her tongue.

Her licking was leaving his edible underwear tattered and shredded, happily exposing more and more of his powerfully-throbbing cock to her gaze and her touch. Now she leaned her head over his hips, and around to his ass, eagerly biting on all three of the white candy strings, which were still holding the rapidly-dissolving remains of his candy G-string onto him. As she bit threw each white string, and as she let the candy dissolve in her mouth, pieces of the orange-colored candy fell onto the sheets, and a few small pieces stuck to the outside of his cock's shaft.

She moved her head back from his ass, onto his cock again, and she began licking the stuck-on orange fragments of candy from his now fully-exposed cock. His shaft throbbed rapidly toward and away from her face, as she slowly licked her way up and down his full eight inches.

Meanwhile, the tiny front triangle of her purple silk panties had fully disappeared into her juicy slit, and was completely soaked in her own NATURAL passion fruit. His long, thin middle finger glided in and out of her slit, exploring her every nook and cranny, right through the deeply-buried satin of her G-string. Then, sliding out to his first knuckle, before reversing direction again to probe ever deeper inside of her. His tongue was licking at her now- exposed clit, and he paused after every few licks, to clench his lips and teeth over her clit, sucking her hard little love button completely up into his mouth, then releasing her to lick at her clit again. Now he reached under the waistband of her G-string, and he pulled. Her insides completely rearranged themselves, as he pulled the sticky, soaked fabric out of her slit. His fingers revelled at the dampness, as he slid her completely-soaked satin G-string down her luscious, dark, slender legs, and past her delicately-sexy bare feet.

With her pussy now completely exposed, and staying wide open all by itself in her aroused state, he pressed his face back into her pussy again, licking deeply along her inner walls, then gliding his tongue back out, to focus on her clit for a few licks, before returning his tongue to her dewy inner walls.

She licked her way up, from his balls, one final time, all along his eight-inch shaft. Then she opened her mouth, to let his cock slowly push past her lips, teeth, and tongue, the very tip and wide-open eye simply SLIDING along the roof of her mouth, pulsing and throbbing, as he slid into her throat. The whole time that his shaft descended into her mouth, her tongue circled around and around his full 6-1/2 inch circumference. As he continued to lick the inside of her drenched pussy, and over and around her excited clit, he thrust his hips and thighs toward and away from her, to rapidly and skillfully drive his huge cock in and out of her throat.

Just as he pushed his cock all the way down her throat, one final time, he sucked her clit up into his mouth again, furiously licking and nibbling at it. Thick globs of his warm, white cream gushed down her throat now, and she loudly moaned his name. The vibration of her voice, against his cock, made him pulse and throb even more rapidly, and now there was no stopping the rapid succession of his thick, warm spurts of love cream, relentlessly sliding down her throat, and into her stomach.

As he continued to come, in blast after blast, into her mouth and deep down her throat, he clamped down harder on her clit, and he swirled his tongue around her love button with a vicious passion. She thrust her thighs even closer into his face, and she released a flood of juice from around her clit, landing all over his lips and tongue, and even onto his nose. Her climax was accompanied by a nearly ear-piercing, shrieking scream, which settled into a long, low moan, as she clamped her legs around his neck, and she cupped her hands over his ass cheeks.

As they held each other, his cock continued to throb in her mouth, and her clit vibrated against his tongue and teeth. Every few minutes, they lazily licked at each other, each lick producing a moan, a twitch, and a new spurt of come into the other's mouth. These mini-orgasms were not as powerful as the first mutual explosion of passion, but in their own way, these after-tremors were just as wonderful, and exciting. Contented now, they both finally fell asleep, still in their 69 position.

Awakening the next morning, she noticed a ring of orange color surrounding her lips. He discovered little clumps of passion-fruit candy still stuck to his cock. No matter how much they washed and scrubbed, there were still tiny dots of orange color on her face, and on his cock.

They finally decided that they were out of time to scrub any more, and they both got dressed, to attend Mi's baby shower.

At the baby shower, as Latina and Mi sat talking, they reminisced about their days on the manufacturing floor, dreaming of better jobs and of finding loving, attentive husbands. They congratulated each other on achieving those goals. Hearing this, both of their husbands smiled, for the conversation just reaffirmed what both husbands already knew, that their wives loved them and were happy with them, just as they were unreservedly in love with their wives.

Mi leaned in close to Latina's face, and said "You have orange spots on your face."

"I know," Latina grinned. "His passion fruit candy from last night. I couldn't get it all to wash off this morning." Latina smiled at the recollection of the previous night's lovemaking, and she beamed at the thought, that she was proudly wearing those orange spots on her face, like a badge of honor, for the passion that her talented tongue had coaxed out of her husband's balls last night.

"Passion fruit?" Mi smiled. "What a corny pun."

Now Latina looked closely at Mi's face. Mi had little red spots all around her lips. When Latina pointed this out, Mi replied, "I couldn't get his cherry candy off of me this morning, either."

Mi and Latina looked at Mi's husband, Mi recalling (and Latina trying to picture), him in his edible red underwear. Since Mi and her husband had a baby now, Latina thought, he obviously had not been as "cherry" as his underwear last night. Gee, and Mi thought "passion fruit" was corny!

As Mi and Latina thought back to their previous night's sessions with their husbands, they both began to feel a little bit randy again. Mi shocked Latina slightly, by leaning in close, to plant a kiss on Latina's lips, and Mi attempted to lick the orange-colored candy stains from Latina's face. But Latina quickly recovered from the shock, returning Mi's soft kiss, and Latina tried just as futilely to lick the dried cherry candy stains off of Mi's face. Watching their wives kiss and lick each other, brought a gentle stirring in the loins of both husbands, matching the growing passion of their wives.

Mi and Latina now quickly pulled away from each other, not wanting to go any further, fearing that they had already gone too far. For the remainder of the party, Latina kept gazing hungrily at Frank and smiling, wondering if he could read her ever-more graphic thoughts, about what she wanted to do with him in the park, as soon as the party ended.

After oohing and ahhing over Mi's new baby for a while, and enjoying a very nice and filling barbecue in Mi's back yard, Latina and Frank said their good-byes, and finally drove off to their long-awaited, and only casually hinted-at, tryst in the local park.

They strolled hand-in-hand to the far edge of the park, where they unexpectedly met Latina's cousin Celeste, and Celeste's husband, Stan. The four of them decided to hike off into the surrounding woods, delaying Frank and Latina's urgently-needed tryst that much longer. Stan decided that he wanted to hike up the mountain, for the supposedly-breathtaking view from the top. The long, winding trail switched back and forth along the mountain, so that the climb took them several miles through jungle-like heat. Frank was getting too hot, and he peeled off his T-Shirt, stuffing it into the backpack that Latina had brought along. She smiled at the thought of what she'd like to do to his bare chest: rub, lick, suck, nibble. But with her cousin along, she had to rein-in her desires, at least for the moment.

About halfway up the trail, Celeste and Stan (both experienced mountain climbers) had continued ahead, but Latina and Frank were too hot and tired to keep pace. In a very deeply-wooded and secluded spot, he asked her to stand guard, as he removed his underwear, so that he could just be in his shorts. Maybe that way, Frank said, he could feel a little cooler. He walked a few paces deeper into the woods, so that the trees might hide him from any other hikers, and she stood guard in front of him, her back to him. As she heard his shorts and underwear rustle down his legs and onto the forest floor, she couldn't resist looking backward over her shoulder, at his now-naked, 5-foot-10 frame. Her eyes scanned from his toes to his face, and back down again, lingering (perhaps longer than necessary) on his cock, which seemed HUGE, even in its current flaccid state. She thought about turning around, dropping to her knees, and using her fingers and tongue, to make his cock all big and hard, just for her. But the fear of detection prevented her acting on her fantasies, at least for now. He stuffed his underwear into her backpack, and he eased himself back into his shorts. She sighed to herself, as he covered up his love missile again, for she knew that it would be a while before she could once more see, touch, and lick his pleasure- giving manhood, let alone feel its thrilling thrusts inside of her.

When Latina and Frank reached the summit, Celeste and Stan were already waiting for them. There was so much fog on the top of the mountain, that they could barely see their hands in front of their faces, much less the promised ocean view. The other three ganged up on Stan for making them hike through the unbearable heat, for a view that they wouldn't get to see.

By the time they had all hiked back down to the base of the mountain, all four were a little weary, and tempers were a little short. Celeste and Stan climbed back into their car and drove home, leaving Latina and Frank to enjoy the park alone. The loving, lustful couple decided to return to the woods, but to stay at the base of the mountain; no more climbing for them today (except for maybe climbing each other later on). The wind had picked up a little, so Frank put his T-shirt back on again.

When they were deep in the woods again, Latina turned to him and asked, "Do you remember the first time we met in person?"

"Yes," he replied, remembering how they had talked nightly on the phone for two months, before finally meeting face-to-face. "You were stretched out against a tree in a park, wearing shorts and sandals, your slender, dark legs stretched out in front of you."

"What did you think, when you first saw me?"

"That you were much prettier and sexier than I expected."

"Is that all you thought?"

"Well," he hesitated. "Will my answer get me in trouble?"

"That depends on what it is."

"Well," he hesitated again. "One of my thoughts was, that I wished I could see more of your bare body, than just you legs, as you stretched out against the tree."

"Hmmm," she mumbled, an idea forming. "Well, OK. Your wish is about to be granted."

She stood before him, and she began a slow, seductive strip-tease. First she pulled her purple T-shirt off over her head, revealing a lacy black bra underneath.

Gulping at the sweet memory, he asked "Is that the same bra you wore the first time we--"

"Yes, it is," she interrupted, smiling herself at the recollection of their first time.

Knowing how hard it is for her to reach around behind her, Frank wrapped his arms around Latina now, and he unclasped the three tiny metal hooks of her bra for her.

When he pulled away from her, her bra softly fell into the pine needles carpeting the forest floor, revealing her full, round 38-C breasts, and her hard nipples already jutting out their full half-inch toward him. Frank stated that her bust still looked every bit as breathtaking, as amazingly beautiful, as the very first time she had opened her blouse to him, two years earlier.

Now she continued her slow strip-tease, unclasping her khaki shorts, and slowly, teasingly easing her zipper down. The slow, seductive rip of metal on metal, as her fly gradually opened, merely increased the length, width, and pulsation rate of Frank's horny love tool. Being a hot day, she had not worn panties, and he hungrily licked his lips, as the first subtle hint of her thick, lush carpet of dark pubic hair began to emerge from under the zipper of her shorts. When her shorts finally slid down to her ankles, and she sexily stepped out of them, Frank nearly drooled at the familiar sight of his wife's smooth thighs, framing that perfect triangle of thick, brown-black pussy fur, with the promise of soon seeing the familiar, flower-pedal folds of his wife's femininity, just below.

She lay down in exactly the same pose she had used when they first met, her back propped against the tree trunk, her dark legs stretched out in front of her, and crossed at her ankles. This time, not just her legs, but all five feet, two inches of her voluptuous body, lay bare before him. Still standing, he, too, stripped bare, then he sat down beside her, his back also against the tree trunk. Turning to face her, he wrapped his arms around her bare back, and she wrapped HER arms around HIS bare back. They kissed, softly at first, but then opening their mouths, they let their tongues dance flirtatiously with each other. Now Frank tried to complete the job, which Mi had begun earlier, of licking the remains of last night's edible underwear, off of Latina's face.

The recollections of Mi's kisses and licks, and Frank's passionate "69" the previous night, just got Latina too excited now. Deciding that leaning against a tree was not where she wanted to act upon her growing desires, she packed all of their clothes into her backpack, and she strapped it on over her bare shoulders. Grabbing his hand, she led them both, naked, deeper into the woods, to a lake at the edge of a small waterfall, in a little clearing in the woods. Letting go of his hand, and dropping her backpack on a large rocky platform, she waded nude into the surprisingly- warm lake, and she beckoned for Frank to join her in her skinny-dipping adventure. As he waded into the lake, she playfully swam away from him, then reaching the end of the lake, Latina stood up under the little waterfall, the water gently cascading down her long, brown hair, and leaving inviting little beads of water all over her luscious, bare breasts. She ran her hands seductively through the shoulder-length strands of her damp hair. She shut her eyes, tilted her head backward into the cascading waterfall (as if to shampoo her hair), and she smiled bewitchingly at him.

As her finger continued to beckon him to join her, he swam out, still naked, to join her under the waterfall. Standing face-to-face, wrapping their arms around each other's bare backs, they proceeded to kiss each other, their tongues entwined in a graceful but lusty ballet, the waterfall softly streaming through their hair and down their backs. His hands slowly glided down her back, until they cupped her ass cheeks.

Matching his movements, she ran her hands down his back, as they continued to kiss. Latina raked her neatly-manicured, red fingernails, gently but passionately, into his skin, before also cupping his ass cheeks.

Now he let his hands slide around to her sides, massaging the front of her thighs, but deliberately staying away from her slick pussy for now. His hands traveled up her body, feeling her curvaceous hips, her ribs, and then her breasts, cupping her breasts, and then gently tugging and pinching her nipples. Again, HER hand motions on HIS body, carefully duplicated the motions of HIS hands on her OWN body.

Now he kissed his way down her body, from her breasts and nipples, kissing under her breasts, down her stomach, kissing and licking her belly button. Being only 5 feet 2 inches tall, she stood on tiptoes now, so his head would remain above water, as he continued to travel down her naked form. Now he kissed and licked her pussy, whose increasing moisture was originating from neither the lake nor the waterfall. She spread her legs wider, giving his tongue full access to her inner-most reaches, as the waterfall continued to crash over and around this pair of lovers.

Although to any passersby, they had two bodies, their growing passion had already joined them into a single soul.

As he continued to lick her pussy, and to dart his tongue over her clit, she reached for his cock. Wrapping her dainty fist around its 6-1/2 inch circumference, Latina slowly stroked up and down the entire eight inches of his fully-exposed shaft. As he was five feet ten, his fully-erect, two-inch-thick cock was jutting straight out in front of him, just above the surface water-line of the lake, without his having to stand on tiptoes.

For about ten minutes, he licked and sucked at her hot, hard, quivering clit, and she stroked his long, thick, vibrating cock, in their own private secluded spot, with only the crashing waterfall to break the silent stillness. Then, suddenly, they both came with almost as much volume and pressure, almost as powerfully, as the waterfall above them. She came against his tongue, and he into the palm of her rapidly-sliding fist. Knowing that nobody could see or hear them, they both let out their loudest, most-uninhibited moans, as they came and came and came, endlessly, lovingly, gloriously, spectacularly.

They stood in the waterfall for quite a while afterward, their tongues still playing in each other's mouth, their arms still wrapped tightly around each other, the waterfall still streaming through their hair, down their backs, and over their bare butts. Finally, noticing the sun starting to set, they swam, naked, side by side, to shore. Their explosive orgasm had left both of them calmer, feeling wonderfully refreshed. But they both sensed that something was missing, and they both quickly realized what that something was. She had yet to the feel the friction of his enormous rod, as it began its slow, tantalizing descent against her inner walls. And he had yet to feel her extraordinarily- flexible pussy muscles, squeezing him tight, as he thrusted and throbbed against her inner-most recesses. OK, let's not mine words here: Latina and Frank both still wanted, still needed, to FUCK each other senseless.

Producing a large beach towel from her backpack, Latina spread the towel on the lake shore, and she lay down flat on her back, her legs spread wide apart, her knees raised in the air, her hips squirming from side to side in anticipation, her fingers massaging her thighs and slowly moving upward, her tongue licking her lips, as a barely-audible "Mmmm!" escaped from her mouth. He did not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted just then, especially since he wanted and needed exactly the same thing just then: to FUCK.

Lying face-down in the sand, his nose against her pubic hair, he let his tongue start licking at her already-visible clit, making her "Mmmm!" become much louder. He could taste that wonderfully sweet, yet tangy, juice starting to well up around her clit, and as he continued to lick and she continued to dampen, he sensed that he should have slipped lovingly into her, HOURS ago.

"Honey, please don't," she cried, between her gasps of heavy panting, and his loud tongue-slurps, confirming to Frank that maybe it WAS time for him to move on to the main event.

"Why not?" he teased, not pausing at all in his eager licks on her hard, throbbing clit.

"Because if you keep that up, I'm going to come all over your tongue!"

"What's wrong with THAT?"

"Nothing really. It's just that I want to come all over your COCK!" she exclaimed in her huskiest, sexiest voice, drawing out the last word, into multiple syllables.

Hearing her remarks, his already-hard cock throbbed powerfully, growing instantly to its full eight-inch length and thick stiffness. Wrapping his fist around its 6- 1/2 inch circumference, he guided his one-eyed trouser snake toward her wide- open, dripping, reddish-pink slit.

"Hurry!" she cooed, "She wants him, right NOW!"

"Yes, ma'am!" he replied, in mock military style, feeling like his hand should salute her, much as his throbbing love muscle was already saluting.

As his swollen purple cock-head passed her puffed-out pussy lips, she already felt herself starting to come. "Stop that!" she silently commanded her over-eager clit. As if any part of her constantly-passionate pussy would ever listen to anything her brain commanded, once his wonderfully hard cock began its slow descent into her! As his swollen, 6-1/2 inch circumference pressed hard against both sides of her inner walls, and slid deeper and deeper inside of her, he began the kind of slightly-corny, mildly-dirty talk, that he knew always got her even more turned- on. "I'm going to stufffff you, aaalll full of HARD," he paused to thrust even deeper, then continued, "thhhhrobbing," and then another pause. As if on cue, as he drew out the word "throbbing," he started pulsing mightily against her inner walls, causing her to clamp down tight against his still-descending shaft. When his shaft finally hit rock bottom, and his balls pressed hard against her wide- open pussy lips, he finally finished his sentence with a loud and eager "COCK!" Then, eliminating the drawn-out syllables, he clearly repeated the entire sentence: "I'm going to stuff you, all full of HARD, throbbing COCK!" His words were a little late now, as he was ALREADY stuffing her completely full of cock, but his words nevertheless sounded sexy enough, in his deep baritone voice, to turn-up the volume on Latina's growing excitement, by yet one more notch.

"Yes!" she replied. "How did you know that's EXACTLY what I want, what I NEED, right now? I NEED to be stuffed all full of your hard, throbbing cock!"

He started slowly pulling his shaft back out of her, until only the mushroom- shaped head remained buried inside of her. "She's yours," she cooed, hoping that these words would bring his shaft all the way back inside of her. "She's all yours. Only you!"

Her simple words seemed to work--pushing mightily with his muscular thighs, he began sliding his eight-inch shaft slowly back inside of her, the full force of every muscle in his 5'10", 170-pound frame, powering his deep thrusts into her now.

When he was all the way in again, he pushed even harder, as if trying to force his balls inside of her, too. Then he paused, and he turned his body from side to side, so that his cock head began pushing against deeply-hidden places, which even SHE scarcely knew existed. With his palms flat on the lake-shore soil, and his arms bent at the elbows, he began a military-style push-up. As his arms began to straighten, and his torso began to rise off of her breasts, his pulsing cock followed, slowly pulling out of her again, pulsing against her inner walls, as it rose up out of her. As he began the down stroke of this powerfully sexy push-up, he slid himself forward, so that his cock pressed hard against her hungry clit, as his shaft sank back down into her dewy depths. He could already feel the moisture lining her inner walls, easing the friction of his piston inside her cylinder. But by now, they both really wanted to feel her warm, thick clitoral and G-spot juices, oozing onto his shaft, and his own thick, white love juice blasting deep inside of her. She now eloquently summed up their mutually- desperate desires in three short words, which she softly whispered into his ear-- no, not "I love you," but just this: "Fuck me, baby!" Three little words, short, and to the point, repeated again: "Fuck me, baby!".

To hurry their passion along, once he was completely buried inside of her again, he wrapped his ankles around hers, he cupped her breasts in his palms, and he let his finger-tips start playing with her big, hard, reddish-brown nipples, as his tongue slid into her mouth, and her tongue into his. She began panting and moaning, even more rapidly than before. He began another sexy push-up out of her. Then, on his down stroke, he let out a very loud, deep, baritone moan, as his cock head reached bottom. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his back, and she locked her legs around his waist, pressing her feet into his ass cheeks, as if trying to pull him even deeper into her, even though his swollen balls already rested against her pussy lips. He rubbed his finger along her overly-excited, hard little clit, and she cupped his huge, ready-to-explode balls in her hand.

"I'm going to fill you aaalll full of come." he commented, dragging out the word "all" for extra emphasis. "It's going to fill your entire, SWEET pussy, and dribble out onto both of us."

"Mmmm!" was the only reply she could concoct in her present, dreamy trance.

He began to pull out, but he stopped after withdrawing only about an inch or so. Then, still rubbing her clit, and still feeling her hand on his balls, he slammed that final inch back into her again, making sure to rub his entire shaft over her clit, before emptying all of his built-up passion in one mighty gush, deep inside of her. She let out a high-pitched scream of pleasure, and she let her juices, flowing from her clit, her G-spot, and her deepest recesses, coat his entire shaft. Her hot juices oozed out onto her thighs, and onto his. They lay there, in each other's arms, for 10 or 15 minutes, their tongues dancing around each other, her feet massaging his ass cheeks, his cock contentedly throbbing deep inside of her.

Finally, noticing that it was now almost completely dark outside, they put their shorts and T-shirts back on over their water-soaked and come-stained bodies, and they strolled hand-in-hand back to their car, smiling contentedly at each other for the entire drive home.

The fresh scent of recent sex lingered in their car on the entire drive home, so that they could scarcely keep their eyes off of each other. He tried very hard to keep his eyes on the road. After a few miles, the intoxicating scent of recent orgasms, made her all randy again, and she pulled off her T-shirt, grabbed his right hand (making sure that his left hand still had full control of the steering wheel), and pressed his palm against her bare breast and nipple. She then let go of his hand, trusting that he would leave it where she had placed it, and she used both of her hands to unsnap and unzip her shorts. She then grabbed his hand again, and she moved it down inside of her open shorts. He knew exactly what to do, sliding his long, thin middle finger in and out of her always-hungry pussy, and rubbing and pressing his thumb against her clit. Latina closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and let out a soft "Mmmm!" again.

He could barely keep his eyes off of her large, firm, round 38-C breasts, and her very hard jutting nipples. Knowing that he couldn't continue to drive this way, Frank turned off at the very next exit, and he drove far enough down the winding country road, to be sure that no other drivers would be passing them, so nobody would see what they were up to. He now slid her shorts completely off of her legs and, picking them up off the car floor, he sniffed the scent of her raw pussy juices, before he tossed Latina's shorts onto the back seat. He leaned over, spread her legs apart, and began working his tongue over her pussy lips, and her clit.

She was still so excited from their passionate weekend, that it only took a few licks, for her to come powerfully and forcefully against his tongue. As her own come began to fill his mouth, her thrashing, quaking orgasm also forced out the full load of his still-warm, slightly-salty come, which his steel-hard cock had left deep in her pussy, only a short time before. He eagerly licked up the rapidly-flowing stream of their thoroughly-mixed juices, as it poured out of her wide-open pussy lips, and spilled onto her soft, silky-smooth thighs. Gulping rapidly, he swallowed as much of their mixed juices as he could. Through it all, he struggled to keep his face planted firmly on her pussy, as she shook violently on the car seat, and she moaned loudly into his ear.

When she finally stopped quaking and flowing, Latina pulled her T-shirt back over her head, but she left her shorts where Frank had tossed them, on the back seat. They both sat up, she with her legs spread wide, and her still-open pussy completely visible, as was the gooey mess all over her thighs. As he drove off, back to the highway and heading for home, he couldn't help but glance frequently at her, gazing deeply into the very pink depths, and flower-pedal-smooth fleshy folds, of her still wide-open pussy. His lustful glances caused her to smile happily at him.

Once they were back on the highway, and he had set the cruise control, she looked around, to verify that there were no other cars ahead of or behind them. She then rested her head on his lap, as if to sleep. But her naughty fingers silently crept up his thighs, and across to his crotch, rubbing him through the fabric of his shorts. Her fingers then crept silently to his zipper, and slowly eased his shorts open. She reached inside, and she began stroking his cock, without removing his shorts.

Now she turned her face into his lap, and she began licking up his shaft, over the head, and then circling her tongue around the circumference of his shaft, as her tongue glided slowly back down toward his balls. Her tongue was swirling frantically around his shaft, in a downward spiral.

Putting away her tongue for a moment, her lips slowly, teasingly, kissed their way back up his shaft, then planted a forceful kiss right on the wide-open eye, at the top of his solid 8-inch column of masculine lust.

Checking ahead and in his rear-view mirror, he saw that there were neither cars nor houses anywhere around them, and he pulled their car off onto the shoulder of the highway, shutting off the engine and the headlights. Seeing that she could now safely suck him off, without causing a traffic accident, she opened her mouth into a big, wide O, and she slowly slid her head downward into his lap, letting inch after throbbing inch of firm muscle, and soft skin, slide through her mouth, and into her eager throat. When his balls pressed against her lips, she resumed her spiraling motion of licking his shaft, now fully inside of her mouth.

Remembering her earlier comment, when he had tried to eat her out (on the lake shore), he said, "Honey, please don't."

"Why not?" she echoed his previous line.

Repeating her line again, he said, "Because if you keep that up, I'm going to come all over your tongue!"

"What's wrong with that?" Gee, this conversation was turning into real deja vu.

"Nothing at all!" he shouted, changing their earlier script slightly now. He pulled his shaft back out of her mouth, up to the swollen, purple, mushroom- shaped head. Then he thrust, powerfully, back into her throat again. Just as he rammed his cock head against the back of her throat, he exploded a torrent of warm come, against the roof of her mouth, the back of her throat, and her still- swirling tongue.

She sat up, his fresh come dribbling out of the corners of her mouth.

Wow, and Mi thought that Latina had been showing-off, when she saw the orange stains of Frank's edible underwear, all around her mouth. As they finished their drive home, Latina wondered what Mi would think NOW, if she could see this even more OBVIOUS sign on her face, of how much pleasure she and Frank constantly shared!

Once more, Latina thought back to five years ago, when she and Mi had discussed their seemingly-impossible dreams, now completely fulfilled, dreams of better careers, and of finding new husbands--generous, loving, caring men, men who would love them and sex them up, bring them joy and contentment, in ways that NO previous man ever had. Latina thought about the evidence that she and Mi had licked off each other's faces, the remains of each other's husband's' edible underwear, the evidence of just what a GREAT life (sexual and otherwise) they both had now with their sexy, loving husbands.

Sometimes, Latina thought, recalling the multiple couplings and countless orgasms that she and Frank had shared, just in that one weekend alone--sometimes the reality can be FAR superior to the fantasy. Right now, she could DEFINITELY feel the reality of Frank's deep love, his passionate commitment to her. After all, the evidence of how MUCH he loves her, in the form of his thick, white globs of his joy juice, were even still trickling down her chin, and dribbling down her thighs, just now. His love for her, spiritual AND physical, definitely felt MUCH better, than the slight physical, and completely unemotional, fantasy gratification she USED to settle for, back when it was just her and her vibrator.

Once more, a contented smile lit up Latina's face at these happy thoughts, of how loved, loving, and horny Frank always made her feel. For his part, when Frank noticed his wife's come-framed smile, and when he saw his fresh come-globs all over Latina's smooth, dark, shapely legs, a bright, beaming smile of love and contentment lit up his OWN face, as well. He could no more believe his luck, in finding and marrying a warm, caring, beautiful sexy, lustful woman, than she could believe her own luck, in finding and marrying an honest, generous, decent, loving, sexy, studly, lustful man.

As they pulled up to their driveway, and they French-kissed for one final time, they both resolved to shop in the sex-novelty store again very soon, if another passionate weekend like this one would be the result.

Or maybe they just needed to attend more baby showers!


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