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La Historia Romantica de la Mujer Desnuda y Su Amante Extrajerno
by DemonD

Planetologist-96 had guided the escape saucer from the dying mother ship just one week earlier. For him, it had been a most fortunate accident that the ship's energy system had overloaded and the crew was forced to abandon ship. The rest of the crew would assume that he had been killed in the explosion. All to the good! He wasn't going back to Home Planet. There would be no one waiting for him there. He didn't want that loneliness again. No female would have him; him and his oversized THING.

He had kept a most significant finding to himself for quite a while; an inhabited planet in the little backwater system of 11.83. The planet was third from it's star, wet, beautiful and blue.

Now he used the data-sensory systems to find out what he needed to know. He recorded radio and television broadcasts. He hacked into computer systems. It was more than he had dared to hope.

The dominant species of the planet were physically much like his own people, but there were differences. They were not of one color, as were his people. They came in a wide variety of hues and hair textures. They were larger, even the females.


There was one other difference: the adults of the species all had patches of hair between their legs. There was a legend that was told by his people about the mythical Warrior Women of Qwodizl-8. These strong and randy females had such patches of hair, it was said. But that was just a legend, wasn't it?

There were two other things. The people of this planet were not linguistically or politically unified. There were a wide variety of languages and an even wider variety of political and geographic groupings.

He had collected enough data. It was time to go down for a closer look. He turned on the saucer's Invisibility Cloak, so that he would go undetected. He selected as his destination the political division that was called "Mexico".

He hovered over a large lake with a sandy beach that was surrounded by a forest. Suddenly there appeared on the view-screen an inhabitant. It was obviously an adult female. Planetologist was about to use the Invisibility Screen on her to see what she looked like without clothing, but suddenly it was unneeded. The woman unknowingly obliged him by removing all her clothes. He was dazzled!

* * * * *

Magdalena Villamontes is a lovely young Mexican woman. She has the face and body of a goddess. She always has a happy smile on her face. She is in love with life, in love with fun, and in love with her own juicy sexuality. She wears clothing only when she must. She has long raven hair that flows down to her shapely buttocks. Her arms are strong and graceful. Her thighs are plump. Between her legs she has a massive patch of black hair. She has very large breasts, and her big brown nipples are frequently stiff. Magdalena is a VERY BEAUTIFUL woman, especially when she is a VERY NUDE woman!

* * * * *

Planetologist trained the data-collector on her. He fed all information on her into the computer for further analysis. Her bio-signs and personality traits all looked to the good. He would wait. If all went well, she would be back the next night.

Magdalena walked out of the lake feeling very refreshed. She had swam for the better of an hour. She paused just before she put her clothes back on. Was someone watching her? She would know if someone with hostile intent were lurking in the forest somewhere. She had a sixth sense that way. No, nothing bad. Still, she'd had the feeling that she'd been watched.

Ah well, I hope they liked what they saw, she thought.

* * * * *

The next night, Planetologist was in readiness. He'd fed her personal data into the command code for the Invisibility Cloak. That would mean that she would be the only being on the planet that would be able to see his spacecraft. He turned it on just in time. There she was, walking down the path to the lake. She was just as beautiful as she had been the night before, if not more so!

Magdalena was about to strip, when she saw a most beautiful sight. A silvery disk-shaped object flew out from behind a cloud. She'd heard all the UFO abduction stories before, but somehow she was not afraid. Her eyes were filled with wonder and awe. She smiled with joy. The flying saucer landed on the shore of the lake. A door on the side of the craft hissed open, and a being walked out.

He was wearing a silvery jump suit. He was half a head shorter than she, shorter than most adult humans. His skin, eyes and hair proclaimed that he most certainly was from somewhere other than earth.

It was odd, but they were able to communicate with one another through telepathy and body language almost immediately.

Come with me?

Yes, I come.

She entered the spacecraft with him. It was just large enough for the two of them without feeling cramped. She sat with him on a bench by the control panels. He wanted to show her a bit of what his spacecraft could do. They left the Earth, circled twice around the moon and were back at the lake shore within twenty minutes.

We do what you did last night?

What I do?

You go in water without clothes.

Yes, we do.

When they stripped, Magdalena noticed more about him. He was very good looking. It was as if someone had done a miniature of Michelangelo's statue of David and painted it the color of lapis lazuli. His eyes were yellow and his hair was maroon. He had no pubic hair. He had a very long penis.

This Blue Boy may be short, but his THING sure is long, she thought. If he gets it stiff, we'll be having some fun!

They dashed out of the saucer and into the water. It was cool and refreshing for the both of them. Swimming for pleasure was a new concept for Planetologist, but he took to it quickly. Magdalena had fun, too. She laughed and splashed, and showed her new friend some strokes he hadn't known. She got him to do the backstroke and found out what she wanted to know.

Oh yes, she thought, we'll CERTAINLY be having lots of fun tonight!

After their skinny-dip, the two of them toweled off in his saucer. He brought out a very large blanket and some pillows. They walked into the forest.

After several hours, they walked out again. Neither had ever had so much fun.

Women of your planet much like me?

In sexual way?


Not know. Not ever know.

I your first woman? For true?

You my first. For true.

Such an HONOR! I not ever first for a man before! And you BEST! I love you!

No female better than you, I think. I love you. We do again tomorrow night? Must find place for spacecraft.

I'll be here! Nothing can keep me away from you!

Tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night!

* * * * *

Magdalena was wearing nothing but her happy smile when she walked into her house through the back door. Her mother, Lupe, was surprised and amused at her daughter's appearance.

"Magdalena, what have you been doing? Why are you totally nude?" Lupe asked.

"Oh Mama, I've been in such a daze that I've forgotten my clothes! I've met the lover of my dreams!" said Magdalena.

"That's wonderful, Darling! Sit with me on the sofa and tell me all about it. Did you have sex with a man, a boy, or a woman?"

"He is a man, although he looks a bit like a boy. He's a little bit shorter than I am. He has yellow eyes, purple hair, and blue skin. He has no pubic hair, but his penis is VERY long!"

"Magdalena!" exclaimed Lupe "Who is this fellow? WHAT is this fellow?"

"Mama, I've had sexual relations with a man from outer space! And it was the best sex I've ever had! My orgasms were explosive!"

"My God!" said Lupe.

* * * * *

Except for a few chirping birds, the two of them seemed to be the only creatures in the forest. The night air was just cool and breezy enough to be comfortable on their nude bodies.

They lay on the blanket together. His body temperature was somewhat lower than that of a human's, and he felt cool to Magdalena's touch. She noticed, however, that he warmed up when she rubbed him. They pushed their tongues into one another's mouths.

* * * * *

"I was warm and juicy!" said Magdalena "And my nipples were stiff!"

"Ah Magdalena, your nipples are stiff right now!" Lupe said. She reached across the sofa and gave the nude woman a little pinch on the tips of her breasts.

"AYEIIIIII MAMA!" squealed Magdalena "But then, they were MUCH STIFFER!"

"So what happened next?" asked Lupe.

* * * * *

The big beautiful human female was warm and exciting to him. She moaned and gave little spasms of delight when he touched her in certain ways. Slowly, he ran his hands over her large breasts. When he did so, the big brown tips crinkled up and became stiffer.

His cool touch was slightly ticklish and wonderful for her. When he ran his fingertips around her stiff nipples, she felt a jolt of pure pleasure going straight to her pussy. He was going to explore further, and not just with his fingers.

He licked her neck and her shoulders, sometimes giving her the gentlest little nibbles as he went. His tongue was wet and cool. His alien body temperature was very exciting to her. It was wonderful, this difference. He licked further, down to her nipples. They felt and tasted wonderful.

She spread her legs apart.

* * * * *

"He tickled me with his tongue!" said Magdalena "Everywhere! All over my nude body!"

"Did he do that with your pudenda, too?" Lupe wanted to know. "Did you have cunnilingus?"

"Yes, Mama! Yes! I spread my legs apart and he licked and sucked my clitoris! I had my first orgasm! It was fantastic!"

* * * * *

While he massaged the inner parts of her thighs with his fingers, his tongue darted in and out of her warm wet cunny. The taste and scent of her alien Womanhood was wonderful! He moved his tongue up to her Palace of Pleasure and quickly twittered it from side to side and then up and down. He ran his fingertips through her massive patch of pussy-hair.

The wetness, the coolness of his alien tongue gave her a sexual thrill that she had never imagined before. This was the best pussy sucking she had ever received.. Lovely shivers ran up and down her nude body. She murmured and moaned.

"Ohhhhhh that's.......yes.....yes.....ummmmmm..ah ah ah Ah ooOOOOOH!"

The orgasmic jolt shot through her and she thrust her pelvis up. He had the good instincts to get the hell out of the way as the Earthwoman reveled in her climax. Such a beautiful sight, he thought. I have certainly come to the right planet!

She sighed and lowered herself back down onto the blanket. Wonderful, she thought. I always enjoy the fucking more if I have a pre-fuck orgasm. My Blue Boy is quite a considerate lover.

Earthwoman want more my tongue?

You do me that way more? YES!

He lowered his head down to her pussy again. Her sensitive spots were even more attuned to his tongue-touch this second time around. He applied the most gentle sucking pressure to her clitoris again and ran his tongue back and forth. With one hand, he reached underneath her and massaged her buttocks.

"Ummmmmm.....oh....oh....Oh....OHHHHHHH....AHHHHHHHHH" she orgasmically gasped. Again, she trust her pelvis into the air and spasmodically twitched about.

After she had plunked her butt back down on the blanket, Planetologist kissed her some more. Their mouths met and they stroked one another. She murmured into his ear.

"Oh so sweet. So very sweet."

Earthwoman like, I think.

Like very much! I very horny woman!

Earthwoman like this. I want feel here. Is different from my people.

His right hand had found her pussy. His fingertips ran through her mound of thick black hair. Magdalena moaned and spread her legs further apart. He stroked and massaged. He then put his middle finger partway into her cunny while his thumb gently rubbed her clitoris. While doing that, he laid his head down to her breasts and sucked her nipples again.

Such wonderful attention he was paying to her! With just a little bit more stimulation-------

"Oh, oh....oh-oh-oh-0h......AHHHHHHHHHH!"

* * * * *

"Think of it Mama!" said Magdalena "Three orgasms, and he still hadn't put his penis into me!"

"But THEN, did he put his penis into you?" asked Lupe "Did he give you a good pumping? I hope so!"

"He certainly did, Mama! We pumped in every position known to Womankind!"

"Good for him! Good for you!"

* * * * *

They lay side by side and kissed and kissed. She ran her fingers through his purple hair. It felt no different than any human's hair, but knowing that it was maroon in color and that he'd come from a far-off planet made it all the more romantic. She reached between his legs and felt his stiff cock. She gently squeezed and rubbed and felt a bit of pre-cum on the tip.

At least it SEEMS like pre-cum, she thought. Blue Boy has come here from another world, so who knows? I only know that I'm having a lot of fun tonight!

I so lucky I find you, Earthwoman.

I lucky you come looking, Blue Boy. Ready for more fun?

Yes. What we do now?

Oh, I think you know!

She lay down on her backside, spread her legs wide, and beckoned him to her. He climbed on top of her whild she reached for his cock and guided it into it's proper place.

Her cunny was so warm, so tight! This Earthwoman could squeeze me hard enought so that I couldn't pull it out! he thought.

Now you fuck me GOOD, Blue boy!

He did! He plunged and pulled and plunged and pulled. She rocked and rolled back and forth and thrust her legs straight into the air.

"Oh yes! that's it! That's what I want" she moaned

Then, she heard him make a sound. It was SO STRANGE! It was like the squeaky wheeze of a squeeze toy: a rubber ducky perhaps! Yet she was so psychically in tune with him, that she quickly realized what he was doing. He was giggling!

Blue Boy, what funny?

Hair between your legs! It tickles!

Nice kind tickle!

Very nice!

Good! Glad I got lots of pussy-hair to tickle you with!

I glad too! You like me pump harder, I think?

Yes, HARDER! I am STRONG horny woman! Hard pumping, yes!

They fucked like mad minks for quite some time Magdalena had eight more orgasms. Then, she heard him make yet another strange sound and make odd vibrations, too. He was purring like a kitty cat! Then she realized what was happening. He was cumming!

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, delighting in his alien vibrations. Then, there was another surprise for her. Her cunny had warmed up his cock, but of course it couldn't do the same for his jizz. As he shot his wad into her, her breath was taken away by it's coolness! It was fantastic! It reminded her of nothing so much as those times when she had performed masturbatory experiments with tiny little ice cubes.

"Oh-oh that feels so---OH!"

He was attuned enough to her mental vibrations to know that she needed only a bit more stimulation to cum again. He pumped her all the harder, ran his fingertips through her pussy-hair, and massaged her clitoris.

"Oh, yes that's so good! That's so-don't stop. Dont stop! Ah-ah-Ah-AH-AHHHHHHH!"

My god! she thought. I've never gotten it so good! Thank God his planet has a space exploration program!

Then she had another surprise. It was her experience that many men, at this point, would pull their rapidly softening cocks out, roll out of bed, put their clothes back on, and go out for a beer. This is NOT what her new friend did. He wasn't going limp! His cock showed no sigs of softening, and he continued to fuck her!

Your penis not go soft?

Only after four, maybe five cums. Earthmen are different?

Very different! You much better! Want play new game?

Fun game. All things sexy fun with Earthwoman! I like learn!

Every time you cum or I cum, we change positions. Different ways, lots of fun!

Let's do.

He pulled out of her and rolled off. Magdalena rolled over, lay belly side down and parted her legs. He climbed onto her.

Now you put it in. No! No! That's the wrong hole! My cunny ought to be tight enough for you! Yes, that's it!

They fucked back to front for some time. Magdalena had six more orgasms, ignoring the rules of her own game, but what the hell? Suddenly he stopped pumping her, and she felt him lay down on her backside and felt his purring vibrations again. Once more, she felt his cool alien stick wetness.

He slowly pulled out of her and lay by her side. She propped herself up on her elbow and kissed him.

You like that way, too?

Very nice. Can't get tickled by Earthwoman's pussy-hair, but get a nice bounce from her buttocks!

Let's do another! Side by side. You lay there like so, and I put my leg over yours like this. I grab your penis like THIS and I shove it right HERE!

* * * * *

"We did it and did it and did it and did it!" said Magdalena "And then finally we had to rest. He was a little worn out."

"Ah Darling, you wear out all the men that you have sex with!" said Lupe "And all the boys and all the women, too! You have more sexual energy than anyone else! I swear, you must be the horniest woman in Mexico!"

"That's probably true, Mama! But now I have a lover who has more stamina than any other man! And I was able to give him another erection!"

"Tell me how! Tell me!"

* * * * *

You like looking at me when I am nude?

Yes. Very beautiful.

You look. You watch. I put on show for you.

As planetologist lay propped up on his elbow, Magdalena lay backside down on the blanket. She ran her hands up and down her sides and thighs and spread her legs. She used her left hand to massage her nipples, while her right hand did the job with her pussy.

"This nice." she murmured "Fun to share. Fun to share with new love. Blue Boy so sweet. Fucks me soooo good! Oh yes. Wonderful friend! Love Blue Boy! Make me feel so gooooood! Oh yes. Oh Yes. OH! OH! OH! YES! YES! YES!"

She is so wonderful! thought Planetologist. That's usually such a private thing, satisfying onesself. Here she is, willing to let me watch and share. This Earthwomn is truly wonderful. I'd do anything for her. I hope she wants us to stay together. So beautiful, so arousing!

You got it stiff again, Blue Boy!

Stiff again! Earthwoman does it! Feel good when you pull on it! Want me put it into you?

Stiff now, but I can make stiffer!

Magdalena kissed him on the mouth as she pulled on his penis. She licked his neck, then his chest, then went lower and lower. She licked the shaft of his stiffening cock. She'd never developed the knack of swallowing a great big thing like his, but she had her own very fine way of performing fellatio.

She licked and twittered her tongue along the shaft until it was all wet with her saliva. Then, saving it for last, she did the same thing to the head. She then lollypopped it into her mouth and ran her fingers along the shaft as she sucked the tip.

Fantastic! thought Planetologist. I doubt any females on Home Planet could do anything like this. I'm NEVER going back!

* * * * *

"His penis was as hard as a rock!" said Magdalena.

"Did he squirt his sticky juice into your mouth?" Lupe asked.

"No, Mama. This was my opportunity for more pumping! I climbed onto him, grabbed his penis, shoved it into my vagina, and rode him like a vaquera!"

* * * * *

Woman on top. This would be their last position of the night. Magdalena went up and down, reveling in their sexual indulgence. Planetologist was pumping his pelvis up and down for all he was worth.

Earthwoman, this will be my last cum of the night! I know it!

"That's all we need, Blue Boy! Once more for the both of us! You are so very good to me, and I am just the right woman for you! I have the bounciest boobs with the stiffest nipples. I have the hairiest pussy and the hottest vagina! I am the horniest woman in Mexico! You have come a long way to my planet, to find someone like me, and it is your destiny that I, Magdalena Villamontes, should milk your penis like no other female in the galaxy! Just as it is my destiny to have you fuck the daylights out of me! Yes! Yes! OH! OH! OHHHHH! YESSSSS! AH! AH! AH! AYEIIIIIIIIIII!!"


Their frenzy of lust was at last over. Planetologist panted for breath. Magdalena ran her hands through her hair and eventually climbed off of him. She lay down beside him and kissed his cheek.

You lay down on me? You not heavy. Use my boobs for pillows.

So nice. Earthwoman so kind.

They lay there like that for a good long time while enjoying their afterglow. They sent one another their thoughts of sweetness and love and enjoyed the senations of spent lust.

But at length, they both knew that it was time to leave. They got up and walked out of the forest.

* * * * *

While Magdalena had splashed in the bathtub, Lupe had made hot chocolate for the both of them. Magdalena had climbed out and dried off. When Lupe brought the two cups of steaming sweetness to her daughter's bedroom, Magdalena was anointing herself with cocoa butter.

"Magdalena, where is your lover, now?" asked Lupe.

"He's trying to find a place for his flying saucer." she answered.

"Is it a big flying saucer?"

"No, it's a small flying saucer."

"Well then, why don't you tell him that he can put it in our backyard? He can come and live with us."

"Oh, Mama!" exclaimed Magdalena "Do you really mean it? For true?"

"Certainly, I do! I have never seen you happier than you are right now. I have hoped and prayed that you would find your true love, and now you have! And you are the first woman in our family to have sexual relations with a man from outer space! I am so proud of you!"

* * * * *

Adriana Villamontes is a lovely young Mexican woman. She has the face and body of a goddess. She always has a happy smile on her face. She is in love with life, in love with fun, and in love with her own juicy sexuality. She wears clothing only when she must. She has long maroon hair that flows down to her shapely buttocks. Her skin is the color of lapis lazuli. Her eyes are yellow. Her arms are strong and graceful. Her thighs are plump. Between her legs she has a massive patch of dark purple hair. She has very large breasts, and her big dark blue nipples are frequently stiff. Adriana is a VERY BEAUTIFUL woman, especially when she is a VERY NUDE woman!

Adriana stripped of all her clothes and walked into the waters of the lake. This is the place, she thought. This is where Mama met Papa. And this is how she did it. Who knows? Perhaps I'll meet the lover of my dreams this way, too!



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