The Best Erotic Stories.

Lit Ch. 1
by WetBiChick

She couldn't help it. She wanted her best friend's boyfriend.

She and Melissa had been friends all their lives, ever since they'd met in grade five. Now they were twenty two and living together as roommates. Melissa was tall and willowly, with long red hair and wide green eyes. She smiled and laughed a lot, but didn't do that well in college. Jess, on the other hand, was the straight A student, very voluptuous (double D breasts, even though she was only five three) and the one who dated lots.

But Melissa had met Jon at a mutual friend's party last month, and they'd been together ever since. Every time Jess thought about how she'd turned down going to that party to study, she was so disappointed.

Jon was gorgeous. Over six feet tall, he was on the swim team and had a lean, hard body and broad shoulders. More importantly, he had the biggest dick Jess had ever seen.

She had come to see it one day when she'd walked into her bathroom and found him jerking off on their toilet. Even though she'd known she should go, Jess couldn't help but linger in the doorway, staring at the huge piece of meat rising stiff from those strong, practiced hands. She watched as he stroked up and down the shaft, pausing to play with his balls and circle a thumb around the edge of the head. The massive cock shuddered and throbbed under Jess's fascinated eyes.

She left before he came, but she could hear him moan through the wall. When she got to her bedroom, she could feel that her panties were already soaking through their thin fabric. She took it off as quickly as she could and lay under her covers. Her finger slid right into her hole and she started moving it in and out, in and out, faster and faster under the bed underneath her was soaking with her own juices. She thought of being speared from behind with that massive cock and she was suddenly so horny her finger wasn't enough. Frantically, she reached out and yanked a candle from its holder on her night table. She fucked herself furiously, biting her lips to keep from crying out in pain or pleasure.

Now, Jess knew better than anyone why he'd been wacking off that night - Melissa was a virgin, and intended to stay that way until marriage. She would kiss, she would allow a little touching, but she definitely wouldn't have any kind of sex. It must be so frustrating for someone with a cock like that, Jess thought. And so their life went on, until late one Tuesday evening after her last class, Jess tiredly came home. She saw that Melissa's bedroom door was closed, so she figured it would be another night with her candle and the thin wall. Just as she was about to close her own door - her pussy already wet in anticipation - she heard a strange sound coming from Melissa's room. It sounded like a muffled scream.

Slowly, she walked across the hall and opened the door. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Melissa's hand and feet were tied together with black rope so her cute round ass stuck out in the air and her firm breasts hung under her. She had a gag and a blindfold on, her frightened face turned to Jess as she opened the door. Jon sat on the bed, stroking his massive cock into life and staring at Melissa.

Jess knew she should be disgusted, and she was really. Her best friend was about to be raped in her own home! But the sight of that glorious cock again, and of her own friend's gorgeous body sent shivers through her body.

Jon looked up at her, saw her staring not at her friend, but at his dick and smiled at her. He put a finger to his lips and smiled deeper when she closed the door.

He stood up and walked beside Melissa, slapping her tight ass. "You teasing little bitch," he hissed, not smiling anymore. "You'll get what's coming to you."

He reached over and pulled her ass cheeks apart, then smiled at Jess and motioned her over. "Eat her out," he whispered in her ear, sliding one beautifully sculptured arm around her. "You know you want to."

To Be Continued...


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