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Love Is Blind part I
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

It was a beautiful Saturday in mid-November, unseasonably warm, with the temperature about 76 degrees. Bevelry had gone home for the weekend - Brad and Allison were at the large reservoir in the State Park that adjoined the campus. They like to come here in nice weather to sit and talk, or sometimes Brad would read to her, or just describe the sights, the boats, the lake, the other people there - Allison called it painting pictures with words. Today they were lying on their backs, side by side, on a blanket, and he was reading to her - reading Ken Follett's, "Night Over Water". He had just reached the section where Margaret crawls into Harry's sleeping compartment and Harry has a premature ejaculation - he'd forgotten how graphic the scene was. He was blushing, stumbling over the words, when Allison laughed and rolled over against him, partly on top him.

"I'll bet you're blushing," she teased. "You're embarrassed."

"I'd forgotten how graphic Follett can get..."

"Oh Brad, I've heard all those words before," she said as she put a finger against his lips, silencing him. "You know, we've been getting together almost every day for nearly three months, and you've never kissed me, never even tried. I thought you liked me."

Thrown off by the sudden change of subject, Brad stammered, "I...we....but I did. We've kissed goodnight."

"A peck...a peck on the lips really doesn't count." She stroked his face gently, "I dream about you some nights. I like it - I can see you in my dreams."

"You sure that isn't a nightmare."

"No, it's no nightmare," she said, as she poked him in his ribs, "it's a good dream. It couldn't get a PG rating, but I like it." She stroked his smooth right cheek with her fingertips, "This is the Brad I see - the Brad I dream is kissing me, making love to me."

Brad pulled her closer, kissing her, letting his tongue probe her lips. She opened her lips and sucked his tongue deep into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. She moved over, completely atop him, he could feel his growing erection trapped between their bodies - she had to be able to feel it too. When they finally broke from the passionate kiss, they were both breathing heavily.

"Allison....Allison, I've wanted to do that for so long," he whispered in her ear, hugging her tightly, feeling his full-blown erection pressing against her. "I just....I didn't want to do anything that might turn you off. I can't imagine not being able to see you, be with you. I didn't want to ruin that."

"You wouldn't," she said softly. She unbuttoned her blouse and guided his hand into it, placing his hand upon her breast, letting him cup her breast in his hand, his fingers stroking the swell of her breast above the bra. "Oh Brad, I've wanted you....I want you right now. I'm a 21 year old virgin; I don't want to be a 22 year old virgin." She sought his lips and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth with a wild abandon, pushing and rubbing herself against his rigid erection trapped between them.

Cupping his face between her hands, she drew back from his lips, "Oh Brad, I want you...I want you now. You want me...I know you do, I can feel you."

"God, I do. I want you so bad it hurts....but this...this is too public. There are some people just over to the left." At that moment Galahad whined rather loudly, Brad laughed softly, "Besides, Galahad's watching."

Allison laughed, gave him a quick kiss, and sat up, "Okay, let's go back to the apartment."

Brad's fingers trembled as he unbuttoned Allison's blouse. All the way home, she had sat next to him, her head on his shoulder and her hand between his thighs gripping his rigid prick, occasionally stroking it. When he told her he needed to stop at the drugstore for some condoms, she had just gripped him even tighter and told him that they didn't need them. She had gone by the clinic and gotten a prescription for the pill in early October - she said she knew then, that sooner or later, they were going to be lovers. Since she was a virgin, the doctor gave her a quick exam to see if there were any problems. Dr. Cohen had told her that she had a very strong hymen that might cause problems and some pain the first time she had intercourse. The doctor recommended that Allison let her rupture it. Allison said, "I let her cut it....I want it to be perfect for us, especially the first time."

They stretched out on the bed, their naked bodies melding into each other. Brad's hand massaged her breast, rolling the stiff nipple between two fingers as he kissed her. Allison opened her legs and let his stiff prick slip between her thighs, pressing against her wet vulva. She could feel the shaft of his rigid, warm prick pressing up between her labia, the moist outer lips of her vulva.

"Oh God, Allison, I don't know if I can keep from cumming....I want you so much," he moaned. "I'm going to be as quick as Harry was in that book."

Allison chuckled, "That's okay....we've got all afternoon and tomorrow. Anyway, it's my fault for playing with you all the way home." She laughed, "I hope no one saw us coming in, your pants must have been sticking way out in front of you." She sat up and slid down his body until her head was even with his hips. Taking his prick in her hand she felt up and down its length, seeing it with her fingertips. "I've never seen an erect penis," she whispered. "Penis doesn't sound right - prick, an erect prick. That sounds better when you're making love." She kissed the head of his prick and tasted the pre-cum oozing from his slit. "'re leaking," she said, licking the pre-cum off her lips.

Brad chuckled, "It's just pre-cum....I guess it helps lubricate the girl, makes it easier to go in."

"The way I feel down there, I don't need any lubrication. Anyway, I like the taste." She lowered her head and slipped her lips over the head of his prick, letting it slip deep into her mouth.

Brad moaned softly. "Allison....Allison, you're going to make me cum."

She ignored him and sucked harder, moving her mouth up to the crown, she began to vigorously tongue the head of his prick while, with her other hand, she cupped his balls and gently fondled them. She heard him moan and felt him thrust his prick up deeper into her mouth. His prick seem to swell even larger, throb and then erupt, spewing his cum deep into her throat. She heard him moan, "Don't stop.....Oh God, don't stop," as she swallowed rapidly, trying to keep up with the flood of cum her tongue and mouth had unleashed. Finally, the pulsations slowed, allowing her to breathe more deeply and catch her breath. She continued to gently suck his prick as it rapidly became limp, shrinking in her mouth.

Allison moved back beside Brad, snuggling up close to him as he took her in his arm. "Did I do that right? Was that the way to do it?" she whispered.

Brad chuckled and hugged her, "As far I'm concerned it was wonderful. I've never had anyone do that to me."

"You and Julie didn't....I thought..."

Brad kissed her lightly, interrupting her, "No. We came close with some heavy petting, but we never had sex - not even oral sex. We probably would have done it that summer, but I had the accident." He chuckled, " see, you've got a 22 year old virgin here - this is really a case of the blind leading the blind."

She laughed and kissed him back, "I'm glad. I wouldn't have cared if you and Julie had made love, but I like it better this way. This way, I feel like you're all mine - no one else's." She kissed him, a long slow, passionate kiss.

He let his hand wander down her body, through the soft fine pubic hair and cupped her vulva in his hand. She moaned softly as his finger slipped between the wet moist lips of her pussy, deep into her vagina. Brad buried his face against her neck and whispered, "Now I get to turn you on, torture you, the way you did me in the car." He rubbed her mons with the heel of his hand as he worked his finger in and around her vagina." He chuckled, "I think you're right - penis and vagina sound too clinical - we'll use 'prick and pussy' when we make love, they sound more sexy."

Allison laughed softly and pulled him over more on top her, "Oh Brad," she moaned, "I get so excited when I touch you or you touch me - it's downright scary. I've never wanted anyone like this before... wanted someone this much....never."

Brad began to kiss his way down her body, first her nipples, then her navel, her mons and down the inner side of her thigh. Rolling over between her legs, he lifted her legs upward over his shoulders, spreading her sex wide open to him as he lowered his mouth to her pussy. He paused looking at her vulva, it was glistening with moisture, the lips of her pussy were swollen, a dark inviting pink, looking soft and tender - he could feel his prick becoming erect, her fragrance arousing and exciting him. When he placed his fingers on each side of her pussy, pulling her flesh away to the sides, her labia, the outer lips, opened up like a blossom exposing the inner lips and her virginal center - she was beautiful. He whispered, "Allison, you''re beautiful." She could feel his breath on the sensitive lips of her vulva. "Tell me when it feels good....when I'm doing it right." She moaned as his mouth engulfed her and she felt his tongue probing, stroking, entering her pussy.

Allison's breasts felt neglected, her nipples were so taut, so rigid that they ached. She grasped a breast in each hand and began to gently pull and twist the aching nipples. "Oh God, Brad....that feels good...real good. Higher, a little higher....suck my clit." Even though she was expecting it, her body jerked violently when his lips and tongue closed on her engorged clitoris. "Oh Brad....Brad," she moaned softly, "that's....that's it." As his tongue teased and stroked her clit, she felt the excitement building rapidly in her body, then peak with a powerful release as she clamped her thighs around his head. She felt as if her whole body was suffused with feeling - it felt wonderful. She whispered, "Oh...Oh more....I can't....," she opened her legs, letting them fall away, releasing his head from their viselike grip.

Brad crawled up beside her and took her in his arms, kissing her gently, letting his tongue glide tenderly over her lips. "Allison, you may not want to hear this, but I have to say it, I just have to - I love you....I think I've loved you since that first night I walked you home."

"Oh Brad...I love you too." She hugged him tightly, "God, I hoped you loved me...I wanted you to love me....I wanted it so much." She could feel his rigid prick poking against her, "Brad, make love to me....really make love. I want to feel you in me where you belong."


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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