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Love Is Blind II
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Brad withdrew almost out of her pussy - withdrew until he could feel her large swollen pussy lips around the head of his prick, and then slowly pushed back into her, being careful not to press too hard against her tender mons when he reached her wet depths. He covered her lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, as he continued his slow thrusts into her. Pulling back from her lips and propping himself up on his elbows, he whispered, "God, you feel warm and tight. I still can't believe it....believe that we're here, making love. It's like a dream come true." He gave her quick kiss, "I'm almost afraid something will happen....that I don't deserve to be this lucky."

"I know, honey. I know," she murmured, as she pulled him down on her, burying her face against his neck and shoulder. She slid her hands down his back to his buttocks, and as he slowly thrust his prick into her, she gripped him and pulled him hard into her aching pussy. "Oh Brad, I'm not that sore....I won't break. Fuck me....fuck me hard. I want to feel that big prick going in me hard. Make me want you even more." She moaned softly as he speeded up his thrusting, meeting her hips harder, pushing his prick deep into her tight, wet cunt. "Oh..Oh, that's it. I like that. Oh God, I like it." Allison arched her hips, pushing her cunt up to meet his prick as it drove into her, "Oh Brad, it feels wonderful.....that's it, fuck me deep....get as deep as you can.....God, it feels so good."

When she unwrapped her legs from around him, he gripped her buttock with his right hand and rolled over, pulling her on top of him, with his prick deep in her pussy. She began to raise and lower her ass, plunging her cunt down on his prick fucking him. She raised her upper body by extending her arms, pushing up, driving his prick even deeper into her pussy. "Oohhhhh....Brad," she moaned, "it feels good." Brad raised up on his elbows and took one of her large hard nipples in his mouth, sucking it and massaging it with his lips. "OOHHhhhhh....that's good....that's good....harder....suck harder," she cried.

She could feel her sensitive engorged clitoris being trapped between her body and the base of his prick as she plunged her throbbing pussy down onto his stiff prick. The sensations of Brad sucking her nipple and her clit being squeezed against her body by his prick were driving her wild. She wanted to cum - to cum now. She needed to cum. "OH Brad, make me cum....make me cum," she moaned. Brad gripped her hips and began to thrust his prick up into her pussy as a furious pace. She pounded her pussy down on his rigid prick, trying to get even more into her now convulsing pussy. "OOOhhhhhh...GOD, NOW...NOW," she cried out. She collapsed forward on his chest, as he drove his prick deep into her throbbing pussy and held it there, his prick erupting, spewing his cum deep into the recesses of her cunt.

"Oh Brad," she moaned softly, her face buried against his neck, "I can still feel you - feel your prick throbbing."

"I know. I thought I was never going to stop cumming," he gasped. Taking a deep breath, he hugged her tightly. "Allison, you're fantastic....really."

She kissed his neck, and still trying to catch her breath, whispered, "You're pretty durn good yourself." Tired, she just let herself slide off his body to his right side, his limp prick escaping from her cum soaked pussy. Draping an arm across his chest, she asked, "Brad, how many different ways can you make love? You know, different positions for fucking."

Brad chuckled, "I don't really know. Quite a few I expect. Why?"

"I want us to try all of them." She raised up found his chin with her hand and kissed him softly. Pulling back, she whispered, "I love fucking you and I don't want to miss anything because we didn't try it."

He laughed. "Christ, I really do have an insatiable woman on my hands. I hope you don't want to try all 100 different positions this weekend."

"Are there really that many?"

He turned his body toward hers, hugging her, laughing softly. "I don't know. I'm just teasing you." He kissed the tip of her nose. "I love fucking you too, and we'll try all we can dream up, if you want to."

"Good, I......" She was interrupted by the phone by ringing. She gave Brad a quick kiss and whispered, "I'm glad they didn't call a few minutes ago." Allison sat up and leaned back against the headboard and felt for the phone on the nightstand. "It's probably my folks checking up on me." She picked it up on the third ring before the answering machine could respond.

Brad put his head in her lap and turning his face to her body, nuzzled her damp pubic hair with his nose. He could smell the heavy, musky scent of her sex mixed with his cum and the heat of her body - a tantalizing, arousing aroma. Allison gently stroked his face with her hand as he lay there, listening to one side of the conversation.

"Hello, __________ Oh, hi Mom, _________ No, I'm fine. Just got back from the pizza parlor and walking Galahad, _________________ Yes, that boy took me, Brad. __________ Mom, he's real nice. If you knew him you'd like him. ___________ Mom, I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself. I was by myself for three years at Ripley. ___________ I didn't want to come home this weekend - I'll be there for Thanksgiving - that's just a little over a week from now. ___________ No, I don't want to go out with other guys. I like Brad. I don't care what Bev thinks; she isn't the one going out with him. ___________ Yeah Mom, I'm so desperate that I may grab him by his hair and drag him in my bedroom and screw his brains out."

Brad pressed his face against her stomach, playing with her pubic hair with his tongue as he listened to the one-sided conversation.

"Okay Mom, I know you didn't mean it that way. ___________ Yeah, I will. No, I'm not mad at you. __________Okay, I love you too. Is Dad there? Let me say hi to him. __________ Hi Dad _________ Yeah, I know she worries about me, but she forgets I'm 21 years old now. Old enough to know what I'm doing. ______________ Yeah, I'd say it could get pretty serious. ____________ No, don't worry, we aren't going to do anything rash. We've both got almost two years before we graduate - plenty of time to get to know each other. ________ I know. Maybe we can arrange something for Christmas. ____________ No, I don't need anything. __________Okay, I'll call if I do. _________ I love you too. Bye-Bye."

As Allison hung up the phone, Brad sat up and put his arm around her. "What's this about screwing my brains out? I assume you meant me."

She turned and let him cradle her in his arms, her face against his chest, her lips searching for and finding his nipple. She tongued his nipple, sucking it into her mouth. She let the suction break with a soft plop. "Who else do you think I'd be talking about except you. I ought to bite this for saying that," she teased, catching his nipple between her teeth.

Brad laughed, "I thought for a minute you were going to tell your mother that we'd been doing just that - fucking our brains out."

"I thought about doing that." She raised her head and kissed him under his chin. "I'm sorry Brad, it's just that my Mom can get me really teed off at times. She as much as said that the only reason I was seeing you so much, was that I was afraid no one else would take me out, so I'd go with some one who couldn't get anyone but a blind girl to go out with him." She hugged him tightly, "That's not true. I'm with you because I want to be with you - I love you."

Brad hugged her and taking her hand, placed her palm against his scarred face. "I know, honey, but we can't ignore it, these scars aren't going to go away. People, not just your Mom, are going to think that, even if they don't have the guts to say it out loud," he said in a low bitter voice. "And, I don't like to admit it, but she may be right on one thing - you could certainly do a lot better than me. With my face, the prospects for my future after college aren't the best in the world."

Allison sat up, stroking his scarred face, "Now you're getting me mad. I don't like to hear you talk like that. I don't care what people think - I know you. I know you better blind than I would if I could see. You're the best thing that's happened to me since that accident." She hugged him tightly, "Oh Brad, the only thing I'm scared of is losing you."

He guided her lips to his and kissed her tenderly and then breaking the kiss, whispered, "You're going to have to run me off to lose me. I wasn't really living these last five years, I was just surviving. You've changed all that."

Allison kissed him, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, pressing her breasts against his chest, and pulling him down beside her on the bed. She placed his hand on her breast as she continued to kiss him passionately. Now lying toe-to-toe, she pressed her hips against his, rubbing her mons against his semi-hard prick.

Brad fondled her tits, squeezing her nipples gently with his fingers. "These are certainly hard....I wonder why," he whispered when they broke from the kiss.

"Harder than your prick right now," whispered Allison, as she grasped his semi-hard prick in her hand, stroking it with her fingers, feeling it rapidly stiffen. "But that's changing pretty fast."

Pushing him over on his back, she sat up and lowered her mouth to his prick, slipping her lips over the huge head and tonguing it. She could still taste his cum and her own juices on his hard prick. The scent of their previous lovemaking was very strong and very arousing. She circled the crown of his prick with the tip of her tongue, probing at the 'v' cleft under the head of his prick, sliding her tongue up to the slit and then taking him all the way into her mouth until the head of his prick was pressing against her throat entrance and her nose was buried in his fragrant pubic hair.

Raising up, she quickly straddled his hips and guided his rigid prick into her wet pussy, pushing down on it, taking it all the way into her moist, throbbing cunt. "Oh God, it feels good." She stretched out on his chest, hugging him and kissing him. "Oh, fuck me slow...real slow. Make it last a long time," she whispered huskily, as she slowly pumped her ass up down on his hard shaft. With his prick buried deep in her pussy, she was only raising her ass an inch or two, then pressing back down, enjoying the feel of his huge prick pushing at the back of her pussy. "Oh that's it, nice and slow," she moaned. She kissed him, teasing his tongue with hers as she continued the slow movement up and down on the rigid shaft in her pussy. "Oh Brad, going slow like this, I can feel every bit of your prick as it goes in me. Oh....Oh, I don't know how long I can stand this."

Brad's hands were massaging her tits, his fingers gently twisting and pulling on her hard nipples. "Allison....Allison, I love you," he murmured against her lips. He was thrusting his hips up to meet hers but at the same slow pace she was using to drive her pussy down on his prick. "Fuck me just as slow as you want to.....God, you feel wonderful."

After a few minutes, Allison began to move her pussy down on his hard shaft with more force and taking longer strokes. "Oh Brad.....Brad." Allison's voice was almost a whimper as she moaned, "Turn us over. Turn us over and fuck me like crazy. Do it now......I want you so much it hurts."

He gripped her buttock and turned over, not letting his prick escape from her pussy. With her now on bottom, he began to take long fast strokes, his balls slapping against her ass each time his thrust reached the depths of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and began to thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts, gripping his buttocks in her hands, she pulled him into her pussy as hard as she could.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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