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Love Is Blind II
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She wasn't making a sound. Her desire was so intense that all she could concentrate on was to get his prick deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. She knew she was gripping his buttocks so tightly that her nails were digging into him, but she couldn't help it, she just pulled him harder against her thrusting pussy. She felt the mounting sensation in her pussy, and each time he withdrew, her pussy ached in anticipation of it driving back into her. She felt the tension build and build, until with a shudder that raced through her body, the spasms of her orgasm began to ripple through her pussy. She could feel her pussy contracting, squeezing his prick as it drove into her aching pussy. Brad thrust his prick as deep as he could, held it there, and moaned softly. She knew he was cumming. She buried her head against his neck, moaning too, as another wave of spasms convulsed her pussy.

He lay quietly atop her; his prick still buried deep within her pussy, feeling the last dregs of his cum drain from his throbbing prick. "Oh Lord, Allison," he murmured softly, "that was the most...most....I don't know. The best..."

"I know. I know," she whispered hoarsely. "It was for me too." They lay there quietly, exhausted by the intense experience. She could feel his prick softening in her, then being squeezed out by her tight pussy, and his cum running down the crack of her ass as some drained from her. "Oh Brad, I love you. Making love with you just keeps getting better and better." She chuckled, "Maybe I ought tell Mom how good it is - then she'd understand." She hugged him and kissed him tenderly as they rolled over onto their sides.

"I ought to go get a shower. No, we ought to go get one together, but I'm just too tired," she whispered. "I just want to be here in your arms....let you hold me."

"Just lay there....there's no rush. I like holding you like this." Brad sat up and grabbed the light blanket at the foot of the bed and pulled it over them. As he took her back in his arms, kissing her tenderly, he whispered, "Can't have you getting cold."

"Oh Brad, this has been one of the best days of my life. I don't think I've ever been happier." She put her face against his neck and shoulder, kissing his skin. "I'm glad you can stay all night....glad you don't have to leave." She snuggled even closer to him. "I like the idea of sleeping in your arms....of you holding me."

After a few minutes, Allison heard his breathing fall into a steady even pattern and she knew he had dozed off to sleep. She felt drained, physically and emotionally, but also deeply content and very happy. "Lord, I wish it could always be like this," she thought. "It just makes me feel good to lay here in his arms and listen to him sleep - God, I love him."

She smiled to herself as she thought of how good their lovemaking was and how turned on she could get. "After Gwen, I knew I would like sex," thought Allison, "but I didn't realize how good it could be with a man, especially one you love." She thought of Gwendolyn, her best friend while she was attending the junior college at home. "I'll have to call her; tell her about Brad; she'll understand." Allison remembered that first time with Gwen - how exciting it had been.

Allison's parents and Bevelry had gone to her uncle's place in the country for a long weekend and would not be back till Sunday. The high school was out for Thursday and Friday, but not the Junior College. Gwen was staying with her since they had to study for some tests on Friday. She and Gwen had finished studying and were in bed talking, as young women often do, about men and dating.

"I don't know Allie, sometimes I wish my breasts weren't so large," said Gwen. "It seems like every boy I go out with just wants to get his hands on them. I think they have 'titty' fixation."

Allison laughed softly, "Well you have to admit a 36D is an awful lot of titty." Then in a pensive tone of voice, added, "At least they want to go out with you. In the year I've been back here, no one has even hinted at a date, much less asked me out. I'd almost be willing to let a guy feel me up, just to go out." In bitter voice, she said, "Maybe I should wear a label - take me out and cop a free feel."

Gwen slid over closer to Allison. Slipping an arm under her head and around her shoulder, she pulled Allison a little closer. There was just enough moonlight that Gwen could see the shiny glint of tears in the corners of Allison's eyes. She moved onto her side and pulled Allison to her, hugging her gently. "Allie, it'll happen. As beautiful as you are, it'll happen. I think some of the guys are just thrown off by you being blind. They don't know how to handle it, or you. They're more afraid of making a blunder than anything else."

"I know, Gwen. I know. I was just feeling sorry for myself." Then Allison started giggling softly.

"What are you laughing at?" Gwen asked.

"I can see why the boys want to get to your tits - they feel like two big pillows pressing against me." Gwen laughed and pulled back some. "No, don't pull away. They feel good pressing against my mine, even if yours do make mine feel awful small. Gwen, can I feel them, would it be okay?"

Gwen knew that the only way Allison had of visualizing something was to feel it, using her fingers and her sense of touch. "Sure honey, it's okay." Allison placed her hand on Gwen breast, feeling it through the material of her pajama top. Gwen grasped Allison's hand in hers and moved it up under her pajama top. "Here, really feel them."

Allison's fingers explored Gwen's breast, hefting it in her hand, tracing its aureole and grasping its nipple between her fingers. Allison heard Gwen take a quick breath when her fingers gently massaged Gwen's nipple. "Oh, I'm sorry, Gwen. Did I hurt you?" whispered Allison.

"No. No, it didn't hurt. My nipples are pretty sensitive....actually it feels good," Gwen said softly. As Allison continued to gently knead and feel her breasts, Gwen slid her hand up under Allison's pajama top and cupped Allison's breast in her hand. "Yours may not be 36D's, but they are still a good handful."

"35C's," said Allison, chuckling. "Jesus, Gwen....your nipples are getting hard, hard and very erect. We'd better quit or neither one of us will get any sleep." They withdrew their hands and moved apart. They talked for a few more minutes and then tried to go to sleep.

Allison remembered how she had felt that night. She couldn't get to sleep. When she had felt Gwen's breast and the stiff nipple, the reaction in her cunt had been startling. She had felt a sudden rush of warmth and moistness in her pussy and an overwhelming desire to be touched, to be touched there. When Gwen started fondling her breast, it had felt like her cunt was melting. It was all she could do to keep from moaning out loud. She had said they had better quit, but what she wanted more than anything else, was for Gwen to kiss her and say don't stop.

Allison recalled how she had slipped her hand into her panties and cupping her vulva in her hand, she slipped a finger into her aching pussy, stroking it in and out. She thought she was being quiet enough that Gwen wouldn't notice what she was doing, but her body was crying out for some relief. She froze when she felt Gwen's body roll against hers and felt Gwen's hand sliding down into her panties, covering her hand.

"Allie, let me do that for you," whispered Gwen.

Allison moaned softly and withdrew her hand, letting Gwen fingers replace hers. She turned toward Gwen till they lying toe to toe. She hugged Gwen and murmured, "Oh Gwen, I didn't want to stop....your breast felt so good." Allison humped her hips against Gwen's fingers. "Gwen...Gwen, that feels so good. Oh God, it feels good."

Allison's hand stroked Gwen's face and she moved her lips to Gwen's, kissing her gently, probing with her tongue. Gwen's lips parted and she felt Gwen's tongue teasing hers. Allison pulled Gwen to her tightly and thrust her tongue deep into Gwen's mouth, humping her hips even harder against the hand cupping her cunt.

Gwen broke the kiss and murmured, "Allie, let's get out of these pajamas."

In a matter of seconds both girls were naked, lying together, their bodies pressed against each other. Their hands exploring the other's body tenderly, yet eagerly.

"Oh Allie, I've never done this before....I'm not sure what to do," whispered Gwen.

"Neither have I, but I want to do it with you - make love. Just do whatever feels right, feels good."

Allison lowered her head to Gwen's breast, sucking the large nipple into her mouth. She let her hand slide down Gwen's stomach and through the soft pussy hair, cupping Gwen's pussy in her hand as she slid one, then two fingers into Gwen's wet pussy. Allison stroked the swollen pussy lips with her fingers, slipping her fingers in and out between Gwen's pussy lips, and deep into her moist pussy. She felt Gwen begin to push her pussy against the invading fingers, wanting them even deeper.

Allison began to kiss her way down Gwen's body, until her tongue was teasing the top of Gwen's vulva, where the lips came together forming a 'V.' Allison crawled between Gwen's legs, spreading them as wide as she could. The aroma of Gwen's sex filled her nostrils, a fragrant, musky, arousing scent. Allison ran her tongue down the crease between Gwen's upper thigh and her vulva, licking at the swollen lips of Gwen's pussy as her fingers continued to pump into it. She removed her fingers and placed her mouth over Gwen's pussy, thrusting her tongue into the wet pussy, savoring the taste and fragrance of Gwen's pussy juices as she tried to fuck Gwen with her tongue.

Allison paused when Gwen moaned softly, "Oh God, Allie.....that feels so good. Oh...don't stop....don't stop. Suck it harder."

Allison spread Gwen's pussy with her fingers and pressing her mouth to it began to run her tongue as deep into Gwen's pussy as she could. She began to search for Gwen's clitoris with her tongue. She knew where that sensitive organ was suppose to be and found it, erect and sticking out from under its hood. Allison sucked it between her lips gently stroking it with her tongue. Gwen reacted immediately.

"Oh My God, Allie......that's it....suck me.....suck me hard...there....right there," Gwen moaned.

Allison left Gwen's clit and resumed tonguing her pussy hole, fucking her with her tongue. She could feel Gwen squirming, arching her hips up against her mouth, trying to push her pussy against the tongue invading it. Allison pressed her mouth hard against the wet pussy, feeling Gwen's juices coating her face. She slid her tongue up to Sue's clit, sucking it between her lips and flicking it with her tongue.

"Allie....Allie....suck it harder....harder. Don't stop....please don't stop," Gwen cried out as she pushed her pussy against Allison's mouth. "Oh God, make me cum....make me"

Allison wrapped her arms around Gwen's thighs and pulled her pussy hard against her probing tongue. She held Gwen's pussy trapped against her mouth, as she began to tongue the swollen and engorged clit as hard as she could, sucking it between her lips and massaging it, while her tongue rapidly flicked back and forth over it.

"OOHHHhh......OOHHhhh....THAT'S IT......THAT'S IT," Gwen moaned, pushing her pussy even harder against the ravaging tongue and clamping Allison's head between her thighs. "Oh Allie.....I'm going to cum. Make me cum....cum Ohhhh....Allie....Allie."

Allison could feel Gwen's body shudder, her legs trembling, as Gwen reached her climax. She felt Gwen's legs fall away, releasing her head from the soft vise of Gwen's thighs. As the spasms in Gwen's body subsided, Allison gently kissed and tongued Gwen's clit. She felt Gwen's body twitch and heard her moan softly, " No more....Oh Allie, no more."

Allison crawled up beside Gwen, took Gwen in her arms and gently kissed her, letting Gwen taste her own pussy juices." Breathing heavily, Gwen kissed her back, pushing her tongue between Allison's lips and caressing Allison's breast with her hand. Still trying to catch her breath, Gwen gasped, "Oh Allie, I'd never done it with a girl before....never really kissed one, not passionately, till tonight. But, I loved it....I never imagined it could be like that."

"Tonight was my first time too. I wasn't even sure of what to do when I was making love to you. I just did what I thought would feel good to me." Allison gave Gwen a quick kiss, "I'm glad it was good. I wanted it to be good for you."

Gwen kissed Allison and held her close. "I want to make love to you like that, Allie. Make you cum, make you feel the way I felt. It was wonderful."

Allison snuggled even closer to the sleeping Brad as she remembered that night. Gwen had made love to her and it had been wonderful, but what she remembered best, was how much she had enjoyed making love to Gwen. She had even wondered for awhile if she might be a lesbian. She smile herself as she thought, "Brad sure removed any doubts about that." As sleep finally overtook her, Allison's last thoughts were, "I'm not going to like sleeping by myself when Bev gets back. Brad's going to have to get a larger bed in his apartment."

To Be Continued.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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