The Best Erotic Stories.

Pt. II: Introduction
by Matt

As I lay there looking at my sexy wife I thought back to when we met.

Carol and I had met in our last year of grad school. We were both finishing up our PhD's in Anthropology and I think I fell in love with her the first time I met her. I know I fell in lust with her but, if not instantly, love followed shortly. She was amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, sexy, funny and God could she fuck....if she didn't have it, it wasn't necessary. She of course felt the same way about me or at least she was kind enough to say so and it sure seemed like it was true.

We had a couple of movie dates where we held hands, kissed a lot, did some wonderful groping of each other and talked a lot. We talked about everything ... sometimes all night, dragging through school the next day until we were once again together. Being together energized both of us. Then one night she invited me to dinner at the apartment she shared with a room mate. When I got there with wine and roses, she opened the door and I almost passed out. She stood there totally naked. She wore only a big seductive smile and I had my first look at her gorgeous nude body. She quickly reached out and caught me by the hand and jerked me inside so she could close the door before getting arrested. As she closed the door she smiled so seductively and said,

"I'm the main course darling, interested?"

I mumbled a lot of unintelligible stuff. I have no idea what I said. Carol quickly undressed me, kissing me and rubbing her marvelous proud tits all over me. All I can remember is that shortly, I was in bed with my future wife and had my face buried in her sweet pussy as she moaned and chanted,

"Yes... yes.. I knew you would be good at this..."

Then I learned how good she was at giving head, only it wasn't head it was HEAD. I simply melted and ran through the head of my cock that night. Then she mounted me and hid my cock somewhere in heaven. Sometime that night we ate, then we were back in bed. Her room mate did not return at all that night but somewhere around 5:00am, having not slept a wink, Carol smiled at me and said,

"Dave I hope you understand this... I think I love you. I am a bit unorthodox but sex is very very important to me. Before I got too serious over you I had to know if you were worth a fuck as a fuck, if you know what I mean?"

I smiled at her hardly able to believe my good fortune and I nodded. She continued,

"Now that I know you are marvelous in the sack, hmmm very fuckable, I have to ask you, how you feel about me?"

I know I was grinning from ear to ear for I had already given my heart, my love, my cock and my tongue to this lady for as long as she wanted them. I finally got out something like,

"Carol I have already lost it all over you. I absolutely adore you. No one has ever affected me the way you have. I want to be with you forever. I think you should move in with me, my place is larger, and I think we should get married as soon as we graduate."

Then she started crying, who understands our beloved women? I pulled her into my arms and kissed her and hugged her and my cock got hard (we were both still naked) and she stopped crying and straddled my lap easing down on my hard cock. When it was in to the hilt in her soft warm tight cunt I moaned,

"Carol... I love you and I love your warm friendly cunt."

She smiled as she began to raise and lower herself on my cock as she said,

"I am so happy sweetheart, I frequently cry when I am so happy. oooh ... ooooh yes ... fuck me Dave...."

Her last words were becoming shaky as her breath came more rapidly and she started squeezing my cock with her cunt. We both lost it shortly and returned to sleep for awhile.

We were awakened mid morning as someone moved about the bed room. I heard Carol say,

"Hi Patty, isn't he gorgeous?"

Carol, my wet dream of a woman called me gorgeous. She must love me. Then I heard another female voice say,

"Hmmm yeah Carol, nice cock too."

I realized Carol and I were both laying on our backs buck naked and I had a raging hard on. What could I do, I raised up on my elbows, Mortimer flying high and I smiled and said,

"Good morning Patty, nice to see you or be seen as the case may be."

We all had a laugh and Carol reached over and wrapped her fingers around my cock and smiled up at me as her lips covered the head and it disappeared into her mouth. Patty stood there and watched as if it was the most natural thing to do. She smiled and winked at me and gathered her things and left. I forgot everything but Carol's tongue.

Carol moved in with me that weekend. We studied and fucked and had friends over and wished they would leave early so we could fuck. Patty was over frequently and Carol seemed to have no reservations about anything around her. We would be watching a movie on TV with Patty there and Carol would pull my cock out and suck it so nicely and make me cum in her mouth, or we would fuck and Patty would watch and then get up and say, as she left,

"I hope I can find George, I gotta get fucked."

When I asked her how she could be so relaxed in front of Patty she said,

"We go back a very long way honey, to high school actually. We have been through a lot together. Patty has seen me do almost everything you can imagine, and I her, at one time or the other. Why? Do you mind Patty watching us fuck?"

I smiled and kissed her and answered,

"No love, in fact I sorta get a kick out of it. I was just curious about it... never happened to me before."

She smiled at me really strangely then, like a little kid about to be mischievous. After a minute she said,

"Have you ever had two women at the same time honey?"

"Only in my dreams."

"I told Patty how good you are. Hell she has seen me cum my head off with you so she knows, well.....almost knows."

I couldn't believe where this was heading. A million questions ran through my head, was this what I thought it was......would it screw Carol and I up...not worth it... does Carol know what she is getting us into...can't let anything come between us... ever... Patty is really sexy, not like Carol, but sexy. My cock was getting hard. For the first and only time I tried to hide my hard cock from Carol. She noticed and smiled,

"I see you are way ahead of me. I also see the idea of your "pleasuring" Patty the way you do me is appealing to you by the way your cock seems to be rising."

I burst forth with,

"Carol my cock has a mind of it's own. Mortimer thinks it is a great idea. Mortimer sometimes thinks fucking a knothole in a tree is a good idea. What would that do to us? No fuck is worth damaging what we have in any way.. ever. I love you and I don't want to lose you. Sure it would be great to do Patty but the question remains, what about you and me?"

She walked over and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me so sweetly and so tenderly that I floated about ten feet off the floor. When she broke the kiss she smiled at me and said with tears in her eyes,

"I knew I was right about you. You are truly my mate. David I love you so much it hurts. The idea of ever being without you is totally foreign and totally unacceptable. Unless you tell me you don't want me any more you are stuck with me. Your fucking Patty or anyone else, could never change that my love. Patty doesn't have a regular guy right now and she is hurting. She says sometimes she has come so close to joining us while we screw. She and I have done that before."

I have to admit that took me back a little as I realized how open Carol was about sex... then it excited me more than a little. The idea of Carol and Patty fucking some guy was exciting... what can I say? Then she continued,

A guy I used to date, and screw regularly, was happy to let Patty join us. I didn't mind. I knew he wasn't the 'forever' guy for me, just a great fuck. Now I wouldn't mind if Patty joined us because I know you are the 'forever' guy for me. Anyway, I think it makes sense and so does Mortimer. That's two against one so you lose."

Well what could I do? I was outnumbered.....

Carol picked up the phone and called Patty. I listened as she told her to come over for dinner.... and come prepared to spend the night. Carol knew what she was saying, Patty knew what she was saying, I knew what she was saying and Mortimer sure as hell knew.

When Patty arrived she walked in looking cute as hell in a thin mini dress that told me several reasons this was going to be fun. She smiled at me almost shyly, a new side of Patty. Carol walked over and hugged her with a quick kiss as usual. Then she looked over at me and said,

"Aren't you going to kiss Patty hello?"

I had never kissed Patty hello. I walked over and held out my arms to her and Patty sort of melted into them. You know the way old lovers let their bodies mold into one another's. She looked up at me and smiled and said,

"Thanks for letting me in Dave. I have wanted this to happen for months."

I couldn't think of anything to say and with Carol watching us, our lips met in a sweet tender long kiss where tongues were trying to shake hands in a very friendly way. As the kiss broke I realized I had both of my hands full of Patty's cute ass and I was pressing my hard cock into her. We both were breathing very hard. Carol walked up to us and kissed first Patty and then me on the cheek and she looked at me and said,

"I want you to make Patty very happy and so envious of me she could die. I am loaning you to her for a little while. Show her what I am going to enjoy for the rest of my life. I am going to fix dinner... you only have about an hour.... at least for this time."

Carol went into the kitchen and I heard her singing, something she does only when she is very, very happy. I smiled at Patty and said,

"You are one very sexy lady Patty, I am eager to taste you."

"Hmmm Carol has told me about the way you "taste a woman"...

I caught her hand and led her slowly to the bedroom, my hands roaming all over this little beauty. As we walked in I called to Carol,

"The door is open sweetheart, if you are interested in joining us...."

Carol laughed delightfully and replied,

"I will in a little my love, but the two of you go ahead and start without me. I can catch up with you pretty quickly."

Patty was good. Patty was delicious. Patty came like a wild orangutan (I don't really know this but sounds about right). I had to hold on for dear life to keep my mouth on her large clit. I had two fingers up her tight sweet ass hole as I tongued and sucked her clit. Then she exploded and strained her pussy up to my face so hard I began to be concerned about breathing. Eating pussy is wonderful but air is essential.

As we slowly came down and relaxed I slid up beside Patty and noticed Carol lying nude, on the bed with us. She leaned over and kissed me passionately getting a second hand taste of Patty's cunt. When the kiss broke I said,

"Patty tastes real good huh?"

She blushed and said looking into my eyes for a reaction,

"Yes,... I .... uh... know."

I looked at Patty briefly and then at Carol and after a pause I smiled broadly,

"Of course you do."

To Be Continued...


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