The Best Erotic Stories.

Lessons in Love Pt. V
by Jim W.

For the last day and a half Tom and I have been making love tot each other in ways that I had only dreamed off just a few days ago. Until Friday night I had only had sex once, and now I have had Tom in my pussy, mouth and ass, shaved my pussy for him and let him watch me finger myself. As unbelievable as all of that has been, the position I find myself in is even stranger. I'm laying on the bed that Tom and I have been sharing, my arms and legs are spread out and tied to the bed with silk scarves. After tying me to the bed Tom placed a blindfold over my eyes, and to top it off put a pair of earphones on me, filing my ears with soft sensual jazz.

I've been her a couple of minutes and I can't believe how turned on I am, Tom hasn't touched me yet, and I can feel my pussy dripping already. I gasp as something soft slides along my arm, I'm not sure what it is, it tickles as it gently glides along my arm and across my armpit. That feeling is quickly replaced by a new one, his time it's a hand in a glove rubbing my leg from my calf all the way to, but not touching my pussy. I'm not sure what Tom's game is but so far I'm loving it.

The gloved hand is gone and I feel Tom rubbing something on my left nipple, I don't know what it is but it's a little chilly and shocking. Now I smell cinnamon, and ohhh God Tom's mouth is on my nipple and I am over come by the feeling of heat that is flowing through my tit to my clit. (Later I find out that Tom but butter on my nipple sprinkled cinnamon on it and sucked it off, try it sometime, trust me you'll love it.) I feel the same slippery stuff being rubbed on my other nipple, and then the intense heat as he takes the sensitive bud into his mouth. Tom is moving back and forth between my nipples when I feel a finger slip into my cunt. Oh it feels so good as it explores my sopping depths, and then moves up my slit to my hard clit. The finger is moving up and down over my clit, to the opening of my pussy and back, copying the motion I used when I played with my self for Tom. I feel myself cry out as I start to cum, but I can't hear myself over the music in my ears, which strangely makes cumming even more intense.

As I begin to come down from the orgasm I feel Tom moving on top of me straddling my chest. I can feel his balls between my tits and suddenly his cock is rubbing against my lips.. I open my mouth to take it in, but he just rubs it over my face and throat, bringing it near my mouth so my tongue can flick out to lick it. I want it in my mouth so bad, and I think I'm telling him to let my suck it. At last he rubs the head across my lips again and I lift my head a little and suck it in. Oh God it tastes so good, the pre-cum dripping on my tongue, and the taste of Tom filling my mouth. Since I can't get my hands to it I use my lips and tongue, going up and down on it, feeling it throb in my mouth. After a minute or two of this Tom picks up the rhythm and I lay my head back and let him fuck my mouth. Using my tongue to rub the head of his cock. He stiffens and my mouth is filled with his hot seed. After he quits cumming his cock is gone replaced by his mouth, and his tongue, taking the cum still left in my mouth before I can swallow it all.

Once again I am not begin touched, and aching for it. Then a tongue enters my pussy, parting my lips and going in as far as possible. It's moving inside of me, licking me, and touching the walls of my cunt, then moving to my clit. There is no teasing now and I can feel the tongue going back and forth over my clit as I start to build to another orgasm. Oh this is so good, and just when I don't think it can get any better and finger, slick with lubricant of some kind shoves it's way into my ass. I can almost hear the groan escape my lips as my tight ass is probed and suddenly the finger is gone replaced by something a little thicker and harder, the vibrator Tom used on me our first night I realize when it starts buzzing inside of me.

The tongue on my clit and the vibrator in my ass are more than I can take and I feel my body racked with the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I almost throw the tongue off of my cunt I'm bucking so hard, crying out begging Tom to suck me. At last I come down from this climax, but only for a few seconds. I feel Tom move again and suddenly his cock is rubbing against my cunt. As the music changes songs I hear myself yelling our "Fuck me Tom, fuck me now." He slam's his cock into me and I am filled, the vibrator is still in my ass and his cock is ramming into my cunt. He's not making love to me now, he's fucking me for all I'm worth and I'm loving it, I'm yelling all kinds of things to him now, telling him how great his cock feels, and how hard I want it. Suddenly my mouth is covered by a soft pair of lips and filled with a tongue moving around exploring my mouth, and drawing my tongue back into his mouth, sucking on it. but something is different about the way Tom is kissing me and I'm not sure what it is. The kiss is so soft compared to the way his cock is fucking me. As he pulls away from the kiss I feel the blindfold come off, and suddenly I'm looking into the eyes of the most beautiful blond woman, with the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. Before I could say anything she kissed me again and I knew that it had been her kissing me, and her tongue on my cunt a few minutes before. This realization and Tom's fucking brought me to a climax even greater than the one I had just had. I screamed again, this time into this strange woman's mouth, as I felt her hand cares my nipple. Tom stiffened inside of me and his cum filled my cunt, taking my orgasm to another level.

After a few minutes, during which time the blonde never let her lips move away from mine, I felt Tom move out of me, and take the vibrator out of my ass. He slowly untied my felt, and then my hands, and as my hands come free I wrap them around her and pull her close. I don't know who she is, but I have to feel her in my arms.

We break the kiss at last, and I hold her close, Tom moves up beside me and wraps his arms around us both. "This is Andie." he said with a smile. And we started to make love to each other again, but that story will wait for another time.

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