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Love in the Rain
by RainyDaze

I recall the last time we met..

The rain came in torrents as I stepped out of my car. My long brown curls were quickly plastered to my face and my body was soaked within minutes as I searched for his car.

I did find him. He was asleep, slouched over in his little red Honda. He was adorable.. I raced through the parking lot and opened his passenger door. The interior light went on and his sky-blue eyes opened slightly..

"Baby" he said as I slid into the front seat next to him.. Wasting no time.. as it had been months since our last encounter; I pressed my wet lips to his..His hands wrapped themselves around my back and he noticed I was completely drenched.. He opened his mouth to say "You're all wet" and I let my tongue roll into his open mouth.. He stopped talking and kissed me. His tongue swirled with mine. I could have spent forever in that kiss..

He pulled away from me slowly.. His fingertips running down my cheeks.. "I missed you" he said.. I just grinned.. I wanted to be in his arms.. right then and there.. I sat properly in my seat and said "Drive".. He peered at me.. slightly confused, but obeyed..

We drove for a few miles.. And I found what I was looking for. A small clearing just off the side of the road.. "Pull over" I said and gestured towards the clearing. He glanced at me briefly and pulled the car over. The rain was beating mercilessly on the windows..and cars were flying by. I didn't care..I knew what I wanted.. "I missed you too baby" I said.. My hands ran down his chest and quickly sought his belted jeans.. "I hate belts" I murmured as I quickly undid the belt and his zipper..Before he could respond, I kissed him.. my hands explored his boxers..extracting his beautiful cock. I guess I startled him..He jumped slightly at my cold hands.. I laughed, and buried my face in his lap. My mouth opened and I swallowed his cock.. His moan was music as I sucked his growing cock into my throat. I swirled my tongue around his very sensitive head as my hands traced "I love you's along his thighs".. He pulled the black skirt I was wearing up around my waist and frantically tried to find his way into my nylons.. I continued my oral assault on his cock.. My head bobbing up and down and up and down.. I wanted him further and further down my throat.. I loved him so very much.. Moaning, he ripped a hole in the V of my nylons.. His middle finger wiggled it's way through the hole and tickled my bare and tender pussy.. I couldn't help but laugh.. My mouth fell from his cock. He saw his chance..As he pulled my face towards his for a kiss, he slid his finger into my hot cunt.. I gasped... my pussy walls gripping him as I felt a sudden flow of wetness surround his probing finger.. He was ruthlessly finger-fucking me as he said "Let's go home baby" I was moaning.. It had been months since my pussy had been touched my his hands.. I was ready to cum.. I pleaded with him to keep going... His finger was buried in my cunt as he started the car.. "I can tease too ya know" he said to me.. I sighed and collapsed against the seat.. His finger left my cunt dripping and anxious.. and he drove us home..

We arrived at the apartment in minutes.. I threw open the car door and ran for our weekend home.. Stripping as I went, my silk shirt went flying in the rain's wind and my bare breasts were splattered with icy rain.. He came running after me..I opened the door, he followed.. I turned to face him in the entryway and his hot mouth fell onto my tender and erect pink nipples.. The heat was ecstasy,, I melted. My pussy clenched and my knees gave way.. We made love on the tile floor..

He quickly stripped down to nothing.. His clothes a heap in some corner.. I lay on the floor with my skirt around my breasts staring him in the face.. my eyes closed and quiet whimpers escaped my throat..He kissed me again.. my mouth opened.. our tongues met.. and as he sucked my tongue into his mouth, his hands removed the nylons and my skirt.. I felt wonderful!

His mouth traveled to my throat.. I shuddered.. he kissed my neck and gently nibbled on my collarbone.. His hands slid from my waist up and along my arms until he had them pinned over my head.. I was completely his.. He lips traveled down my body.. between my breasts, where he stopped to lick laps around each quivering mound.. I was moaning quietly now.. unable to use my hands I was very anxious..he let his saliva trail down my middle.. His mouth sucking on my navel.. He kept going.. Swirling his tongue along my hips he finally reached my throbbing pussy.. He kissed each lip..Saliva now dripping and mixing with my own wetness.. He moaned as he swirled his tongue around my clitoris.. I clenched my thighs around his head.. I didn't want him to ever stop.. I swear I could feel him smile..He gave my clit one last loving lick and began his route back to my mouth.. As his mouth found mine he rammed his delightful cock into my hot cunt.. I screamed with pleasure.. He bent close to my ear and whispered "I love you for now and ever" As his cock impaled my pussy once more.. I felt the length of him deep inside my dripping cunt.. I wanted him inside me forever.."Fuck me, please" I begged.. And he did.. Thrusting over and over again until Our moans echoed throughout the apartment.. "I'm going to cum baby" He hissed through clenched teeth.. "Cum.. please deep inside me" I breathed.. And I felt him explode.. My own orgasm wracked my body..and I could feel his flood of seamen filling me.. "Yes!"I screamed.. "Oh yes!" With one final thrust he collapsed onto me.. I gently kissed his sweaty forehead and whispered my love into his ear and we slept..

We awoke a few hours later when his cock slipped from my body.. Went upstairs to our weekend bed.. And had another go..

Most of this story is true.. I wasn't really wearing nylons, and we had quite a bit of fun in his little car.. it's one of my fondest memories with him..and I thought I should share.


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