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Liquid Lisa
by Luke

My girlfriend, Lisa and I began to experiment more and more with all types of anal sex, always with her being the recipient. I was never too keen with anything in my ass. We did a few home videos, but we were always too into the sex to tape it properly. I was always amazed at how she kept her pussy and ass hole completely shaved, not a nick of hair ever. One day she showed me that she learned a new trick. Completely unexpected, she walked into the living room butt naked and knelt onto the floor, ass up and facing me. Lisa's ass hole was extremely wet already. Slowly, she slowly stuck one finger in her ass. Then another and another. Suddenly she had all four fingers in her wet and wide ass hole. The slowly she inserted her thumb and within seconds, her whole hand was up her ass hole. I have never seen this done, except in mostly European x-rated videos. I wished that I could share my girl's new talent with the world. My dream would soon come true.

Even though it sounds cliche, but one evening, during the playoffs, myself and several of my male friends and a couple of my cousins were getting drunk and rowdy as the Knicks were losing. Lisa was supposed to be the party's hostess, but she spent most of her time getting drunk off of champagne. She was walking around in one of my basketball team tank tops, which fit her so loosely, that when you looked at her from the side, her breasts were in full view. She was also wearing a pair of loose fitting ripped up jeans, that had holes in the crotch area and ass area, of course she wasn't wearing any panties. She strutted around the room, wanting all eyes to be on her. I was turned on by her. I couldn't tell what anyone else was thinking. No one really looked at her too much, I guess out of respect. Like a spoiled child, Lisa wanted all the attention, so she did something about it. Like a cliche scene from an x-rated movie, Lisa stands in front of the TV and without notice, takes off her shirt. She palms her breasts and says "Wouldn't ya'll rather look at these?" The guys are in shock, staring back at me, as if I had something to do with it.

"Answer her!" I shouted out.

All of the guys yell out "YES!" And off goes the TV and on goes the stereo.

Lisa begins dancing as we cheer her along. She strips naked. Everyone is almost drooling at her shaved pussy, round ass and perky breasts. She points at my bulging crotch and motions me over to her. I stumble over the crowd of men staring at my girl. She unzips my zipper and out pops my dick directly at her face. She slowly licks it's head, then begins to deep throat my cock in a wet and sloppy manner. Her saliva dripped from the sides of her mouth and off of my dick, making a pool on the floor. The guys began chanting, "Go! Go! Go!" She smiled and continued sucking. Suddenly she stopped and says, "And for my next trick..."

She grabs my dick, leads me over to an empty chair and sits me down. She faces the crowd and with her legs spread wide open for all to see. She lowers herself onto my cock. The guys began to clap as her warm and wet hole engulfed my rigid cock. She began to buck up and down wildly, as my cock slid in and out of her warm body. I reached around to finger her clitoris. To my surprise found that my cock wasn't in her pussy at all, it was in her ass. She was giving the guys the show of their life. She came, moaning and shaking.

The guys clapped and cheered. This prompted me to come. I shot my load deep in her ass. She immediately jumped off of my cock to catch the last few spurts of come in her mouth. The crowd got quiet as she licked the cum and ass juice from off of my glistening rod. All eyes were then focused on her ass hole, which was dripping with my cum and her ass juice. She started flexing her ass muscles, opening and closing her anus, squeezing all of the love liquids out, which made a river down the crack of her pussy lips and onto the floor. She turns to the crowd and says, in a whispered voice, "O.K...Who's next?"

Within seconds, Bobby, the most out spoken one of the group, drops his pants, revealing a 10" cock that's rock hard and already dripping with pre-cum. Lisa moans and begins to lick the head of his dick, slurping up the clear liquid that dripped from his dick. She grabbed his dick from the base and with one firm stroke she milked his cock and out dripped out even more pre-cum.

"Mmm" she says, while licking it up. Meanwhile the other guys begin to undress, looking over to me to see if I was going to object. I said nothing and waved them on, as my own dick started to come back to life moments after just coming. She turns away from Bobby and sticks her ass up in the air, leaving him staring at her freshly fucked ass hole, dripping with cum. He slowly inserts his cock into her pussy, sliding it all the way in.

She moans and says, "No... I want it in my ass!"

"O.K!" Bobby says in a funny toned voice. He slowly pulls his rock hard cock out of her pussy. It is covered with her creamy white pussy juice.

"Shit man, she is HOT!" He yells out. Lisa turns to him, grabs his dick and begins to lick off the creamy white cum that came out of her pussy. She leaves his dick wet and glistening with her saliva. She turns away from him, spreading her ass cheeks apart, inviting him inside. He grants her wish and slowly inserts his cock into her ass hole, stretching it wider than my cock did. She moaned as he slides in and out of her ass hole which was already slick and wet from my cum. By this time, everyone is standing around with their pants down and their blazing boners in their hands.

Bobby seemed to be able to master his strokes, as he shoved his cock deep inside of her hole, then pulled it out, showing us how it stays wide open and how much juice flows out of her ass hole. She backs up on his cock and begins to hump her ass with his dick deep inside of her. Bobby loses control and cums deep inside of Lisa's ass. Bobby slides his dick out slowly from Lisa's ass, leaving her hole gaping wide. A stream of come begins to pour out. She tightens her muscles, closing her anus, keeping the love juices inside of her.

She turns to Bobby's wet and glistening cock and begins to suck and lick it clean. Meanwhile, Daryl has made his way behind her and has slid his dick into her dripping wet ass hole. He began pumping away as the cum from the two of us began to drip out. His dick was kind of small and kept slipping out, causing a small river of cum and ass juice to flow out of her ass hole, down her pussy crack and onto the floor. The guys began joking on how much juice there was. They started calling her "Liquid Lisa." Eddie, the clown of the group, returns from the kitchen with a spoon and a small cereal bowl. He places it underneath Lisa. As the love liquids drip down, the bowl catches all of it. Daryl cums inside of her and pulls out his cock which is drenched with juice and cum. A large amount of juice pours out of her ass hole and into the bowl.

Eddie screams "Ya Hoo! The rivers flowing!" The liquid was a mixture of a clear syrup-textured juice and white globs of cum. Lisa turns around and begins to lick around the head of Daryl's cock. Their seemed to be an abundance of a creamy white cum clinging under his cock's head along with a clear juice dripping down his shaft and onto his balls. Eddie repositions the bowl with her every movement, hoping to catch any of the juice that dripped from her ass hole, like it were liquid gold.

Lisa ran her tongue along Daryl's cock, removing all of the white cum that clung to the head. She seemed to be savoring it, as if it were a dessert. Meanwhile, Pete had entered her awaiting ass hole and began pumping away. His dick was as big as Bobby's, but had no problem sliding it in. Lisa couldn't concentrate anymore on sucking Daryl's dick from the pounding that her ass was taking. Pete started teasing Lisa with his dick, pulling it out and putting it back in, making her "beg" for it. This action made the juice flow like a river. Every time Pete pulled his dick out of her ass hole, it was left wide open letting the juice escape. Eddie's face lit up as the bowl was getting filled.

Suddenly Lisa says "Don't tease me anymore. Fuck me or leave!"

"You heard the Lady! " I shouted. Pete began fucking her with so much vigor that I thought that she wouldn't be able to take it.

"C'mon! That's all you got?!" Lisa screams. Pete couldn't take it anymore and cums deep inside of her ass. Pete, disappointed at himself for coming so fast, lets his dick rest inside her for a moment. Lisa apologizes in a sarcastic way. He slowly lets his dick slide out of her ass, then walks over to the couch and tries to get his cock hard again. Lisa places both of her hands on her ass cheeks and spreads open her ass hole. It opens up at least an inch wide.

Eddie puts his eye up to it and looks inside of the black hole, then his mouth and yells "Helloooo!" Lisa squeezes her muscles and suddenly the juice begins to flow.

"Oh Shit!" Eddie says, as he scrambled to grab the bowl. He directs the flow of cum with the use of the spoon. By this time the bowl was full. Eddie, who was extremely drunk and turned on, couldn't wait to fuck her, he grabs his cock and jerks off into an empty beer mug. Everyone yells out, "Weirdo!"

"Sorry!" Eddie yells out. He looks at Lisa's ass hole, then takes the mug and pours the cum into her hole.

"Thank you!" Lisa says in a sing song type of voice. Al walks over and shoves his cock into her wet hole and begins fucking her. He comes quickly and pulls out. Joe jumps right into her sloppy hole. Eddie resumes his position as the liquid wrangler. He pours the cum from the bowl into the large beer mug filling it up half way. He places the bowl underneath Lisa again, catching the juice as it drips from her hole. Joe's cock is very thick, but short and he keep slipping out because her ass was very wet and loose. Every time Joe pulled out, more juice came behind it. Finally he came, filling her with cum. Joe slid out and John immediately slides his cock in her dripping wet hole.

By this time, I was hard again. The whole time, I couldn't believe that this was happening. I grabbed my video camera and began filming, concentrating on her ass hole and the cup and bowl of cum and ass juice. Eddie began talking as if he were a reporter to the camera. I zoomed in as John fucked her. "How do you feel Ms. Lisa?" Eddie asks.

Lisa just moans. John comes, noisily.

"Now watch this." Eddie says to the camera. John slowly pulls out his cock from her ass, followed by a river of liquid.

"Let the pigeons loose!", Yells Eddie. He holds the bowl closely under her as the cum of horny four men poured out of her anal canal. As she spreads her cheeks with her hands, I zoom into a close up of her gaping ass hole. She pushed all of the remaining liquid out of her ass and into the bowl. Suddenly Pete stands over her and shoves her rock hard cock into her ass again. He begins to pump away. I zoom into her face, then to Pete's, who has a big smile on his face. He gives the camera a "thumbs up."

I walk around back to see Eddie pouring the juice from the bowl into the beer mug, almost filling it. He holds up the mug and begins inspecting it. He begins reporting to the camera, "Um, I'm not sure what it is. It's a syrupy substance. It has no smell. It's almost clear, but it has an unusual amount of cloudy white goo in it. And ... that's all I can tell you. It's not from this earth."

I pan back to Lisa's ass hole that's getting pounded by Pete. I zoom into a close up of her pussy lips which are flapping with every stroke from Pete's cock. Her pussy is dripping with her cum, which is white and frothy. I open her lips and let some of the cum drip out into the bowl. "Ah...more ingredients!" Eddie says.

I realized that he was really into this. Finally, Pete comes, with a growl and a holler. He pulls his dick out of her well-stretched ass hole. He came a lot. He cock was covered with his white gooey cum and her clear ass juice. He walked around to Lisa's face and showed her his cock. She smiled and slowly licked off each glob of cum from off of his cock. She paid special attention to the clear sticky ass juice that dripped off of his shaft, slurping loudly as she sucked and licked it up. I zoomed in for a close up. Meanwhile, Eddie was trying to make the cum drip out of her ass hole. He was sticking the spoon her ass and pulling out spoonfuls of juice, then letting it drip into the beer mug. Everyone else was watching in disbelief as Lisa finished off Pete. Eddie yells out. "Give her a hand!" Everyone claps and cheers, as Lisa stands up and bows. Lisa sits on a chair facing everyone with her legs spread wide. Her pussy is still dripping with cum and her ass is also. I zoom into her face which is covered with cum and saliva.

Eddie walks over with the 16 ounce beer mug that's filled with our cum and her pussy and ass juice. "And here's your prize Madam." Eddie says, in game show host voice. He hands over the mug. She takes it and looks at it.

"Wow!" she says. I zoom it for a close up as she holds it close to her face, posing with it. Everyone claps, as she toasts the crowd and the camera. Suddenly she does the unexpected, she takes a sip out of the mug, tasting the juice. "Mmm-Mmm good!... Dare me?" she says to the camera.

The crowd chants, "Go...Go...Go!" Lisa slowly begins to drink the cum and ass juice from the mug, letting some of it drip out of her mouth, down to her tits and to her pussy. She swallows most of it and poses for the camera. Then she finished the whole mug full. The crowd cheers. She stands and bows. "Thank you and good night." She says, while walking out of the room and into the bedroom. Everyone gets dressed and leaves, shaking my hand and congratulating me for having such a "wild" girlfriend and a wonderful evening.

Even though I was drunk, I did not regret what happened. But, I did not like spending the next twenty minutes cleaning up all of the cum off of the floor and chair. Lisa woke up the next afternoon with a major hang over and a sore ass. She said she would do it again if I wanted her to, but would like to double the amount of guys. We made a secret bet that we would do it soon. We thanked each other for letting each other live out a fantasy.


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