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Living My Dream
by Sherri

I had waited so long to hold this man in my arms. I couldn't believe I was actually standing here looking in his eyes, those beautiful brown eyes. They sparkled as he looked in mine. I gazed on those lips that I had dreamed of kissing for so long now. They were more luscious than I had even imagined. I just stood there, speechless, and looked at him. I didn't know what to say. There were no words that could express the way I felt at this moment. I reached out to him, laying my hand against the back of his head and pulled him to me, placing a soft kiss on his lips. Putting my other arm around him, I pulled him close, holding him tight, wishing I could be even closer, though that wasn't possible.

Although we stood and held each other for what seemed like hours, I didn't want to move. I was utterly content being in his arms, my face buried in his neck, my hands stroking his soft hair. I pulled back and looked in his eyes and brought my lips to his. I kissed them softly, tugging at his bottom lip with mine. They were wonderful... soft, full and very sweet. Out tongues danced with one another in sync. We both seemed to know where the other was going and what we each wanted.

As wonderful as this was, people were beginning to stare and we thought it might be best if we took it private. I felt like a queen as this handsome man escorted me through the airport. I noticed more than a few women giving him the eye as we passed. But his arm was around me and I was in heaven.

We hurried through the airport, anxious to find a taxi. We were finally going to be alone, to spend time together, to have a chance to really get to know one another. We were finally going to have the chance to explore each others bodies the way we had talked of doing. I wanted so badly to give him pleasure like he'd never known. We had never met before now, but we both felt a connection that couldn't be explained, lust maybe, but something more than that. It was like he had some sort of connection to my soul. Even if I never saw him again, I had to see him now. I had to connect with the body too, not just the soul and spirit.

We found a taxi and headed off to the hotel. We were immediately in each others arms again, our lips searching each other. His hand touched my breast and I felt the shocks all the way to my inner most being. I could feel my wetness already. My hands explored his chest. He felt so damned good. Without really realizing what I was doing my hand dropped to his leg. I felt his strong thigh underneath my palm and began to touch the outline of his muscles as they flexed. I slowly moved my hand toward the prize. I trembled as I made light contact through his jeans. I spread my hand and covered him. He was hard as a rock. I just love to feel a man as he responds to my touch. This was indeed a prize. I felt the outline of his penis, long, hard and thick. I gently grasped him as I explored, loving the feel of him in my hands. He broke the kiss and slid down my neck, nibbling down the side, sending exquisite sensations through me.

I glanced toward the front and noticed the taxi driver watching us in his rear view mirror. He had an intense look on his face as if entranced in what was happening in the back seat. He saw me looking and caught my eye for just a moment before deciding he'd better watch the road. I noticed a beautiful hotel up ahead, overlooking the Rhine and was thrilled when the driver pulled up in front. We quickly got ourselves together and straightened our clothes. This place was gorgeous, and looked so romantic. I could hardly wait to get inside. Cal paid the driver and asked him to wait. Apparently he had some place else he needed to go.

Cal had already registered before I arrived, so we proceeded to our room. The hotel was awesome. It was old world, but modern too. We had a beautiful room with a window overlooking the river. Cal knew I was tired from my flight and he had a few matters he had to take care of, so he left me to get a shower and relax. He took me in his arms before he left, kissed me and told me how happy he was to have me there.

I took a nice long shower, not able to resist the urge to touch myself. I was so aroused by this man. I always had been. I ran my hands over my breasts, imagining how his hands were going to feel on them later. But I had to stop, I wanted to save all this arousal for him. I finished my shower, put on a little makeup and a few spritzes of my favorite perfume. I opened my suitcase and pulled out a sexy black lace number I had gotten just for him. I stretched out on the bed to relax before he returned and slipped off to sleep.

I was awakened by the softest touch against my cheek. I opened heavy lidded eyes to see my lover gazing at me, running his finger lightly down my cheek. Yes, I definitely was in heaven, I decided. He leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips, then my eyes, then left a train of kisses down my neck. My neck and shoulders are so sensitive. I was definitely waking up now. I heard a moan escape my lips. His kisses were setting me on fire. I felt every nerve in my body awaken. The moans were uncontrollable. I felt my nipples harden and wetness between my legs. My arms were around him now, pulling him close to me, moving over his body. I reached for his ass (and what a fine ass it was), and massaged it. I found myself involuntarily rubbing my clit against his leg. I was as hot as a firecracker. My moans, which were often more like growls, were getting louder and more intense. His hand found my nipple and he began rubbing his palm across it, occasionally stopping to tweak it with his fingers. He kissed his way down my chest and took the other nipple in his mouth, pulling it with his lips, sometimes sucking on it gently. He rubbed his beard across my nipples. I had told him how I liked that and was so happy he had remembered.

There was electricity shooting from my nipples straight to my clit. I thought I would go mad from the pleasure. I could feel the juices start to run now. His hand moved from one nipple while he continued to toy with the other one with his lips. His hand slowly traveled across my belly and between my legs. I immediately arched to meet his fingers as they caressed my clit. I began to grind myself against his hand. My breathing was quick and shallow. He slid his hand down and inserted a finger into my vagina and I began bucking wildly against it. I needed to cum so badly. He thrust his finger deep inside as I raised to meet him. He pushed in hard as I ground myself into him. Suddenly he stopped. I began to beg him not to when he lowered himself between my legs and nuzzled into my mound.

I spread my legs for him, not about to give him any resistance. I needed him there, licking me, sucking me. He kissed my outer lips that I had taken great pains to shave, just for him. Well, not just for him, because I like it too. She is so much more sensitive when she is bald. Feeling his lips, his tongue, his beard against her was really tearing me up. The little devil knew it and deliberately made me wait. When he had me to the begging point, he finally ran his tongue inside the lips, licking around both sides of my clit and downward, lapping up my juices. He made it back up to my clit and licked it, then looked up at me and smiled. He began a gentle assault that was making me crazy. He was sometimes licking, sometimes sucking, sometimes rolling my clit around with his lips. After a few minutes I didn't know just what he was doing, but it sure felt good. I put my legs over his shoulders and crossed them over his back. He wasn't getting away now. I felt him push one finger in me and press deep, rubbing against my G spot. I was rubbing against his face by now, working in concert with him. The pleasure was intense and I felt that familiar feeling starting inside me. I was moaning, growling, sometimes purring like a cat. I whispered to him and asked him not to stop. He knew he had found just the right touch, the right pressure, the right pace and he kept it up. Damn he was good! All of a sudden I was at that point of no return. There it was. I was cumming and it was glorious. I bucked against his face and let out a roar that I was afraid would alarm the people in the next room. Hell, let them call security, I would just answer the door with a huge smile on my face. He licked up all my juice and looked up at me grinning. All I could do was lie there and shake. He climbed up and lowered himself over me and gave me the sweetest kiss. I could taste myself on his lips and it tasted pretty good.

I looked him in the eye, placed a kiss on his lips and told him it was his turn now. I tried to wink, but as usual it didn't work. He just laughed and reached up and stroked my hair. I looked down on his handsome face and smiled before I kissed him. A soft, gentle kiss, exploring those sweet lips with mine. The tips of our tongues playfully wrestling each other. I enveloped his tongue with my lips and sucked on it for a moment before he took mine and did the same. This man has got to have the softest, sweetest kisses I've ever tasted. I felt a stirring inside me and pulled him close, those soft, gentle kisses turned into deep, penetrating ones. I broke away, kissing his face, moving towards his ear lobes and took one in my lips, then running my tongue around the outside of his ear, dipping inside from time to time. I heard him catch his breath and moan as I explored. I began placing soft, nipping kisses down his neck, across his shoulders and down his chest, one hand lightly moving toward a nipple. I gently rubbed the palm of my hand over one nipple, feeling it harden, as I licked and tugged on the other. I grabbed it with two fingers and started rolling it, then tugging it, while I used my lips to do the same with the other one. Soft groans met my ears and caused my excitement to rise. I moved downward, placing kisses along his belly, stopping for a moment to tongue his navel. And then my eyes caught sight of him. This gorgeous specimen of manhood. I looked in to Cal's eyes and smiled, letting him know how pleased I was. I looked back down at him with affection, my hands traveling over his tummy and down his legs.

I lightly ran the tips of my fingers down his legs, up around the sides, back to the object of my desire. I let them barely touch his skin as I moved over his balls and down between his legs. I ever so lightly teased the taint, that area between the front and back. I touched the tip of my finger to his head and painted it with his precum. I watched as it jerked in response, then gave Cal a sideways glance and smiled at him. With a feathers touch I ran my finger around the ridge and down the shaft along the vein. I knew he wanted my mouth on him, but I wanted to drive him as crazy as he had made me by making me wait.

Finally I looked at him, giving him a slight grin, and leaned over and touched just the tip of his head with my tongue. Lil Cal rose up to meet me with a slight bob. I lightly ran my tongue down the slit and began to make a circle around the head. I opened my mouth wide and continued circling, letting my hot breath encompass him as I moved lower. I then closed my mouth softly around him, hearing his moans as I applied little pressure, moving up the shaft and popping my lips off the head. I began nibbling my way down the vein to his balls and gently licked them before taking one in my mouth. I ran my tongue around it and carefully sucked, massaging it with my tongue. Cal's moans were like music to my ears, increasing my excitement, making me more desirous to increase his. I slid one hand under his leg and nudged him to bend his leg, placing one foot on the bed. Now I could reach that fine ass of his. I started rubbing those nice, firm buns as I began making my way back up his shaft. I began to lick the head like an ice cream cone on a hot day. A nice long lick all the way around, then more, a bit higher. Then of course across the top. I tongued the slit and moved down a little to that sweet spot under the head. I was beginning to moan now too, the feel of his manhood in my mouth and the softness of his tush in my hands, along with his scent assaulted my senses in a most pleasant way. I suddenly opened my lips and engulfed him in one swift movement. He let out a loud groan and raised up to meet me. I began to suck my sweet pacifier, using my tongue to massage him. I immediately felt him get harder and his body stiffen. His moans became more intense and he reached down to stroke my hair. When he sighed, "Oh, Baby", I thought I would cum again on the spot. I sucked my way up the shaft, applying more pressure. I quickly took him back in my mouth again. I kept an even pace, not too fast, not too slow, not too hard, just a constant massage with my tongue and the inside of my mouth as I sucked. The movement of his hips let me know I had found the right rythym. I knew it wouldn't take too much of this for him to cum and I didn't want that. I wanted him in me. I wanted him in me deep. I was wet as hell and hot as a two hour bride. I sucked up the shaft, popped my lips off the head, and slid up his body, placing kisses as I went. I told him how badly I wanted him and gave him an extremely hot kiss. I was burning up with my desire for him.

I sat up and pulled him towards me, then moved onto my knees. He knew what I wanted and positioned himself behind me. He ran his hands over my ass before bending down and rubbing his beard against it. He gave me a quick kiss and I felt him rubbing lil Cal's head in my wetness. I licked my lips in anticipation. He began pressing against me and I felt the head enter me. He played at my entrance, pulling the head out, putting it back in, teasing me. I moved back against him and felt him enter me. He pushed in slowly, deeply. I pressed back harder against him and he pushed deeper and stayed there. I grabbed him with my muscles and milked him, pulling him in as deep as possible. I rotated around on his shaft as he filled me. Damn he felt good. He was so hard. I heard myself growl, that low husky growl that I can't control. He slowly pulled out, then slowly pushed back in deep. I buried my head in the pillow and just enjoyed the feel of him in me. He knew exactly how I wanted it and he continued until I thought I couldn't take anymore. It felt so damned good, I didn't want it to stop. He reached around and played with my clit, the movements against it matching the movements inside me. That was all it took. I felt my orgasm build.

I was in ecstasy. There were no words to explain the sensations. They were so intense that I didn't know if I could stand it, yet I didn't want it to end. My moans were constant and getting louder. I felt it coming. It was about to happen. My breathing was heavy, my moans intense. All of a sudden it hit me. That growl became a scream and boiled up out of my very center. I heard him groan behind me and pound me harder and faster. My muscles started contracting, milking him. He let out a loud moan and came inside me. He pressed in deep as he came. I could feel the spasms inside me. I held on tight, never wanting to let him go. We collapsed together on the bed, him lying against my back, still in me. I was trembling as I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I shook as I began to cry. It had been a long time since that had happened, but it had been known to when I was so completely satisfied. He rolled off my back and took me in his arms, kissing the tears off my cheeks. I was so utterly content being there. I drifted off to sleep as he held me.

The next morning I woke up smiling, ready to take him in my arms again. I opened my eyes, ready to gaze on his sleeping face and couldn't believe what I was seeing. This couldn't be, it just couldn't be. I broke out in tears again, feeling a deep loss. I was in my own room, in my own bed. How could this have been a dream? It was so real. I grabbed my pillow and held it close to my chest as I cried. He was real. My desire for him was real. But I had to face the fact that we would never meet. At least I had some very pleasant memories, even if it was a dream.


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