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Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt
by Tawny T

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"Oh, yes, bite my nipples, pull them hard. Harder, yes! Fuck my clit with your sweet pussy. You're jacking my clit off with your sweet, sweet pussy. God, yes. Like that. Ohhhh!. Pull my nipple harder, yes, like that, Baby. Ohhhh, now. Oh Shit, I'm coming." She screamed her passion out and I wondered if people on the beach could hear her cries of passion. I bit her nipple and pulled it with my teeth while my hand squeezed her breast, and the other pinched her other nipple hard, and I pulled it outward as hard as I could. I thought I might pull it off, but she cried for more. I hunched my pussy against hers, and my own clit was being stimulated by the rocking, but not enough for me to climax. Her muscular hips bowed upward and I stayed with her fucking, her pussy with mine. She let out one last cry of ecstasy, them slumped back on the bed spent. I moved up and kissed her cheek as she regained her breath.

"Oh, Angie Baby, that was fantastic!" Dot said kissing me. "You are a really good lover. In a few years, you'll be as good as your Mom or Aunt Peg. Just remember to make love to another woman the way you want to be made love to. There are a lot of tricks that you don't know though. I'll teach you some of them. We gals have been making love to each other for thousands of years. I'll guarantee we know more how to make love to a woman a hell of a lot better than any man. Most men don't know shit about what a women wants and needs in loving.

The bedside phone rang. "Hi Peg, Love." Dot said into the mouthpiece before she got it to her ear. "Yes, she's here with me. No. No! She certainly can if she wants to. You can come over here if you want, but only if you'll behave. No. No! OK! Then we'll see you much later, much later. I wish you'd come over and join us. Well, shit, Love. Fine! Bye!" She said replacing the phone. "Your Auntie is pissed at you and me both. She wants you to come home 'NOW' as she said. I told her I didn't think you were interested. Are you??"

I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth, and wiggled my body against hers. That was all the answer she got. "Now it's my turn. Sweet Lady. God, I've waited for this a long time. That earlier tongue fucking was just to take the edge off of both of us. Relax and let me make love to you." Dot said. We kissed for a while and her hands moved over my body slowly and sensuously. For such a big strong women, she was incredibly sensitive, and so knowing.

For the next hour she made love to me like no one else in my live ever had. She excited nerves in, and on my body I didn't know existed. She played my body like a fine instrument, and the nerves from my pussy seemed to be attached to every part of my body. Wherever she stroked, kissed, licked, touched, sent waves of pleasure to my throbbing pussy. I have no idea how many times she brought me to a climax. Finally I had to make her stop, as I was so weak from all the sexual stimulation and climaxes I had received at her hands, lips and mouth. I seemed to be a puddle of jello.

We took a shower together and playfully lathered each other from head to toe and all the naughty places in between. I explored her body still more, and using the flexible pulsing shower head (at her instruction) brought her to a screaming climax. That was a new wrinkle on me, and I filed that in the back of my mind, to buy one for my shower. We didn't even dress, and cooked a gourmet meal that we devoured like hungry wolves, wonderfully nude. We made drinks and slipping on short robes, went on the balcony and watched the red clouds glow in front of us as the sun set, till the sky darken and the stars winked on. I wanted to go swimming, but Dot didn't have a suit in my size and I didn't want to go back to Peg's to get mine.

Dot told me the story of her life, and how her husband had died and left her a wealthy woman. She had several bad experiences with men who were only after her money, and had finally decided that she just didn't need them any more. She had a number of women friends she was intimate with, and her life was her own. She traveled when and where she wanted, and offered to take me anywhere in the world I wanted to go. This was heady for me, and I told her I'd have to think about it. She laughed and said I was wise to do that.

Later we went inside and made slow sensuous love to each other. We found that we had to adapt our lovemaking somewhat to allow for the difference in our body lengths. A 69 required a little bending for her, and a little stretching for me, but we managed and I loved every minute of it. We went to sleep nude, she cuddled to my back, one hand cupping my breast.

Far into the night, I awoke and found Dot asleep beside me lying on her back, legs spread. I eased off my side of the bed, and moved to the bottom of the bed, then upward between her thighs. As carefully as I could, I slid upward and softly slid my tongue along the lips of her pussy. She didn't waken, and I carefully slid my tongue down between her pussy lips little by little till I could taste her sweet pussy. She moaned but didn't wake up.

My mouth was salivating like crazy while I licked her pussy. My saliva dripping off my tongue and down along her slit. I slid my tongue upward till I found her quiescent clit and stroked it with the barest tip of my tongue. Slowly it swelled and awakened, but Dot didn't. I managed to spread her pussy lips a little with my hot, wet tongue till I could slip it up and down her pussy, and into her vaginal hole. She stirred slightly and her thighs spread a little, making it easier to press my tongue into her wet center. I slid a hand down to my pussy and lightly stroked my own clit as I tongued her pussy.

It was one of the most exciting things I have ever done - making love to another woman while she slept. I wondered if she was dreaming, and if so, what she was dreaming. Her clit swelled and slid out of it's sheath, peeping out of her slit. The size of the my little finger, it raised it's head till I was able to just get my lips over it and suck it gently. She moaned softly, but didn't stir. I continued to run my tongue up and down her slit, into her hole, and suck her juices gently from her hot pussy. I moved slightly upward and began to suck her clit harder, not caring if I woke her up. I let my tongue glide along the bottom of her clit, and I heard a gasp from above. Her hands found my head and ran through my hair.

"Ohhh, Damn Angie. That's so good. Shit. Yesss. Ohh, do that again, Yes, there. Ohhhh, Little Lover, you're soooo good. Shit. Ohhhh! " She cried out, her voice quavering, as I tongued her clit and sucked it harder and harder. I slid three fingers up inside her and rotated my hand as she had taught me earlier in the evening. I pistoned my hand in and out, added a fourth finger, and pressed harder. Her pussy expanded and I slid my thumb into the center of my fingers. and my hand went back and forth, deeper into her spread pussy.

Suddenly my hand slid inside and I had my whole hand inside her. She howled. I made a fist, and then as I sucked her swollen, hard clit, ran my fist around and around inside her pussy, touching every square inch of her dripping box. She climaxed and I felt the muscles of her vagina clamping down on my wrist. I kept my circling motion inside her and my lips sucking on her clit as she climaxed again and again. My own finger moved around and around my clit and at the same time she climaxed I came too, crying out against her pussy.

I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops she screamed so much. Finally she grabbed my head and pushed it away from her clit. I slowed the movement of my hand inside her and pulled it slowly out of her. I moved down to her opening and watched fascinated as her vagina slowly closed up. When it was close to normal, I placed my lips over it, slid my tongue into the center, and sucked gently. I was rewarded with an abundance of her pussy juices, sweet and slightly salty. The wonderful aroma of her hot aroused pussy filled my nostrils, and she stroked my hair slowly. I stayed there for a while kissing her thighs, then moved up to cuddle with her till we both went to sleep again.

I went back to Aunt Peg's house, and for three days, I got the cold treatment. I just shrugged of off and went about my business. I went back to Dot's apartment several times, and we make love sometimes, sometimes not. I enjoyed her company. She took me to her gym, and watched for a while she worked out. I went through my gymnastic routines, which I'd been neglecting, while she watched me and clapped. We took a shower together, teasing each other with the thought that another woman might walk in on us.

I walked into Aunt Peg's to find her in the den, drink in hand. She was a little looped. She looked at me and motioned me to her. She sat her drink down and pulled me to her and hugged me. "I'm sorry, Sweeie,. You're a big girl now, and can do what you want. I just didn't want you to be around when Dot and I were making love. That's not right for us to do it in front of you. I'm sorry you came in when you did. We thought you'd be gone longer, or we wouldn't have done it. I got upset over that, and Dot hitting on you. Forgive me?" She said kissing my cheek.

I kissed her gently on her lips, holding the kiss for a long time. She pulled back, face flushed. "It's OK Aunt Peg. I've made love with several of my girl fiends, and think I like women more than men. I got really excited watching you an Dot. You'll have to admit she's really a sexy lady. You are one really good looking woman yourself. Seeing that big long dildo sliding in and out of your pussy got me excited, and I had to bring myself off too. Seeing your beautiful breasts swaying, and those long nipples pointed out, got me excited. You are one very sexy lady." I said kissing her gently again. I could tell my talk was getting her excited. Her thighs were crossed and she began to squeeze them as we talked.

I could see down the front of her blouse and the warm slopes of her large breasts. "You have really beautiful breasts, just like Mom's. Hers are just like yours. Her nipples stick out when she gets horny, or cold, and I'll bet the areolas are the same size and shape, really beautiful.

"I bet if I sucked Mom's they would get hard and firm. They do don't they, when you suck and lick on them? I'll bet they taste good, and are so warm and soft." Her eyes closed and moaned softly. I took a chance and slid my hand down to her breast and stroked it very softly. She didn't open her eyes. She didn't have a bra on, and her nipple began to pole out. I stroked her breast slowly and very softly, just touching the surface of her blouse. I saw goose bumps pop up on her arm.

"I'd like to kiss your breasts like Mom does, suck them and nibble on the nipples with my teeth. I want to make love to you the way you and Mom have made love for so many years. Kiss my way down to your sweet pussy and slide my tongue into you. I want to slide my tongue deep into you, and suck your delicious pussy juice out, and see how sweet it tastes." I kissed her cheek and moved to her neck and nuzzled it, and ran my tongue out to lick her fragrant flesh. She shivered, and her head turned and kissed my neck. My hand squeezed her breast a little more and she moaned.

"Oh, God, yes. Yes, I want you. I want to make love to you, too. That's why I got so upset. I wanted you so much! I wanted to go over and grab you and pull you down on the floor, and devour your sweet young pussy. Oh, yes, Angie. I want to make love to you just like I've made love to your wonderful Mother for years." She said as she pushed me away slightly and kissed me. This time her lips came down on mine, and her tongue slid out to press inside my mouth. Her hand went to my shoulder and she pulled me down to her. I fell forward against her, across her lap onto the sofa. I wiggled against her, our breasts pressing together, our erect nipples pressing into soft flesh. Her arms went around me pulling me hard against her body while our lips pressed, tongues probed and explored. I ran my hand through her hair and down to stroke her neck. We couldn't get enough of each other. I tasted the scotch in her mouth .

We kissed for a long while before we could move back. I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it aside to get at her full smooth breasts. She put her hand under it and lifted it to my lips and I sucked the wonderful full flesh of her breast. I played with the nipple, sucking, nipping it till I had her moaning with desire. Her areolas are very large, full and dark. The nipple was erect like a pencil eraser, hard and firm. Her hand cupped my breast and squeezed it then toyed with my nipple. I couldn't stand it any longer and slid off the couch and stood up.

I pulled her on her feet. We embraced, while our hands pulled, unfastened, and tore each other's clothes off. I heard a rip or two as we undressed. Finally we stood naked, her body so warm and soft enveloping my smaller body. I loved the feel of her soft full breasts against my smaller firm ones. I pushed my hips forward against her mount of Venus, so prominent and firm. She pushed back and her hand fell to my ass and pulled me hard against her. Hands slid, exploring, I felt her hand slip down between my ass cheeks to toy with my anus, then move away.

Her body is full and lush, just like my Mothers. I wandered what differences there were between the twins. I slid my hand between our bodies and cupped her mound. She had a small soft mound of hair, and she was shaved below. I let my finger burrow into her slit, then up inside her. She sobbed out a small cry as it entered her. I pulled it out and brought it to my lips and slid it into my mouth. Sweet and so good! I put it back inside her, and this time put it to her lips. He lips closed over it. I slid it out then down to my own pussy. It was dripping, I slid it between my own pussy lips then brought it to her lips. She hesitated a moment, then opened her lips and tasted me for the first time. Her tongue moved over my finger.

"I want you to eat me. Suck my pussy. Slide your tongue deep up inside me. Eat me like you do Mom. Drink my pussy juice. Please. Please!" I cried out, almost in anguish. Her hand went to my pussy cupping it, then her finger slid inward and up inside me deeply. She thrust it in and out for a minute or two then she pushed me away, and back onto the sofa. She fell on her knees and between my legs. I spread my thighs wide, pulling them up against my breasts, spreading my pussy wide for her, for her to eat me, her niece.

There were no wasted motions. Her fingers grabbed my pussy lips between her thumb and forefinger, and pulled them apart, stretching them, spreading my pussy wide open, exposing my core. She looked at it a second, then closed her eyes and her mouth dropped down on me, her tongue thrust into my center, lips sucking hard. A finger came up to find my swollen clit and roll it around fast, but gently. My hands went to her head and pressed it hard against me, down into my pussy, my cunt. "Yes, eat my pussy. Oh God, eat me, you wonderful Bitch. Eat my pussy. Ohhh! Eat me Aunt Peg!" I cried out as I came violently, thrusting and wiggled my hips and pussy against Aunt Peg's mouth. Her sucking mouth seemed to draw my whole sex into her hot mouth. Her tongue was like a snake burrowing inside my very being. I gave one last scream of joy as my pussy convulsed and I collapsed back onto the couch. I was unaware that my hips had bowed up off the couch, pushing Peg back as I came.

She came up to kiss me. I tasted my juices on her face and lips. Her mouth and chin were wet with them. Her tongue, that moments before had been buried deep inside me, slid into my mouth. I fondled her large breasts and pulled at the nipple as we kissed.

"I wanted that, God, I wanted that. You are such a beautiful young woman, and I've lusted for you since you grew up and developed into such a sexy young woman. It's just in my blood to love women. I've had men, but never did really get into them all that much. Dot and I have a pretty steady relationship though we date and make love to other women, sometimes share them. We're best friends." Peg said kissing me softly.

"Dot said you and Mom shared Dad at one time." I said smiling at her.

"Yeah, we tricked him several times and he never caught on . He's a good lover, but he married her. He's quite a man. He's never found out about your Mother and I. I think he knows that I prefer women though, from what he's said to me. He doesn't think it's so bad. He actually seems interested in it. He tried to draw me out a couple of times to tell him all the intimate details of Lesbian lovemaking. I declined. A lot of men think it's OK for two women to make love together. If he only knew! I don't know, he might not object if he knew Pam and I were making love together. Men are funny that way! I've never figured it out." Aunt Peg said as we caressed each other. She began to get a little excited. I imagine making love to me had gotten her hot.

I stood up and held out my hand. "Lets go into your bedroom, and I want to make love to you. You have such a sexy body and I want to explore it the rest of the day and night." I said pulling her gently down the hall. We melted together and kissed for a while before I pushed her back on the bed, and moved to her lush body and began to make love to her. I started with her lips and worked down slowly as Dot had taught me. I sucked her large areolas savoring the soft flesh, while I tongued her nipples and sucked them to hard points. I spent time licking the sensitive undersides of her breasts then, my body wiggling and squirming against her spread pussy, teased her unmercifully till she was moaning and panting.

Slowly I worked down toward her pussy, avoiding it, working around the spread wet flesh, enjoying her cries for me to eat her. I had her panting with desire, pushing her hips upward toward my lips and tongue till even I could not stand it any longer, and slid my tongue into her red dripping center, and sucked her juices out. She tasted so delicious. I sucked and tongued her till she was screaming for me to let her cum.

When I had teased her enough, I slid three fingers up inside her body, and moved my lips upward to her swollen and pink clit, peeping it's head out of it's sheath. I sucked it in and tongued it over and over, till she climaxed again and again. Her pussy juices gushed out around my thrusting fingers. I made a mental note to suck her pussy again, and see if she would ejaculate into my mouth. I sucked her pussy till she finally cried enough and pushed at my head. I licked her pussy softly, letting her down gently.

We lay kissing softly, then heard soft clapping sounds from the door. Dot stood there leaning against the door frame, smiling, beautifully naked, one hand down rubbing her clit, the other holding her small bikini . "Well, I see my two favorite ladies have made up, and settled your differences. I'm so glad. I always like to see two beautiful women enjoying themselves. " She said laughing, then came into the room and got in bed with us, and smothered us both with kisses and caresses.

We wound up making love far into the night in all combinations. It was fantastic to have two women make love to you at the same time. I couldn't believe how stimulating it could be. We even got in a triangle, each with her face buried in a pussy and gave each other several climaxes that way. Aunt Peg and I got into a sixty nine with Dot kissing and caressing us alternately. We would up totally spent and satiated.

Finally I had to go back home. We all three spent one erotic night making love. They both said I'd learned a lot about making love to a woman. I had them to thank for that. I pulled Dot away for a minute and we had a little secret talk. When I was leaving, she winked and gave me the thumbs up sign. Aunt Peg frowned, then smiled at me, wondering what that was all about.

At home, I saw my Mother in a completely different light. Now, I knew she liked women, and had been intimate with her twin sister, and other women. It gave me a different insight on her. One afternoon she took a shower, and got dressed up a little, and said she was going to visit a friend. Just for kicks, I followed her. She went to a outdoor restaurant, and met another women, Becky, who I had met.

I sat a half block away and watched them. They held hands quite a bit, and once or twice I could see Mom, put her hand under the table and stroke Becky's thigh. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but knowing what I did, made me think the two were lovers. After about thirty minutes they got in Mom's car and again, I followed. They went to a lovely house and I had thought it would be Becky's house, but when the door was opened, another woman answered, and pulled Mom into a very full body embrace, before the two went inside. Well, a trio. I pulled away laughing like crazy.

I knew Mom would be away from home all afternoon, so I went back home. I don't usually snoop, but today, I was wild with desire, knowing Mom was making love with two other women. She has a 'sewing room" in the back of the house. I went in and began to look around. It didn't take long to find a locked steel cabinet back in the closet. A little looking in her desk, and sure enough I found a key for it. Some security!

I opened the box and wasn't too surprised to find a number of video tapes in there. Over half were commercial tapes that were all girl tapes. Whoa! "Chicks Without Dicks", "No Men Allowed", "Dildo Babes, you get the idea! There were a half dozen regular tapes. They had "Becky" and a date, "Becky, Wanda," and a date and so on. Ho, ho, Merry Christmas! I picked one of 'Becky and Julie.' I locked the cabinet back, put the key back just in case, and took it to my room. I slid it into the VCR and hit the play.

On the screen, in full color, was my Mother, beautifully naked, Becky, and the woman I had seen greeting Mom and Becky. Hello Julie!! Becky and Julie were very lovely, and very sexy too. The camera was stationary, obviously on a tripod, covering the bed. As I watched, I got undressed and lay back on my bed, spread my thighs wide, and my pussy quickly got dripping as I watched my Mom make love with two beautiful women. The lovemaking was good, three women eating and finger fucking each other. I wished a fourth person had been there to change camera angles, and get close up shots of tongues slipping into pussies. It was exciting enough for me to bring myself off to an explosive climax. I put the tape back exactly where I'd found it.

Over the next couple of weeks, when Mom was out of the house, I played the rest of them, and learned of several of Mom's 'intimate' friends, many of whom I had met, and knew. One of the women, strange enough, was the mother of Heather, a good friend, who I'd been intimate with. I decided not to tell her about her mother though. I didn't know if she could handle it. Most of the videos were pretty 'tame', just women kissing and finger fucking each other. Several included vibrators, and one, a large dildo, being used to fuck one of Mom's friends while she and another lady were in a 69. Nothing outrageous.



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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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