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Learning My Lesson
by Mike Ginsburg

I thought I had learned my lesson. After my wife Betsy and her sister Carol had totally humiliated me with the visit to the nudist camp with my grossly undersized genitals, I thought I had finally learned to play by Betsy's desires and demands.

Well, I made a big mistake last week when I failed to perform the duties around the house that Betsy had expected me to perform, and instead found me going places on the Internet that she had placed off limits.

As promised, for my next misdeed, Betsy invited five of her closest lady friends over to our house last Saturday at 9 AM for a full day of enjoyment for them and suffering for me. These very attractive, sexy ladies visit our home regularly, and had no previous knowledge of my "shortcomings" or that Betsy had total control of me.

Betsy had me strip and had tied my hands behind my back before any of the ladies came over, and had still not told me what she had planned. When Nancy, the first of her friends arrived, and I was taken to the front door to greet her, it was obvious I was in "trouble".

When Nancy asked if Lisa, Michelle, Susan or Kym had arrived, I realized I was in for a severe day of embarrassment at the "hands" of these ladies.

Since it had been five days since Betsy had given me any relieve, I was very horny, and already had a hard-on when Nancy arrived. Nancy looked at me, and was peeved I already was hard. She slapped me, and just gave me a lecture on being overly excited too early in the game.

Within the next ten minutes the other four ladies arrived, and they along with Betsy, all striped and began taking turns playing with me. They warned me that any ejection without permission would be met with severe punishment.

For several hours, I was treated to these ladies playing with me, slapping me, being spanked while over their laps, and taunted with embarrassing comments about my size whenever I lost my erection.

Midway through the afternoon session, while Kym was stroking me, I came all over her. That was the beginning to the end.

At that point, they huddled, and finally decided on what they were going to do to me. When they finally "broke huddle", they all had smiles on their faces.

First off, Betsy informed me that I wouldn't be receiving any "satisfaction" for six months and that she was going spank me every other day for those six months.

Nancy, Lisa, Michelle, Susan and Kym told me that during that six month period, they were going to take turns coming over to our house on the days Betsy wasn't going to give me my bare ass spanking. They promised to include some verbal humiliation about my size. They are to take turns, and on occasion widen the circle to include some of their lady friends.

To think that the these ladies, aside from Betsy, will be taking me over their laps on a regular basis and tanning my behind scares me. And to think that I have no control to stop the spankings or from the circle of ladies from widening, has me shaking in my boots.

They then promised to some day soon, bring by a digital camera and take pictures on my genitals and post them on the Internet with my identity. Betsy was shocked by this statement, but has since given it some serious thought, and told me it sounds like a good idea to her.

Mike Ginsburg

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