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Love Online
by Arial566

I often go online and into chat rooms. They're usually filled with horny, young boys jerking their cocks, waiting for some girl to come along and get them off. I have great interest in these boys, most of them talk to me extremely dirty and get me off really well. Well one day the internet would change my life forever, along with my cousin's.

On that day, just like any other day, I connected to the internet and entered sex chat. I logged on as: Sexy_4_U. There was a bit of a crowd in there, and I couldn't wait to begin talking to some horny guy. All of a sudden a message box popped up on my screen, it read:

"Hey you, looking for some fun?"

The messager's name was: Thick_N_Hard.

I replied, "Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, I have to go in a bit, but if I could get your email address I'd be happy to talk to you through that".

I gave him my email, and he left.

The next day I connected and checked my email, I had one message. I entered my inbox and saw an email from: This was my cousin's email address, I wonder what he could be emailing me for? I clicked on it and began reading, it said:

Hey Sexy,

Do you remember me from sex chat yesterday? I've been thinking about you. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I've been looking for somebody new. I wonder if you'd be interested in talking over chat for a while and getting to know each other a little better. Talk to you later.


Now I didn't even know what to think once I had read this. But I decided to live out a fantasy of mine. I figured it was harmless over the net, just as long as no one found out or course, especially him. She'd continue letting him think that she was just some girl over the internet to get him, when really she was so much more!

She emailed him back saying:


I'm sorry to hear about you and your ex breaking up. I would love to talk to you over the internet. Tell me, what are your secret fantasies?


Then I sent it to him and entered chat. I searched for his name in sex chat and to my surprise he was online! I messaged him saying: "Did you miss me"?

He replied: "Of course I did, didn't you expect me to? By the way, what are you wearing?"

"Well, nothing actually. Just sitting here waiting for you and screw my brains out?"

He laughs, saying:

"Really? I'll be over in a minute"

This was beginning to get interesting, so I decided to take it a step further and asked:

"So what do you really wants to talk about?"

"Let's talk"

"That's just what I had in mind...."

This is part one to a large series, if you have any comments feel free to email me.

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