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Love Online Pt. II
by Arial566

For those of you wondering, this is Greg's point of view of the story.

I logged onto sex chat as "Thick_N_Hard". I had been suffering lately from my bitch of an ex girlfriend who broke up with me, and was looking for someone to replace her and help me get over her. I spotted a name on the list of people in the room, "Sexy_4_U". I looked at her profile which read:

Name: Emily Gray
Age: 18
Interests: Hot, passionate sex, sweet kisses, and anything else that might interest me...

I couldn't believe it, this was my cousin Emily, who I'd known all my life. And of all the places to find her, in sex chat! This was too good to be true. I had been in love with Emily for as long as I can remember, she was practically a goddess! She had long blonde hair the color of honey, sapphire like eyes, a beautiful body with large breasts, and the most amazing mouth that would enchant any man. I would have given anything just to touch her in the most intimate of ways.

I decided the best thing to do was to message her and see what happened from there. I knew she would find out sooner or later who I was, then maybe she would play along or hate me completely, I had to find out. I messaged her and waited patiently for her to answer. She answered back and I nearly cried with what she said. I couldn't believe it, but I had to take it slow in order to get what I hoped to receive from her, an offer to make love to her in the sweetest of ways.

I saw the clock and realized I had to get going for work, but I promised her I would e-mail her as soon as I could. And oh would we talk, I'd slowly seduce her. Teasing and taunting. Making her want me with an undeniable need. I could just image laying her down on my bed, stripping her of any remaining clothing, and kissing her entire body from her toes, to those sweet lips that drove me wild every time I saw her. I'd hold her head as that mouth engulfed my cock and sucked it with an amazing wanton. She'd gently squeeze my balls, licking them from time to time. Then I'd pull her to me, kissing down her smooth, flat belly until I reached her delicious pussy. Slipping my tongue between the folds of her, finding what beauty was hiding underneath with my tongue. Making her writhe and buck against my mouth and tongue until she could no longer take it, and would cry out in orgasm. Positioning myself between her legs, I'd push my large length inside of her wet, velvet-like pussy, causing her to moan and scream. I'd make her beg me to slam myself into her until be both came in great waves.

My cock grew hard just thinking about it. I rubbed it thinking of bending her over and sliding myself into her ass. It was so extremely kinky and devilish, but I'd do anything in order to have her. I just had to, but I could wait. Wait until my plan was complete and I was able to bed her. It would happen soon enough...

To Be Continued....


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