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Layover Pt. II
by Shintani

Wow! What a night! While bringing my stepdaughter back from her summer vacation, we had stopped at a hotel for the night. That night, I learned some things about that wonderful little vixen that I'll never forget. Her tight young body was ready for me, and she was willing.

After our first time together, we fucked again and again, until we both collapsed from exhaustion. It was quite a surprise for me, but a welcome one. Unfortunately, we had to get back on the road. I enjoyed one last fleeting glimpse of her nude young body as she got dressed after a much-needed shower that morning. Those long, shapely legs, that gorgeous ass, what a great time she showed me. I was sorry to see them disappear into her panties and shorts. She put a bra and tank top on, but I was able to convince her that the bra was unnecessary. Besides, it obstructed my view of her budding breasts.

After a leisurely breakfast, we hit the road for home. If we made good time, we'd get there tonight, but I wanted to stop off and visit an old friend. If that took too long, he had already said we would be welcome to stay, even if his place was a little small. The drive was pleasant, another gorgeous late summer day, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, what with my sexy young step-daughter sitting next to me. Her white tank top was tight, the dark outlines of her nipples showed clean through, and her tight little shorts let me enjoy the view of those tender young thighs. Periodically throughout the drive, she even let me caress them as I drove.

My stepdaughter and I enjoyed a nice visit with my friend Scott, and we definitely stayed too long for us to finish the trip home. It wasn't a problem for him, he offered that we stay in his studio apartment, I would sleep on the floor, and she could take the couch. Once the decision to extend our trip was made, we could all relax. Scott and I were sitting on the couch talking, while she rummaged through his video collection. As the night wore on, my conversation with Scott led to the inevitable topic of women.

He may have been a bit surprised at my frankness in front of my stepdaughter, but that didn't stop him one bit. She was clearly a distraction for him, I caught him eyeing her up several times, and I couldn't blame him. Once, while we were talking, she got up to change videos and was crawling towards the TV on her hands and knees. She didn't notice that her shorts had ridden up on her, and she was wiggling her tight little ass right in our faces. Scott and I sure noticed, I had some pleasant memories of what was under those shorts, and I'm sure he was using his imagination.

He commented to me that she was growing up to be a quite attractive young woman, I heartily agreed. We seemed to be stuck on that topic of conversation, running the comparisons between her and her mother, and I finally got him to admit that yes, while my wife had a nice ass, her tits were her best attribute. My stepdaughter, on the other hand, was definitely going to be quite a handful as she matured, being blessed with long shapely legs and an amazing ass in addition to the family trait of having gorgeous tits. When you add China-blue eyes and long, cornsilk blonde hair to the mix, then you're playing with fire!

It was growing quite late, and we all decided that it would be time for bed. She got to use the bathroom first, and I couldn't help but notice Scott follow her rump with his eyes as she left the room. I asked him what he honestly thought, and fatigue got the better of him. "I bet she's a real handful," he said, and I agreed. "You realize what we would have done to her if she was our age," he added, and I gave him a sly grin.

"What makes you think that you have to be that young to have fun?" I asked.

"You're not serious," he said, a bit uncomfortably.

"Sure," I said.

"Had my way with her last night, she was fucking incredible. Come on, admit it, you've wondered what it would be like to fuck my wife, just imagine how good that sweet young thing is."

"I don't know," he replied. "Do you really think that's a good idea?"

"Hey, better from us than from some guys she doesn't trust," I replied. I was running scenarios through my head, and for some reason, the visualization of another guy taking my sweet young stepdaughter was too much. Scott probably had the same ideas as me, but he just wasn't as sure.

When she came out of the bathroom, she changed his mind. Just like the night before, she had a T-shirt on, this one was a looser fit, and didn't quite cover her ass. Neither did her panties, tight enough to be wedged in the crack of her ass, most of her cheeks were exposed. Almost as good as a thong. She sat cross-legged on the couch, and a quick glance between those succulent thighs revealed her pussy lips through the thin material of her panties.

"Sweetie," I said. "Remember what you did for daddy last night to make him feel good? I think that Scott, being such a good friend, should get to feel that good as well. What do you think?"

"Oh, sure daddy," she replied.

"I'd love to." Without saying another word, she pulled her top off. Her hard, pink little nipples stared up at us. Scott reached his hands out to touch them, and she leaned into his embrace. I sat back, and let my hand wander down the front of my shorts. It was apparent to me that she was less nervous than he was, and I watched enviously as she wiggled her ass out of her panties. Scott wasted no time in bringing a hand down to play with her snatch, and he flicked his tongue out at her titties. For her part, she was reaching a delicate hand into his shorts, and her eyes widened with surprise at what she found. His cock was huge, but she wasted no time in stroking it until it was hard and ready. My own was stiffening as well as I watches her bend over to take him in her mouth. My stroking grew faster, as I watched that monster disappear into her pretty little mouth, and she ran her hands up and down his shaft like an expert. She wasn't deep-throating him, but the scene was hot enough! She was curled up next to him on the couch, his cock in her mouth and his fingers probing her tight pussy. I couldn't stand it anymore, and I joined them, waving my cock in her face, which she lovingly sucked as well.

His fingerplay overwhelmed her, I saw two digits disappear into her, and she moaned with delight. Her oral fixation on our cocks alternated, but the little slut stroked the cock she wasn't sucking to keep everyone involved. As she ran her tongue across the head of his cock, I saw the first sticky strand of his precum oozing out of him, and she greedily licked it up.

"Daddy, let's all go over to the bed," she suggested, and Scott picked her up in his arms and carried her over. He lay her down gently, and she wasted no time in getting herself ready. In an instant, she spread those shapely legs of hers, exposing her bare pink pussy. Bending her knees up, she wiggled her hips seductively as Scott mounted her. I sat back and watched as he placed the tip of his huge cock at the entrance to that hot little pussy. With a quick thrust of his hips, he slid into her tight little fuck hole. I stroked my cock at the sight of her body under his, his cock stretching out her cunt. From my own experience, I knew just how good that had to feel for him, to have such a tight young pussy wrapped around his cock. He fucked her slowly at first, sliding his shaft deep inside her, then pulling almost all the way out before thrusting into her once again. Her moans electrified both of us, and encouraged him to fuck her faster. As the volume of her moaning increased, he picked up the pace. Her cunt was well lubricated by now, and he was sliding into her faster and faster. His heavy sac slammed against her ass as he rammed his manhood into her. She arched her back as an orgasm wracked her tight young body; her delicate hands massaged her budding breasts. Their breathing grew heavier and heavier, and I could tell Scott was about ready to cum. I egged him on.

"Fuck her, buddy, fuck her hard! Bet that pussy feels so good, so tight!"

"Yeah," he agreed, breathless.

"Come on, do it! The little slut's got her cunt spread for you! I fucked her all night long last night, she's even a better lay than her mother!" Scott was straining now, trying to prolong his fucking, her cunt had to feel so good...and it was all too much for him. Groaning, he came inside her, shooting off his load into her. His last few thrusts slammed into her, and he pressed himself up against her to cum as deeply inside her as possible. Even before he pulled his cock out of her, streaks of his sticky white cum dripped out of her. Her own juices flowed from her, forming a small puddle on the sheets. His cock glistened with wetness as he pulled out, her pussy lips were swollen and red from the excellent job of fucking he had done.

Rolling off next to her, he asked me, "Does her mother really fuck as good as she does?"

"No," I replied, her cunt is way tighter than my wife's." Looking down at her, my stiff cock in my hand, I moved over to the bed. Smiling, my slutty little stepdaughter spread her legs for me to get a better look. She was laying on her back, beautiful body exposed to me. I drank in the sight, everything from her budding breasts to her shapely legs. She was so young, so perfect. My eyes were glued to her pussy, which was stretched open a bit from my friend's fucking. Drops of his cum dripped from her, she looked so sexy.

"I bet maybe now they might feel the same," I said as I climbed on top of her.

"Yes, daddy, fuck me too!" she begged. "Fuck me just like you fuck mommy. Fuck me as hard as Scott did!" I slid my cock into her well-fucked cunt. She was hot and wet, her pussy soaked from all the attention she had just had. I watched my shaft disappear inside of her.

"You little slut," I said. "Feels so good, doesn't it?"

"Oh yes!" she replied, smiling as my cock slid into her. "Does my pussy feel as good as mommy's? Do you want to fuck me the way you fuck her?"

"Oh, baby," was my reply, as I began to slide in and out of her. "You feel better than her, you know that. You're so tight," I continued. "Your mom's been fucked so much that her cunt feels like a whore's."

"Oh, fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore!" she screamed as I slammed into her. "I want to be your whore tonight, daddy!" Damn, she was good. The feeling of her slick, just-fucked pussy was incredible. I loved looking down at her, the slight jiggling of her tits as I rammed my cock into her, seeing those tight pink lips spreading to take in my was great! Scott's cum dripped out of her; streaks of his sticky wad were spread over her cunt lips and my cock as I fucked that tight little hole. Scott was watching, stroking his cock towards her mouth, adding to my excitement.

"Come on buddy, fuck that little whore!" he said. "We're gonna fuck this little slut all night long!"

"That's it daddy! Fuck me hard!" she added. "I'll be your little whore tonight, for both of you! You guys can fuck my pussy all night long!" She probably would have gone further, but Scott shoved his cock into her pretty mouth. She stroked him into her, and wrapped her lips around his shaft. Watching that drove me over the edge. With a gasp, I unloaded my cock into her. With each stroke and each suck she gave his cock, I pumped my cumshot into her. Even with her mouth full of his cock, she moaned with delight as my cum mixed with his in that well-fucked little hole.

I let my cock linger inside her, wiggling back and forth as she sucked Scott to his second orgasm of the night. With a few strokes of her hand, and a few flicks of her tongue, she got his cock to explode in her mouth. Scott's hot cum shot into her mouth; he jerked back as he came, and the rest of his load splattered across her face. The little slut swallowed what she could, and licked most of the rest off his cock and her lips.

I pulled my cock out of her, and what a sight she was to behold! Her hot young body had been used for our gratification, and it showed. She had streaks of our cum gushing out of her pussy, her legs spread unashamedly before us. Sticky spots of cum decorated her face; her little tits never looked so inviting. And her coy, innocent little smile grew when she told us that she wanted us to fuck all night long.

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