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Love Online Pt. III
by Arial566

I could hardly believe it; Greg had no idea that it was me he was talking to. It was a dream come true, having such a stud like him wrapped around my little finger. He was undeniably sexy, anyone could tell you that. And in his vulnerable state I could get him to do anything I wanted. I decided that I would send him e-mail and take it from there.

I connected to the net and went straight to my e-mail, and unbelievably I found I had 1 message, and who could it be from but Greg. I clicked on it, and read:

Hey Sexy,

I've missed you! How come you haven't been in sex chat? We should really talk, get to know each other. Would you mind e-mailing me a little about yourself? I'll do the same for you, and then I can visualize who I've been thinking about constantly.



PS Ever think about meeting someone off of the Internet, like me perhaps?

This was too good! I went into compose message and began writing him a message that went like this:

Hey You,

I've been thinking about you too. To start off with a little about myself, I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, thin. I bet you want to know breast size too so I'll tell you, 34C. I have thought about meeting someone off of the Internet and who better than someone as sweet as you. We'll have to make plans though, sometime soon I hope!


After I had finished the e-mail, I logged onto sex chat, hoping to find Greg. I scanned the list of people, and found his name quickly, but before I could message him, one popped up on the screen from him.

Thick_N_Hard: "Hey you, think we can finish up from where we left off?"

Sexy_4_U: " We sure can! You never told me anything about you...."

Thick_N_Hard: "I know, I'm sorry. I can tell you now if you want."

Sexy_4_U: "All right, that's fine."

Thick_N_Hard: " I have short, light brown hair, green eyes, a nice body. Incredibly horny for you...."

Sexy_4_U: "Sounds tempting, would you by any chance have a picture for me?"

Thick_N_Hard: " I do actually, but you have to have one for me in order to receive mine"

Sexy_4_U: "All right, I have one, send away."

I sent him my picture, and I received his, hopefully he would play along, or freak out.

Thick_N_Hard: "Are you kidding me? This is too good. I could tell you why, but I think you already know."

Sexy_4_U: "Yep, I do. Kind of funny actually.... but it turns me on incredibly. Hopefully you don't want to end something as sweet as this, right?

Thick_N_Hard: "Of course not, to tell you the truth I knew all along it was you." Sexy_4_U: "Yeah, I knew it was you too. To tell you the truth I've had a bit of a crush on you for a while, and was too afraid to do anything about it."

Thick_N_Hard: "Really? It's the same with me, but now we both know, and we can do something about it. I've liked you for as long as I can remember, since we were kids."

Sexy_4_U: "We should get together today, and then maybe we can do something about it. Do you want to?"

Thick_N_hard: "Oh yeah. I have to work until 9:00, is anybody going to be home at your place around then, because I can stop at home and change and then head over to you place."

Sexy_4_U: "No, my roommate is gone for the weekend, so it's just me. So it's fine if you come over then."

Thick_N_Hard: "All right, great. I'll be over then. Are you sure you want to go through with this, I don't want you to go and change your mind at the last minute, then where would I be?"

Sexy_4_U: "I promise I won't change my mind. Why would I. I can hardly keep my hands off my pussy as it is because I'm thinking about you being here."

Thick_N_Hard: "I know how you feel, I have my cock in my hand right now, thinking about it being you sitting on my lap..."

Sexy_4_U: "When do you have to leave?"

Thick_N_Hard: "Damnit, right now. I'm sorry, I'm going to be late if I don't get going now. I'll be over when I get off work though, okay?"

Sexy_4_U: "Fine with me, see you when you get here."

Thick_N_Hard: "Bye."

Sexy_4_U: "Bye."

This was too good! He was going to be over later, and he had wanted me just as much as I had wanted him! I had to get myself ready!


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