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Love or Lust
by Ed0613

We were making love. Well, that's not quite true. We were having sex, wild, uninhibited, blow your mind, sex. I don't know at what point it was transformed from making love to this erotic lustful adventure. All I know is it started with an innocent kiss, a little peck the on the lips, a little fondling of her breasts, my semi hard dick rubbing against her ass through our clothes, her hand against my crotch, my lips on her nipples and finally ended up with my tongue in her pussy while she sat on my face and sucked my cock.

I love her and I know that she loves me. But at some point in this type of exercise love goes out the window and wild, animal lust takes over. It's impossible to identify when this transition occurs.

Thank God it does occur, because I'm not sure that I could do some of the things that I do to her while in the "love" mode. I know I could not ask her to do some of the things that she does for me except in the "lust" mode.

When my tongue touches her clitoris and she moans with delight and rewards me with the sweet nectar of her pussy is it love or lust? The same question applies when my cock is deep in her mouth and I flood her with my cum and there is just so much she can't swallow it all. It can only be lust when I ram my penis into her vagina from behind, time after time, until I finally explode and shoot great wads of my semen deep into her while holding her buttocks tight against my balls. Certainly it isn't love that makes her scream and wail while having orgasm after orgasm.

Love comes after, while holding each other close and basking in the afterglow of the erotic feelings and contentment that lust has brought us. It is her spending five hours in the kitchen preparing my favorite meal that only takes a few minutes for me to devour. Love is looking at her with the blond hair and blue eyes that are always smiling across the dinner table. It is my arm around her as we look down at the children sleeping in their beds. Love is watching her when she doesn't know that I am there. It is waking up early and kissing her until she wakens. My thoughts of her as I work and dream of what is yet to be in our life is certainly love. I can probably encompass it all simply by saying "she is love."

But, I get away from my story.

We were making love? Or making lust? The children were with her sister, as they usually were on Saturday morning. Joyce was a councilor at the "Y". We, on the other hand, were doing what we do on most Saturday morning when the children were not there, we were fucking. I was laying flat on my back and she was sitting on my cock with her head thrown back and was bouncing up-and-down like a cowboy riding a bucking Bronco. We were both on the verge of climaxing; she was bouncing faster and faster, screaming NOW! NOW! NOW! at the top of her lungs. Just as I was spewing my cum into her the damn doorbell rang.

It was early spring and a beautiful Saturday morning. All the windows and storm doors were open letting fresh hair blow some of the winters stink from the house. Whoever was at the door knew what was going on. There was no way they could not have heard her vocal orgasm and my animal grunts as I reached my climax. She collapsed on my chest and whispered "be quiet, maybe they will go away." The damn doorbell rang again, and again, and again.

She uttered a profanity that she never uses under her breath as she got out of bed and put on a robe. I knew that my cum must be running down her legs as she went to answer the door. You could smell the sex in the air.

It was her mother, Anne. She wanted to know if I could go with her to look at a car she was interested in. From the bedroom I heard her tell my wife that she had a quick errand to run and would be back in an hour if that was enough time to finish what we were doing.

The mood was gone. Lust was over. All that remained was love as we showered together. When Anne and came back I was ready to go but Linda said she had to stay home because the kids would be back from the "Y" by noon.

I couldn't look Anne in the eye. I was embarrassed and she knew it. As we set off towards the auto dealership in her car she finally let me off the hook.

"Before my husband died we always had sex very early on Sunday morning just before church. When the girls were young we had to be very quiet but after they left home we became quite wild and loud. Very often we did it again the moment we got home from church. More than once we skipped church. Did you know that he died of a massive heart attack while we were having sex? I certainly miss him and our lovemaking. I can't tell you how happy I am to see how compatible you and Linda are. I just hope that Joyce finds a man as good as you."

It was absolution but I still couldn't look her in the eye.

We finally arrived at the Lincoln dealership where she had her eye on a car. To the casual observer she was a very attractive 50 year old matron who was just window shopping. I knew better. She approached any financial transaction with the same care an experienced jeweler might use to buy a very precious diamond. She already knew which car she wanted and how much she was willing to pay for it. All she had to do was to select the salesman which would sell it to her. I finally figured out that I was only window dressing.

She blew off two or three salesman before setting her sights on a tall handsome 60ish man whom I later found out was the sales manager. His name was Jim Rainey. They went into a glass office and left me outside. I could see a very animated conversation and twice she got up as if to leave. Jim came out three times to look at the car she was trading in. She finally sat down and took out her checkbook.

When she came out of the office there were tears in her eyes and without saying a word she took me by the arm and led me away. When we got into her car I asked her what had happened.

"Ha! The old goat tried to hold me up for dealer prep, destination charges and a whole bunch of other fictitious expenses. But I ended up getting the car for $2100 less than I had expected. I pick it up on Monday and Jim and I have a dinner date on Tuesday."

When we got back to my house Linda was just clearing up from the kids lunch. With a knowing wink at me, Anne asked the kids if they would like to spend the night at Grandma's house and go to church from there tomorrow. Her parting remark was "Enjoy Sunday morning."

Two months later Anne and Jim announced their engagement and he moved into the condominium with her.

I think some Sunday morning before church I'm going to casually drop by the door of their condominium just to see what is going on.


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