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Let's Pretend
by WiggedyWak

Mandy's roommate Jessica taps the young nymph's dripping wet cunt through her jogging shorts bringing her back to consciousness. "I can help you with that," she says.

Meet Mandy. Standing a full five foot seven inches head to toe, the sultry Mandy Carlisle with short strawberry blonde hair lies on her bed absently massaging her C cup breasts. Feeling her immediate heat, her roommate Jessica leans over her letting her long, wet, dark brown hair fall across her face and her white terry robe fall open at the top revealing her DD cup breasts rising strong without a bra.

"Um.... No thanks. I'm OK," Mandy replies. It's not that Mandy was reclusive in her sexuality. No, more like ignorant. Back home in New York City, she lived with her mother. Her father had left them at an early age putting her mother in a tough spot, supporting the two of them herself. As a result, she taught Mandy to set goals and go for them without compromise. She never had time really to think about days off or boys or pleasure. That's not to say that there wasn't a fair share of that in the Big Apple. It's just that Mandy was quite "focused."

"You sure? You seem sort of distracted." Mandy's goal was college. Then grad school, then corporate life, then wealth.... but for the immediate: college. Now away in her first semester at a school in Louisiana, Mandy was experiencing a new lifestyle. Here everything moved slower. People spoke more deliberately, relaxed more frequently, and sat back to indulge in the desirous wants of life.

"You were thinking about him, weren't you?" And it was hot. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't function. She couldn't concentrate. Sure, New York can get hot and humid in the summer time, but it's not the same. Not like down here. Mandy had brought all the wrong clothes. She sweated all the time. Don't worry. Not like buckets forming pits under her arms and trees down her back. More like a thin sheen along every curvaceous inch of her figure. Like she was in a sauna twenty four hours a day seven days a week. It was just enough to make her shirt stick to her skin each and every day.

"No! Yes.... maybe-- who?" This drew a lot of attention from the guys on campus. And as Jessica liked to point out, a little from the girls, too. Mandy's not unaccustomed to such attention. In high school, she was the only girl in most of her classes. They treated her differently, and she could tell you why, too. Nice and scientific. But it's one thing to say it, another to understand. Mandy just didn't understand, couldn't. But now, in the Big Easy she had the luxury, the ability, and the intent to find out. There was one boy she had her eye on.

"John." John is an older student. A med student. Six foot two inches tall, he's a muscular man, keeping in shape for his long shifts in the ER and on EMS runs. With a full beard, none of this goatee crap, he certainly looks older. Distinguished, but with a kind, playful look in his eye. Or maybe that's just the beer. Mandy had met him at orientation, as an advisor. Her knees were weak for days. Later she found out that he was a friend of her older roommate Jessica. Since they had met one another at a few parties, and she couldn't stop thinking about him.

Mandy bites her lower lip. Eyes still closed tightly. "Yeah. Again. He's a cute guy. Tell me what you're thinking."

Jessica squeezes her crotch more firmly. Mandy lets out a soft moan. "Will it be just like the other night?"

"Just like, dear." Mandy takes a deep breath, leans her head back, and stretches her body.

"I see him on the beach. Alone. He sees me, too. A wink and a smile." Jessica runs her long fingers across Mandy's body, teasing her with her fingernails. "He walks up to me. No talking. Just a grin, ear to ear. I can't help it. I start giggling." Jessica presses her palm firmly over Mandy's two luscious breasts through her tank top, then slides her hand down to feel her tensing buttocks through her polyester work out shorts. "He leans down all romantically, takes me in his arms, and kisses me." Spreading her legs, Jessica sneaks her hand into Mandy's shorts to feel the slick and sticky insides. "I can't help it. I just keep laughing!"

Dropping her bathrobe to the floor, Jessica climbs still damp on top of Mandy lying in bed. "Finally, frustrated, he picks me up in the air, slings me over his shoulder and throws me in the water!" Jabbing her knee into her roommate's cunt, Jessica presses her into the mattress while licking and sucking and nibbling the younger girl's neck, salty with streaming beads of sweat. "The next thing I know, we're both in the water, tumbling over each other."

Having pulled her shorts down, she proceeds to push them off Mandy's legs with her own feet, rubbing their smooth-shaven legs up and down. "It feels so good! His tongue is in my throat, then on my neck, then on my chest!" Mandy's bush rubs against Jessica's well shaved pussy sending little electric pulses through her spine. "Our clothes are wet, sticking to us, weighing us down. We have to get them off." She struggles to pull up her shirt. Jessica reaches under and tugs on it to reveal one then two red, bulging nipples. "I fumble with his buttons. My hands are cold. I just start pulling, stretching his shirt, hoping to--" RIIIP! Jessica rears up and tears open the front of Mandy's shirt! She awakens momentarily, then too aroused, leaps back into her fantasy, pulling Jessica's head down to her chest.

"We're naked. Some-somehow.... we stand. The water's lower than us." Jessica takes one of those bulbous heads into her mouth and bites down slightly. Then the other. "He lifts me up. I cling to his chest as he lowers me onto his cock." She moves one hand down from Jessica's hair to her own pussy and slides two fingers inside. "It's amazing! Fucking-- He feels like a rock, but a pulsing rock!" Jessica removes Mandy's fingers which shoot straight for her own breasts. Then she replaces them with three of her own. "I hang on so tight! It hurts, but I want more!" Mandy's breath cools slightly.

"Then, we're back on the beach. He lays me down in the sand." Pumping her faster, Jessica curves her fingers to press that bone inside. "He leans back and jams it in, again!" She leans down and takes Mandy's throbbing clit in her lips licking, sucking, and biting her for all that she's worth. "He rears back and pounds into me! Again! Again! -gain!" Mandy grips Jessica's dark hair and smothers her! She raises her hips while holding her down pushing her roommate deeper inside until-- "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Mandy's upper body thrashes back and forth, her arms flailing from Jessica's head as she comes hard! Jessica grips her hips and chews furiously until Mandy, semi-conscious, slumps completely relaxed back onto her pillow.

Jessica just lies between her legs for a few minutes. "Oh.... Oh.... oh, John." Slowly, quietly, Jessica pulls herself up and over to her roommate. Her now subdued demeanor shows that she has come as well. That and the line of juices she leaves along Mandy's leg as they wrap each other in a now sober embrace.

As they lie still, the hot Louisiana sweat dripping off of them, Jessica offers one last bit of advice. "If you liked that, just wait until we get a real cock in you."


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