The Best Erotic Stories.

Let's Pretend
Ch. I: Detention
by An80sAngel

You are a student in my class, and I have asked you to see me after school because you are being very disruptive. So, that afternoon you walk in my door and see me sitting in my desk. "Have a seat," I tell you and you sit down in one of the desks. I get up and go to the classroom door and shut it and lock it. Turning, I look at you. "You seem to be having trouble focusing in class. Is there a problem we need to discuss?"

You shrug your shoulders, not saying anything. "Well, I can't tolerate this behavior any longer. It makes it hard to teach and harder for the other students to learn."

"What's your point?" you respond.

I've reached my limit. Frustrated, I tell you to stand up and go to the chalkboard. Expecting some written punishment, you do as I say, wanting to get out of there. "Put your hands on the blackboard." You turn and look at me, and see that I mean business now and will not put up with any resistance. Putting your hands up on the blackboard, you wait. "I think I know what the problem is in class." I say, "you're distracted by something." I walk up behind you and slide my arms around your waist. "And I think I can help. Spread your legs." I slide my hands down to the waistband of your jeans and slowly unbutton and unzip them. Sliding my hands inside, I cup you and whisper in your ear "we must try to focus our attention on the subject at hand. Please recite the poem we learned last week from chapter 5."

As you begin to say the first lines of the poem, I reach inside your briefs and begin to stroke your hard cock. You stumble for a moment, and I say sharply "Concentrate!" Shaking, you try and remember the next lines. My hand slowly squeezes and strokes your hard shaft up and down, moving a little bit faster. Gulping for air, you finish the first verse, and struggle to recall the first words of the second verse. My hand slides out of your pants, and you are able to start the second verse. "You're doing good," I say, "but you must learn to concentrate under very distracting circumstances."

With that, I slide my hands inside your briefs and pull them, and your pants to the floor. I slide my hands back up your legs and inside your thighs. Putting my hands on your waist, I turn you around. "Keep going," I say sternly, and lower myself to my knees. I wrap my fingers around you again and start stroking. Your breath by now has become labored and heavy, and you forget where you were. I look up at you and say the next line. Picking up there, you continue to recite the poem. Then, I lean forward and slide you into my warm, wet mouth. You gasp and moan, clutching the frame of the chalkboard.

I glide your cock in and out, sucking and licking, until your body is dripping with sweat and your legs start shaking. Forgetting the poem, you grasp my head in your hands and push my head so that I am moving faster. I suck harder and slide you in faster, while you moan and shake. Then your muscles tense and I taste the first bit of cum that shoots from your cock. Drinking it in, I suck and lick until every drop has come out into my mouth.

I slide your dick out of my mouth and lick one last drop from the tip. I help you pull your pants up and zip them up for you. Then I look sternly at you. "You did not finish the poem. Your concentration level is not at the level it should be. You'll have to come in after school until I feel its satisfactory enough for my class." I give you a pat on the bottom and let you out the classroom door...


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