The Best Erotic Stories.

Latina's Purple Passion
Seventh Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

After a long, hard day at work, now she finally came home, weary after taking their 10-year-old son to his reading tutor. She needed the bathroom in the worst way. But at that very moment, her husband was using it. Damn, he's always in there when I need it! She pounded on the door and told him to hurry up, and waited impatiently and uncomfortably for him to finish.

She thought of using their son's bathroom, but she remembered how dirty it was the last time that she used it. That's another thing, she thought. Why was she the only one who ever cleaned their son's bathroom? Well, you can't really expect a 10-year-old boy to be neat and tidy, she thought. But why didn't her husband clean it up sometimes? By now, she was working herself into a real purple rage. When she finished, she opened the bathroom door, and she stepped back into the master bedroom. Her husband was sitting up on the bed, watching an old movie. He looked so LAZY. Why didn't he get up now and do some household chores? This got her madder, and now she blasted at him with all of her venomous purple anger.

"Why are you ALWAYS in the bathroom every time I need it?"

"Am I?" he asked innocently, startled at her tone.

"Yes!" she hissed, "When I need it, you shouldn't be in there!"

"You weren't home, and I had just gone in when you knocked." He was trying to stay calm.

His calmness infuriated her even more. Why didn't he argue back? Was he a man or a jellyfish? Jellyfish were among her favorite sea-creatures, but she certainly didn't want to be married to one!

"Well, don't let it happen again!" she hissed.

That did it. Now he, too, was enraged. "I didn't know I needed your permission to go to the bathroom!" Gathering up his robe, he stormed off to the living room to watch a movie. Not that there were any good movies on at 9:00 PM on a week night.

"Wait!" she shouted, "I want to talk about this!"

"What's to talk about? I understand. New house rule is, I'm no longer allowed to use the bathroom." He stormed off, feeling kind of childish for getting so upset. "I just don't know what you want from me," he shouted, not quite so loudly this time, as he walked away, feeling hurt and confused. In their nearly two years of marriage, he had never had reason to think it before, but now he began to wonder if there wasn't some truth to the stereotype that Latina women have fiery tempers. He remembered that she had told him early-on that she chews up and spits out mean people, but he never thought that HE would be on the receiving end of this chewing-up.

After twenty minutes of flipping the dial back and forth through 60 cable channels, he still had not found a movie to catch his interest, and having calmed down by now, he slunk back quietly to the master bedroom, so as not to awaken his wife or their son. He climbed back into bed beside his softly-snoring wife, and he soon drifted off to sleep. As he drove his wife to work the next morning, he apologized for having been unwilling to talk last night. "I was just too upset to talk it out rationally. But I'd like to talk now," he said.

"I'm sorry, too," she said. "It was silly of me to restrict when you can go to the bathroom. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go."

They both laughed, politely and nervously.

"But I don't see why I always have to be the one to use our son's filthy bathroom, while you use our nice, clean master bathroom," she continued.

"But I do use his bathroom. Any time I'm in the kitchen or living room and I need the bathroom, I use his, so I don't have to walk all the way to ours."

"And another thing, I'm the only one who ever cleans his bathroom."

"No, I clean it too. I just clean it without saying anything about it. So you probably never noticed. Especially since a day or two later, he just gets it dirty again."

"We should make HIM clean it up!"

"He's a 10-year-old boy. We can't even get him to put away dirty dishes and take out garbage, even when he loses part of his allowance for not doing his chores."

"Good point. But any time I need our bathroom, you are in it! What about that?"

"Remember last night, when we took our son swimming? You came home first, and he and I stayed at the pool a little longer."

"Yes, I remember."

"When I got home, I was dripping wet from the pool. I was cold, and I really needed to dry off. I also really needed to use the bathroom. But you were in there, changing for bed. And our son was locked in HIS bathroom."

"Yes, I do remember that."

"I waited patiently for you to finish, while I dripped on the carpet and hoped I wouldn't pee in my swim trunks. I just didn't make an issue of it."

"Oh." She now felt so silly for getting mad about waiting for him, when he had patiently waited for her the previous night.

"Did you ever notice," he continued, "that you are always the first one changed and in bed every night? I always wait for you to finish, before I clean up and change. I always let you use the bathroom first at bedtime, because you are my wife, and I love you, and I don't mind waiting for you. I just don't make an issue of it, like you did, so you're probably not even aware of it."

He was right, she hadn't been consciously aware of how often he waits for her to finish. She started thinking, "Stop! How guilty do you need to make me feel?"

"I'm sorry, honey," was all that she could say at this point. Now that she thought about it, he really DID do so much to help around the house, without bragging, complaining, or commenting about what he did to help out. If he got home before her, he cooked dinner. He helped her make the bed, and now she remembered many times, that he had the bed already made-up in the morning, before she even finished dressing for work. She remembered many times, too many to count, seeing him emptying the garbage, or loading and running the dishwasher, or doing the laundry. And last week, for her 48th birthday, he had given her a different and special gift every day of the week leading up to her actual birthday, and he had found creative new ways to make love with her each evening of her birthday week, too.

Now she recalled that his own 43rd birthday was tomorrow. "Great," she thought, "I pick the date two days before his birthday, to start one of only about two or three fights we've EVER had in our two-year marriage."

Worse, she hadn't yet bought him any birthday presents. She really wanted to make it all up to him, but she wasn't quite sure how.

His turning her birthday into a week-long celebration had come from a book they had both been reading, called 1001 Ways to be Romantic. So, during her lunch break from work that day, she consulted that book, and one of the suggestions was that men enjoy receiving flowers as much as women do. So she bought a big bouquet of red, pink, orange, yellow and white roses, and that evening, when he was busy balancing their checkbook, she snuck them into the house, and she set them up on the kitchen table. When he came out for dinner, he spotted the flowers, and he walked over to inhale their sweet fragrance.

Although his birthday was still a day away, all she could think to say was "Happy birthday, honey."

He threw his arms around her, held her close to his chest, and kissed her passionately, not letting her go for several minutes. As they pulled away from each other, and gazed soulfully into each other's brown eyes, they both knew that all was forgiven, and that their love was still intact, still strong enough to flourish and grow, no matter what obstacles blocked the path of their commitment. But deep inside, they both felt that they needed some way to REALLY make up for their previous night's brief argument.

That night, he gave her the idea of how they could REALLY make up, and feel close and trusting again.

After tucking their son into bed, they retreated to their bedroom, and locked the door. She put on a form-fitting nightgown, which hinted at what was underneath, but which was opaque enough not to reveal anything. Being a hot night, he donned only a pair of thin, black silk boxers, and no shirt. They both apologized for getting so upset with each other, on the previous evening. They began kissing each other, and hey wrapped their arms around each other. She felt her nipples growing hard, and he must have sensed that, because he slipped his hand under the hem of her nightgown, snaked his arm up past her belly, and cupped her breast in his open hand. Then he slowly began rhythmically massaging her nipple.

She placed her palm on his crotch, and even through his silk boxers, she could feel his cock starting to grow, as they continued kissing and hugging. Not content to feel his cock through the silk, she rapidly wrestled his silk boxers down his legs. He bent his knees up, and he lifted his feet off the bed, to slide the boxers completely off of him, leaving him completely naked. She smiled at the thought that she was now free to caress him anywhere and everywhere, unobstructed by any clothing, and she proceeded to do just that. She especially enjoyed cupping his ass cheeks in her hand, and judging by his deep, baritone moans, he enjoyed her growing lust just as much as she did.

As they continued kissing and caressing each other all over, he asked her, "When am I going to get to see you in that new negligee I gave you last week, for your birthday?"

She was surprised, because she had been thinking about that negligee earlier in the day. But she didn't want to pause their building passion to change clothing now, so she said, "I don't know. I've been thinking about that myself." She reached around behind him, to pull his full, soft, warm lips closer in to hers, and then she parted her own lips slightly, to invite his talented tongue into her mouth. She was starting to feel warm and moist between her legs, and she decided that she REALLY wanted to model that new negligee for him now. By now, her unrestrained lust had fully convinced her that his suggestion (about the negligee) was really the key she had been seeking all evening, to getting them back from being a couple, to being one joined soul again. And, it would turn out, this sexy new outfit really would be what they needed right now.

He felt deeply disappointed, as she started to pull away from kissing him. His cock was already throbbing, in anticipation of making up with her. But when she said, "I'm going to change into that new negligee now," he began to fantasize what she might look like in it. This new outfit included an itty-bitty, shiny, purple satin bra, trimmed all around the edges in ruffled white lace. He just KNEW that this bra would perfectly accent those firm 38-C breasts, which he had just been fondling. This bra was paired with a matching purple satin G-string panty, and he tried to picture what its narrow, ruffled white lace back would look like running up the tight, delicate crease between her curvy ass cheeks. He knew that purple was her favorite color, and he felt that she always looked good in anything purple, so he just knew that this lingerie would look especially good on her. The transparent white lacy jacket, in a very short and sexy "baby-doll" cut, was just long enough to barely cover her purple panties, wrapped around the outside of this outfit, covering but revealing the charms that lay just beneath, and leaving everything BELOW her gorgeous pussy, completely uncovered, for him to stroke and kiss.

As she changed in their walk-in closet, and he tried to picture what the outfit would look like on her, his palm slowly stroked up and down his already-hard cock, so that he would keep that 8-inch long, 2-inch thick erection going, when she finally emerged in her new negligee.

Hearing the closet door begin to creak open, he moved his hand away, so as not to let her catch him being naughty. The door opened fully now, and she stood sexily framed in the doorway, only the light from the outside street light through their window letting him see her dark, shapely legs, her long brown hair, and her curvy hips, as she stood framed in the closet doorway. As she emerged from the closet, she noticed the rapid up-and-down throbbing of his exposed purple cock, revealing to her just HOW excited, the thought of her modeling her new outfit, had already made him.

The deep-purple color, in the blood-engorged head of his cock, also showed her how aroused he was, and she happily thought about what a nice accessory his purple cock would soon be making, to her purple bra and G-string panties. She was smart enough to guess, pretty accurately, just what he'd been doing, to keep himself that hard, and to make himself that purple, while waiting for her return. As she gazed longingly at his big, stiff cock, and as she pictured him lazily stroking himself, she couldn't HELP but smile. When he saw that hungry, lustful smile lighting up the face of the woman whom he so DEEPLY loved, he couldn't help but smile himself. She licked her lips suggestively at the thought of all the places where his purple rod would soon be bringing her such exquisite pleasure. As part of her sexy and inviting carryings-on, she placed her left foot flat against the wall, her left leg bending forward at her knee, standing only on her right foot now, in some half-remembered pose, from a sexy late-night movie.

Watching her antics, his cock now grew so long, thick, and hard, that each pulse away from and back down onto his belly, almost ACHED with his steamy purple pleasure and desire.

He watched as she slowly, seductively sauntered to their bed, his eyes roaming down her body, from head to toe, and back up again, STRAINING to see a hint of her pussy, through her shiny purple panties, as her white baby-doll swayed seductively with her every sauntering step. As she approached their bed, her eyes remained locked on his big, throbbing purple cock, which she so desperately craved, as her mind kept wandering back to images of him playfully stroking himself into purple horniness, making himself stay hard just for her. On their bed now, she kneeled on her knees directly in front of him, facing him. He could see the whole enticing length of her legs, right in front of his face now.

He was so tempted to lean forward and plant a kiss on that tiny purple patch of satin, which just barely covered the delicate, fleshy-pink pedals of her warm, juicy femininity.

Before he could act, however, she asked him, in a challenging and mildly- threatening tone, "How closely did you LOOK at this outfit in the store?"

He began to panic, fearing that something MUST be wrong with the outfit, which he thought he had so carefully picked out for her birthday, knowing from experience, how very much she enjoys traipsing-around in sexy lingerie for him. Gulping nervously, he replied, "I looked at what pieces it included, and I checked that it was in your size. And I got it in your favorite color: purple! Why do you ask?"

"Did you notice that it has a peekaboo bra?"

"Oh, no," he thought, his worst fears now confirmed in his mind, "She really DOESN'T like the outfit."

Still kneeling before him, she pulled back the sheer, lacy white outer "baby doll" jacket, to better show him the bra underneath. The bra consisted of two tiny purple cups, which left most of the surface of her breasts exposed. At top center of each bra cup, was a little white lace bow, and just below it, a round cutout, just big enough for her hard, reddish-brown nipples to poke through. And being hard and extended to their full 1/2-inch length, her nipples WERE poking through quite prominently. She might have SEEMED upset, but her hard nipples betrayed her to him, and he instinctively knew that she was also already VERY tuned-on.

She thrust her bust close-up against his face, nearly stabbing his eye with her hard, horny nipples, wanting to make sure that he could SEE the bra's peekaboo holes now. Her stern voice and expression led him to believe, that she was not at all pleased about her bra having peekaboo holes. He felt miserable now, for not having inspected the outfit thoroughly enough, to have noticed this deficiency, which was now so clearly staring him LITERALLY in the face.

As upset as she seemed to be, he nevertheless could not help admiring how beautiful and sexy her firm, round 38-C breasts, and her hard, jutting nipples looked, in those tiny bra cups, with the apparently-objectionable peekaboo holes in the middle.

Sitting up and facing her, he simply could NO longer resist kissing the smooth, silky purple fabric of those tiny bra cups, then running his tongue in circles around first one, then the other nipple, right through the peekaboo holes of her purple satin bra. Then he started nibbling on each exposed nipple with his teeth, while kissing, licking, and sucking on each jutting, exposed nipple. His tongue pushed aside the sparse purple satin fabric, and he began licking at her 3-inch wide, reddish-brown areolas, between his tongue-flicks and teeth-nibbles on her big, hard nipples.

As his teeth gently but firmly clamped down on her nipples, and playfully wrestled her nipples around in all directions, she just couldn't control herself ANY longer. So now she shoved her 38-C breasts as far forward as she could. As he sucked her nipples completely up into his greedy mouth, she let out a long, low, contented, dreamy, sexy, lustful "mmmmm!" that he thought seemed to last for several minutes.

"I've always LOVED peek-a-boo bras," she said, between his licks and nibbles, and between her moans and gyrating squirms on their mattress. "Don't you?"

He was relieved that she was not at all disappointed, with the outfit that he'd given her for her birthday last week. And watching her thrust her breasts into his mouth, and hearing her moan at his sucking, nibbling and licking, he had to agree with her assessment, that peekaboo bras really ARE pretty terrific.

As good as his kisses, licks, and nipples felt to her, and as horny as his attentions there were making her, now she wanted his attention on places other than just her breasts. In fact, her skimpy purple-satin outfit was making her feel SO powerfully sexy now, that tonight, she wanted his kisses, licks, and strokes on every INCH of her body.

But where to have him start first? "Of course!" she thought. When it wasn't in her pussy, his rock-solid COCK felt best to her when it was rubbing up and down the crack between her ass cheeks. So now she was willing to bet, that his LIPS and TONGUE would feel pretty terrific on her bare ass tonight, in PLACE of his usual thrusting and sliding cock there.

So now she lay down on her back on the bed, her chin hanging over the foot of the bed, her legs bent upward at her knees (so as not to hit the big wooden headboard of their queen-size bed), her legs crossed between her knees and her ankles, and her feet swinging slowly, arching and sweeping provocatively back and forth, in mid-air. As her shapely, dark legs rocked and swayed like this, the white lace back of her G-string panties, pushed ever-deeper up into the crack of her ass. Her sheer white "baby-doll" bed-jacket ended right at those tight, sexy little creases, where her cheeks curved so invitingly, down to meet her short, but slender, legs.

He stretched out, face-down, next to her. Then he sat up on his knees, and he propped himself up by his strong, muscular arms. Sitting up on all fours now, he admired how her back curved up into two shapely cheeks, then back down again to meet the tops of her legs.

Just looking at the curves of her ass, was REALLY turning him on now, and as she turned her neck to look back up at him, she could see his stiff purple cock, eagerly wagging up and down, like a puppy's tail. She DESPERATELY wanted that throbbing cock everywhere tonight: in her ass, up her pussy, down her throat. She knew that, by morning, she would have his warm, thick, tasty cream in ALL of those places.

She quickly returned from her daydreams, to the here and now, when he moved his head to his left. He began to kiss both ass cheeks, and his tongue circled all the way around her creases, at the base of both ass-cheeks. She began bucking her butt softly up off the bed into his face, and then softly back down again, so that her dampening, satin-covered pussy rested on the mattress.

Now his eagerly-flickering tongue licked up and down the white lace backing of her skimpy purple G-string, which was pulled up into the crease of her tight, sexy, shapely little ass. His licking made her buck up into his face more rapidly now, and each time her pussy slammed back down against the mattress, she felt more moisture begin to coat her inner walls. He replaced his tongue with his finger running up and down, inside the crack of her ass. Each time she bucked upward, he slid his finger around to her front, to push the tiny purple satin front of her microscopic G-string, ever-further up into her wet pussy slit. Finally, the fabric completely disappeared up inside of her, leaving him an unobstructed view of her sweet, tasty pussy between her wide-spread ass cheeks.

He simply couldn't resist showering passionate kisses and sexy licks all over her shapely ass and slippery slit. As her delicious pussy grew wetter and her sexy moans grew louder, his cock grew longer, thicker, and stiffer in response to her ever-increasing horniness.

His straining cock now desperately ached for relief. Now he lay down on top of her, his chest resting on her back, and his cock rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, pushing the narrow white band of ruffled lace (at the back of her G- string panties), deep up into her butt. He gently kissed her soft shoulder blades, producing a long, low, satisfied "Mmmm!" from deep in her throat. After a few minutes of gently rocking his hard purple cock up and down the crack of her ass, he let out a deep, manly groan, and she felt his come surge forcefully into her ass. His love juice thoroughly soaked the white lace of her G-string, which his pulsing cock had forcefully pushed deep into her ass. She basked in the feeling of his thick, hot cream, flowing deep into her ass, and dribbling down her inner thighs. She also felt the already very-moist inner walls of her pussy, becoming even damper with her own excitement now.

By now, all of his lusty attention to her curvaceous ass had made her so wet, that she REALLY wanted him to focus on her pussy. So she rolled over on her back, with her head and neck arched down and back, over the foot of their bed, and her shoulder-length dark hair cascading down around her face and her neck. She raised her knees, with her feet flat on the mattress, and she spread her dark, slender legs apart.

He admired her naked, open form for a few moments, before resuming their foreplay. Her new purple lingerie looked even better on her now, than he had imagined when he had been stroking himself, and waiting for her return from their walk-in closet. Her Mexican heritage gave her shapely legs a naturally-tanned look. His gaze moved up her slender legs, and he admired her lacy, ruffled, and transparent white "baby doll" bed jacket, which was opened on both side-flaps, exposing her full torso. The hem of this sheer, wispy white "baby doll" was aligned exactly even with the bottom of her purple satin panties, level with the delicate pedals of her womanhood, which he instinctively knew were already opening up just for him, just beneath her shimmering purple-satin G-string micro- panties.

She has a belly-dancer's tummy, maybe 10 pounds "overweight" compared to the American ideal of a skinny model, but in many cultures, and certainly in his eyes, her belly looks VERY sexy, when exposed under the white lace baby-doll. His gaze traveling further up, he admired how her hips curved inwardly, from her smooth thighs to her waist, and then delicately curved back wider and upward, to meet the curves of her breasts. He realized now that there is simply NO place on a man's body, with anywhere near the same enticing geometry. He admired the tiny pieces of purple satin, covering only a small part of her breasts, leaving the top and bottom curves of her firm, round globes completely visible. The white lace ribbons, at the center of each bra cup, really complemented her hard, dark, red-brown nipples, jutting toward him through her purple peekaboo bra. The soft skin of her long, delicate neck curved down over the foot of the bed, as her pretty face (framed in long, wavy, nearly-black hair) hung suspended in mid-air. That sexy purple outfit showed him so many places that he wanted to explore with his fingers, lips, tongue, and especially with his throbbing, engorged purple cock, and he hardly knew where to start.

He reached down, and he spread-open both sides of her ruffled white "baby doll" outer covering, now more-fully exposing her purple satin bra and G-string to his gaze, and more importantly, to his tongue.

He had already kissed, licked, and nibbled her hard nipples pretty extensively before, and while he wanted to play with them so more, her squirming hips, and the moist spot beginning to form on her purple panties, told him that he really needed to focus on her sweet pussy. He leaned down, and he planted a kiss right through the tiny purple satin triangle that formed the front of her G-string, kissing through the fabric, right over her pubic hair. To his surprise and great pleasure, just this kiss, on the lovely, gleaming purple satin fabric over her thick, brown, furry patch, started her moaning and quivering. He always enjoyed the encouragement of her moans, as they told him, unequivocally, that he was on the right track with pleasuring her.

Thus encouraged, he moved his kisses slowly down the smooth, shiny purple satin front of her G-string, until he was kissing directly over her swollen pussy lips. Even lightly pressing his lips there, the purple satin pushed deeply into her wide-open slit. He replaced his lips with his index finger, slowly rubbing his long finger, up and down the entire length of her pussy slit, pushing the purple satin deep into her juicy slit as he rubbed. As the purple satin of her G-string disappeared into her deepest recesses, the thick outer lips of her pussy began to peek out, along both sides of her purple panties. He now began licking the very outer-most edges of her pussy lips. She arched her back and her legs upward, lifting her ass off the mattress, and pressing her purple satin-covered pussy deeper up into his mouth. He darted his tongue against the purple satin, pushing it still deeper into her pussy, and exposing still more of her outer lips.

Now he began licking up and down on the tiny purple satin front of her G-string, only the thin layer of fabric separating his tongue from the dewy coating along her inner walls. Oh, how much he wanted to taste her now.

Drawing his head back up away from her, he could now see that her purple panties were completely soaked with her excitement. As he grabbed both sides of the thin waistband, and he slid her satin G-string down her beautiful legs, he could feel the wetness of her panties against his fingers. Once they were completely off of her, his tongue eagerly lapped up her dew, from the INSIDE of the purple fabric. Then he licked her sticky wetness off of his fingers. Watching him lick up her juices like that, made her squirm in anticipation, her hips rocking back and forth across the mattress, and her hips and legs pushing her pussy higher and higher off of their mattress. Each time that he licked her now-removed purple panties, and licked at his fingers, she squirmed more rapidly, and her moans grew louder, and longer in duration, waiting for that moment that she just KNEW would soon be COMING, when he would have HER coming, when his long, slurping tongue would be pressed, not into her tiny purple G-string, but directly against both her throbbing clitoris and her oozing G-spot, making both of those highly- sensitive erogenous zones COME at exactly the same time.

Her dewy purple panties smelled and tasted SO-O-O good to him, but now his tongue really craved the thicker, creamer juice that oozes from around her clit, when she thrashes, moans, and screams in full and glorious orgasm. As soon as his tongue touched her clit, she let out a very long, very loud moan, telling him that what he wanted (his tongue on her clit), was also what SHE was carving at that moment.

He thought about how wonderful it feels, when a married couple is so completely in tune with each other's needs and desires, as they were at that very moment. She was thinking pretty much the same thing, how fantastic it is to be so in tune with each other's pleasures, as she locked her legs around his neck and shoulders.

As his tongue licked on, over, across, and around her already-hard little love button, he slid a finger rapidly in and out of her wide-open pussy, each down stroke of his finger plunging all the way to her innermost reaches, and each up stroke pulling her gushing love juice out onto her outer pussy lips, onto her thick pubic hair, and onto her soft, smooth thighs.

Like a flower opening itself to the caress of the first morning rays of BLUISH- purple sunlight, each lick of his tongue, and each plunge of his finger, opened up new pedals in the flowery folds of her womanhood, exposing more and more of her pretty, reddish-pink interior, to his sight and his touch.

As he continued licking her clit, her side-to-side swaying, and her up-and-down bucking of her hips, grew more rapid and more vigorous, and he knew that she was OH so close to coming. So he began alternating between licking on her clit with his tongue, and gently nibbling (but not biting down hard) on her clit, with his teeth, all the while stroking her G-spot with his long, thin middle finger.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned, "You've got her, honey! You've got her!" As she thrashed under his tongue mastery, she couldn't help smiling at the pleasure he was giving her, and at the deep love for her that he was so tenderly but non-verbally expressing just then. "You've GOT her!"

He hungrily sucked her hard little clit, completely up into his mouth, slightly increasing the pressure of his nibbling, and circling his tongue all over her pleasure center. From deep in her throat, she let out a half-moan, half scream, as her thick juice welled up from around her clit, and just kept flowing. He eagerly lapped it up with his tongue, savoring the sweet taste, and the thick, smooth, creamy texture. Then, using his tongue like an oar through a lake, he paddled her love cream to the back of his mouth, and down his throat, gulping and swallowing, as her writhing hips and throbbing pussy spewed stream after warm stream of her gooey, sticky, contented release, past his lips, over his swirling tongue, and down his ecstatic throat.

Now it was his turn to let a long, low "mmmm," as he felt her very special juice coat deeper and deeper along the inside of his throat. As she flailed and thrashed wildly, up and down and side-to-side, he kept licking up her juices, and more kept flowing onto his tongue, and sweetly down his throat. He thought that it would never stop. But then again, right now, he WANTED her warm, tasty flow to never stop! She felt like she had never come for so long, nor had it feel so VERY good to her.

When she finally stopped squirming, thrashing, and shaking, he slid his way up the bed, his extremely-hard purple cock feeling so much pleasure, from the friction of the bed-sheet, rubbing against his manhood, as he slid up. He leaned his head FAR over the foot of their bed, to kiss her mouth, as her head still dangled beyond their bed. He slid his tongue deep into her throat, to show her how much he appreciated her coming in his mouth, and to give her a slight taste of her own fresh pussy-cream, so she could know first-hand, exactly WHY he was always so eager to taste her sweet-but-tangy love juices.

His tongue and teeth had made her feel so good, that she wanted only to please him now, no longer caring about any further pleasure of her own for the moment. She sat up, and she pushed him down flat on his back. She now fully removed her already-wide-open lacy white baby-doll, leaving only her purple satin peekaboo bra on her now (her soaking-wet, purple-satin, G-string panties had long since been removed, and had been unceremoniously hurled onto the carpeted floor of their bedroom, with a pool of her first orgasmic ooze still puddling-up inside of the panty lining). She leaned down over his chest, and she began kissing him, gently nibbling on his nipples, and then gradually increasing the pressure.

He raised his knees, and with his feet flat on their queen-size mattress, he began thrusting his waist up and down, his ass rocking off the mattress, and then slamming back down again. She watched, with gathering lust, as his quivering purple cock lifted high into the air, and then his ass slammed back down on the bed.

Each time that he laid back down, she rubbed his firm cock with her palm, and she glided her fingers up and down the full eight-inch length of his extremely-rigid purple cock, all the while her teeth not missing a beat in her nibbles on his hard little nipples.

When he began moaning, and repeatedly muttering, "Oh, honey, that feels so good. You're so good to me. So-o-o-o good! So-o-o-o good!" she knew that it was time to start trailing her kisses and licks downward, from his chest. As her kisses left his chest, and trailed toward his belly-button, his purple cock began throbbing seriously against her palm and fingers now, anticipating the arrival of her lips and tongue on his cock's wide purple head and desperately-pulsating shaft.

Still flat on his back, he felt her tongue licking across the very tip of his mushroom-shaped purple cock head. Then her tongue curled-up, and darted directly INTO the wide-open eye, at the tip of his cock. Next, she licked the underside of his cock head, and she began slow licks down his eight-inch length, and circling her tongue around his full two-inch diameter (nearly 6-1/2 lovely inches of circumference for her to eagerly swirl her tongue around, as she slowly bathed his beautiful manhood in her saliva).

He sat up to watch, as her tongue slowly and skillfully licked up and down the full 8-inch length of his shaft, and his cock slid sideways, back and forth across her lips and tongue, as if she were eating an ear of corn. Her long, dark hair flopped over her shoulders, cheeks, and eyes, as her head glided back and forth along the length of his throbbing cock.

When her tongue had licked all the way back up to the top of his shaft, she opened her mouth, to let his throbbing cock slowly slip in. As her head slid down, swallowing more and more of the length of his cock, her tongue continued to circle around his magnificent 6-1/2 inch circumference that was now stuffing her mouth so completely full.

Now thrusting his hips and his powerful, muscular thighs up and down, and still sitting up, he watched as his hard, pulsing cock disappeared all the way down her throat, his balls to her lips. Then his steel-hard manhood slid back out again, exposing his thick, smooth shaft, all the way up to the head. Each time that he thrust upward, her head glided downward, speeding-up the pace of his in-and-out thrusts, against her swirling tongue, and against the back of her throat. As he continued to thrust powerfully in and out of her mouth, and as she continued to circle her tongue all around his shaft, even when it was shoved ALL the way down into her mouth, he grabbed the back of her head. This allowed him not only to push her hungry mouth further down his thick, horny cock, but also to affectionately stroke her soft, silky-smooth hair. His other hand rubbed and massaged her bare back, then glided down to rub, squeeze, and pinch her smooth, round ass cheeks.

As his thighs powerfully pushed his shaft up into her mouth, she licked the eye at the very tip of his cock, before letting him pass back down her throat. He pulled himself most of the way out of her mouth again, then when she licked his cock's wide-open eye once more, he let himself thrust upward into her mouth one final time, while his hand pulled her head even-further down onto him, and he began to come, thick and fast. She quickly pulled her head away, and she let him slide completely out of her mouth. She watched, fascinated, as thick, creamy white globs of his come shot forcefully, one glob after another, out of his cock, landing with a rapid succession of soft plops onto his belly, and streaming up into his belly button.

After the final white glob shot through the air and down onto his skin, she eagerly began licking the mess off of him. "Do you think he has enough of that left to give HER some?" she asked between licks, her fingers starting to playfully rub the outside of the still soaking-wet pussy that she affectionately called "her". After two orgasms in one evening, he wasn't sure if he DID have anything left to give HER. For now, he just lay back, content to watch her fingers run up, down, around, and all over her still-dripping pussy as she squirmed and trembled with desired, moaning loudly and lustfully.

He really enjoyed watching her play with herself, her finger sliding in and out of her depths, and her thumb pressing, rubbing, and stroking her own still- swollen clit. As he watched, soon enough, his cock gave her the answer that she had hoped for, to her question about whether he had any more to give HER. They both watched, as his cock QUICKLY grew hard again, throbbingly arising back to its full 8 inches, turning colors like a chameleon, back from pink to its excited and engorged purple color once more, and pulsating rapidly up into the air, and back down onto his belly.

She smiled and licked her lips hungrily, knowing that he was about to reward her wide-open, very-moist pussy, with the well-deserved deep and thorough fucking that it now so desperately craved.

He rolled her over onto her back, propping her neck up on a pillow. She raised her knees into the air, spreading her legs wide apart. He lay down on top of her, his legs between hers, kissing and nibbling her nipples, which were still protruding through her purple satin peekaboo bra. He wrapped a hand around his wildly-throbbing purple cock, and she also wrapped a hand around its two-inch girth. Together, they guided its full eight inch length, all the way into her sopping-wet love tunnel. Using all of the strength that he had, in his hips and his thighs, he thrust himself deeply, powerfully, and lovingly all the way into her. Then he paused, letting her get used to feeling herself completely filled-up by him. Then pulling almost all the way out again, only to plunge powerfully back into her again.

Knowing how much he likes the feeling, she wrapped her dark, slender legs around his waist, resting her bare feet on his ass cheeks, and rubbing her feet all over his butt, as she gyrated and moaned, in her desperate need to feel his pounding and thrusting. The wonderfully-loving feeling of her feet on his ass cheeks, only seemed to increase the speed and force of his deep, powerful, thrusts in and out, as he lovingly pumped her hungry pussy.

"Oh, she's SSSS-O-O-O-O hungry for you," she purred, as he continued his thrusting.

When he shifted his weight up a little, so that each in-and-out stroke rubbed against her hard, pulsing clit, she turned her mouth to his ear, and she nearly screamed "YES!", so loudly that he feared he might go deaf.

He could tell that she was enjoying this SO much, that now he decided to slow his thrusting pace considerably, teasing her, prolonging their pleasure, and postponing their climaxes, for as long as possible.

Now he pushed just one inch into her, then withdrawing, pulling back his cock head firmly and deliberately, against her throbbing clit, as he withdrew. Then he pushed TWO inches into her, and he again rubbed strongly against her clit as he withdrew. Third thrust, three inches in, then again withdrawing over her hot, tender, aching clit. And so on, until, by the fifth thrust and the fifth inch of him, she was shaking, moaning, and screaming, BEGGING him to thrust all the way into her now. But he just continued to IGNORE her pleas, and to tease her unmercifully with his thrusts and withdrawals. Finally, his eighth thrust sent the full 8 inches of his hard, purple, engorged cock into her, his big, come- filled balls pressing and knocking against her wide-stretched pussy lips. Then he withdrew his 8 solid, loving inches back, pausing dramatically, letting her moan, writhe, twitch, cry, and beg for him, drawing out their mutual horniness as long as he could, until neither one could stand to hold-off their explosions even one second longer. And that is when he FINALLY thrust in HARD, rubbing his entire shaft tightly against her by-now-desperate, ready-to-burst, throbbingly-hard clit.

All through his slow series of increasingly-deep descents, she kept pressing her feet harder against his ass, in her desperate but futile attempt to pull him down and push him up, faster and harder. All this while, she repeatedly moaned for him to "Give it to me! Give it to me! Push it in me all the way! Mmmmm, yes!"

She finally became so excited that, by his eighth and deepest thrust, she simply COULDN'T bring herself to talk any more, through all her panting, moaning, shaking, gyrating, and throbbing. She wanted to SHOUT out to the whole world, how TERRIFIC his cock felt, slowly plunging deeper and deeper into her, and rubbing SO hard against her clit on each up-stroke. But the only sounds she could get her mouth to make now, were heavy breathing, and rapid panting. Still, she felt certain that even this most-primitive form of grunting verbal communication was enough, to tell him that he was doing EVERYTHING right. And just in case her heavy breathing and rapid panting didn't give him the message, about how VERY turned on he was making her, there was the fact that her inner walls were all slicked-up with lust for him--her interior was SO slippery by now, that he MUST have felt her dew coating his thick shaft ever-more-heavily with his every thrust. The final clue to her extremely-high state of arousal, was the very loud series of squishes and smacks of desire, which were emanating from deep within the inner-most recesses of her femininity.

His thrusting was making HIM every bit as excited as SHE was, so that soon enough, the only sounds which HE could manage, were also heavy breathing and loud panting. This sweaty communication, primitive though it might have seemed, was nevertheless HIGHLY effective in letting each partner know, what a GEAT job their slamming thighs were now doing on each other.

Suddenly, as he kept thrusting, her pussy began squeezing his cock on each plunge, contracting her pussy muscles so VERY tightly, then releasing, contracting, then releasing. Her squeezing his cock so hard, and her refusal to let him go, wanting him to stay buried as DEEPLY inside of her as possible, was very flattering to him. Her appreciation of his powerfully-loving thrusts, was making him feel SO good that, even though he still could not talk in his overly- excited state, out of nowhere, he WAS suddenly able to let out a long, low moan. Although the suddenness and loudness of his moan surprised them both, they both knew what this moan MEANT: that he was about to COME, deeply and forcefully, in her tight, hungry, drenched little pussy. And they were both equally certain, that his explosion would trigger her own violent, quaking orgasm. He just couldn't WAIT to feel her thick come coating his cock, any more than she could wait for his warm, thick, creamy spunk to coat her inner walls, with one explosion after another.

She pressed her mouth up against his, and each slid their tongues playfully, but passionately, into the other's mouth, as she squeezed her wide-open legs and her raised knees, tightly against his waist. With her legs squeezing his waist, and her feet pressed down firmly on his ass, this made him completely her prisoner. He thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of surrendering himself COMPLETELY to her control now. Her feet pulled him all the way down, into her soaking-wet pussy, for one last, final thrust. Then, with one long, continuous moan, he emptied all of his passionate love, deep inside of her. Just as she felt his warm, thick, liquid lust, squirting deeply inside of her, her slickly-coated inner walls once more squeezed hard against his cock. Just then, he felt her release her own hot, thick, creamy love juice, all over his deeply-buried shaft.

As they lay in bed, she was still in control of him, despite him being on top. With their arms and legs tightly wrapped around each other, and with their final orgasmic spurts still OOZING out of their organs, they both turned to look at the time on their alarm clock. It was now precisely midnight. She kissed him one final time, and she cooed "Happy birthday, my love. Did you LIKE your present, of a hot birthday FUCK? Was I RIGHT to pick a fight with you last night, JUST so we could be even MORE passionate than usual this morning? Was I RIGHT to start your birthday this morning, with the hottest make-up sex EVER?"

Realizing now that their argument had been staged, he somehow didn't mind at all! He realized WHY he didn't mind being HAD, when he looked down at her long, wide, hard, rubbery nipples, still forcefully jutting through the peekaboo holes in her purple satin bra, so big and hard that they barely fit through the openings. He watched his come and her pussy juice still streaming out of her wide-open love tunnel and down her dark, creamy thighs. Then he glanced down at the floor, at the drying globs of lusty pussy-juice, still thickly lining the inside of her hastily-discarded purple G-string.

"You should wear that outfit more often, my darling," was the only reply he could think of, as he returned her warm. loving, passionate French kisses. "purple is DEFINITELY your color!"

She thought back to her fixed gaze on the purple head of his throbbing eight inches, when she had first emerged from their walk-in closet. She thought about his engorged purple cock, teasing and thrusting against, and into, her sopping pussy, only moments before. Now she smiled contentedly, and she licked her lips in satisfaction, at the thought of her purple lingerie, and at her realization of the effect that her purple outfit had caused, on his lovely, long, and thick, thrusting and throbbing, purple cock. Yes, she had to agree, purple was DEFINITELY her favorite color.


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