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Literotica Reunion Chapter II
by Sabrina

Laurel stood there, holding Manu, as the sun shone down on her wet glistening body. The pool hose lay on the ground, creating a steady stream that flowed across the patio, forming small puddles here and there. Laurel felt the spray trickle under her bare feet, tickling her toes.

"Hey, I see you've started without me! Well, I can see that this is going to be quite a weekend!"

Laurel turned. A blonde female stood there, suitcase in hand. "Would one of you mind turning off the hose? It's getting my shoes wet." Laurel watched as Manu rushed to turn off the hose. "And can you also take my suitcase? It weighs a ton!"

"Oh, um, I'll take it," Laurel reached out.

"No, I'll take it!" Manu lightly pushed Laurel away. The female handed him the case.

"Must be nice to have such a big strong man around you," she smiled.

"Yes, it is." Laurel folded her arms. She felt a slight twinge of jealousy of the way Manu was falling over the visitor. "Why did you bring so much stuff? You're only staying here the weekend."

"Well, I thought, if I enjoyed it, I might just stay a little bit longer than the other guests," the visitor smiled, pleasantly. "If it's okay with you of course, Manu?"

"Of course!" he said, a little too enthusiastically for Laurel, who shot him a disapproving look. "I mean, if it's okay with Laurel.."

"It's fine with me." Laurel returned the pleasant smile. But she hoped the girl wouldn't. Even though Laurel knew she was going to enjoy this weekend with the Literotica members, she was thankful that after it all, she would have Manu to herself. The prospect of sharing him with this stranger didn't fill her with delight.

They stood there, uncomfortably. Manu switched the case to his other hand, trying to pretend it wasn't at all heavy.

"So, if you guys standing round naked in your garden all day is normal, then I can't wait for the real action to start," the girl laughed.

"No, we were - " Manu cleared his throat. Laurel blushed as she realised she was still naked with this stranger in front of them. But she didn't have to worry much , for the stranger's eyes were else where.

"Are there any others with you?" Laurel tried to break the silence.

"What did you say?" the girl lifted her eyes from Manu's crotch.

"I said, are there any others with you?" Laurel repeated herself, irritated.

"Oh, yes, um, I was with Hswriter and Eve. Hey guys!" she yelled over her shoulder. Laurel peered past the girl to see Hswriter and Eve. They were embracing each other by the back door. The first girl rolled her eyes. "They've been all over each other the whole way. Thank god there are more people here, it's time to get some action!" She linked arms with Manu.

Laurel walked over to the couple. "So, did you have a good journey?"

"Mmm.." Hswriter murmured, with his hands pulling down Eve's top.

"Um, if you can keep your hands off each other for just a moment, come and meet Manu," Laurel offered. Holding hands, the couple walked with Laurel to see Manu and the other girl.

"OK, this is Manu, who I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of this weekend," Laurel pointed to her computer partner. She looked over at Manu who was still mentally undressing the first female. "Stop it," she nudged him. That was typical of men. Couldn't he wait till their party got started? The girl would be undressed soon enough.

"And, Manu, this is Hswriter and Eve."

"Nice to meet you," Manu said, his attention focused on his prize. Laurel rolled her eye for at least the second time in as many minutes. She turned back to the couple, who were now both naked from the waist up.

Hswriter slowly pushed his tongue into Eve's mouth. They stood there, stuck together. He laid his hand on her chest, smoothly stroking her skin. His tongue moved to her breasts and she gasped as he gently licked them red. Her wandering hands found their goal and she deftly unzipped his trousers. He leant forward. She smiled as she felt the soft material of the skirt caress her legs as he pulled it down. She stepped out of it and looked at him challengingly. Smiling, he undressed too, and soon both of them stood there in the sun.

Laurel bit her lip. She concentrated hard to try and stop her hand wandering to her crotch but unfortunately the only thing to concentrate on was them.

"Do - do you want me to put your clothes somewhere?" her voice came out weaker than she'd wanted it to.

She frowned as they didn't hear her. God, she felt so hot. Standing there outside naked, with her body still damp from the pool hose frolic, yet she felt hot. She wished she'd had some clothes on so she could rip them off. Not taking her eyes off the two who were holding each other, Laurel dipped her hand into the pool water. I'll just splash myself with a bit of cool water, she thought. Starting with where she felt hot the most.

God, she was still so hot. She ran her hand lightly across her pussy, wincing with pleasure as she felt the cold drops fall onto it. She tapped her clit with her middle finger. She really ought to be checking up on other guests, she really ought to be phoning them up or reading more emails, she really ought to be doing all that. But her eyes kept wandering back to Hswriter and Eve as she stroked her engorged clit. She watched as Eve took the man's penis and gently pulled it towards her. Hswriter pushed into her, causing them both to gasp with the sudden pleasure. She pulled him in tightly and soon all of him was in her. Laurel sank down further, her hand working away.

As they started to quicken up, his penis thrusting inside of Eve, Laurel's fingers doubled their speed. She watched as they both came feeling the immense pleasure. They fell onto the floor, panting, gasping for breath. Laurel held her breath as she felt herself coming too. The guests, she thought. Screw the guests. She felt herself contracting as the orgasm flooded over her. Then she slithered off the bench onto the ground.

"Well, that was fun!" Hswriter said, helping Eve up. Laurel smiled. She turned to see if Manu had been watching. No one was there.

"Where did Manu go?" she wondered. Then she laughed. The same place as that other girl. God, he hadn't wasted much time.

"Where are the other guests?" Hswriter asked, wiping his forehead.

Laurel frowned. "What other guests? You two and that other girl are the first to arrive!"

"I thought we saw someone go in through your front door." Eve turned on the hose and showered herself. She passed it to Hswriter who held it above them both.

"I'm pretty sure Manu locked the front door. He always does." Laurel thought hard. "And anyway, none of the guests were supposed to arrive before midday. You lot were early."

"Well I guess we could have been mistaken," Hswriter admitted. "We two were pretty busy at the time." They smiled at each other.

"Maybe I should go and find Manu," Laurel took the hose and turned it off. She looked round the garden.

"Oh I could think of more important things to ask him," Eve smiled.

"Yes, I'm sure you could." Laurel sighed. Yet another one to share Manu with. She should have thought about that a bit more before she invited so many female members.

"Well, I need to go and get a towel. I'll see if Manu knows where some are," she winked at Laurel.

"Wait, they're in the - " Laurel called after her.

"I said, I'LL ASK MANU!" Eve yelled back.

Laurel laughed nervously. Just her and this new guest standing naked all alone. She noticed his penis was back up in its full glory.

"So, what shall we do now?"

"You looked pretty lonely then," Hswriter took her arm. "Why don't we go and have a little fun ourselves?"

"Nothing wrong with that," Laurel smiled and let Hswriter lead her into the house. They walked through the kitchen and down the hall.

"Let's find somewhere that's quiet and dark," Hswriter told her.

"This'll do," Laurel opened the door to the small hall cupboard. Gently they crawled into the small space which stocked the spare pillows and mattresses. She heard him shut the door, erasing any tiny crack of light. She fell back on the soft comfy mattresses. He carefully manoeuvred onto her, giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

"You're beautiful," he whispered into her ear.

"You can't see me here in the dark," Laurel giggled back.

"So?" they cuddled, and she wrapped her legs around him.

Suddenly Hswriter froze. "Did you hear that?" he asked. Laurel moved her hand behind her and shrieked when she felt someone. Quickly she fumbled for the light. The sudden burst of light caused them all to blink but slowly as her eyes re-focused, Laurel looked behind her. They both gasped.

"When did you arrive?" she asked.

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