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Literotica Reunion Chapter II
by HSWriter

He was to be the first one there. That was his plan. He hadn't far to go. Laurel and Manu's beach house was but miles from the UCLA campus. A short, trafficless drive left Joel, otherwise known to all of those at Literotica as HSWriter, standing in front of the gorgeous beach house on the coast. He was taken back immediately by the splendor of the surroundings. The sun had peaked over the horizon not long ago, and it now hung half way up the sky. It had been a warm morning.

Joel turned slowly from admiring the beauty of it all and he popped the trunk of his 2000 Chevy Blazer. From the trunk, he removed a small bag filled with a few garments. He hadn't brought much, because as Laurel had uttered to him on the phone: most of the weekend would probably be spent in the nude. Just the thought of the coming events of the weekend made Joel's youthful prick rise to the occasion. His endowment went as far as eight full inches, and he intended on using it.

He took a deep breath, unaware of what was to come. But, he couldn't turn back now, for the sake of his sexual sanity, he had to go in. He walked confidently to the front door. He knocked twice. After a moment, there was still no answer. He wondered if he had knocked hard enough. He knocked again, this time harder. Still, there was no answer. "I wonder..." he thought. "Laurel told me that they would definitely be home all day." He figured that they might be at the other end of the house, so he decided to take a look around back. As he made his way to the back of the house, he looked out across the blue ocean. The scene was gorgeous. From behind the house, though, the peacefulness of the scene was broken by a loud, sensual moaning.

Joel didn't know what to make of the noise. He inched his way to the corner of the house and peeked around. What he saw behind the house gave him some relief and some arousal at the same time. There, in front of him, was exactly how he had pictured Laurel and Manu. There, against the house, Manu had Laurel pinned, and he was pumping his cock deep inside her pussy. Joel's cock began to rise slowly. Both Manu and Laurel gasped as they climaxed. Joel saw this as an opportunity.

"I see you've started without me! Well, I can see that this is going to be quite a weekend." Joel exclaimed.

Both Manu and Laurel shot him a glance as Manu pulled out. Laurel smiled devilishly. She knew who he was, she recognized that deep, sensitive voice that she had heard on the phone only a few days earlier.

"Hello there." She greeted him seductively. "HSWriter."

Joel smiled. "Hello. And call me Joel."

"Ok then, Joel." Laurel acknowledged as she approached him, her hard body glistening with the water from the hose. Manu waved to him shyly and silently went back to his watering in the nude. Laurel grabbed Joel's hand and turned to lead him into the house. Her small hand fit nicely into his. At 6'5", Joel towered over her. As Laurel lead him to the house, she raised his hand to her shoulder. This brought them close. Joel felt Laurel's firm, round ass against his pelvic area. Laurel could feel Joel's semi-hard cock pressing against her bottom. When they reached the interior of the house, Laurel broke the bond between there hands and went to the kitchen area.

"Would you like a drink?" Laurel asked.

"Sure." Joel replied.

"What suits your fancy?" She asked seductively.

"Anything." Joel replied with a smile. Laurel handed him a drink. "Thank you."

"I have something for you." Laurel said, walking past him. As she walked past him, he got a good look at her gorgeous body. She was everything that he had ever imagined and more. "Manu and I thought that we should get all of our beloved writers a little gift." Laurel continued, rummaging through a large coat closet. She was bent over, giving Joel a clear look at her lucious ass.

"I don't really know if you can call me a 'beloved writer'." Joel said, continuing to drink and admire her assets. "I've only been writing for Literotica for a little while."

"I know that." Laurel remarked, emerging from the closet with a gold box in hand. She handed it to Joel. She then sat down across from him at the small kitchen table. Joel opened the box slowly. To his surprise, he found a sleek, gold silk robe. On the left breast the word "HSWriter" had been identified. "We bought one of these for everyone. It serves the purpose of identification in some way. And we thought, there may be some times where someone may not want to be naked. So, the rule is, no one is allowed to wear anything but their robe."

"Nothing else?" Joel affirmed.

"Nothing." Laurel replied.

"Hmm." Joel smiled. "Where can I change?"

Laurel pointed down the long hallway. "In the bedroom. Second door on the right, just past the office."

"Thanks." Joel replied as he stood and walked down the hallway. As he walked away, Laurel admired his young body from behind. She smiled to herself.

Joel made his way down the hall, but he stopped as he passed the office. He peered in. He stood there in wonder. Here, right in front of him, was where it all happened. In this small room was where Literotica had started, and where it had become what it is today, the best site of it's kind. In the world of erotic Literature, this roomed seemed to have some supernatural aura. Joel smiled to himself as he kept going, entering the bedroom. He closed the door half way behind him. He laid his bag down on the bed next to his robe and began to strip. Outside, he heard a knock at the front door. He heard Laurel answer it. The person at the door entered, and he heard Laurel begin a conversation. He couldn't make out the voice of the person who had entered, but he concluded that it was a female. Her voice sounded sweet. She sounded like a young girl. All the better, Joel thought.

"Just down the hall, second door on the right..." He heard Laurel say.

By now, Joel had stripped away all of his clothing and he had dawned the robe. He was anxious to see who the visitor was. He walked to the door and peeked out into the hall. There, in front of him, was one of the most beautiful young creatures he had ever seen. She was short, petite, but she was none the more gorgeous because of it. She had shoulder length black hair and a perfect face. Her body was angelic. Her breasts were youthful and firm. He would have guessed about a 34B. He stomach was firm and her hips were nicely rounded. Her legs were muscular and sleek. He looked her over, then she saw him. She gave him a deep sexual look. Her deep green eyes embraced him. She stopped as she came to him.

"Hi there." She said, her voice full of sensuality and lust.

"Hi." Joel replied, half stuttering. She walked passed him, brushing him gently. She smelled of sweet flowers and her touch was as soft as silk, and just as smooth. As she walked toward the bed, she turned her head back to look at him.

"Would you like to help me undress?" She pleaded.

'Might as well start the weekend off with a bang' Joel thought to himself, nodding and approaching her. She turned away from him and dropped the golden box which she had been carrying. Joel took her from behind, placing his hands around her waist and pulling her close. She arched her back as their bodies collided, two sensual masses in a state of sexual heat. She felt his firm cock beginning to reach it's full hardness.

His hands moved beneath her shirt, pulling it slowly up over her head. Her full breasts were now exposed. He was surprised to find them braless. They were incredibly perky. When her shirt was completely off, she turned her face to his. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Fireworks exploded around them. Their tongues entwined in a state of complete bliss. Joel's hands slowly knead her youthful breasts, pinching her rock hard nipple intermittently. They continued kissing as his hands moved down to her stomach. She had been wearing black spandex pants. He slid his hands beneath the elastic edge of her pants and discovered her to be pantyless as well as braless. His right hand pushed down between her legs. He warm cunt lips were moist and her pubic area lacked hair. She was freshly shaven. He slowly ran his finger across her hot slit, forcing a moan from deep inside her chest. He then bent down, pushing the black spandex pants to her ankles. He was now face-to-face with her luscious young ass. He nuzzled his nose between her cheeks. He then proceeded to lightly begin to lick her tight little asshole. This was driving her senses wild. She moaned aloud.

"Oh god." She moaned, looking down at him, staring right into his dark brown eyes.

Words would have been useless. Her eyes told the story. He knew what she wanted, and he would not deny her of her wants for any longer. He stood up and turned her around. He kissed her deeply on the lips, his tongue darting deep into her mouth, as he pushed her down softly on the bed. She laid back and spread her firm legs, giving him full access to her womanhood. He stepped back and removed his robe, freeing his painfully hard cock. He then stepped forward again and mounted her, his cockhead slowly entering her pussy lips. His cock then slid all the way in, penetrating the river of juice inside her. She gasped loudly as her vagina filled all the way with his erect cock. She gripped his firm ass, pulling him closer until every inch of his manhood had sunk deep into her womb. He moaned as his cock bathed in her hot juices.

He placed his arm around the small of her back and brought her chest to his mouth as he began to slowly, methodically pump his cock into her cunt. He took one nipple into his mouth, sucking gently, nibbling at it with his teeth until he released it with a wet 'pop'. He then moved his soft lips to her other nipple and treated it with the same softness and care. She moaned loudly, her moans now growing to screams as she felt the world spinning beneath her. Joel moved his hand down to where they were connected in sexual bliss and found her clit with his finger. He rubbed it gently in circles. She saw stars, heavenly stars as her body erupted in an orgasm which rivaled the highest peak on the highest mountain. Her pleasure was enough to set him into his own orgasm. His testicles boiled and his cock filled with his seed as he exploded inside her, filling her cunt with his juices of love.

He leaned back, panting, exhausted. A solo drop of sweat dripped from his chin and landed on her chest. He looked directly into her eyes. He didn't dare ask of the quality of his performance, the look of passion and lust in her eyes gave him that feeling of acceptance which he had yearned for. He kissed her again, passionately, but not powerfully like before, this kiss was soft and gentle.

"Ohhhh." They heard a gasp from behind them. They both turned to see Laurel, standing against the door frame, working her clit with her finger. Her eyes were closed as she brought herself to a powerful orgasm. Her juices ran down her legs like a river. She opened her eyes to see the two entwined bodies on the bed in front of her. The two exhausted souls were now staring right at her. She blushed slightly...

Chapter Three by Laurel
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