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Literotica Reunion Chapter IV
by deborah

The pounding on the door became intense as Mrhappy went to see who the new arrivals were. As he opened the door he was pushed aside by the rush of bodies stampeding inside. It was everyone!

Introductions were made all around as those who had already arrived met those who just arrived. Only two were missing as warm hugs, little smooches and handshakes were exchanged. SpecialK and Manu were missing.

"Where is SpecialK?" asked BluesmanII.

Just then SpecialK emerged shyly out of the bathroom, her gold robe closed up to the neck and the sash firmly tied. Upon seeing the fanatic horny look on the faces of the new arrivals, her eyes popped open as wide as saucers and she contemplated returning back to the bathroom and locking the door for the duration of her stay.

"Don't be shy, girl!" Nurse demanded as she tore SpecialK's robe from her body. "I see naked bodies all the time. The job, ya know."

The men gasped as they gazed upon SpecialK's body. She rather enjoyed the special attention and soon got over her shyness.

Deborah, Helle and Nurse snuck off to find Manu as SpecialK distracted the others and Crystal and Butterfly began to entertain all with tales of their incredibly eventful journeys to nirvana, the Literotica Reunion.

"Yeow!" cried Manu.

"Dammit, Deborah, don't bite me when I'm talking on the phone. And Helle, get your tongue out of my ass. You're tickling me."

"Who are you talking to, Manu?" Helle asked.

"I'm talking to XXplorher," Manu replied hesitantly.

"What the fuck are you talking to him for?" Helle spat out.

"It's business. We need some big bucks to keep Literotica up and running. Now you girls go and get your bikinis on and get your sweet asses down to the beach. And tell the other girls to do the same. I want to get some pictures."

"But Manu," interrupted Nurse, who had been assisting Deborah, who simply had to talk at times, "your balls are blue!"

"Get lost girls or I'll summon Dixon and tell him to stick his monster dick up your ass."

"Oh, no!" the three girls screamed in unison and ran off.

Manu finished his telephone conversation with XXplorher. "Let me get this straight, XX, you want me to get pictures of all the Literotica Reunion goings on? And you'll pay me $100,000? You are publishing your new tabloid and the cover story will be the Reunion?"

"Yeah, Manu," XXplorher responded. "Did you see the December 21 issue of 'THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER' by chance? And the headline 'Wild Women of the Century' all about their scandals, secrets and affairs and how they broke all the rules? Well, my tabloid is 'The International INquireHER' and my cover story is 'Wild Women of the Literotica Reunion and the Men They Loved, and Loved, and Loved ..."

"Ok, XX, I'm off to do the pictures. I'll use my camcorder and then convert them to stills with my Snappy or Dazzle."

"One more thing, Manu," XX asked with envy in his voice. "Do the girls miss me? Do they talk about me with longing in their voices?"

Manu crossed his fingers and answered, "You got that right, dude." He said goodbye, got his camcorder and went looking for the bikini babes.

When Nurse, Deborah and Helle went to round up the other girls, they found Crystal and Butterfly engaged in a heated conversation.

"Look at this, girls," Crystal whined indignantly. "The guys want us to sign this thing called a Pre-Sexual Agreement. They want to cover their ass but yet uncover ours." "Just sign the damned thing!" demanded Butterfly. "I'm horny."

"Well, what does it say?" asked Nurse.

Crystal explained. "It starts like this. 'I, the undersigned, hereby voluntarily agree to participate in the Literotica Reunion at my own risk. In no event will I initiate or participate in any sexual harassment or similar action against any of the men involved.' Is that bullshit or what?"

"Then it goes on with, 'Furthermore, in consideration of the fact that matters might get of control, I agree to:

*** Take my birth control pills and use a condom when appropriate.

*** Not get pregnant, but if I do, arrange for an abortion or waive all rights to child support.

*** Pledge not to disclose any details of this agreement or activities related to its implementation to wives or significant others.

*** Waive all rights to my panties and other certain articles of clothing if they are removed seductively by someone other than myself.

*** Promise not to fake orgasm.'

Crystal paused and said, "and blah, blah and blah this thing goes on."

Butterfly then urged Helle, "Helle please go negotiate with these dudes. I'm horny!"

Helle grabbed the document and stomped off into the other room to talk to the boys. She hadn't yet changed into her bikini and was wearing a short skirt and silk blouse with no bra.

"Look guys," Helle said emphatically. "I said look guys!" as she unbuttoned her blouse and displayed those 38 D's. She lifted up her skirt and lowered her panties. "Do you guys want some of this stuff or not? The only thing we are signing is our panties if you remove them with your teeth. Are you cool with that?"

Michael, HSwriter, Shintani, BluesmanII and Fallen Angel were all speechless. They nodded in the affirmative as drool rolled down their chins.

While this was going on Mrhappy entered the bathroom in the main house. Laurel, Eve, Sabrina and SpecialK were all in the shower making each other all soapy.

"I have to pee!" Mrhappy announced.

"Not in here!" Laurel screamed in her most authoritative voice. "Go outside. You know, the other house, the double-decker (see Hexmas cards). Boys get the top floor. I don't want you peeing in here and hitting the ceiling. I heard about what that damn Viagra does to you."

Five minutes later a tremendous crash was heard. Mrhappy had fallen through the second story floor. Unfortunately he fell directly on his very stiff penis. All the girls came running out except Nurse. She was taking care of Manu's blue balls.

When Sabrina saw what had happened to Mrhappy, she exclaimed in alarm, "Look, it's all swollen and bent cuz he fell right on it. What should we do?

"Ok," Laurel said, "we got to put it in a splint until the swelling goes down and to straighten it out. Eve, you measure it."

"No way! Crystal, you measure it," insisted Eve.

"Sure. But what should I use to measure it with?"

"You could put it inside you and get a rough idea," cracked Helle with a smirk.

"No! No!" screamed Mrhappy. "No sexual intercourse. It hurts too bad."

"We better call Nurse," suggested Eve.

Butterfly pulled out her cell phone and dialed Nurse. At first all she heard was mumbling and slurping sounds. Butterfly described the problem and asked for medical advice. "Do what? And what? Oh my."

"All you have to leave," demanded Butterfly. "I'd rather you didn't watch while I perform the treatment. It could be painful. But I do need Crystal to help me hold him down. You stay Crystal, and sit on his face."

All the others went off and changed into their bikinis and went for a swim. Of course Manu was right there with the camcorder getting as close to the snatch as he could. An hour later Butterfly, Crystal and Mrhappy showed up.

"Did the swelling go down, Mrhappy?" asked SpecialK.

"For now," he replied with a happy face and big wink at Butterfly and Crystal.

Deborah then asked Helle, "Do you think my ass is fat? SpellCheck said I have a big fat butt."

"Well, you could use a jog on the beach or something," Helle responded with a cackle.

Deborah looked Helle and Eve over from toe to head and squeezed their well-toned butts. "You two are as tall or taller than me and really have tight asses. What's your secret? Did you see the hoop Manu put up in the backyard? Let's challenge these dudes to a game."

"Yeah, good idea," Eve agreed. "Hey, you guys want to ball, 'er I mean play basketball? Guys versus girls."

"Depends on what we are playing for," responded Michael.

"Eve looked at the guys and asked so innocently, "What would you dudes really like?"

"A blow job!" the guys cried in unison.

"Ok," asked Helle, "What do we get if we win?" An argument immediately commenced between the girls. Helle finally ended it with, "Since we each want something a little different, we'll just write it down on a piece of paper." The guys agreed to this arrangement.

"Let's go play!" Helle said as she reached behind herself, undid her top and let it fall off. We'll be the skins and you guys are the shirts." The other girls did likewise.

It was decided HSwriter, Michael, Fallen Angel, Shintani and BluesmanII would play for the guys. Mrhappy said he was too weak to play but would do his Phil Jackson imitation and coach the men. Manu would tape the event. Eve, Helle, Deborah, Crystal and Sabrina would play for the girls. Adolfa, 'er Laurel, would coach the ladies. SpecialK, Butterfly, and Nurse would be the cheerleaders.

"What cheers should we do?" asked Nurse.

"Do it like they do it at the University of South Carolina," Helle suggested. "You know, the Fighting Gamecocks. The cheerleaders jump up and down screaming 'Go cocks go!' and such."

"I even have some pompoms," Laurel added and ran in the house and got them quickly. When she returned she was dressed in leather, spiked heels and was swinging a 'cat-o-nine-tails'.

Dixon showed up and agreed to referee. He promised he would be impartial and then Helle let go of his crotch. "Shit, I just wanted to see if it really is that big," Helle explained. "Can't tell for sure. I'll find out later."

They all agreed they would play to 21 and you had to win by two.

Laurel gave the gals a fire and brimstone pre-game pep talk. "I want you girls to kick ass. Wear them out. Some of these guys are older than dirt. You know, over thirty."

"I like older guys!" interjected Helle.

"Me, too," added Deborah. "Sean Connery. Dustin Hoffman. Warren Beatty ... hey, if Madonna dug him that's good enough for me. Al Pacino. Jack Nicholson ... hey, if Lara Flynn Boyle digs him that's good enough for me. Did you ever see that movie 'The Fortune' with Nicholson and Beatty? The critics thought it sucked but I liked it. Oh my, that scene where Jack is telling Warren about when he was a kid and once a month his mother sent him to the store to buy what she called mouse beds. And then Jack describes them and ... "

Laurel interrupted, "Would you shut the fuck up you crazy bitch? I said wear them out. Physically and mentally. Shake those booties and boobies. Totally distract them. I want you cheerleaders really screaming 'Go cocks go!' at the top of your lungs when the guys have the ball. And I want to see these dudes dribbling even when they don't have the ball. Now let's go do them good!!!"

Mrhappy gave the boys his pre-game talk. "I don't give a shit whether you guys win or not. My dick is so sore I could care less if I get another hard on in the next week. That Butterfly and Crystal are piranha. I'll be taking a nap over there and don't fucking bother me."

Only two minutes of play elapsed before the guys were losing and started to cheat. The pushing and shoving and groping was intense. Eve had the ball and was being closely guarded by Fallen Angel who pointed toward the water and asked, "What's worse than a hurricane?" Before Eve could answer, Angel reached out, grasped her left nipple with his thumb and forefinger and as he manipulated it screamed "A titty twister!" much to the delight of his teammates.

Eve yelled at Dixon, "Hey! Isn't that a foul?"

Dixon responded, "Eve, one more outburst like that and I'm charging you with a technical. Now shut up and play ball." The game went on and on and on. Each team would get ahead by one but couldn't put the other team away. The score was 49 to 49 and asses were starting to drag. Finally, Dixon said, "Ok, we'll end this. This is how." He put all the names of the players in his hat. "I'll pick one name. Whoever it is shoots one foul shot. You make it and your team wins. You miss and your team loses." Everybody agreed this was the way to end the game.

Deborah's name was picked out of the hat. She stood at the foul line. Laurel screamed "You better make it bitch!" at her.

Helle added, "Yeah and if you don't, you and your fat ass are running laps around the beach."

Deborah launched the ball as all watched with high anxiety. It looked like a good shot but it was just a little off the mark. The ball bounced hard off the rim and when it came down it was wedged between the rim and the backboard.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Nurse. "I just wanted this thing to be over so we can get down to business."

"Let's go take a liquid refreshment break before we poke it free and see who wins," suggested Michael. Everybody nodded in agreement.

After three martinis, Nurse started whining again. "Ya know, Deborah, you actually missed that foul shot."

"What the hell are you talking about, Nurse?" Deborah replied sarcastically.

"You didn't make it, did you?"

"Well no, I guess I didn't."

"Alrighty then," Nurse concluded with finality. The girls looked at each other knowingly.

"Ok, guys, who wants to be first?" the ladies asked simultaneously.

Chapter Five by Michael
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