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Literotica Reunion Chapter IV
by Fallen

It had been a long trip and spending last night in Vegas hadn't helped any. Why hadn't he just pulled into a nice motel and got some sleep? But that city with all those lights and the lure of easy money was just something he couldn't pass up. Lady Luck hadn't smiled on him though and now here he was at the reunion tired and with half of his cash gone. Thank goodness Laurel and Manu's place hadn't been too hard to find, once you found the ocean. How do they hide something that big?

He got out of the truck and wiped his pointy toed boots on his bluejeans and adjusted his new Stetson hat. "Zeke you stay here and guard the truck. Good boy." The ocean breeze felt good on his face and smelled of salt and clean air. The big orange ball settled into the waves and a small flurry of cars arrived. They waved to each other and laughed nervously as they went up to the door. Several of them had bags and Fallen wondered if he should have brought his bag in.

Eve greeted them at the door and invited them in. She looked stunning in a satin gold robe with her name embroidered just above where her breast showed, its nipple hard with excitement. She showed them the closet where the golden boxes were and informed them of the house rule that Laurel had set. No one was allowed to wear anything but the robes while in the house. Deborah objected, "What is this Adolfa's prison camp?"

"I didn't make the rule. You can talk to Laurel about it if you want to." Eve wasn't sure how to react to Deborah, she was only doing this because everyone else was busy and she wanted to see what the new arrivals looked like.

Deborah may have bitched about the rule but she didn't wasted any time shedding her clothes. Nurse and Helle had both started to strip before her but she managed to have her cute bare but in the closet before them. "I better not find a box for XX or Rodrigo in here. Those assholes wouldn't write a chapter and I be damned if they get to see my but." She found her box but kept digging till she was sure that there were no extra boxes. Nurse and Helle waited for Deborah to finish looking while they watched the others undress. Helle her green eyes flashing, smacked Deborah on the ass, "Move it so we can get our robes. You can worry about XX somewhere besides in there."

Deborah turned to protest but the beautiful redhead looked like she meant business and she was intimidating with those big tits jutting out in front. Deborah decided to move and went to question Eve again on just who was here.

Mrhappy had been the first of the guys to get undressed. He and Nurse discussed viagra and it's benefits as they stood waiting for Helle to find her robe. The benefit Mrhappy got from its use stood out like a flagpole. Nurse was wondering if the climax was the same as with a natural hardon and Mrhappy promised to show her as soon as possible. When Helle moved to put on her robe, Nurse got out the box for her and the one for Mrhappy.

Shintani and BluesmanII finished undressing and tried to nonchalantly walk over to closet with their dicks waving in front of them. They both turned red as the ladies eyes followed the movement of their cocks bobbing up and down as they walked. They were quick to put on the robes but Shintani had to flash the ladies as he walked up to the group. Helle and Deborah couldn't wait any longer and headed off to find Laurel and the others.

As the last three finished undressing, Butterfly who had been talking with Michael looked over at Fallen, "I have always heard that everything was bigger in Texas, now I'll get to find out."

"Well ma'am I hope you won't be disappointed, but I've always heard that it wasn't the size of the horse that counts but the smoothness of his gait." Fallen got up and walked over to the closet placing his hat on one of the shelves. He grabbed the last three boxes and handed Butterfly and Michael theirs. They put on their robes and walked over to where the others had gathered.

Butterfly had worried that she might be a little old to compete for attention with all the younger girls but here she was with a lanky cowboy on one side and an older version of Tom Cruise on the other. Her juices were beginning to flow just thinking of the possibilities.

The scene in the den was awe inspiring. They reached a climax together and everyone felt like cheering but managed to keep it down to a round of applause. The four of them seemed flustered by the audience but recovered quickly and came to greet the new comers.

Laurel and Manu welcomed the group to their home. "Please make yourself at home in our home. There are computer terminals for use in the office and a pool or the beach if you want to swim. We will set out a buffet in a few minutes. Beds and bedding are available but you will have to work out the sleeping arrangements on your own."

HSWriter and Sabrina showed up from the back of the house, unsure of what was going on and looking like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Deborah and Helle cornered Dixon and were demanding that a measurement be taken to prove his claim of 12 1/2 inches. People were breaking up into little groups, getting acquainted and trading stories.

SpecialK came up to introduce herself and Fallen tried to compliment her, "Ma'am I enjoyed the ah. I liked watching ah. Oh hell that was so damn hot."

Kay blushed, "Glad you enjoyed it but if I had known we were being watched I couldn't have done it. Have you found where everything is yet?"

"No ma'am just the front rooms. I wouldn't mind finding the bathrooms and bedrooms or where to put my clothes."

"If you would stop calling me ma'am, I'd be happy to give you a mini tour. It feels like everyone is staring at me now. Does any one else want to come along?"

Michael, Butterfly and BluesmanII all joined the little tour and went to collect their things from the living room. Fallen felt much better as he gathered his clothes and boots. His wallet was in the toe of one of the boots and it would be hell to get back to Texas without it. He should have left it in the truck but hadn't expected to get naked as soon as he came in the door. Butterfly who claimed she had packed light, had a suitcase and makeup case. BluesmanII had his clothes and a briefcase, "My poetry, a few stories, and my laptop." Michael had brought two suitcases and was teased a little for it. His comment as he ran a comb through his thick black hair was, "A person needs to look his best at all times."

SpecialK talked as they walked through the house, "Pool and beach through those doors. Closet with extra bedding and mattresses. Office and master bedroom on this side. Guest rooms and bathroom on this side." They walked in the first bedroom. It was beautiful with a king size four-poster bed with canopy. It had a door to a walk in closet. The other door went to a vanity area with doors to the other bedroom and a bath area, with a shower big enough for four people.

In the other bedroom they found a young lady with shoulder length black hair sitting on one of the double beds biting her fingernails. Her deep green eyes looked up at them as they came in.

"Hi guys how is the party going?"

SpecialK sat down next to her and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you sitting in here all alone?"

Crystal looked into Kay's dark brown eyes, "I am scared of going out there with all those people. It seemed like such a good idea to come here. It was great when there was just a few people but I'm not ready for that." She clicked a remote control for the television and the screen focused on a group of people some with gold robes on some with nothing on.

Michael spoke up first, "That's the den. Manu must have this place wired for video."

Butterfly sat down next to Crystal and turned off the television. "Crystal no one is going to make you do anything you don't want to do. You guys be sweethearts and put all the bags and stuff up in the other room, while we talk to Crystal."

Bluesman found the remote first and turned on the TV in the other room. A quick scan of the channels showed that there were several cams on, in and around the house. Fallen pointed to a small digital cam mounted by the TV on the wall. "They must have put in extra wiring when they built the house for a security system. With the price of a remote cam today you could put one anywhere you had a connection. Hey isn't that Nurse with Mrhappy and HsWriter in the living room?"

Bluesman laughed, "Yeah looks like she is showing HS some of her oral techniques and Mrhappy is demonstrating the uses of viagra. Hey look they found a measuring tape." An image of Deborah and Southern_helle filled the screen. They had Dixon hard again and were trying to get him to hold still so they could get an accurate measurement. He seemed to be bargaining with them to let them measure his monster. As the cam panned the area again, you could see Laurel, Manu, and Sabrina putting out the food for the buffet and in the shadows of the living room a couple engaged in a conversation that required no words only body language. "Isn't that Shintani and Eve?"

Fallen replied, "I think so. I know that the woman is Eve. What I wouldn't give to be her Adam, why I would give Michael's left nut just for the chance."

"You would have to cowboy since your whole body isn't worth what my left nut is."

"Hell I spent more in beer for these little love handles than you spent at the gym to look like that."

"Well you wouldn't have those handles if you worked out."

"Hey pretty boy, work a day in my boots and that gym will seem like a picnic."

Bluesman looked at both of them and asked, "Are you mad at each other?"

Fallen, "Nope just bored."

Michael, "No, but I wish the girls would hurry."

Butterfly came in and asked Bluesman if there was something else on that TV besides cams. "No but I can get a shot of the beach and the ocean on one of them. See," he answered.

"Great leave it on. Now guys Crystal needs a little help to get over her jitters about the reunion," Butterfly paused and looked at each of them. "I told her we would stay with her till she felt like joining the others. First we have get her to relax around us then maybe she will feel confident enough to leave the bedroom. Bluesman be nice and recite some of your fine poetry to her. Dim the lights and you two behave," she said as she looked at Michael and Fallen.

"I don't want to behave. I have wanted to hold you in my arms and make love since I meet you. The way your face lights up and your eyes sparkle when you laugh, falls upon my soul like rain on dry dusty ground. I want to feed upon your lovely charms. Make love like a river that slowly filters through dappled ponds till it falls thundering and roaring over the edge of a precipice." Fallen put his arms around her and pulled her to him. He placed a long slow lingering kiss upon her soft full lips. Their lips parted and his deep blue eyes stared into her big brown eyes. "I want you now."

"Is it warm in here or is it just me? Hold that thought till I get back cowboy." She gave him one more kiss and left his arms to go and get Kay and Crystal.

Michael turned to Bluesman and commented, "It's easy to tell who's writing this page."

Butterfly was soon back with the other two. Bluesman sat on the king size bed and read them his poetry. Crystal leaned on Bluesman's shoulder and listened as he read from his notebook. They quickly forgot about the others in the room as they talked about poetry, writing, and each other.

Kay and Michael listened to the poetry and talked. They watched Butterfly and Fallen till good manners caused them to look somewhere else. When Bluesman and Crystal decided to leave they asked them to tell everyone that they would be along shortly. Crystal seemed to be doing fine now and left holding hands with Bluesman.

SpecialK had her hand in Michael's robe stroking his dick as they discussed the thread about favorite positions. He had her robe open and was gently playing with her nipple teasing it. They kissed and he began to nibble on her ear. She warned him that if he didn't stop he was going to be raped. He whispered in her ear, "It isn't rape if I go willingly." Michael's hand slipped to her waist and he urged her to roll on top of him. He licked the inside of her ear and she shivered. Their robes had fallen open and his hard dick was nestled in her curly brown bush. He leaned back as she wiggled against his pelvis feeling her wetness when he slipped between her lips. She moaned and he reached up and held her large breasts. She leaned down and kissed him, biting him lightly on his lip. She sat back up and slowly slid up and down on his now slippery pole, finally she leaned over and kissed him again. She slid upward till his dick sprang free and then slid down encasing it in the warm tight grip of her womanhood. Kay broke the kiss and leaned back placing her hands on his chest. Her long red fingernails made little dents in his skin as she made little circular motions with her pelvis. She drove his dick deeper and deeper into her until her weight rested on his thighs.

Kay loved the feeling of being filled with that hard flesh. The black curly hair around the base of his dick tickled her clit as she wiggled and she pinched his nipples with her long nails. He bucked and she lifted up till he was halfway out then she lowered back down. They got in rhythm and their long slow strokes steadily increased in speed. Michael knew that he couldn't last much longer with Kay milking his dick with her cunt. She was driving him to a climax and he wouldn't leave her behind. He moved one of his hands from her hip so that he could play with her clit. She moaned loudly and they lost their rhythm for a moment. She knew he was close and so was she. She looked down at his flushed face smiled, pinched his nipples, and tightened the grip her cunt had on his dick. He thrush upward and filled her with his seed. The hot cum spurting from the dick inside her and his fingers working her clit pushed Kay over the edge. Her orgasm was a hard one and as it faded she stretched out on top of Michael and kissed him long and hard. She asked him, "Should we wait for those two or just go get something to eat?"

Butterfly came and stood between Fallen's legs as he sat on the edge of the bed. Their hands gently rubbing each other's body as they listened to the poems. When Bluesman had finished reading "Annapolis by Tryst" Butterfly asked, "Now where were we?" Fallen reached out and opened her robe. Her full breasts hung like orbs of exotic fruit ripe for picking, their nipples large exclamation points. He reached out and rolled one of them between his thumb and finger causing her to moan in delight.

"Do you want me?" he asked.

"Yes. I wanted you when I saw you walking to the door in your boots and hat." Butterfly blushed a deep red and went on, "After watching you undress and walk over to get the robes I knew that I had to find out what kind of lover you were." Fallen leaned forward and licked the nipple on the breast he had cupped in his hand. "Ooh I can't talk when you do that," she had her hands on his shoulders but made no move to push him away. He circled her nipple with his tongue and then kissed it.

They looked into each others eyes and knew that the time had come. He pulled her down to the bed with him their lips meeting in a long passionate kiss. His tongue parted her lips and she sucked it into her mouth. They lay kissing like two young school kids for what seemed like hours. Leaving her sweet full lips behind he traced a trail of love nips and kisses between her breasts and down across her firm waist till parting her legs, he paused.

There before him was the altar that most men worship at. The place from which they came and spend most of their life trying to return to. Hidden within the folds of those sweet lips was a pearl of erotic delight and he a pearl diver. Tenderly parting them with his hands he licked from the bottom to the top sending a shudder through her body. Again and again he licked sometimes stopping to circle the pearl but never lingering. Now reaching as deep as possible inside the steamy hot hole then flattening his tongue as he licked upward across her sensitive clit. Her moans have now become laced with words, words of encouragement and lust. He slips a finger and then two in her hot recesses probing for that spot somewhere behind the pearl. His tongue flickers to a swift beat and his hand tries to follow the tune. His lips lock around her clit and he sucks on it feeling it roll between his lips. Her words are now merely sounds as the orgasms build each a little stronger than the last. She is sensitive beyond belief. He stands never slowing the rhythm of his hand, replacing his tongue with his thumb, the assault on her clit never slowing.

Suddenly it stops and his hand is gone. She tries to catch her breath knowing what is to come but failing, as anticipation makes her hold it. She is wet, dripping wet from her own fluids and from his tongue. A soft satiny rod rubs along her outer lips brushing the tip of her clit causing her to gasp. It moves downward and inward filling her with new levels of sensations. Each stroke going deeper and filling her to the limit. Making her believe she can take no more but hoping that she can. When at last he finds the end and bottoms out pressing against her cervix in the far reaches of her womb. Her pain and pleasure signals are confused as she reaches a climax seldom achieved before. She cries out in pain and pleasure. She asks him to be gentle and he promises to try. Now that he has plumbed her depths, he begins a slow dance. Holding her hips he speeds up his strokes trying to stay just off the bottom. He uses his thumb to play with her clit as she begins another orgasm. He can feel her press into him driving his shaft inward till it presses hard against her. Her inner walls spasm with contractions gripping his shaft and waves of sensations flood her body He worries for fear of causing her pain and lays on top of her, kissing her as he grabs her arms and rolls.

Butterfly is on top now and can control the depth and speed to her own liking. He similes and reaches upward for her swaying breasts. Kneading them and tweaking the nipples. She leans down and places a gentle kiss on his mouth, pressing hands and breasts into his chest. "It's your turn now," she says just before slipping her tongue in his ear. Rising, she places both hands beside his head and slides down till she is pressed tight against shaft.

She begins slowly. Both of them enjoying the feel of his cock as it slides in and out, probing different regions as she changes angles and strokes. The tempo picks up and her thrusts are short and fast. Her thrusts are meet by his and his hands grab her hips. They can feel the rising need, as instinct becomes paramount and reasoning only a hazy memory. They have become one body and one mind whose sole purpose is to reach the peak of ecstasy. Waves of heat and sensations pour forth as her orgasms builds. She takes him deeper and deeper wanting all of him within her. Sweat glistens on their bodies and their breathing is ragged. Gentleness has left him and he is intent only on the need to fill the warm wet glove that engulfs the center of his consciousness. He knows the end is close and can feel his body ready itself for the moment. Little spikes of pain enter the flow of feelings as she feels the pressure at the end of the strokes. She is so sensitive now that each stoke causes a mini orgasm. She wants all of him in her when he cums, and he is close, she can tell. She abandons all caution and plunges down upon him. His hands pull her hips to him and she can feel the head of his dick slip through the barrier allowing her to take the last of him in. He can control it no longer when he feels her slip down to the base of his rod. "Augghh," he cries as his balls convulse and empty their creamy load into her. She can feel the pulses rise up his shaft and erupt in hot spurts deep inside her. She is close to fainting as her orgasm peaks. The waves of pleasure covering the fading pain. A new wave starts with each pluse of hot cream splashing inside her. His balls empty quickly but he holds her in place savoring the feeling. He watches as she slowly returns to reality from the peaks they have climbed.

She smiles at him and says, "Whew I didn't think you would ever let me catch my breath."

"Your not supposed to," he says as his hands slid up her back. Enjoying the feel of her skin his hands travel to her breasts.

Butterfly looks around and frowns, "Hey everyone left. Do you know when?"

"Sorry I busy doing something else. Do you want to stop and go look for them?"

"No silly," She starts to wiggling around on top of him. "Just how big are you anyway? I'm not used to one that bottoms out."

"Oh my dick is just barely long enough to reach the end. If it was any shorter the head would fall off. But it isn't anywhere near as long as Dixon's."

"Wise ass. I think I like you better when you are using your mouth for something besides talking."

Taking the tit in his right hand, he puts it to his mouth and sucks on the nipple.

"She could feel him shrinking but the head of his dick was still lodged deep within her. She wiggles again and they both felt it slip back through her cervix.

He released the nipple he was teasing with his mouth. "Oh. Damn I enjoyed that. Do we have to move or can we just stay like this? I can think of several other things we could do."

"I enjoyed it too but we really should go and mingle. I have wanted to meet these people since I first read their stories and we are going to miss it if we stay here."

"You're right. There are several of those authoresses that I would love to meat our eat."

Butterfly laughed and smacked Fallen on the arm, "You are terrible. Not even out of one pussy and talking about doing another."

"Hey I offered to leave it and let it soak. Truthfully I want to go and talk with everyone too. I just hate to leave such a comfortable spot."

They got up and showered, washing each other's back. Putting on their robes, they left the bedroom for the festivities in the main area.

Chapter Five by Shintani
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