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Latina's Replies to Emails
Ninteenth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

I get the most wonderful and complimentary emails from loyal readers and avid fans of my fact-based erotic fiction. Sometimes, in my replies, I let my readers know of recent erotic escapades my husband and I shared, that did NOT become the basis for a story. I've collected these email replies here. I hope you enjoy them.

* * * * *

I enjoyed reading about your husband and you romping in the woods.

My husband and I ALSO enjoy hiking in the woods. I have these cute little khaki hiking shorts, and when we wander off the beaten trail on a hot summer day, I'll get cooler and more comfortable by unsnapping them and opening the zipper a little. Of course, I'll have no panties underneath (too damned hot to wear them). These shorts are tight enough, and my hips are curvy enough, that my shorts don't fall off, even partly opened like that. And I feel deliciously naughty, knowing that my husband is getting turned on by the sight of the very top of my thick, dark bush (he likes me to keep my crotch as hairy as possible).

Of course, watching his hairy, masculine legs and the long, thick ridge growing up the front of his own white shorts, starts to turn me on, undoing the effect of letting the cool forest air into my shorts, because by now I'm starting to get HOT in an entirely different way.

But I think his favorite of my hiking outfits is my denim micro-mini shorts with matching tiny denim vest. I like to wear these shorts open, too, to let in the cooling air on a hot summer day.

Whenever I wear this outfit on our nature hikes, he always has me lead the way and he follows me, but I think that is because these denim shorts are so very short. He says the scenery from behind me is as specacular as the secenery of the woods and mountains where we hike. He says the sweetest things to me, no wonder I love him so much.

Why does he like being behind me when I wear these shorts? Well, you see, I have these very pronounced creases at the tops of my legs, and my current husband always says that's one of my sexiest features. My lower ass creases show through the bottom of my super-short shorts, and he seems mesmerized by their movement against the denim as he hikes behind me.

Sometimes, when we're sure nobody is looking, he'll wrap his arms around my waist from behind me, letting his palms cup my breasts, and I can feel his beautiful love muscle lengthening and thickening against my butt as he presses against me. I close my eyes and I can see its pretty purple head that I so love to suck, and the long, straight, thick shaft I so love to feel pounding me. If we're REALLY deep in the woods, he'll not only nuzzle my neck and press his huge cock against my butt, but he'll even get daring enough to unzip my shorts from behind me, and massage my pussy lips until I'm wet and panting with desire.

When we get back home, well watch a romantic movie on our couch, and I'll be bare-foot, wearing those same denim shorts that show off my naturally-dark Latin-American legs. Yes, I'll keep my sexy denim micro-mini shorts on, but I wear them open, and pair it with a denim vest, also worn open (that gets him even HOTTER for me than he was on the hiking trail, and by that time I'm just LOVING the very visible effect I'm having inside his own tempting and tantalizing shorts). He'll sit by my side caressing and stroking my legs and saying such loving things to me that I start to melt.

When it comes time for bed, I'll wear something naughtier and sexier, like my sheer green lingerie or my frilly and lacy outfit with the peekaboo holes. By this point, we are both so hot for each other, that I can't resist spreading wide open for him, and his tongue can't resist me.

By the time I have my first orgasm from this, my moaning and quivering have him so big and hard that I just want to lick at him. I like to lick along the SIDE of his love tool, like it was an ear of corn, but I can't keep that up for long before I simply want to swallow him whole.

Eventually, of course, all my attention on him produces the desired effect. Amazingly, he stays hard enough to either place me on my back and give me what I crave, or even better, he lets me sit atop him and ride him. He usually brings me to two or three more crashing waves that way, and he always has another orgasm or two himself.

* * * * *

In response to my 4-part "Lessons in Magic" story, I got a really complimentary email from one of my loyal readers. I couldn't get his kind words out of my head, and it made me do something about it this morning. I sent him an email to let him know what he had caused, and then it occurred to me that the rest of my fans, my readers, might enjoy what I wrote to him. So here is that email.

* * * * *

I can't stop thinking about your email comment of how you like women who think like me.

I think there are a lot more women out there who enjoy sex, than most men realize. It is one of the best kept secrets of the 1990s. But there has to be genuine feelings and caring BEHIND that great sex. If a man really CARES about his lady, he will know her hot buttons and take his time pleasuring her. That's why it's so great with my husband. He knows I like to start off with him gently nibbling at my nipples while his long, thin middle finger lazily slips in and out of my hungry pussy, and then when he feels me getting wet, he knows EXACTLY how to swirl his thumb over my clit until I am just SO hungry for him to slip his cock into me. And then he knows just how to tease me, sliding in a millimeter at a time, and sliding back out just as slowly, until I can't take it any more and I BEG him to ram me hard and fast, which he does.

The whole time he's kissing my lips, neck, breasts, and tummy, until I'm on sensory overload. He somehow manages to hold back until about my third or fourth uncontrollable explosion, before I feel his wonderfully warm blast deep inside of me. Is all of this getting YOU as hot and worked- up as it is me?

Thinking about what you said, about the way I think, can you guess what was the very first thing I did this morning? I just couldn't resist. I reached over, and cupped my palm over my sleeping husband's soft cock, and began rubbing up and down his shaft until I felt it harden in my hand. I can't tell you how terrific it always feels to feel the man I love stiffen in my hand. There is only one feeling that is even better than that: when he stiffens in my MOUTH! As he started to pulse and throb, I realized that I hungered for his taste, so I hastily pulled off his sexy silk boxers and just dove in, kneeling down over him, licking and sucking with a genuine hunger. I mean, I was absolutely VORACIOUS in my hunger for his 8-inch long, 2-inch thick cock. When he finally exploded fast and hard and hot against my tongue and the back of my throat, I couldn't stop sucking and swallowing, I didn't want to miss one drop of my soulmate's warm lust juices. As I sit here at my desk, I am smiling happily at the memory of this morning.

Yes, I see what you mean about the way I think. But I can't help it. My husband is so good, kind, and generous, and I love him so completely, I just can't help thinking like this. And I love being able to write stories about it and bring enjoyment to people like you, who read about our own enjoyment.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that my thinking about your comments led to a great morning for my husband and me, and that as a result of your compliments to me, I can still taste him in my mouth even as I write this. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you for your kind words and the terrific result of them.

-- Latina (still feeling warm & tingly all over my 38C-28- 36 body)

* * * * *

One of my most avid fans sent me these questions:

If you have a moment, could you please email me with your memory of the first time:

a. you saw a stiff cock?

b. Touched one and made it cum?

c. got fucked? How did you feel - before, during and soon after, and much later?.

How old were you? and do you think your girl friends were before or after you?

Now, apart from the sucking you mentioned, how often do you start fucking him?

Thank you for helping me with my research.

Here is my reply:

Hmm, what kind of research are you conducting? Do they award a PhD degree for it?

Yes, I DO enjoy sex...with my current husband. My first marriage lasted 17 years without my experiencing an orgasm. Current husband has brought me to I would guess between 1500 and 2000 orgasms in 3 years (counting each multiple- orgasm separately). Any wonder that I'm crazy about him? My man has 8 solid inches, a nice thick 2 inches across, and he knows how to use it to maximum effect. Of course, by the time he slips it into me, his fingers and tongue have worked me to such a frenzy that I'd go ballistic even if he WASN'T so long and thick! But it is much better because he DOES fill me up so completely.

He has this neat trick of feeding it to me ever so slowly, pausing when just the head is in, then millimeter by millimeter of his shaft until he is completely buried up inside me and I am dripping goo all over him. Then he does this little thing where he shoves just that extra little bit deeper and harder, until his balls are just about inside me along with his cock. That last little push is accompanied by a sort-of twisting cork-screw motion of his hips that sends his cock-head exploring all over my inner depths and side walls. Then he retreats just as slowly, pulling my tender pussy lips out away from me along with his retreating cock. After about 15 times, he slowly increases the pace, and on maybe the 50th stroke, he is slamming into me hard and fast, forcing my pussy lips into me along with his cock, and I am absolutely loving every special moment! I don't know if you have a female significant other, but if you do, I GUARANTEE that these moves will have her writhing, moaning, panting, screaming your name, bucking, gyrating, shaking, and never wanting to leave your strong, loving arms. How do I know? Because that's how it affects me when MY man does this to ME.

Now that my horny recollections have gotten your attention, I'll try to answer your questions.

First time I saw a stiff cock. My parents were very strict Catholics, I wasn't allowed to date until I moved out at 21, at which time of course I could do whatever I wanted. I think it was the third guy I ever dated that I let myself go all the way. Actually, I don't think I actually SAW his stiff cock, I just let him fuck me.

First one I actually SAW would probably be my first husband, and we didn't "do it" until our wedding night. His was about 6 inches long and maybe 1-1/2 wide. We were both 26 when we married. He made love to me maybe 6 times in 17 years. He never even undressed in front of me, he was so unsexual.

When he died, I felt TERRIBLY alone, and that's when I bought a vibrator. That lasted two years, until I met my current husband about 3-1/2 years ago. He was 40 and a virgin, I was 45 and very inexperienced, and by our fourth date we were totally, helplessly, head-over-heels in love with each other. We started out kissing on his couch, I opened up my blouse, he showered my breasts with amazing kisses, licks, and nibbles, and we moved the action to his bed. He finger- fucked me to orgasm, then licked and nibbled me to orgasm.

When I finally got HIM naked, I was amazed, he was bigger than I'd ever seen or even imagined, and I couldn't resist licking and then sucking him. When he finally fucked me, it was INCREDIBLE! I mean, he sent my body into explosive fireworks over and over again, I lost count of my orgasms as we fucked and fucked and fucked the night away. I guess I had only really seen one cock before (my first husband's), but by now I really don't even remember it; yet the image of current hubby's amazing cock is permanently etched into my brain in every beautiful detail.

So that brings to me your second question. I never made husband #1, or any previous boyfriends, come in my hand or my mouth, and only husband #1 ever came in my pussy before my current husband, and then only about 6 times in 17 years. Current husband has come in my mouth, on my tits, in my pussy, in my hand, and in my ass, so many times I've lost count. And every time has been absolutely wonderful: the forcefulness of his blasts, the careful preparation he puts into getting me to come before or with him, the way he leaves himself in me long after he is drained, so I can feel every loving pulsation against my tongue, my inner walls, or wherever his cock happens to be resting. And when he does come down my throat, the thick, rich, slightly- salty and very sweet creaminess of him. Mmmmmm!

Phew, is it hot in here, or is it just me?

On to your next question.

My first fuck. As I mentioned, it was about my third boyfriend. I was about 21, maybe just turned 22. I had my freedom from my strict parents. The boy was cute in an awkward 20-something way. I guess before we fucked, I was somewhat horny, but mostly curious. It was only a fuck, we felt no love for each other, I tried to please him but he made no effort to please me. I don't think I felt much of anything DURING the act.

Right after, I felt a little used, and wondering what the big deal about sex was anyway. We did try it again one time after that, he was more attentive, I was more relaxed, and it felt a WHOLE lot better. That may have been when I first started to enjoy sex. But there was no love between us, and soon we split up. I had sex with one other boyfriend, it was pretty good but nothing like what I have with my current (second) husband. Then at 26, I met the man I would marry (#1 husband). He was gentle and loving and passionate when we did make love, so it was pretty wonderful. But he rarely WANTED to make love, and after a while I gave up trying, and we'd do it only once in 2 or 3 years when he got in the mood. He was terribly ill the last 4 years of our marriage, so he couldn't have made love with me even if he HAD gotten into one of his very rare sexual moods. But despite the lack of sex, I really did love him, and I was devastated when he died.

Next question, did my girlfriends start earlier than I did? Yes, most of them had tried sex before they were 18, I was 21 or maybe just turned 22. I didn't have a lot of friends when I was young, but I was in my late teens in the late 1960s when American girls were much more sexually experimental because the hippie movement had opened up sexual freedom and the pill had erased the fear of pregnancy. There was no AIDS to worry about then, either.

Last question, if I undserstand you right, you want to know how often I initiate the sex instead of waiting for him to make the first move. I would say fairly often, especially on a weekend morning. Sometimes we both wake up at 6 or 7 on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and his naked form beside me in the bed is absolutely irresistible. I will lean over and start kissing and nibbling his bare chest and work my way down to his handsome cock. Or sometimes I'll wake up and his cock will have stiffened in his sleep and be resting against the crack of my ass, and I'll roll him over and just straddle my legs over his hips and slowly sink my wide-open, wet and horny pussy slowly down his stiff, pulsating shaft. Or I'll get horny and dress up sexy, either going to bed before him so he finds a delectable prize to unwrap when he does go to bed, or I'll dress-up while he's getting ready for bed, he'll already be in bed waiting for me as I slink out of the bathroom or closet and approach him in one of my sexiest, sluttiest outfits.

I'll start off the seduction by kissing him or revealing a nipple or my thick, dark pussy hair. But then he'll take over and kiss, lick, and nibble around my breasts, kiss my hips, or kiss my toes and feet and ankles. No matter where he STARTS, he always seems to wind up kissing, licking, and nibbling my hot little clit until I'm literally BEGGING him to enter me. He'll then tease me with his fingers or tongue until he has got me creaming by the bucketful and whining desperately. But he always relents in the end, and slips it into me, or lets me climb on top and lower myself onto him. I guess I dress up like a slut for him (or for me?) maybe once or twice a week. I get at least as much benefit as he does, as he is the gentlest, most selfless lover anyone could ever want. And sometimes he dresses up sexy for ME: like he'll wear these sexy, tight short jeans shorts. Underneath will be flaming red silk boxer shorts. As he or I peel those away, I find tiny bikini-cut cotton underwear. Then last but certainly not least, a teeny-tiny G-string, by which time his cock head is already poking enticely straight up out of the G-string's pouch, and against his belly. I will yank off his G-string with my hands and stroke it, or with my teeth and start licking him, but either way I eventually can't resist swallowing him whole, and tonguing his circumference while it's in my mouth. Sometimes he bursts down my throat, which I love, and sometimes he withdraws so he can save his first blast for the inside of my pussy, and I'm not sure which I prefer.

How often do I initiate sex with my current husband, either a blowjob or a fuck? I would say anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week. Since we have oral, anal, or "regular" sex at least once and often twice a day, you see he is the initiator more than half the time. When we used to work about a mile apart, we used to come home for frequent nooners, and then our activity was 10 to 12 times a week, now it's maybe 8 or 10 times, counting all types of sex (not necessarily culminating in a fuck). My pussy sometimes feels sore, and then I'll just let him eat me or if I'm really too fucked- out from the previous night, I'll just suck him, or let him do me from behind. But I'll never outright refuse him. Ooh, he just makes me behave as such a bad, WICKED girl (hee, hee).

I hope this helps with your survey. But instead of asking via email half-way around the world, why don't you find a nice, sexy girl in your own home town, and try out some of this for yourself. Theoretical research is fine, but data from actual field experimentation is much more accurate, not to mention more satisfying.

-- Latina (age 49, 5'2", 38C-28-36)


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