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Literotica Reunion Chapter VI
by SpecialK
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SpecialK smiled. "I've never met a cowboy before. Us Northern girls don't really have the opportunity. And I must confess, I love that Texas accent of yours. It is very.... smooth and sensual sounding. I could listen to you talk for days I'm sure."

"Well then lil lady, I'll do my best to be accommodating." he replied, and if he'd had his Stetson on, he would have tipped the brim.

Zeke came bounding towards them from down near the beach and he nuzzled Fallen's palm before moving to lick SpecialK's fingers. Fallen and SpecialK wandered around the backyard and talked for awhile about their pets and their lives before heading back up to the house so that they could see how the contest was faring and so that Zeke could get a bowl of fresh water.

Back inside, the 5th part of round 1 had just ended. Deborah, who had correctly guessed when Laurel had been between her legs, had also identified the gender of the three following attempts so she had 9 points. Crystal, had identified the genders correctly of 3 people but had yet to completely match an individual so she had 3 points. Michael was instructing Laurel how to work his watch so that he could take his turn offering pleasure to Crystal. Manu was already waiting near Deborah's legs. Both Crystal and Deborah were getting quite impatient by this point. The delay between the action was frustrating. The entire group could see the glistening and puffy lips of the two women. Ravel's 'Bolero' was over half way through. The building crescendo of the song was doing little to ease the impatience of Deb and Crystal.

Suddenly, Zeke came bounding into the room and made a bee-line for the musky, moist spot between Crystal's open legs. ZING! His cold, wet nose collided with Crystal's clit. "OH MY GOD!" said Crystal following a gasp that could be easily heard over the music. Zeke's tongue had wasted no time in beginning to eagerly lick Crystal's pungent womanhood. It was like slow motion. The entire room, except for Deborah, who was blindfolded, watched transfixed as Zeke's long, pink tongue lapped from the bottom of her slit to the top. He tilted his head one way, lick, and then other, lick, to lap up all her delicious moisture, his licks evenly in tempo with the music. "I-I-I KNOW who THAT is!"

"What the hell is going on?" Deborah asked, hearing the activity in the room but unable to identify what was happening. SpecialK entered the room now and in shock, called to Fallen, who was behind her. Then she covered her gaping mouth with her hand.

"Zeke! Come HERE, boy!" commanded Fallen.

"Don't you DARE mooooooove this DOOOOOOGGGG!" Crystal moaned. Zeke paused in his ministrations as if to consider whether to obey the command before Crystal's odiferous cunny captured his attention again, and Crystal's hands captured his ears, gripping the soft velvet triangles and encouraging his snout to her clit. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnn!" Crystal moaned, feeling her stomach muscles beginning to tighten, her orgasm impending.

Deborah ripped off her blindfold to watch the show happening on the chair beside her. Crystal, who was still blindfolded, was arching her back. Her breasts jutted forward and the nipples were so hard and poignant that they looked like marbles. The drum beats in 'Bolero' were beating in time with her throbbing clit. THUMP.... THUMP.... THUTHUTHUTHUMP. And Zeke kept licking so eagerly all around her vagina. The moisture coming from Crystal's juicy snatch seemed endless. Every crash of the cymbals brought another electric jolt of pleasure through Crystal's body. She was moaning and wailing now, but she could barely be heard over the volume of the music, the vibrations of which were shaking the floor. And with the last moments of the music thudding through her veins, Crystal passed the point of no return. She came. Her body convulsed; her head was thrown back in ecstasy; her limbs quivered and she moaned out her grande finale. Then, she closed her legs, pushing Zeke's head away so he could lick no more.

The entire room sat in awe. The erections were so stiff they ached. The pussies were so wet they dripped. Yet no one even moved until Crystal herself disturbed the reverie. She slipped her blindfold from over her eyes, looked about the room and said, "Do I get points for this?" The group of sex-starved people began to whistle and clap and hoot.

"Well," demanded Crystal, "do I get points for that?" The group agreed that she could have three points for identifying the dog (even though he was the only dog).

Crystal was happy with three. Her guessing ability had been lousy, so she was content to let it stand. She left to wash up in the bathroom (walking more like a cowboy than Fallen, what with her thighs being so slick) while Deb had her final turn.

When Crystal returned to the den, southernhelle and mrhappy had assumed the blindfolds. Michael wasn't really looking forward to giving a man a blowjob but he went to the task with A+ effort. Mrhappy's Viagra-assisted manhood stood erect before Michael's face. It had a slight bend (which gave one the impression that he had been damaged at some other unknown time) and curved like an elephant's truck. The size however, was not quite as formidable. Michael grabbed mrhappy's rod with both hands and licked around the mushroomed head with his tongue. If he didn't know what he was doing, he certainly didn't let it show. Finally, he let his mouth encircle the shaft and moistened it up with his saliva. His mouth moved up and down mrhappy's erection, his cheeks indented with the effort of his sucking. Meanwhile, Alyssa was teasingly licking along southernhelle's cunt lips. Ever so slowly she slid her tongue in deeper, probing the tasty secrets of southern womanhood.

When southernhelle and mrhappy had finished their round (I=ll skip a few descriptions here, I mean, after all, how many fellatio and cunnilingus accounts can one handle?) Fallen_Angel and Michael had assumed the blindfolds and the 3rd of the rounds of contestants was about to begin. Shintani and Bluesman sat before the two blindfolded men, each looking a bit reluctant to suck the erect fleshy sticks before them. But the timer began and there was no choice but to fulfill their obligations to the contest.

Behind his blindfold, Michael felt the tentative touches of fingers, and the hot, moist breath of the person at his manhood. The soft touches first prompted him to think it was a woman. Yet the lack of finesse at fellatio caused him to conclude it might indeed be a man. Bluesman finally put his lips over Michael's rod and began to suck. The women in the room were eagerly watching, most were grinning, to see how the men fared at this task. Shintani looked quite ill really, but nevertheless, he was sucking Fallen's prick with false enthusiasm (or maybe it wasn't false enthusiasm but rather a false look of illness?) Saliva oozed out of his mouth and he rubbed it along Fallen's shaft with his hands. He used both of his hands around the shaft, masturbating more than sucking. His mouth concentrated on stimulating the head of Fallen's manroot. When the timer beeped, both Shintani and Bluesman moved away from the penises before them in record time. Michael correctly guessed that Bluesman had been sucking his penis. Fallen, while guessing male, had been incorrect in his guess. Eve and Deb took their places before the two men.

A little while later, Butterfly and SpecialK decided to take a late night swim in the pool since watching the contest and not participating was becoming more of a challenge than they had originally anticipated. There were towels for their use in the master bedroom, Laurel informed them.

"You know," Butterfly began, "Maybe being in that contest wouldn't have been so bad after all. It's really hard to watch knowing I can't touch anyone, even myself. How long is this contest supposed to be?"

"Another few hours still!" lamented SpecialK. "And I know what you mean. I would have thought my earlier episode on the beach would have tamed my sexual adventurousness for a few hours. Looks like I was wrong. What happened to Dixie? I didn't see him in the den with the others when we left. Maybe he'd want to go for a swim as well?"

Butterfly couldn't recall where Dixon had left but she knew he had been gone for at least 10 minutes or so, having left when Shintani and Bluesman had been giving their blow job attempts. "I wonder where he has gone to. Maybe we should check the cams. You can check them all from this tv, right?" Butterfly picked up the remote and turned on the telly. They flicked channels and saw the cam in the den recording all the action happening with the newest contestants, HSWriter and Sabrina. Currently, southernhelle and Crystal were orally pleasing the two. Helle was mercilessly teasing HSWriter's erect shaft with her tongue, licking along the underside and lightly squeezing his ball sac. Crystal's tongue was hidden between Sabrina's puffy pussy lips. Butterfly flicked the channel. The cam on the deck caught the waves crashing up on the beach. Butterfly flicked again. The two girls peered closer at the screen. "What is he doing?" Butterfly asked.

SpecialK snickered. "Uhm... hmmn... what IS he doing?." She leaned in closer to the tv screen. "What does that package say on the bathroom sink?"

Butterfly moved her face inches from the screen to attempt to read the unknown package on the vanity. "Dr. John... Joel? Dr. Joel's Pump? Dr. Joel's Pump with Scrotum Enlargement!!" ( For those of you who might require such an item it's available from Literotica's Adult Toy store for $169.99! )

The two women were sent into a titter of giggles. "So THAT's his secret!!"

"Oh my god! That is hilarious!!" The two women laughed until their sides hurt watching the manly Dixon pump his pecker.

"Clearly he doesn't realise that the cam is there. I'm really going to have to be more conscious of those things from now on."

"No kidding! But what I wanna know is why he feels the need to pump up? I mean, how well do those kinds of product work? Surely he had to have been quite sizeable to begin with."

"Who knows! Men and their egos. So now what? Is this considered self-stimulation or a medical procedure or what? Is he breaking the rules of the contest?" Butterfly wondered.

"Well, so far you and I are the only ones who know. He's in the bathroom... surely unless someone else is looking at this cam feed. And, he's one of us. We can't rat him out. However... a little blackmail couldn't hurt." SpecialK said with a gleam in her eye.

"Ooooh! I like the way your mind works! I think, contest or not, we could get our own sexual favours! I wouldn't mind a piece of that pumped up wonder." Butterfly said with a grin.

"I'd like to examine his carpet munching till the cows come home ability. I suggest a confrontation is in order."

SpecialK headed for the bathroom door, which was right off the master bedroom and knocked swiftly upon it.

"Occupied!" came Dixie's voice from the other side of the door. (He really hated that name. Maybe that's why he pumped up? Dixie wasn't an overly masculine nickname.)

"Yes, we know. And we really do hate to interrupt your time with Dr. Joel but there is this little vision on the telly screen out here. It would be a crying shame if we had to inform the rest of the group about the unique tv programming coming across the wires," said SpecialK.

On the screen they could see Dixon stop mid-pump and stare at the package on the counter. Then he looked around the room and spotted the cam. He smiled sheepishly and a blush crept across his face and he gulped nervously. "One moment." he said to the screen. He removed the apparatus from his pumped penis and hastily stuffed it in the box before appearing at the door.

"Uhm.. Hi there you two! What are you up to?" he said nonchalantly. He stood with one hand holding his robe closed and the other hiding the package behind his back.

Butterfly smirked at him. "We were just watching television. You'd be amazed at the stuff they have on primetime these days!"

"Oh?" Dixie said with a gulp.

"Yup." SpecialK continued. "There is this show where these two women catch this man using an erection enhancer. Since he is using it during a contest when he's not supposed to be engaging in any sort of sexual stimulation, manual or otherwise, they blackmail him and insist he perform sexual favours on them when the contest is over." She smiled sweetly at Dixon and kissed his cheek.

"No kidding? Sounds like a wonderful story line."

"We thought so too," agreed Butterfly.

The two women headed for the pool and Dixon returned back to the den where the contest was taking place. It was hullo_nurse's and Bluesman's last turn to guess.

AHmmn..... I think.... Eve brought me.... to that fantastic..... orgasm.@ postulated nurse between pants.

Eve grinned from between hullo_nurse's legs. ACorrect.@

AWhat about you Bluesman?@

ALemme think.... Uh... must=ve been Shintani.@ he replied.

ANope, Alyssa.@ replied Michael.

AOh heck, Shintani, Alyssa, close enough!@ Bluesman said, the pun about the couple, who had been sexually inseparable most of the weekend, intended. The group laughed.

Thus far, with 5 contestants left to go, hullo_nurse was the leader. She had managed to correctly identify 4 of the 6 people who had pleasured her. AI=m not cheating! It's just a fluke, I swear it!@ she proclaimed.

It was Laurel's and Manu's turn to be contestants and everyone wanted a taste of their hosts. HSWriter was probing the velvety cunt lips of Laurel while hullo_nurse had caught her breath enough to illustrate her blow job skills on Manu. Ultimately, hullo_nurse's talent gave her away B Manu guessed it was her. Laurel misguessed and thought Sabrina had been pleasuring her. Next, Deborah moved between Laurel's legs to please the webmistress mercilessly with her wild tongue and nimble fingers. Mrhappy had taken the nurse's place and was giving Manu a blow job. It turned out he was quite good at the task, sucking Manu's rod deeply into his mouth and twisting his tongue about while he sucked.

After the various Literotica reunion members had orally pleased Laurel and Manu, there were only three contestants left. Eve, Shintani and Alyssa. Since the group was getting a bit tired, they decided that the remaining three contestants could all be blindfolded at the same time.

Manu, having shot his load from the oral attention of Eve's talented mouth, wanted to reciprocate and moved between her legs. His lips moved easily between her slick labia and teased her clitoris while two of his fingers slid slowly into her cavernous depths. Laurel was now sucking Shintani's shaft, licking and sucking on his mushroomed head (and she said she didn't like mushrooms!) Alyssa was wriggling and moaning on her chair as HSWriter flicked his tongue at her quivering clit.

Finally it came time for the last part of the final round. Southernhelle, Crystal and Fallen_Angel all headed towards the blindfolded contestants. Fallen_Angel was all set to kneel before Alyssa when southernhelle nudged him out of the way towards Shintani. Crystal was already in position before Eve.

Damn! thought Fallen under his breath. I thought I was going to get out of this whole blow job thing! As he moved closer towards Shintani's erect and slightly throbbing member he chanted to himself silently. Please don't let him cum, please don't let him cum! The timer was resumed for the final time. With a nervous gulp Fallen began to suck at the extended pole of flesh before him. As he sucked the head of the man before him, he could hear the noisy slurps coming from either side of him. Eve had started moaning, her orgasm just beneath the surface, and Crystal's meticulous attention was encouraging it forward On the other side, Alyssa was panting, but not loud enough to drown out the slurps as southernhelle eagerly licked up the free-flowing liquid coming from Alyssa's vaginal depths. She shoved three fingers into Alyssa's cunt and sucked on her clit, causing the woman to succumb to her release. She let out a wail.

Hearing the recognizable wail of his lover reaching her climax, Shintani's own manhood began to twitch. Fallen, although unexperienced at fellatio, was a warm, wet, sucking mouth and Shintani's cream spilled forth into it. Fallen could feel the hot rod as the first spurts hit his tongue and the back of his mouth. The burning, sticky cream seemed to be endless. It kept streaming and streaming in thick, lumpy gravy, bleach-like spurts. Fallen wasn't about to swallow the stuff so instead it oozed out of his mouth and down his chin. Finally, the cursed timer beeped.

Fallen, looking revolted, moved away immediately and headed for the kitchen sink. Before he could get there Deborah confronted him and said AHere, let me help you with that.

She grabbed him around the neck and wildly kissed him, taking all the spunk that Shintani had spewed into her own mouth and swallowing it down. Her tongue took possession of Fallen's mouth and licked up all the cream that remained. Several minutes had passed before she finally released him. He still headed for the bathroom to rinse, gargle and brush his teeth.

When Fallen returned hullo_nurse had just been announced the winner of the contest. "Woohoo!" said hullo_nurse. "I know EXACTLY what I want for my prize! Can I have it now or do I have to wait until morning?"

Due to the lateness of the hour, it was decided that it would be best if the administering of nurse's prize was left until the next morning. That way everyone would be well rested and eager for whatever nurse wanted as her 'sexual favours'.

Laurel and Manu retreated to their bedroom, and snuggling together they were asleep almost instantly. The rest of the group found various places and partners to crash for the night. Fallen was lying on his back on a mattress on the floor. Crystal had snuggled in on his left. Zeke had lied down against his right side. Michael, and southernhelle had made their way to one of the guest bedrooms, as had Bluesman and hullo_nurse. Mrhappy had been lead to a spare bedroom by Deborah. Sabrina, HSWriter and Eve crashed on a pull-out couch in the living room. Alyssa and Shintani were sleeping on an air mattress on the office floor. Dixon, SpecialK and butterfly found an unoccupied bedroom.

Butterfly and SpecialK settled in bed with Dixon between them. "I think I'd like my favour now, what about you Kay?" asked Butterfly.

"Why yes Butterfly, I could use a favour right about now. It sounds like just the thing to ease the tensions before bed." She reached beneath the bedsheet and her hands came into contact with Butterfly's fingers, which were already around Dixie's love pole.

"Alright, do what you want with me." Dixon said, sounding resigned. (He sounded resigned but it was completely a front. What man wouldn't want to be taken advantage of by two beautiful women?)

Butterfly crawled over and straddled Dixon. His hard and large penis was between her legs. It was lying upright against his body like a zucchini and Butterfly moved her hips so that it slipped between her pussy lips, stimulating her clit in such a delightful way.

SpecialK, meanwhile, had sat herself over Dixon's face, her twat hovering before his nose. He knew what she desired and with his hands he grabbed her hips and pulled her down to his eager mouth. She gasped in pleasure as the first touch of his tongue touched her delicate lower lips.

Butterfly, having become significantly wet from rubbing her clit against Dixon's throbbing rod now rose up to position the head of his organ to the opening of her vagina. It was time to see if all his pumping had done any good. The head of his erect member slipped slowly into her snatch with a long, oozing moan from Butterfly. She eagerly moved down to let his member penetrate her deeper. "Ooooh! This is gooood, Kay!"

SpecialK replied with a moan of her own. "Damn, I really could get used to this whole oral sex thing." Her hands were gripping the headboard to keep her balance while Dixon's tongue poked and probed and licked her clit.

The two women were so turned on having watched the contest that night and not having had any relief that it didn't take them long to reach orgasm. Butterfly stroked over Dixon's penis and his left hand reached over to rub her clit with his thumb. With a shudder she reached her orgasmic release, Dixon's sizeable appendage still within her depths. Dixon's tongue was embedded well in the juicy canal of SpecialK's womanhood and his nose rubbed her clit. She came and flooded her juices all over his face.

"Let's trade. I want to try out that tongue," said Butterfly after they had caught their breath. Dixon looked like he hadn't even worked up a sweat. Only his face glistened. His penis was still rock hard and mammoth. SpecialK eagerly moved to straddle his manhood and Butterfly took her place over Dixon's talented mouth. He licked, sucked, poked and prodded at Butterfly's clit and his fingers slipped into her cavern of lust. His ministrations swiftly brought Butterfly to another climax and she slumped over to the side of the bed and off of his face, exhausted and relaxed.

SpecialK had found that Dixon's massive size was simply too large to enjoy with her straddling him so she requested that he take her from behind.

"With pleasure!" he said, moving behind her and thrusting into her slick pussy with his mighty member, his hands gripping her hips. They thrust together to a spectacular climax. Dixon grunted as his sperm shot forth from his loins. SpecialK wailed as she felt his pumping prick causing her own release.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhdaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnnn that's ssssssooooooo goooooodd!" she cried collapsing on the bed. Butterfly clapped tiredly.

The three snuggled together naked and within moments were sound asleep.

I shall spare you the rest of the details of all the night movements that took place long after the lights went out and move instead to after brunch the following day. Most of the group had slept quite late (poor, tired creatures) and thus hullo_nurse had to wait until almost afternoon before they were finally gathered in the den again for the administering of her prize.

"I have wanted a DP all my life!" she said. "So, for my prize I'd like to be double penetrated by mrhappy and Bluesman while I fellate HSWriter's yummy cock. The rest of you can feel free to join in however you wish," she concluded with a wide grin.

Bluesman eagerly took his position lying on his back in the middle of the room. (A mattress was still there from the night before.) Nurse gave his penis a few sucks to get him properly firm and ready. Meanwhile, mrhappy had moved behind nurse to give her pussy a few licks to moisten it up and get her juices flowing. Southernhelle took mrhappy's mrhappy into her mouth and with a few licks and sucks the pre-cum oozed from the tip. HSWriter was being similarly prepared by Sabrina who was stroking his cock with both her hands, her tongue licking around the mushroomed head. Laurel had brought out some lube and took it upon herself to ensure that hullo_nurse's backdoor was properly slick, around and inside. Her slender finger felt nurse's sphincter clutch tightly. Mrhappy was going to be in heaven in this portal to esctasy. Then she lubed up mrhappy's bent penis.

Soon, they were all suitably prepared. Hullo_nurse slowly worked her pussy over Bluesman's shaft, sliding up and back to stimulate her clit before allowing him to slip inside. "Oooooooh!" she moaned as the wonderful, uncomparable feel of penis filled her cunt. She leaned forward, her breasts rubbing along his lightly-haired chest. Mrhappy took his queue and moved behind the two of them. His hands caressed nurse's creamy asscheeks and spread them open exposing her puckered hole. He aligned the tip of his penis with her slick rosebud and very slowly he pushed forward.

"Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn!" murmured nurse as she felt the tip of mrhappy's penis attempt to gain entry into her tight rear passage. She relaxed, bearing down slightly and mrhappy's head slipped in. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It feels SOOOOOO goooood!"

"Ugggggghhhhhh!" mrhappy grunted. "So tight!"

Bluesman could feel mrhappy's penis through the thin membrane separating their manhoods. Everything felt so... full. Heck, only mrhappy would have to move to get them all off.

Mrhappy pushed forward and more of his shaft disappeared into nurse's backside. It was heavenly! The tight rear passage circularly gripping his penis was like a tight, hot glove. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before. He could feel where Bluesman's manhood, in hullo_nurse's vagina, was pushing up against his own.

Hullo_nurse, the center of it all, felt like she was ready to faint from the delightful sensations of it all. She felt so full. Bluesman had his cock firmly planted in her cunt and mrhappy's penis was filling up her anal passage. With every inch he inserted she felt full to the brim yet he kept pushing forward, the stimulation beyond belief.

Mrhappy had finally inserted his entire shaft in the back entrance (exit?) of nurse's ass. Nurse squirmed to see just how well the men were fitting inside her. AOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Damn this is wonderful! she cried. AI want an orgasm right now. Just a quick one. Just to tide me over. She wiggled just a bit, keeping both men deep within her and twiddled her clit with her fingers to get herself off. Her orgasm was quick to arrive, just as she had said. She was mostly silent, just hisses of her breath coming out in a slow exhale as her body quivered. Now, she was ready to proceed.

ACome here you sexy young thing! she called to HSWriter. Obediently he stepped over the lying Bluesman and moved towards hullo_nurse's face. She took HSWriter's youthful rod in her hands and licked her lips. Slowly she moved to lick the precum that had formed a pearly bud on the tip of his head. AMmmmmn! My favourite! The young, virile penis of HSWriter had been so nummy during the contest. She couldn't wait to taste him again. The boy must live on pineapple juice!

Bluesman and mrhappy had remained still while nurse had gotten herself off but now they were eager to make some movement to further their goal to their own pleasure. Mrhappy began a slow withdrawl from the depth of nurse's ass. Bluesman had nowhere to move. Instead, hullo_nurse moved up off his shaft. Simultaneously, mrhappy slid his member back into nurse's sexy ass while she eased back down over Bluesman's prick. It took them awhile to reach an acceptable rhythm, but soon the three of them were moving together like a well-oiled machine. HSWriter's cock was being orally ministered by nurse's talented lips and tongue. The rest of the group were eager to join in. Deb moved to the right of the group and took nurse's tit into her mouth, teasing the nipple. Sabrina moved to the other breast and offered it similar attention. Southernhelle snaked her hand towards nurse's clit and lightly fingered it in gentle circles. Fallen_Angel moved forward and took nurse's hand, first kissing and stroking the palm before wrapping it around his erect penis and moving it up and down along the shaft. Michael, having observed Fallen's idea took control of nurse's other hand. Nurse's juices still lingered here. These had been the fingers that had been pleasing her clit. Michael sucked the fingers into his mouth to remove any traces of her pussy juice. The rest of the group eagerly watched the show, not wanting to engage in their own sexual pleasure, despite their high states of arousal for fear they would miss the exciting show. The men just lightly stroked their rigid cocks while the women massaged their aching clits.

Hullo_nurse was unbelievably aroused. She was being stimulated from every angle. She felt like the center of the universe, with everything moving around her, for her. And damn it was hot! She felt like the hot lava core of the earth. Hullo_nurse's rear entry was still so tight. It wasn't like a vagina which eventually stretched to accommodate a penis. With every insertion, mrhappy's penis was transported back to the snug, hot tunnel. Bluesman was lying on the mattress with his eyes closed (he didn't feel like staring up at HSWriter's ass), just concentrating on the unbelievable sensations the movements of nurse and mrhappy were having on his manhood. Every time nurse slid down and mrhappy slid in, he could feel the head of his penis battle with the head of mrhappy's penis for room in nurse's body. Consequently, with Bluesman's rod having to move more to the front of her body, hullo_nurse's g-spot was being stimulated with each pass.

It was obvious to the others in the room when hullo_nurse was building up to her orgasm. Initially she had started out with soft moans and grunts. Steadily the volume and pitch of the sounds emitted by her vocal chords seemed to be increasing. And she sucked with greater fervour on HSWriter's penis letting him slip down her throat. The vibrations of nurse's throat caused a sheen of sweat to appear on HSWriter's body, as he struggled to contain his wad from erupting too soon. AOh Jesus! Oh damn! Oh shit! he panted. Feeling the hot, tell-tale throb of HSWriter's penis was all she needed to consent to her own release. She moved her mouth back so she could suck the head of his cock with all the strength her jaw muscles provided. HSWriter came like a faucet, his sweet-tasting semen flooding nurse's mouth as she eagerly swallowed it down while her own orgasm came over her like a volcano.

AOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I=M CCCCCCCC UUUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM IIIIIIIINNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!! she wailed. Her body vibrated and shook as her orgasm pulsed through her veins. Bluesman and mrhappy were buried well within her depths, her clenching muscles coaxing them to their own release. The group was an erupting volcano of cum. Hullo_nurse's juices squirted forth while Bluesman was filling her up with his own release. Mrhappy was emptying his load into the backside of the prizewinner. The remains of HSWriter's cum had dripped down nurse's face to her heaving bosom. Michael and Fallen_Angel spurted their own ejaculate over the panting group of bodies as hullo_nurse's fingers had clamped around both quivering shafts.

Slowly the grunts and moans and wails subsided and the panting breaths slowly returned to normal. Hullo_nurse was still impaled by both men, even as their shafts shrivelled inside her. She was completely void of energy and her body felt like electric jello. Mrhappy manged to extract his member and moved away to flop into the nearest chair. Nurse slid off of Bluesman and collapsed on the mattress beside him. Bluesman didn't move at all. The group was utterly spent.

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Chapter Five by hullo_nurse

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