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Literotica Reunion Chapter VI
by SpecialK

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Well, here it is. And I only have one thing to say. I'm an innocent, closet pervert.

When we last saw our fun loving group most of them had been spectating an encounter between Rodrigo (you know, the fanatical speller who loves T&A) and Zeke, Fallen's dog. The only ones missing from the crowd were Laurel, Alyssa, and Shintani. SpecialK was walking towards the group from the beach right at that moment.

"What have I been missing?" she asked Sabrina.

"Well, looks like Zeke's finished with ole Roddy. Which is a good thing cuz the poor guy looks like he's had it."

SpecialK looked over and had to agree. Rodrigo had blood dripping from his butt and he was lying on the ground in a pool of his own cum. Dirty tearstains travelled down his cheeks. Butterfly and hullo_nurse had gone to find the appropriate medical supplies.

Butterfly was looking through the medicine cabinet in Laurel' and Manu's bathroom. "Hmmn... icey hot? What do you think?" she asked with a sly grin, holding up the tube to show hullo_nurse.

"Oh my God!" nurse exclaimed with a chuckle. "I don't think the poor guy would survive! I couldn't do that to him. Besides, it's just Rodrigo, not XXploreHER." Instead she grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. "This is going to have to do."

After Rodrigo had been suitably attended to (how much can you do for a guy with a violated sphincter after all), he had gotten back into his car and had fled vowing he would never return to a crazy, dumb-assed Literotica reunion! (He had picked up that phrase from XxploreHER, I think.) The group could hear him swearing even when he was a block down the road. They chuckled and headed back inside.

It was decided that it was dinnertime. (They needed to fuel up for the rest of their marathon weekend of sex. Empty stomachs make for weak lovers, ya know.) "Yo homeys! Time for some grub! Help yourselves." Laurel (a Californian if you'll recall) declared setting out some salads. A few tendrils of her long hair had escaped from the bun at the back of her head. With her gold robe gaped open at the front she looked like some kind of boxer, sans gloves and shorts. Fallen_Angel, the Texas beefsteak, had taken it upon himself to control the BBQ and cook up the main meal (Texans and their meat, eh?)

They had enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner and now, since it had become dark outside, they had all gathered in the den and were idly chatting. Bodies, some in gold robes and some nude, were sitting, leaning and lying everywhere about the room. Manu sat in the Eames lounge chair and Laurel sat snuggled in his lap. SpecialK sat on the floor near them, having become quite fond of the couple since her arrival the previous day. The couch was full of bodies (personal space seemed to be a thing of the past): mrhappy, Sabrina, Michael, Crystal, and Fallen_Angel. Deborah was balancing on the left arm rest, her right butt cheek just inches from Fallen's face. The only indication that Fallen minded her seating arrangement was that he kept glancing at her nude bottom. Southernhelle sat on the floor in front of the couch between Deborah's and Fallen's legs. Her legs were crossed and from across the room where Shintani was lying on his stomach, he had more than a nice view of helle's nether region where it peeked out at the world from the gaping folds of the gold robe. The beautiful Eve was lying perpendicular to Shintani, her head resting against his side. Alyssa leaned possessively against Shintani's other side. Hullo_nurse and BluesmanII shared an easy chair (Bluesman looked anything but blue, what with the nurse's breasts pressing so intimately against him). Rounding up the group, Dixon sat in a chair in the corner with butterfly perched on his lap. He idly stroked her breasts while she drew lazy circles on his chest with her fingers. (Oh, almost forgot, Zeke, Fallen's lovable hound, was still outside, running amok in the landscaping after humping amok at Rodrigo's ass earlier.)

The conversation, oddly enough, wasn't about sex but rather of stories and posting and websites and the problems associated with running them. (Humans, after all, were not made to have sex on their minds all of the time, just most of the time.) Anyhow, for that brief period of the weekend the conversation was not of sex. However, without sex to occupy their thoughts, the group soon became restless. And having refuelled and recovered and relaxed, they were soon more than ready to restart.

It was about this time that Deborah, her incontinent nature in full force, stood up from her position on the couch arm rest and announced a preposition to the group: "I propose a contest!" Thirty-four eyes turned to look at her with eager interest (only a few eyeballs slightly dreaded what Deborah was about to suggest). "I suggest a 'Who is it?' contest!" she declared again, her breasts jutting out to emphasize her point. "Here's how it would go.... one person is blindfolded in the centre of the room and at least, say.... 8 people would take turns performing oral sex on him or her," she paused, still formulating the idea in her head before continuing. "The blindfolded person would have 5 minutes to try and identify who it is between their legs. Naturally, both men and women will be among the 8 people. Everyone will get a turn to be blindfolded. And everyone will be expected to perform oral sex on the various participants. The person who correctly identifies the most people will win a prize... Sexual favours of some kind would make a good prize, don't you think?"

"Whoa! You mean I have to give one, or more, of these guys a blow job?" Dixon asked in his deep voice. "I'll munch carpet 'till the cows come home but there will be no man's dick in this mouth while I'm in a conscious state."

"We could bring you to another state of consciousness if you so desired, Dixie!" hullo_nurse said seductively to him while giving him a slow wink. (They had taken to calling Dixon >Dixie= after a BB post.)

"You know," mrhappy interjected, "I am more than willing to participate in this contest but there is no way Dixon's dick is going into any of my bodily orifices."

"Oh you bunch of complainers!" southernhelle scoffed. "If we can suck your rancid dicks, you'd at least think you could do it to each other! To see what we put up with and all."

"Do we all have to participate in the contest? Can't some of us be cheerleaders or something?" Butterfly smiled hopefully. She had never had oral sex with a woman before and the thought of doing it in front of everyone made her nervous. "I'll trade you for your dicks if you'll munch my carpets," she whispered to Dixon with a nervous grin.

"I don't think anyone should be forced to do anything he or she feels uncomfortable with. But, heck, we do want to have fun this weekend," Laurel added.

"Uhm.... can I be a spectator too then... if that's okay?" SpecialK asked, somewhat sheepishly. Having been caught by the group with Manu, Laurel and Dixon shortly after arriving had embarrassed her enough for the weekend. And the recent episode with Alyssa and Shintani and Laurel... what HAD come over her?!?! Besides, she wasn't confident enough about her lacking oral sex abilities to be willing to perform before the whole group.

"If anyone is sitting out of the contest they shouldn't be allowed to engage in any other sexual activity while the contest is taking place," suggested Eve.

Deborah agreed. "Good idea, Eve. Dixie, butterfly and SpecialK, you do not have to be in the contest but you are not allowed to engage in ANY sexual activity during the duration of the contest. This includes masturbating!"

HSWriter, Shintani, Fallen_Angel and BluesmanII looked at one another around the room. None of them were overly enthused about sucking another man's penis but they were all willing to be in the contest. If anything, it was another notch on the belt of experience. When else would they ever have an opportunity for something like this if not here? And those of the men who were curious about what it was like to give another man a blow job were secretly glad that this contest had been arranged. They didn't have to seem willing to blow off another man, just a reluctant participant in a contest.

Manu, always the techie, had been arranging the details in his head. "If we have 15 people participating in the contest, and each person is getting pleased by 8 people, each for 5 minutes it is going to take us 10 hours to complete this contest, not taking into account the time between contestants." Manu said softly.

Deborah laughed. "Did you figure into account the angle of the dangles too?" The group snickered. "Clearly 10 hours is a bit excessive considering the lateness of the hour. What if we shorten it to 6 people instead of 8. How much time is that going to take us to?"

"Still seven and a half."

"Wait," interrupted Sabrina. "All we need to do to shorten the time is to have 2 people blindfolded at the same time. That cuts the time in half."

"Very true! So that would take us to about, what, 4 hours give or take, including the changeover times?"

The rest of the details were arranged. The blindfolded people would get one point for correctly identifying the gender of the person pleasuring them and 5 points for correctly pinpointing the person. The winner would be given his or her choice of sexual favours given by the others in the group as his/her prize. The spectators, while not performing on one of the contestants, were allowed to watch the contest as it unfolded but were not allowed to reveal the identity of the pleasurer to the blindfolded pleasuree and otherwise could act as they wished. The non-participants were not allowed to engage in any sexual activity during the contest and if they did, the rest of the group would decide upon a suitable consequence. Laurel headed off to find some blindfolds. Michael also got up and excused himself for a moment saying only that he had something to enrich the whole contest experience.

Laurel returned with the blindfolds and Michael returned with a cd "Music for Lovers".

"It's got Ravel's 'Bolero'," he said smiling. "It will drown out any whispers any of us make to one another so that the contestants don't hear. Besides, it's mood music!"

SpecialK laughed. "So what ELSE do you have in those 2 suitcases if you brought 'Bolero' along!"

"We'll see," was all Michael would say.

It was unanimously agreed that Deborah (since she initiated the contest in the first place) and Crystal (who initiated the reunion) be the first contestants. They both sat on two chairs which had been brought in from the kitchen and put in the centre of the room. They took their places on the chairs and were quickly and effectively blindfolded. Deborah was the first to spread her legs, clearly eager to get started. "Bring 'em on baby!" she invited. The group remaining on the couch could see her beautiful nether lips almost calling out for attention. Fallen_Angel heeded the call and crawled forward between her legs. Eve had come forward to move between Crystal's legs, careful not to let her buxom black breasts touch Crystal and give her away. Eve licked her lips and stared at Crystal's black downy triangle while waiting for Michael to start the timer on his wristwatch.

"Okay, eat!" pronounced Michael and both Eve and Fallen eagerly moved their faces forward in unison and made contact with the waiting pussies of Crystal and Deborah. At first Crystal was entranced by the wonderful ministrations of the strange tongue between her legs and a good minute had passed before she remembered she was supposed to be trying to determine who the tongue belonged to. Deborah, meanwhile, was trying to keep focussed on figuring out who was between her legs. Yet it certainly wasn't easy because whoever it was had a damn good talent at muff-diving. The licking and poking and stroking and light nibbles were swiftly heating, and moistening her up. 'Concentrate, Deb, concentrate' she scolded herself. 'Whoever this is really knows how to please a woman... does that mean it is a woman?' Just as the timer beeped to indicate the first five minutes was up, Deborah thought she felt long, straight hair touch her thigh.

"Okay, make your guesses! Deborah, you first." Michael instructed.

"I think.....Sabrina was between my legs."

"Bzzzzt! Wrong on gender and wrong on identity."



"Hmmmn.... I gotta go with.... Fallen_Angel?" Crystal replied, taking a stab in the dark since she had no clue who had been between her legs. It was at that moment that Deborah knew who had been between her legs. How the heck had she not felt the mustache?

"Wrong again on gender and identity!"

"Well do we at least get to know who it really was?" Crystal asked.

"YES!" demanded Deborah.

"Okay then, Deb, Fallen was between your legs, and Eve was between yours, Crystal." Laurel announced. "Ready for more?"

"Ohhh! Damnit!" Crystal lamented. "Bring on the next ones."

Laurel knelt between Deborah's legs and Sabrina took the place before Crystal. Michael once again began the timer. Fallen's preliminary action had done well to moisten Deb's slit and Laurel eagerly continued where he had left off. Her nimble fingers stroked Deb's inner thighs and her tongue slithered its way between Deb's lips and licked at her sensitive clit. Deborah moaned and thought 'Geez, everyone is talented at this!" Crystal, determined to pay attention this time, tried to use her other senses to glean any clue as to the identity of the person between her legs. She could feel hair tickling her thighs, which suggested a woman (unless Fallen had moved from Deb's pussy to hers). Then she noticed an aroma, a flowery one, coming up from between her legs. 'Aha! A woman! Now just to discover which woman.'

Fallen decided he should go check on Zeke and to make sure all the shrubbery outside remained intact, and that he hadn't found anyone else to violate. SpecialK, who was a little homesick for her own pooch (not THAT homesick!), decided to accompany him.

"So have you been enjoying yourself so far, Fallen?" SpecialK asked, wandering barefoot in the succulent green grass of the backyard.

"Very much so, SpecialK. The party has been very enjoyable so far. I'm eager for more!"


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by SpecialK.

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