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Literotica Reunion Chapter VI
by Butterfly

Butterfly is standing in the entrance way of the living room of Laurel and Manu's beach house. She is wondering why she was even here. She had second thoughts on whether to come or not. She knew she would have competition with all the other ladies. She was the oldest out of all of them. Not only was she older, she knew she didn't have the body like all the other women did either, but, she did have experience and she loved life so she came. Now she is glad that she did, it is the second day of the reunion and it has been fun.

Yesterday she got here and ended up talking to Michael for a while and he is such a gentleman and really a neat person. She has communicated with him over the BB and thru e-mail so it was exciting to finally meet him and all the other authors and posters. Of course after yesterday she knew Michael even better. She had to laugh at how she got to know him though. The women lost the Basketball game. Since we lost, all the women had to give the men a blow job. Things were worked out and in the end the men were blindfolded and then the women were paired up with them by Laurel. Well Butterfly was paired up with Michael, she felt she needed to let him know that it was her. So she leaned over to him and said, "This is Butterfly Michael. Just wanted you to know." She chuckled at his response, at saying he liked younger women, sheesh she was all of what five years younger! But, it was said with kindness due to her post that she was worried about her being the oldest of the women. She wanted him to remember her and to thank him for making her feel wanted. She guesses' that she did all right, he was most definitely smiling afterwards. Then there was Fallen Angel . . . what a tall Texan can do for her was brought to light by him. She was still smiling about that get together, with him. She was still a little shy about walking around in nothing but a gold robe with her name on it. She looked down at herself and gave a laugh . . .

"What are you laughing about Butterfly?" MrHappy walked into the room and looked around the living room, "You're all by yourself, aren't you lonely little one?" MrHappy asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

Butterfly laughs, jumps with surprise and looks at MrHappy, "I was just standing here wondering what the heck was going on in my head when I accepted the invitation to come to this reunion? This is not like me, and I'm not as young, well built or stunning as all these younger female authors or fellow posters." She says with a shaky smile.

"That is a bunch of baloney, little one. You belong here just as much as anyone else does. Why I think you're awfully sexy, and I know all the men here have made that same remark. Lets go over and sit down on the sofa and discuss this little problem you have with self esteem!" MrHappy insists.

Butterfly laughs and walks over to the sofa with MrHappy, she sits down demurely with the robe pulled tightly over her legs. She looks up at MrHappy and smiles up at him, "Okay, Dr. Happy, 'she chuckles at his expression' why don't we sit down and discuss this problem I have . . . !"

MrHappy looks at Butterfly and laughs out loud, "You do know how to put a man into his place don't you little one! Now where were we, oh yes talking about your low self esteem!" MrHappy sits down and drapes his arm around her shoulders and smiles into her eyes. Thinking to himself, why this woman has any problems I'll never know. She is so damn sexy and her smile lights up the room. Fallen was right, her eyes just light up when she is talking to you like she has eyes only for you and no one else. "Now little one lets get something straight here right now! You are one hot, sexy woman and I have wanted you since I saw you yesterday standing shyly at the door when we caught the foursome having fun!" His hand drops down further on her shoulder and starts to rub and pull her closer.

Butterfly moves closer and looks up into his eyes and smiles, talk about getting my heart started. "MrHappy you are so full of it . . . look at "Eve" she is a gorgeous black beauty, Special K with her figure to die for and large busts, Deborah with her personality to shut everything down, she has such confidence and carries herself with pride. She's pretty and witty. Crystal, Sabrina, Southernhelle and Hullo_Nurse all are younger, thinner and built a whole lot better than me and any one of them would deserve a second look when they walk past everyone. Then I show up here and Laurel is in the middle of foursome and she is downright gorgeous. I almost turned around and ran away, but I was caught up in the moment." She finishes with a small shrug of her shoulders and looks down at her hands in her lap.

MrHappy knew there was only one way to get her to realize that she was just as much a turn on as the other women. He reached down and put his fingers under her chin and made her look up at him, "Butterfly, look at me!" She raised her eyes up to meet his, "You are a very sexy lady, don't you realize that experience is such a turn-on, you are very pretty and your eyes just light up when you talk to a person. When you talk to me, you make me feel like I'm the only one in the room. You don't check out anyone else, you don't listen to what other people are saying, you give me your total attention. That to me is a turn on in itself, makes me feel like I'm ten feet tall." He leans down and lays his mouth across her lips gently. She gasps, and opens up for him, and he pushes his tongue into her mouth. She wraps her arms around him and pulls him in closer to her. She sucks his tongue into her mouth and moans. His hand wanders down to her breast and cups her breast in his hand and feels the nipple harden. She arches her back and pushes her breast into his palm and whimpers.

She pulls back and looks at him and smiles, and states, "You southern gentlemen sure know how to sweep me off my feet, must be the southern accent, gets me all the time. Are all southern gentlemen like this? If so, I'm most definitely living in the wrong state!" She smiles sensuously and raises her lips back up to his and kisses him gently, shyly. Her hands work their way up into his hair and pull him closer toward her, leaning back on the couch. She pulls him down on top of her opening her robe at the same time. She feels his arms around her contract and she felt his smile on his lips as he kissed her. "You see what you southern gentlemen do to me, I just melt when I talk to you guys!" She declares. She feels rather than hears him chuckle and his whisper, "you bet darlin!" She smiles and tightens her arms around him. She doesn't realize that someone else has come into the room and is watching them with desire and lust in her eyes . . .

Deborah came into the room and caught the heavy kissing act between Butterfly and MrHappy, and is turned on. She just stands there watching and realizes that they don't know she walked into the room. She watches as Butterfly reaches up for MrHappy and pulls him down on her, her hands spearing his hair, she watches as MrHappy leans down into Butterfly opening her robe and peeling it back to lay it open. His hands aren't still. They play all over her from shoulder to hip and back up again. She sees Butterfly arch into his hands. She is so turned on her hand slips into her robe and she plays with her nipples and soon her hand wanders downward to her wet pussy! Deborah thinks to herself, 'God, that is so erotic looking, they look so good just lying there running their hands all over each others body! I'm so wet!' She pushes one finger into her and moans. She bites her bottom lip hoping that they didn't hear her, she looks at them and notices that they just continue on. She plays with herself a little more and then she can't stand it and decided to join them. She wasn't sure if she wanted MrHappy's mrhappy in her wet pussy, or if she wanted to straddle Butterfly's mouth and have her please her. She knew that Butterfly, before this weekend, had never been with a woman. But she has come a long way just since she's been here! They have had a chance to talk and Deborah knew she was still kind of shy when it came to sex! She decides to go to MrHappy and see if she can get him in her . . .

MrHappy looks down at the woman in his arms and can't believe his luck. After talking to Michael earlier today he knew he had to have this woman, Fallen said she was fantastic and caring and they were right. He had her moaning in no time and clutching the cushions on her way to her first of many climaxes from him. "How are you Butterfly? Still feel like a wallflower and not wanted?" He asks.

"Oh God, No! Please don't stop what you are doingggg! It feels so goood! OooooH!" Butterfly moaned out. She couldn't believe the ecstacy she was in. All she knew was that she had to have this man inside her soon or she was going to burst. "MrHappy, pleaseee I want you in me, . . . NOW!" She practically screams.

"My pleasure darlin! My pleasure!" He declares. But, just before he positions himself over her, he feels a hand on his balls and jumps. He turns around and sees Deborah behind him, reaching for his cock. He feels a little apprehensive considering what happened last time, but then she has him in her hand and he moans. He looks at her and asks, "Well darlin did you get lonely for me? Had to come and try out my MrHappy anyway huh?"

"Just shut up and enjoy it MrHappy! I'm too hot to care if it's you or not!" Deborah snapped. She laid down and brought his cock to her mouth and began giving him a mind-blowing blowjob!

"Why of course Deborah . . . please!" he sighs and then goes back to Butterfly and pleasing her with his mouth. He sticks his tongue out and gently licks her clit and her hips jump and she moans. "Like that huh darlin?"

Butterfly just raises her hips, and pleads for more . . . and before she knew what was happening, A large cock appears above her mouth trying to push its way into her mouth. She opens her eyes and sees Dixon standing there in all his glory. "Aahhh Dixon I don't think I can take you into my mouth." She whimpers.

"Take what you can, I want you to make me moan like you made Michael! I heard you two, yesterday and I have wanted my cock in your mouth since then." Dixon stated with a smile.

Butterfly, looked up at him and gave him a smile and said "I think you really should have Hullo_Nurse do you, she's the expert!" She shyly states.

"I want your mouth, Butterfly. I told you I saw you in action, believe me you will do!" Dixon states and pushes his cock to her lips and sees that she is going to take him in. "That's a girl, oh that feels so good!"

Butterfly takes Dixon into her mouth and swallows. Still not believing that she is attempting Dixon's 12 or 13" cock, whatever the size she knows its large. Just then MrHappy hits her clit again with his tongue and she stops breathing for a sec and just lets out a low moan. She feels him stick a finger in her wet and soaking pussy. She clamps down on his finger, and moans again. When she moans, Dixon can feel the vibration around his cock and he moans. Just then Deborah did something new to MrHappy that made him jump and he new he was ready to blow! Soon you hear......

"OOOOOOOOOH My God!" Butterfly screams.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" MrHappy moans.

"MY GOD! I'm Cummmmmiingg . . . " Dixon yells

They notice that Deborah hasn't cum yet, so MrHappy decides to make sure she does. Dixon and Butterfly collapse and then they are still hearing moans and screams and heavy breathing. Dixon and Butterfly sit up and look around. Eve, Michael, Southernhelle, and HSWriter are in the corner going at it! On the floor in front of the fireplace is Bluesman, Crystal, Laurel, Fallen, and Hullo_Nurse just each one enjoying each other. SpecialK, Sabrina, Shintani, Alyssa, and Manu are in the other corner. All of a sudden Deborah cums with MrHappy's help. "Oh God, that was great!" Deborah states. Then she notices everyone also. "Well, I guess everyone came in and did what I did? Took one look at the two of you and got turned on! And, joined it!" Deborah chuckled and sat up. She looks over at Butterfly and smiles, "what's the matter Butterfly you look like your in shock! You surely can't be surprised after all that has happened this weekend can you?" She asks.

"Not surprised, I'm more shocked at myself to tell you the truth! I can't believe the way I've been so open and free this weekend. I was scared as hell to come here, but boy oh boy am I glad that I did!" Butterfly declares. She then chuckles and looks over at MrHappy and smiles at him sweetly. "You proved your point MrHappy! Thank you for a lovely lesson." She says to him. Butterfly, stands up, was going to close the robe, then laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm going to go and take a shower and put on my bathing suit and get some rays before they are totally gone!" With that she turns to walk to one of the bedrooms when she noticed Deborah and Hullo_Nurse following her. She stops and turns to them, "Hey, girls what's up?" She asks.

"We just thought we'd take a shower too, might as well do it together in the large shower built for four. What do you say?" Hullo_Nurse asks. She gives Butterfly a big sweet smile.

"Why the hell not, come on guys, lets go get cleaned up and see what Laurel and Manu have planned for our last evening together. How fast this went huh?" Butterfly states and then looks up as they are walking into the bedroom, Southernhelle had joined them. "Oh hell, the more the merrier!" With that she laughs and starts the shower, drops her robe and steps into the shower. She turns around and watches as all the gorgeous young bodies in front of her. She looked down at herself and realized it just didn't matter any longer! Butterfly laughs out loud and then looks up with a sheepish grin. "Have you girls ever heard the saying, 'you've come a long way baby' well that's me." She states. Butterfly stands under the water and waits for everyone else to join her. She turns and looks at Deborah and an idea hits her, she smiles and says to Deborah, "Hey Deborah did you happen to bring your Magic Powder? I've never used anything like that and I have such a hard time trying to shave. Thought maybe you would show me how to use it."

Deborah looked at Butterfly and smiled, "why Butterfly I would love to show you how to use it. If anyone else is interested we can have pussy shaving party!" Deborah goes to her bag and pulls out her can of Magic Powder. She turns and notices that all three are leaning against the shower wall waiting. She smiled, and thought to herself, 'this is going to be fun!' Deborah goes out and gets three bowls to mix the powder and when she comes back she brings Special K with her. "Hey, ladies SpecialK decided to join us for the pleasure!"

"Hey SpecialK glad you decided to join us! Deborah is about to show us how wonderful Magic Powder is. We're having a pussy shaving party! Undress girl and join us!" Hullo_Nurse states.

SpecialK looks at the ladies and then down to there pussy's and just smiled. "Well Deborah you did state you wished that I had used some Magic Powder so here is your chance to show me. If it is as wonderful as you claim, I'll buy some before heading home!"

Deborah mixes up the bowls and tells all the ladies to sit down and spread their legs, which they all did obediently. Deborah went around and spread the mixture on each one of the ladies and set the timer. Then she turned and said to the ladies, "Now ladies look at my pussy, and see how smooth each one of yours is going to be. Butterfly, you asked first so you get to taste first what a smooth pussy is like." Deborah walks over to Butterfly and straddles her legs and moves her pussy close to her mouth.

Butterfly looks at Deborah's pussy, which is now at face level with her sitting on the floor of the shower, and then looks up at Deborah, "Ah Deborah, I can see how smooth your pussy is, I don't have to taste to see." She smiles up at her.

"Well if you don't want to...." Deborah snaps. "Oh damn it Deborah, come here. I don't know what the hell I was worried about, I've done everything else this weekend and I did go down on Hullo. After all as you said my dear I'm horny!" Butterfly puts her hands on Deborah's hips and pulls her in towards her and sticks her tongue out and licks Deborah's slit! Oh so smooth, then she licks a little harder and slips between her lips and hits her clit. Deborah moans and bucks towards her face.

Then Hullo_Nurse yells, "Hey Butterfly, don't be stingy share Deborah with all of us!"

"Don't worry Hullo I will and then we all get to try each other. This is turning out to be a fun shower, what do you think SpecialK?" Butterfly mumbles with her mouth sucking on Deborah's clit.

"Oh most definitely, Butterfly. Lets see what each other is like, it has been 7 minutes shall we rinse?" SpecialK asks.

They all stand up and rinse off and then start to examine each other to see who got the softest and smoothest. Soon one thing lead to another and they all ended up on the floor of the shower between each others legs bringing each other off to a great orgasm. Butterfly with her face between Deborah's legs, who has her face between Hullo_Nurse's legs, who has her face between SpecialK's legs, who has her face between Southernhelle's legs, who has her face between Butterfly's. Finger's and mouth's were just going at it. If you would have walked in on the scene you would have seen a circle of women moaning and screaming. But of course with great big smiles on there faces....

Afterwards, they join the rest in the living room. Chatting with the others, Butterfly noticed how everyone was totally relaxed and felt comfortable around each other. Some were lying on the floor, some on chairs with others in their laps. Robes open, closed didn't matter. Laurel and Manu had gathered everyone together to discuss the last evening fun, get together. Everyone groaned because it had gone so fast. Not surprising with all the sex that was going on. "Well Laurel and I have planned all of this, so we discussed it and thought maybe we would see what ideas you come up with for our last evening!" Manu stated. Everyone started throwing out ideas, beach party, skinny dipping, Clambake on the beach. More were suggested and they all just talked and discussed. Laurel turns to Manu, states, "Well this turned out to be exciting and enjoyable, didn't honey?"

Manu looked at his wife, then looked around at the crowed and had to agree with her, "Yea honey, it turned out great. They are all neat, and unique individual people. I'm glad you talked me into going along with this!" He leans over, kisses Laurel sweetly. Looks up over the crowd and smiles. "What a weekend huh folks?" He yells out to all. Everyone laughs, and starts talking all at once.

Chapter Seven by Southernhelle
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