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Literotica Reunion
Chapter VIII: Lay 'Em Straight

by BluesManII

Laurel sprinted across the beach into the last of the sun's rays. Her lithe silhouette jigging back and forth as she kicked into the yielding sand - attracted the attention of Manu - and - for perhaps the first time today, Bluesman had found himself staring at her.

Somehow, most of the guests who had wanted to, had sequestered Laurel alone with some ruse or another. Bluesman had not been so lucky. At 27, she was nearly 20 years his junior. The spritely movement of her nude buttocks as she ran toward the water reminded him of several girls he'd met long ago. He felt young again and wondered at it. "Well...douchebag!", His conscience scolded. "Does the way you feel have less to do with your psychotic nostalgia and more to do with the half a ton of pussy you've fucked and eaten for two whole days? DUH!...No wonder it feels like college again!"

Bluesman smiled and felt his erection returning. This RE-union (could you actually call it a reunion if it was really their first union?) was doing wonders for his libido. He thought that the gang bang of Hullo_Nurse had drained whatever reserves he'd had, but the sight of young Laurel's form had generously jolted his rather large cock and ensured that his age wouldn't embarrass him.

He looked over to the yard where some of the guys were volunteering to help Manu drag some comforts onto the beach. A beach party would conclude the weekend's debauchery and leave everyone sore and sandy thought Bluesman. Oh well... that means that the showers will be the action spot tonight and tomorrow morning! He was torn between following Laurel and pitching in with Shintani, Michael, Fallen, MrHappy, and HSWriter. He opted to help and looked wistfully as Laurel skipped into the surf. The gang was grabbing beach chairs, volleyball nets, horseshoes, ice chests, towels, blankets, and half the contents of Price Club's seasonal aisle and dragging them onto the sand and down to an area just fifty feet shy of the water. Southern_Helle grabbed a Coleman with a dozen beers on ice and an umbrella and strode to the beach. Crystal offered to help as did Alyssa and soon, everything was out on the beach. The sun had set and a faint orange afterglow illuminated the sky like some car or beverage commercial thought Bluesman...And why not? This WAS California after all!

He grabbed a large chest of beer to keep company with the one that Helle carried down. He trudged with it and thought about how beautiful all of the women had been and how unreal this whole affair had turned out. It might take months to wash away the scent of pussy and certainly a year or more to wipe off that shit-eating grin. That grin was his Irish best and he felt it spread as Laurel, freshly back from a quick soak in the Pacific, walked up toward him. Or so he thought! Behind him, he heard Manu's voice and he felt like a high-school jerk again, realizing that she was coming toward Manu, not him.

"Manu..." she said, a bit out of breath. "How's the water, love?" he interrupted. "Fine...really nice! you think it's OK for some of the gang to smoke weed on the beach? Helle asked me...and I KNOW a few of these characters are into altered states of consciousness just from their writing!" Manu frowned. It's not that he never smoked pot, he just didn't like taking chances. But, not wanting to be a wet blanket, he acceded and told her to tell everyone it's OK but they were on their own.

Bluesman noted this as he walked just in front of Manu and shot a glance at Laurel as she passed him. He sought out Helle. "hey...I have some killer stuff if you want to toke." She smiled and grabbed his hand. They lit up behind a canvas lean-to and took in a long drag each. "You think she's pretty?" asked Helle.

"Who?" said Bluesman nonchalantly.


"Oh... she's OK he said vaguely.

Helle gave him a shot in the ribs and said... "Fuck you! I SAW you staring at her you dick! Who are you kidding?"

Bluesman reached out and grabbed Helle's left tit and gave it a pinch. "I've stared, to one degree or another, at EVERY woman here! I'm an equal opportunity pervert!"

Helle laughed and invited Crystal to join. She was soon accompanied by MrHappy and then Alyssa and Shintani. Before long a small contingent of potheads had gathered by the lean to and were perfuming the beach with the redolent smell of burning marijuana. Dixon strode suddenly into the fray in fake dreadlocks and nothing else and declared: "Ire Mon...some spliff going roun' an you not gonna invite Dixon?" They looked at the dreads and all fell apart laughing.

Appropriately, some Reggae music cut into the sounds of the beach frolic as Bob Marley's unmistakable voice punctuated the breeze.

"Pos-i-tive Vi-bration Yea-ah...Pos-i-tive!"

Deborah began a seductive dance that lured Nurse over toward her. The two swayed in the nude illuminated by the propane lanterns and the beach fire. At times they touched and the deliberateness of their movements suggested that this was not an unplanned event. Erections were sprouting like...well...mushrooms as Alyssa and Sabrina also danced. Incredible! Another fucking erection after all this gluttonous sex!

On a chair near the fire Bluesman spied Manu poking it trying to create a ring of fire around a large pot of chile he was tending, while Fallen was explaining the ingredients of his "Essential Western Chile" to a disinterested Manu. SpecialK came over and slid a soft hand down Manu's thighs while Fallen was exalting about the Scotch Bonnets that "Bring It" to his five alarm concoction. He realized he was out of school when he saw SpecialK drop to her knees in the sand and put Manu's semi-rigid shaft in her hand and lift it, with a wink, to her lips. Fallen just waltzed down to the water and joined a group that had been splashing each other and laughing like hyenas.

Bluesman looked for Laurel and found that she was alone by the lantern trying to light it while it was still swinging from the bamboo pole. "Here...let me help".

At six foot, Bluesman wasn't tall, but he was tall enough to be of assistance to a rather petite woman. He turned the wick, lit it, and trimmed it to the right length. "Thanks!" said Laurel enthusiastically. "Having fun?" she asked.

" far" mumbled Bluesman. Her proximity prompted him to an impetuous move. He suddenly grabbed her and pressed her soft thighs against his dangling, rigid cock, her breasts pressed against his chest. He placed his lips carefully on hers and said: "NOW...I'm having fun!" She let him probe her mouth, his tongue touching hers, touching the roof of her mouth, his lips twisting to accommodate hers. He felt her hand glide along his imposing erection and guide it toward her cunt. She rubbed it's huge mushroom head against the wet folds of her vulva and moistened it well. Inch by inch she pulled it into her till he asserted the control and shoved the fat cock into her as deeply as it would allow.

They were actually just standing there, he hunched down a bit to get under her, she on tip-toes. It must have seemed comical to HSwriter as he sauntered close to them. "Somebody get a bucket of water! These two are stuck and goin' at it!" It attracted the attention of a few of the crowd. "Don't stop now!" hissed Laurel. "You wanted to fuck me? NOW...fuck me!"

Bluesman looked around and saw a blanket nearby. He nodded in it's direction and Shintani grabbed it and threw it on the sand just behind them. Bluesman picked up Laurel who was still impaled on his cock and slowly kneeled down in the sand placing her gently on her back.

He lifted her legs and placed her calves on his shoulders while he plowed into her open cunt with abandon. He was kneeling, and she flat with her legs extended. His cock was driving into her and he felt her starting to quiver with the anticipation of an orgasm. Deborah, late to arrive to this scene, whistled in appreciation and knelt by Laurel's head and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. She kissed her deeply and her hands wandered to Laurel's breasts and she played with them while Bluesman pounded her pussy. Several of those watching paired off and began assorted forms of erotic play. There was Alyssa with her Shintani, HSWriter and Eve were at it for the umpteenth time, MrHappy had Butterfly sucking on his somewhat rehabilitated dick, while over in the shadows it appeared that the insatiable Nurse was now encircled by several men sporting evidence of their devotion to her. She alternated between sucking Dixon's massive pole, and Fallen's and Michael's and...amazingly...the evangelical ditz who dropped in to convert the sinners, Ted! Nurse was ably handling the gathering when Crystal joined her and split off Fallen and Michael leaving Nurse with Dixon and Ted.

Ted was citing Revelations under his breath, certain that damnation would find him in this compromised state and carry him, unwillingly, in the arms of dark angels to the bowels of hell... where he'd spend eternity getting fucked by Zeke the perverted dog.

He muttered harder and Nurse, confusing his talking in tongues with the signs of an incipient orgasm, began to concentrate on his rather smallish cock. She sucked it's whole length like a cocktail frank into her mouth and nearly swallowed his balls in the offing. Her superb ministrations produced a shriek of delivery from the would-be missionary and he let loose a torrent of jism than took Nurse by surprise both for it's violence as well as it's volume. The boy was plugged! She had uncorked a lifetime of self-denial and it was like an Oklahoma gusher coming in at the last possible moment!

"Damn!" said Dixon..."All that cum outta that tiny needle-dick?" Nurse smiled up mischievously at Dixon Carter Lee. Her mouth still foaming with the pent up seed of the unlikely invitee.

"So...Dixie...Whatcha gonna do to impress me now?" Nurse cooed. Dixon stroked his hard cock and suddenly pushed Nurse onto all fours. He rubbed some of his own precum onto his big knob and slid it tightly against the small brown pucker of Nurse's rectum. "You want something different? OK, baby... you got it!!" he said as his cock inched into Nurse's ass.

Kat came into the light from the edge of the crowd and got under Nurse and sucked lightly at her wet cunt while Dixon rammed his pole into and out of her tight ass. The stimulation from below was too much and it pushed Nurse into a frenzy of face fucking as she shoved her sex-swollen mound against Kat's delicate lips bruising them with her fury and desire. Kat lapped obediently and teased Nurse's clit until it pushed her over the edge. The resulting cry of "Oh god, oh god, oh god, ohhhhhh....dammmnnnnn....fuck!!!! fuck!!!! hereeeeeee I cummmmmmm!" brought forth chortles of amused laughter as everyone realized what a good time they were all having. Dixon, grunted loudly as he unloaded his weapon inside of Nurse. "How'd you like THAT? Hullo???!!!" She turned and merely smiled at him.

Bluesman, barely aware of the nearby frivolity, began to feel the familiar twinge of an orgasm welling up in him. He grabbed Laurel's ankles...held them wide apart, ignored a few well-meant calls of encouragement, and slammed the last few penetrations into her in an attempt to force the cum to fruition. Laurel was shaking and responding in perfect rhythm to him and at the exact moment that his thighs and calves quivered in involuntary spasms, he felt Laurel releasing beneath him. Her body went limp and Bluesman watched as her pretty head tilted back and forth in the finality of her climax.

Deborah looked lovingly down at Laurel as Laurel's face started to drain of the pink flush that had accompanied her arousal. "You c-c-c-crazy b-b-b-bitch!" Laurel chided Deborah, and everyone cracked up!

Crystal was now attracting the attention of those not carnally engaged with her virtuoso display of fellatio as she smoothly alternated between Fallen's hard cock and Michael's stiff prick.

She was kneeling in the sand between both of the men and while still stroking Michael's cock, she licked the entire length of Fallen's and pulled the purple prick wholly into her mouth. She sucked furiously then alternated by sucking Michael and stroking Fallen. Both men stood above her, eyes closed, concentrating on the intense sensation of Crystal's ministrations. Each man changed position and took turns fucking her mouth at her direction. Each one was loathe to vacate for the other. Finally, as they both drew near to climax, she grabbed each cock and jerked them evenly back and forth until the guys cried out simultaneously that they were cumming. They both grasped their shafts and stroked the last few times to induce the cum and it splattered all at once on Crystal's pretty face. First Michael erupted in an opaque stream that Crystal expertly caught in her mouth, then Fallen shot a heavy load across her face and onto her shoulder and chest. Subsequent pulses of cum from each man caught her on the chin, lips, and tits and she was left with a slick, wet, sheen on her tits and a glaze of cum on her face. She smiled when she opened her eyes after the men stopped cumming and laughed to see that a small crowd had gathered. Bowing with a smart-aleck grin, she sprinted into the surf to wash off the evidence of her accomplishment.

MrHappy had already cum in Butterfly's mouth and she pronounced him in fine fettle after all of the recent insults his cock had endured physically. Somewhere, Manu had finished a whirlwind session of fucking with SpecialK who had demurely bent over and offered him the back door to her pussy as she braced herself on a chair. Manu had seen that most of the attendees were in one way or another behaving like a bunch of crazed sex-writers and decided to fortify his evening meal with a healthy dose of SpecialK. She was oblivious to all else as Manu pounded her from behind. They both came in a quivering climax that left each sated, if winded.

Helle, watching all of the sex going on, decided to find Dixon. She located him and dragged him to a spot just outside of the fire and directly under one of the lanterns. "Deb..." she called. "Think Dixon could be buried in the sand yet still have his cock above ground". "Maybe..." said Deb cautiously...But I think MrHappy would work better since he's not as big bodied as Dixon, so we wouldn't have to dig too deeply". Dixon snorted! "That ordinary every-day dick...stick higher than mine? NO WAY!"

"Let's see" said Helle as she began to bury Dixon. He laid on his back and she pushed the sand into a berm that surrounded him. She had taken measures to insure that sand did not get into his nether cavity. Several other women joined in and they managed to bury Dixon quite thoroughly. At approximately 40 feet away, MrHappy was obligingly allowing several women to bury him in a similar manner. His feet pointed toward Dixon's feet. When he was buried, Dixon, head leaning forward to see said: "Now what???!!!"

"OK Deb!" said Helle brightly. "Grab his cock and massage it. Make sure it sticks up above the sand." Helle and Deb worked on the men's cocks till each sustained an erection that plainly intersected the plane of the sand and rose majestically above it.

"Wow!" Look at that, declared Helle, pleased with her efforts.

"Now, Deborah...please get the horsehoes!" Deb walked a short distance and returned with eight rubber horseshoes...four red, four green.

"What the????" protested Dixon. "Shut up!" said Helle.

"Just make sure that stick doesn't move! I'm nasty when I miss!"

Deb captained one team and Helle the other as the men watching winced when one rubber missile after another just missed the fleshy targets. After 20 near misses, Helle caught a ringer around Dixon's pole and she shrieked with delight! "OK!!! WE WIN!!!" Looking up, Dixon said: "What did we win?"

"WE???!!!" said Helle with emphasis. "WE? Since when does the gamecock win the game? Since when does the ball win the contest? But don't worry're gonna like my prize!"

Helle lifted the robe she was wearing and squatted above Dixon's still erect, if throbbing, cock. She straddled him digging her knees into the sand and rode him like a horse. She came first and decided to torture old Dixie by not letting him cum. When she slid off, his purple prick was still well above the level of the berm and in a moment, that aspect would be seen by some uninvited spectators.

Two elderly dowagers were taking their evening constitutional on the beach when they veered directly into the group in their revelry. Staring disapprovingly of their nudity, the old gals marched through without a comment. When, suddenly, one began crying! "What? What? Charlotte?"

"Sniff..." cried the other.

"I'm sorry's just too disconcerting!"

"What is my dear?" "THAT!" said Charlotte pointing at Dixon! "That is!"

"When I was a teen...I was afraid of 'em. When I was in my twenties, I was curious about 'em. When I was in my thirties, I enjoyed them. When I was in my forties, I sought them out. When I was in my fifties I craved them. When I was in my sixties, I gave up on them. When I was in my seventies, I forgot aout them. NOW...NOW that I'm in my EIGHTIES...they are popping up all over the place!"

As the two ladies moved on, peals of laughter shook the group closest to Dixon and he had a good belly laugh himself. Eve stepped forward from the crowd and offered to relieve poor Dixon's condition if Helle wasn't going to oblige. That prompted Helle to coax: "OK, Eve...Dixon ain't no HSWriter! See if you can fit THIS mouthful down!" She gently guided Eve's head as she lowered it onto Dixon's now purple appendage and held the shaft, in effect, feeding Dixon's lickin'stick slowly into Eve's determined mouth. Helle massaged his balls and stroked his cock smoothly. Dixon grunted a few times and thru some intution, Helle sensed the exact moment that Dixon was going to blow! She FORCED Eve down hard onto the dick and she gagged once as Dixon shot a huge wad of thick cum into her throat....then another...then another. When Eve yanked her head up to breathe and try to swallow, Helle pulled her face gently toward her own and kisses her accepting some of the cum as a token of appreciation for the aid lent.

Over by one of the lanterns, Bluesman had bumped into Alyssa who had just finished fucking Shintani nearly non-stop for an hour. She was a dervish of sexual energy packaged in a small, delectable, frame. He looked up from the slow, mournful blues that he was quietly blowing on his harmonica as she came over. "That was nice! How long have you been playing the harp?"

"About five minutes just now..." he said and then winked at her.

"I meant..."

"I KNOW what you meant" he interjected.

"I guess about 25 years now...why?"

"No just sounded really smooth. Why harp...why didn't you choose a more traditional instrument?"

Bluesman grinned. "Well...when I was an 18 year old romantic jerk, I took my first long term girlfriend to a scenic overlook of New York. We parked and started making out. I promised her breathlessly that: "I would play her body like a fine violin!" She demanded that I play her like a here I am today!" and he chuckled as she realized her leg had been firmly pulled.

She kissed him but bounced away to join the group before Bluesman got to demonstrate his talented lips and tongue upon the instrument of her desire. (* NO...NOT SHINTANI'S COCK YOU PERVERTS! *Author's note!)

A volley ball game had formed between some of the guys and some of the women. Nude volleyball, of course. Each side was determined to cause the other to dive into the sand to make plays. After only 20 minutes of batting the ball about, the whole gang broke for the water for a quick swim to wash off and then came up to the fire where Manu was ladling scoops of chile into plastic bowls.

By now, most of the invitees were again robed and the beach was becoming less hospitable as a breeze kicked up. Reluctantly, they all gathered the detritus of the bacchanal and repaired back to the beach house.

The showers were a hive of sexual activity as guys washed girls, girls washed girls, and Fallen washed his degenerate dog who had rolled in some fragrant excrement he had found. Why the fuck do dogs do this? thought Fallen as he combed through the dog's matted hair.

After showers, everyone gathered in the great room to talk, drink some more and, perhaps, check off their lists to tally who still remained untried. Promises to visit each other soon rang hollowly thoughout the conversations that Bluesman had tuned in. He knew that with very few exceptions, all would retreat back into their "respectable" lives and act as though this never happened. This was a feast. A well choreographed, yet freewheeling adventure that went from cybersapce to carnalspace in one glorious weekend! Tomorrow, they'd pack their bags, bid polite goodbyes, wish Manu and Laurel continued success with the Literotica site and go back online writing erotic fiction and trading jibes on the buletin board.

"Hey!" cried Dixon..."What do you think happened to Rodrigo after he left here.????"

Bluesman smirked, then offered his sardonic observation: "Maybe he went to the vet for VD shots!" It was to be the final laugh of the evening as they all paired off for a last night of sex and sleep.

The End??
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