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Lisa's Story
by TopGun115

Hi, my name is Lisa, I'm 22, I've got brown hair, hazel eyes, I'm slim - about 110 lbs and 5'6 tall, I have been told several times that my best features are my tits, I'm a 36c with rather large nipples. My story starts about 7 years ago when I was just a very shy, naïve teenager who up till then had no experience of sex, sure I used to think about sex a lot, most of my friends had boyfriends, I would hear of their experiences and sometimes when lying in bed at night I would play with myself to relieve the frustrations I had.

It's not that I didn't have offers of dates from boys, I was just too shy to take them up, I lived with mom and dad and my brother Chris, we had a house very close to the beach and during the summer vacation I spent a lot of time there, Chris was almost two years older than me, and unlike me he had many girlfriends. One day Chris asked me if I wanted to go to a beach party he was invited to, I jumped at the offer, this was the first time Chris had ever included me in any of his plans, that evening before we left home Chris warned me that there would be a lot of booze there and suggested I went easy, "You are not used to drinking and I don't want to have to carry you home" he told me. I wore a skimpy bikini with a long wrap around skirt, looking in the mirror, seeing the way I was dressed made my body quiver with excitement.

I had a great time, looking back it was probably the drinks that made me open up, that evening I decided I was going to let myself go, have a good time and enjoy myself. I kissed several of the guys there, some of them when getting me alone tried to take things further, I didn't mind them feeling my tits, to be truthful I probably encouraged them too much, I was actually flaunting myself in front of them, but when one of them tried to get his hand between my legs I firmly said NO! I didn't want things to go that far!

I didn't really realise what was happening when, later in the evening I ended up behind a sand dune with two of them, they were all over me, I tried to make them stop but they wouldn't listen, they soon had my bikini off and their hands were all over me, feeling and squeezing my tits, kissing me, I tried to keep my legs tight together, I felt their hands around my pussy and struggled, "Please stop!" I screamed out.

They laughed, "C'mon Lisa, you know you want it, you've been begging for it all night, tell us you want it Lisa, tell us you want us to fuck you!"

"No! You've got it wrong, please stop! Please! I don't feel very well, I think I'm going to be sick!" I heard Chris calling my name - he was looking for me! They probably realised they had gone too far.

"Ok Lisa, we're sorry, we thought it was what you wanted" they said and quickly left, a couple of minutes later Chris found me there, still naked, crying. I told him what had happened, he put his arm around me and hugged me tight.

"I told you not to drink too much" he said.

"You won't tell mom or dad will you Chris? Please promise me you won't!" I sobbed.

"Of course I won't" he said, "Now let's get you dressed and I will take you home"

I felt a bit embarrassed putting my bikini on with Chris watching me, then Chris put his arm around me to steady me and we made our way home, half way there I said I felt sick, we sat on the sand, I started to feel very cold, Chris again put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close, I looked at him, "Thanks Chris" I said, "If you weren't there tonight they might have...."

"Lisa, It's all over now, just be more careful in the future, I won't be around to look out for you for ever"

"Yes, I know that but still....., thanks Chris" I leaned over towards him and kissed him on the lips, nothing more than just a peck but that was the first time our lips had met, we looked at each other, then I kissed him again, this time our lips stayed together for longer.

Chris started to pull me closer to him, I felt his tongue probing at my lips, I opened my lips and his tongue started to explore my mouth, both our tongues touching, we broke away, neither of us knowing what to say, It seemed we both knew we had done something we shouldn't have done, we both felt guilty yet looking back all we had done was to kiss.

Chris broke the silence, "C'mon, we had better get home, it's getting late" He helped me up and we walked home, as we did he held me again, this time his arm around my waist, his hand resting on my hip. Luckily I managed to get to bed before mom or dad saw me, as I lay there I thought of my kiss with Chris, It was nice - very nice! Much better than the kisses I had from the other guys, I fell asleep dreaming about it.

Next day I woke up with a hangover, after a shower I felt much better, later in the afternoon while I was sitting on the beach wearing my bikini when Chris came and sat next to me.

"Hi Lisa, how do you feel today?" he asked, I said I was ok, "Lisa, about last night, you know....when we kissed, well...I just wanted to tell you...well, I know I shouldn't say this but, it was...nice!" he looked a bit embarrassed by what he had just told me.

I smiled at him, "I enjoyed it as well Chris, it felt kind of...special!"

"Well, what I was thinking Lisa was..." he stopped talking, it seemed he couldn't bring himself to carry on.

"Do you want to kiss me again, is that what you are trying to say?" I asked him,

"Yes, would you let me?" he asked, I stood up and reached out my hand.

"Come with me" I said, we walked to a secluded spot and sat down, "Ok, kiss away big brother" I told him, we kissed as we did the night before, our tongues touching, kissing deeply, Chris had one arm around my shoulders, the other on my hip, slowly the hand on my hip started to move upwards over my bare skin, gently stroking over my stomach, then upwards a little more till his hand brushed against my bikini top, I knew Chris wanted more.

"Chris, do you want to play with my tits!" I asked him, hearing what I had said he darted his hand under my top, pushing it up over my tits, he squeezed my firm young tits, he played with my now hard nipples, rolling them between his fingers, I lay back on the sand, he next to me, we were still kissing, now with more passion, then he started to kiss, lick and suck on my tits, I lay back, moaning with the pleasure I was feeling from the attention he was giving to my tits.

I wanted more, "Do you want to play with my pussy?" I asked.

"Are you sure Lisa, is that what you really want, I mean, you're a virgin aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm sure, I want you Chris, I want you to make me a woman, and I want you to fuck me!" I told him, he went down between my legs, he took hold of my bikini pants and pulled them down exposing my pussy, he used his tongue and licked along my pussy lips which made me groan and moan out loud, darting it deep into my wet cunt, then he slid a finger into my virgin cunt poking it, then two, then more getting deeper and deeper until his fingers took my virginity.

It hurt a little and I screamed out, this must have been the first time he had been with a virgin because when he saw the juices and blood run from my cunt he stopped his fingering and asked me if I was ok, "Don't stop Chris, please it feels so good! I want you inside me Chris, I want to feel your dick inside my cunt" He stood up, pulled the shirt over his head and undid his pants, his hard dick sprung out, it was pretty big, about 7 inches long I would guess.

"Can I touch it Chris? I've never touched a dick before" I told him, he knelt beside me and I reached out and took hold of his throbbing dick, he was very hard, I noticed some clear liquid seeping out of it and used my thumb to smear it around the top, I knew that some girls actually sucked on a guys dick prior to getting fucked.

"Do you want me to suck it Chris? Would you like that?" I asked, "Yes please Lisa, suck on my dick" he groaned, not knowing exactly what to do I just started to lick it, it must have felt good for Chris because his moaning increased.

"Put it in your mouth and suck it" he instructed, I took the end in my mouth. I had to open my mouth wide to get it in, then doing what he said I started to suck it, he put his hands on top of my head and gently pushed down making me take more of him, "That's it, now go up and down on it, yes like that, keep on sucking, go deeper, try to get more in," my 'teacher' instructed, he was moaning how good it was, I wanted to do a good job, I wanted to please my brother.

"That's good Lisa, Oh it feels so good, don't stop" I felt his dick start to get very hard in my mouth, it started to throb and twitch, "I'm cumming Lisa, I'm going to cum" I didn't really know what to do so I carried on sucking, then with a big lunge Chris emptied his cum into my mouth.

I was a bit startled as it shot out, I choked a little as it hit the back of my throat and instinctively swallowed, it tasted salty, not unpleasant, I swallowed as much as I could, some dribbled out and ran down my chin, but I carried on gently sucking until Chris pulled out of my mouth and we both lay back on the sand hugging, kissing and cuddling each other.

"That was great Lisa, that was the best blowjob I have ever had, I love you Lisa, You do know that don't you?"

"I know you do Chris, and I love you too, now if you can get your dick hard again I still want you to fuck me, I want you to be the first!" It didn't take long for Chris to get his dick hard again, he knelt between my legs and rubbed his dick along my pussy lips, then slowly and gently he slid his dick inside my wet cunt, I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked me, "That's so good Chris, fuck me harder, deeper" I told him, he continued to pump his dick into me, I looked up at my big brother, seeing him there fucking me made me feel so good, this was the happiest day of my life, I didn't want it to end then I felt it - my first real orgasm, my body started to shake, I felt warm all over, "Oh it feels so good, Fuck me Chris, Fuck me!"

Again I felt his dick start to swell, I knew he was ready to cum, I didn't want to take any chances "Pull out and cum over my tits" I said, he did as I asked and straddling my stomach he spurted his hot cum over my tits, neck and face, then as it was still oozing out he used his dick to rub his cum into my nipples. We both lay there for some time, kissing, touching, playing with each other till we eventually got dressed and headed home.

So, that was how my brother Chris became my first lover, over the next couple of years we had sex regularly, we both had our own boyfriends / girlfriends but whenever we wanted to, we would fuck! I became more confident with myself, I started to dress more sexily, and I gradually became a different person.

When I was 18 I met Paul, he was kind, caring, gentle guy and after 6 months we got married, for the first year of our marriage things were great but one night he came home late, he had been drinking and I could smell perfume all over him - he had been with another woman, of course at first he denied it but eventually he confessed and told me everything in detail. He said he loved me and that the woman he had sex with didn't mean anything to him - it was only sex he said, that night when he was downstairs sleeping on the couch I decided that two could play at that game, if it was ok for him then it should be ok for me!

I decided that on Friday night I would get myself looking sexy and go out and have some fun, I phoned Chris and asked if he fancied a night out on the town, he told me he had arranged to go out with a mate who was feeling a bit down and needed cheering up, he said I would be welcome to join them if I wanted. I had a long bath, shaved my pussy smooth and got ready.

I chose a black short skirt and jacket, buttoned up it looked fairly formal but unbuttoned a little, it was a different story, underneath I wore a black quarter cup bra that pushed my tits up, exposing my very hard, erect nipples, I put on a black stocking top, it fitted like a second skin, my tits easily seen, I finished the outfit off with black stockings with lacy tops, suspenders and a pair of high heeled shoes, I didn't bother with panties, just knowing I wasn't wearing any made me feel very horny!

I told Paul I was going out with a girlfriend, he wasn't very happy when he saw how I was dressed - too bad I thought! I got a cab and went to meet Chris and his friend. They were already at the club when I arrived, Chris introduced me to Tony, "I didn't know Chris had such a good looking sister!" he told me, for the next hour we drank, laughed, had a great time.

I had by now unbuttoned my jacket a little so that whenever I bent forward it gaped open allowing the boys to have a good view of my tits through my see through top, I made a point of sitting so that my skirt rode up exposing my stocking tops. Tony was trying to 'chat me up' probably thinking he had a good chance seeing the only other guy with us was my brother - Chris.

I danced with both of them, as I danced I could feel their hard dicks pressing into me, Tony steered me into a dark corner and as we kissed he groped my tits and slid his hand under my skirt, "Not here Tony" I told him, "Wait till later" I said pushing his hand away. Chris suggested we all went back to his place and have a few more drinks there, "we could pick up a takeaway on the way home" he said, Tony seemed very happy with the idea so off we went.

In the cab on the way home Tony put his arm around me, seeing there was no objections from me he went that bit further, he put his other hand on my knee, stroking my stocking clad leg, I turned to him and we kissed deeply.

When we arrived at Chris's flat I took off my jacket, my tits and nipples easily seen through my top, "You look very sexy tonight Lisa," Chris said, Tony must have thought it strange hearing Chris say something like that to his sister, he looked a little bewildered.

"You two are brother and sister aren't you?" he asked, both me and Chris laughed, Chris came over to me and cupping my tit he kissed me.

"Yes Tony, we are but we are lovers too, Lisa and I have been having sex for years now - does that shock you?"

Tony seemed amazed, "Hell no, it's cool with me - do you want me to leave?" he asked.

I went over to him and kissed him, "No Tony, I don't want you to leave, tonight Tony I want you and Chris to fuck me, would you like that Tony? Do you want to fuck me Tony?" I asked, he pulled me close and kissed me, his hand cupped my tit, squeezing it, Chris came up behind me, his hand went under my skirt, I opened my legs and he fingered my cunt.

They sat me down on the sofa, Tony kissed and played with my tits while Chris knelt in front of me, he unzipped my skirt and pulled it off, then opening my legs wide he started to lick and kiss my smooth pussy, darting his tongue into my wet cunt, Tony pulled my top up over my head and unclipped my little bra, he sucked hard on my nipples making me moan and groan with pleasure, I needed dick, all I had left on were my stockings and suspenders, "Right, its about time you two stripped!" I said, Tony's dick was about the same size in length as Chris's but much fatter.

They both stood out hard, I knelt on the floor with them standing each side of me and in turn sucked on their dicks going from one to the other, they had a tit each to play with, both of them tweaked on my nipples as I sucked their dicks, I tried to take them both into my mouth at the same time but could only manage to take the ends, it felt so good having two different dicks to suck on.

Tony laid me back on the floor, he got down between my legs and took his turn at licking out my cunt, he fingered me deeply, his fingers sliding easily into my wet cunt, Chris was still getting his blowjob, his dick buried into my mouth, sliding down my throat.

"I want you to fuck me Tony" I told him.

"Fuck me hard!" he positioned himself and rubbed his dick over my pussy lips, then he slowly entered me until he was deep inside me, he started off fucking me gently - TOO Gently, "I want you to fuck me hard, hard and deep" I told him, he did as I asked and lunged into me as hard and as deep as he could, it felt so good, I was moaning and screaming with pleasure as he fucked me, we changed positions with me getting on all fours.

Chris took his turn at fucking me, Tony had to make do with a deep throat blowjob - I didn't hear him complaining! Chris reached under me as he fucked me and played with my swinging tits, he fucked me so deep and hard - he knew what I liked! I had never been fucked in the ass, it was something I was a little wary of, I guess I thought it would hurt too much, I had seen girls taking dicks up their ass holes in videos and had often thought about doing it, I decided that tonight I would try it.

"Finger my ass hole Chris, finger it while you fuck me" I asked him, Chris used his saliva as lubrication, that and the juices that were dripping out of my wet cunt and gently, very gently he slid a finger into my virgin ass hole, it did hurt a little at first but I soon got used to it as my ass hole began to loosen up and stretch a little, it didn't take long before he had two fingers in me and as he pumped his dick into my cunt he finger fucked my ass hole.

"Chris, I want Tony inside my cunt and I want you to fuck my ass" I told them, Tony lay on the floor, I straddled him and lowered myself down on to his stiff dick, I leant forward so he could suck on my tits as I bounced up and down on him, Chris positioned himself behind and then I felt his dick probing my ass hole, he pushed a little and I felt it slide in, it felt so tight but so good! He took it slowly at first, then gradually started to speed up, getting deeper, fucking me harder and harder until they were both pumping into me as hard and as deep as they could.

"Yes, that feels so good!" I told them, Tony said he was ready to come so they both pulled out, "Come here" I told him, "I want to suck you!" I knelt on the floor, I could feel Tony's dick start to twitch and throb, as I sucked him I squeezed and wanked his dick, then - "I'm cumming Lisa" he said and his dick spurted spunk deep into my mouth, I continued to suck and swallow until he was dry, his dick still throbbing, softening just a little.

"My turn" said Chris who had been watching his friend spunk into my mouth, he stood beside of me wanking his dick "Open your mouth" he said, I did as he asked, "Wider" he told me, I must have looked a sight, lying back against the sofa, legs wide open, I played with my tits as I waited with my mouth wide open for him to shoot his spunk into my mouth, I saw Tony standing there, playing with his dick, watching, the first spurt hit me on my face, splattering all over, the next was on target, right into my mouth, I swallowed what I could before the next.

I ended up with my face covered with Chris's spunk, it ran down, dripping off my chin onto my tits, I then took Chris's dick into my mouth and sucked out the rest that continued to ooze out. For the next two hours Tony and Chris fucked me many times, I took their spunk in my cunt, my ass and my mouth, eventually we were all spent, Tony thanked me for the evening, he asked if we could repeat it - I said I would think about it.

It was early morning when I got home, Paul was asleep, and so I quietly got into bed and fell asleep. Next day Paul and I had a long talk, we both agreed that we would see other people if we wanted to, Paul suggested we find another couple or some single guy's so that we could both enjoy ourselves together, I told him I thought it was a great idea - I know two guy's who would love to join us for some fun, I'll get things arranged right away (and I did, but that's another story).

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