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Latina's Seduction
Third Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

My husband had the flu, and was coughing and sneezing for two weeks. He respects me enough not to have gotten romantic with me while he was ill, which might risk infecting me. Besides, the illness left him too weak for the kind of vigorous physical activity that we both enjoy. Despite his best intentions, however, just as he was regaining his strength, I couldn't resist kissing him, and I think that is how I caught the flu, which had me miserable for a week.

After three weeks without sex, my always-eager, 47-year-old Latina body really needed the treatment it received last night, when my husband seduced me into feeling as if it was our first time all over again.

My husband's seduction of me began when he picked me up from work at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. He placed my daily organizer and my lunch pack in the trunk, and he opened the car door for me (he is SUCH a gentleman!). Then he put on "our song" (he had already fast forwarded the tape to the start of that song before he picked me up). As he drove us home, we sang our special song to each other, and at every stop light, he would either hold my hand, or rub and softly squeeze the outside of my thighs, staying far enough from my inner thighs and pussy to make me hungry for his familiar touch there. I wanted nothing more now, than to feel the familiar touch of his curled-up tongue against my G-spot, and of his stiff, hard cock against my tongue and throat.

When we got home, I found a vase full of fresh flowers on the center of our dining room table. He had bought them and set them up on his lunch break from work that day. A mixture of yellow, blue, pink, and purple flowers, they certainly brightened up our dining room, and they lifted my spirits after a tough day at the office.

I was just getting over the flu, so he insisted that I rest on our bed while he cooked dinner. He fixed a delicious cream of mushroom soup, fresh (not packaged) cheese tortellini, and a fruit cup he made from fresh watermelons, strawberries, and pineapple.

The meal was tasty and filling, without leaving either of us feeling stuffed (although I felt reasonably certain, and fervently hoped, that another part of me would get deeply stuffed, in a very pleasant way, later that evening). I may have been fully-dressed at the table, but underneath I felt deliciously, naughtily, naked, not to mention wickedly horny. And I think that my loving husband, whose radar is ALWAYS tuned into my horniness, knew exactly what I was feeling just then. And just in case he DIDN"T tune in to me, all through dinner, I ran my foot up and down his legs, and his inner thighs.

After dinner, he showered. I took that opportunity to change into the short, dark- blue denim skirt/shorts he likes so much. This skirt barely reaches halfway down my thighs, and really shows off my slender, dark legs. The front flap of the skirt looks like you could just lift it and expose my always-hungry pussy.

But actually, there are very short denim shorts underneath this flap. The back of this skirt seems equally enticing to him, as neither the skirt nor the shorts underneath are quite long enough to cover the tightly-puckered creases that he so enjoys seeing and fondling, at the base of my ass cheeks. Whether viewed from the front or the back, this skirt always seems to drive my husband crazy with desire for me.

After his shower, he emerged wearing my favorite of the robes I've bought him. This one is knee-length, silk, maroon with white stripes, and ties in the front for easy access to the soft, smooth skin of his chest. I could not tell what he had on under this robe, as he kept it tied tightly around him. But I could see his hairy, muscular legs, from his knees down to his bare feet, and for now, seeing those masculine legs that had so often wrapped around me, was enough for me.

We sat on the couch, watching a romantic movie, as he gently rubbed his hands over my bare legs, alternating between my left and right leg. With each stroke, he rubbed higher up my legs, ever closer to my now starving pussy, but still not actually touching me there. Our bare feet rubbed all over each other as we sat on our couch. Sitting beside my husband on our couch, I knew that I looked every bit as delectable, as cute and adorable, as downright fuckable, as I felt just then.

When the movie ended, we headed to our bedroom. I quickly slipped into our bathroom, and changed into one of the sheer, sexy nightgowns that my husband likes to buy me. This one is white, thigh length, and pulls on and off over my head, rather than tying or buttoning in the front.

I quickly slid between the bed sheets, letting the top of my nightgown fall open, and flashing my loving husband a quick glimpse of my very-wide areolas and my long, hard nipples, which he so enjoys pinching, licking, and nibbling. My panties still hid the swollen pink object of our mutual desires, but I knew, oh yes I just KNEW, that my husband would quickly dispense with these teeny-tiny, form-fitting panties of mine, and his expert tongue would slowly, teasingly dive right into the heart of the matter.

He was still standing beside the bed. He untied and slowly, seductively removed his robe. Underneath, he had on a light-blue, short-sleeved denim shirt, and I could just see a hint of red silk boxers under his long shirt tails. I could now see much more of his legs, from his muscular thighs to his long, slender toes. I just about melted. I wanted him, I wanted ALL of him, every delectable, hunky inch of him.

After he turned down the sheet on his side of our bed, he stood over me, and he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, without removing it. Such a TEASE! He then joined me under the sheets.

Since I am left handed and he is right handed, we find it more comfortable to sleep with him to my right and me to his left. Thus positioned, he began rubbing my breasts under my nightgown, alternating his kisses between my neck, ear, and cleavage.

Then he lay on his right side, and I lay on my right, too. I reached across him, and under his unbuttoned shirt, to rub his chest. Mmmmm, WHAT a chest! So hairy, so muscular, so manly. And yet such smooth, soft, sensual and sensuous skin, that always feels so wonderful to my hands, my lips, and my tongue. When my thumb and forefinger began pinching his sensitive nipples, he began moaning softly, and he started bucking his ass cheeks backward, against the fur above my pussy. Nature has been SO kind, shaping a man's butt to precisely fit the curvature between a woman's upper thighs and her navel. His left hand reached behind him, to start softly kneading my ass cheeks, which soon had me moaning, too. His middle finger circled along the crease where my ass joins my legs (he tells me that my ass- cheek creases are my sexiest feature).

Now I pulled his unbuttoned shirt off of him. He then turned me onto my left side, and he lay behind me on his left side, too.

He continued rubbing and softly squeezing my ass, as I reached behind me, and I began stroking the front of his legs. Then I reached inside of his red silk boxers, and I lazily began stroking his balls and his stiffening cock. Soon, he peeled his boxers off, and he lifted my sheer nightgown all the way up to my neck. He began softly massaging and kissing my shoulders and my back, as his stiff cock (a lovely 8 inches long, and over 6 beautiful inches around) slid up and down the crack between my ass cheeks.

Next, his right hand reached across my thighs from behind, and his long, thin fingers began playing with my thick, dark triangle of fur. His middle finger slid back and forth along my clit. Soon, the tip of his finger was reaching into my pussy, causing the underside of his knuckle to rub against my hardening love button. His left hand cupped my right breast, and his fingers caressed my nipples, as he pulled my ass back harder against his throbbing eight inches.

I spread my legs wider, and his long, thin finger eased deeper into my pussy, as his other hand rolled and pinched my big, hard nipples right through my peekaboo bra. He told me how good my moistness felt on his finger. Soon, not just my inner walls were wet, but the special G-spot fluid he so enjoys was welling up around my clit, as I neared one of those wonderful simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasms that only my Frank has ever had the skill to bring me to (and he often DOES bring me to). My pussy, desperately seeking release, so close to coming, but not quite there yet, now began making its usual loud, squishing and smacking noises of anticipation and impending orgasm, noises which my husband says turn him on so much.

"Does he want to come in?" I asked breathlessly, as I pulled my raised nightgown over my head and completely off of me. It was less of a question, than an urgent plea. I used two fingers to spread my pussy lips wide open for him, I shut my eyes, and I moaned VERY loudly. I writhed, squirmed, and quivered in anticipation, licking my lips, bucking my hips, WANTING him to drive deep and hard into me now. Now we were both completely naked between the sheets, and both of us were hot and ready.

He rolled me onto my back, and he climbed on top of me. As he positioned himself, I could see his thick, hard shaft, desperately throbbing in mid-air, eagerly and impatiently waiting to drive deep and fast into me, which is what I wanted, too. But instead, he began rubbing the tip of his cock against the outside of my pussy lips, knocking at my entrance, just completely IGNORING my moaned pleas for him to stop knocking and just enter. Again, SUCH a TEASE!

Finally, just his very tip slid slowly into me, and I had waited so long and so eagerly, that I came instantly, moaning my husband's name, with just his first inch inside of me. But as he sank deeper, I knew that there would be plenty more pussy juice to flow, where that first eruption came from.

Now his full 170 pounds of pure masculine energy, quickly powered his thrusting cock all the way into me. His full, hard 8 inches felt heavenly against my tightly-squeezing inner walls. Soon, he was plunging deeply and rapidly in and out of me, and I couldn't have BEEN happier about that. I can't BEGIN to describe the many wonderful sensations flowing through me, as he swayed his hips left and right, so his wonderfully-loving cock would enter me at different angles, not just straight in and out. His cock-head and shaft were exploring every part of my inner walls now, and his thick manhood was rubbing my clit on each in-and-out thrust, sending me crashing, screaming, and moaning into my second orgasm of our "new first time." He rolled us both over, so I was now on top, without missing a single stroke of his incessant in-and-out plunging. I just kept quivering from head to toe, and moaning loudly and uncontrollably, throughout the thorough, loving pounding he was giving me, my very wet pussy lips clenching and unclenching around him, as my hips and thighs now powerfully rode him straight up and down, into mutual ecstasy.

He kept up his pounding, and his shifting angles, for about ten minutes, as I continued to ride him. Then, at the end of one long, deep, hard-thrusting stroke, while he was buried fully up into me, he exploded a hot load of come, deeper inside of me than I knew even existed. His first orgasm triggered my third orgasm of the evening, my come streaming down onto him in all directions.

By now, my pussy was so slick with our combined fluids, that his cock slipped completely out of me. I wrapped my fist around his slick shaft, and I tried to guide him back into me, so I could continue riding his long, thick manhood, but my interior was just too slippery to hold him and keep riding him. I was a bit disappointed that I would not get to feel that post-orgasmic throbbing, which his incredible cock usually does so deep in my pussy (he really does spoil me SO much). But he quickly made it up to me.

He turned me onto my left side and, lying behind me on his left side, he resumed rubbing his still hard cock against the crack of my ass. His right arm reached across me to cup my right breast (my breasts are 38-C, with three-inch wide areolas), as his fingers rolled and pinched my half-inch long nipple.

As he drifted into a half-sleep, my breast cupped in his hand, his relaxed but still-hard cock began its pulsing and throbbing against my ass. This felt nearly as good as when he pulses deep in my pussy, after we have both come. We fell asleep that way, his big, hard cock resting inside the crack of my ass, spoon fashion, and his right hand cupping my right breast.

About two hours later, he woke up, and he began sliding his cock back and forth along the entire length of the crack between my ass cheeks. When he does this, he looks down at us to watch his cock disappear into the bottom of my ass crack, and then re-emerge out of the top of my butt onto my back, then disappear again as it slides back down between my ass cheeks. Watching his cock slide up and down my ass seems to add to his excitement. I watch him watching us, in our full-length wall mirrors, and I get even more excited, too.

I woke up quickly, and feeling and watching what he was doing to me, I began moaning. Soon, his cock was squishing and smacking, nearly as loudly as my pussy does when she gets excited. I thought from all of his cock's loud noises, that he was about ready to come, but to my amazement, he kept up the rubbing, and the squishing noises, for another 20 minutes. While he was doing this, I reached around behind me, and I rubbed my right hand up and down the entire length of his legs, massaging his ass and his inner thighs. I was nearly drifting back to sleep, when his cock, thrusting ever faster and harder in my butt, now let out his loudest squishing yet, immediately after which, I felt a flood of his hot cream ooze deep into my butt, and against the skin of my lower back. Mmmm, SUCH a warm and heavenly feeling, for his ooze to FLOOD my backside like that!

He pulled me close against his cock, and he cupped my breast harder, sealing his firm body against mine, to make sure that his hot ooze stayed on us, and did not drip onto the sheets (he is SO considerate, not wanting me to sleep on a wet spot). We fell asleep like this for about an hour, until his thick globs of come thinned out, and started to dry on his tummy and my ass. When we both woke up again, we filled our bathtub with warm water. As we sat facing each other in the tub, kissing and holding each other, he reached around behind me, to wash his fresh come off my ass and back. Meanwhile, I washed the combination of his come, and my own pussy juice, off of his tummy, and out of the thick brown hair above his cock. I then gently washed the slippery slickness of our thoroughly-mixed love juices, off of his wonderfully thick, pulsing, throbbing cock.

As we emerged from the tub, his cock was still excited from my holding it and washing it. Watching his love muscle harden and throb, I simply couldn't resist giving it one final, good licking, before we dressed. I licked slowly, ever so slowly, upward, slowly and steadily upward, starting from his balls, licking all along the side of his shaft, licking all over the big, bulbous head, and licking oh-so-slowly up to the very tip--but just ONE lick, then I backed off, and I got dressed again, just as my tongue could feel a thin trail of pre-come that was ALMOST starting to dribble out of him. I turned away and giggled, knowing that he WANTED to come, but I hadn't let him.

After I successfully drove him thoroughly crazy with my eager and wandering, slowly-teasing tongue, and I put my nightgown back on, he reluctantly put on his red silk boxers again, but he left his light blue denim shirt and his maroon silk robe off. It was HIS turn to TEASE me now, as he looked so irresistibly cute and sexy now, wearing just his red boxers, and nothing else, his long, thick ridge so CLEARLY and INVITINGLY visible against the red silk of his boxers. I tried to reach out and touch him, stroke him, through his boxers, but he pushed my hand away, and he smiled tauntingly at me.

We climbed back into bed now, lying side by side on our backs, both of us still wanting to couple-up for one last time. But instead, for the next half hour or so, we engaged in light pillow talk, about our jobs, our plans for the upcoming weekend, and the romantic movie we had watched earlier. Through all of this talk, we lazily stroked and caressed each other all over, and I finally let him come one last time, against my palm and fingertips. Just as I lovingly licked-up the last of his goo, savoring his sweet taste, he slid his long, thin, highly- talented middle finger back into me, rubbing my clit and my G-spot, as his finger played inside of me, until I, too, came for one last time.

With both of us spent, relieved, happily, and SO deeply in love now, my husband said that it was time to go to sleep now, as we had to get up for work in the morning. He pulled his red boxers back on one last time, then he lay down on his tummy, with his spent, silk-covered cock resting between his tummy and the mattress. As he breathed in and out, drifting into a contented sleep, I could feel his cock lazily pulsating against the mattress, making the mattress shake rhythmically with each beat of his heart. I lay on my right side, and I rubbed the soft, exposed skin of his back. Then lower, I massaged his firm ass through his red silk boxers. He turned his head to his right, he gazed lovingly, passionately into my eyes, and he smiled. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and my legs around his torso; I gazed just as passionately into his big, brown eyes, and I smiled back at him.

I drifted off to sleep, with my hand resting on his butt, a big smile on my face, and peace and contentment in my heart, for the memory I'm sure I'll always cherish, of our "new" first time together. And I hope I'll never have to wait another three weeks, for the physical expression of the deeply-committed love that we share.


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