The Best Erotic Stories.

Latina's Second Honeymoon
Eighth Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

I noticed Latina the moment that the big, pale-purple Lincoln Town Car pulled into the parking lot of our hotel, on that evening. Sure, it was hard not to notice a PURPLE Lincoln. But it was the female occupant of the front passenger seat that REALLY caught my eye. At 47, she was still in good shape, maybe 10 pounds heavier than the skinny models you see in all those glamorous magazines, but certainly easy on the eyes. She was 5 feet 2 inches tall, and if I had to guess at her proportions, I would say they were about 38-28-36. Being a hot day, her skimpy outfit really showed all of her assets to their best advantage as I spied her seated form through the car window.

When I finally looked up from her shapely legs and generous bust, I realized that she had the most beautifully-shimmering, wavy dark brown (almost black) hair, down to her shoulders. Hers was a very pretty dark complexion, and she wore the reddest lipstick that I have ever seen.

The sparkle in her eye is what really made me notice her, though--the kind of sparkle that broadcasts to anyone, observant enough to notice, how much she enjoys the fun of sex, anytime and anywhere. I barely noticed Frank, as he emerged from the driver's seat, and as he walked around to the passenger side. In fact, I didn't really notice Frank at all, until he lovingly opened the passenger door for his wife.

I don't normally notice the male guests of our hotel, but I found myself sizing- up Frank from head to toe. His complexion was much lighter, more Northern European, than Latina's. But I could see why she fell in love with him. At 5 feet 10 inches, Frank was trim, maybe 5 to 10 pounds overweight, but certainly not fat by anyone's definition. His broad shoulders and strong arms showed that he worked out enough to stay fit and healthy, without being obsessive enough to develop the bulging muscles of a body-builder. His nicely-tanned arms, and even his fingers, were covered in brown hair that was turning red in the sunlight, which made him look decidedly masculine. His dark-blue jeans shorts revealed long, trim legs, legs strengthened by daily lunchtime walks, legs that were also covered with dark hair. I could understand how Frank's healthy, but not overly-developed, good looks might appeal to a pretty woman like Latina.

At 42, Frank's gold-rimmed glasses and receding hairline, reflected his intelligence and creativity. The pen and notebook in his shirt pocket told me that he is the type of creative writer, who never wants to be too far from being able to jot down details of story ideas, ideas that might pop into his head at the most unpredictable moments. I was to later observe first-hand, that Frank's creativity extends not only to writing, but also to how he makes love with his sexy Latina wife.

As Frank opened the door for Latina, I got my first good look at her entire delicious body. She swung her dark, shapely legs over the sides of the car seat, and out the doorway. Her khaki shorts showed plenty of leg, and were nicely set off with green socks and brown hiking boots. Her deep-purple T-shirt, with its white graphics depicting wolves howling in the woods, curved outward in all the right places, just barely and tantalizingly hinting at the 38-C bust concealed underneath. When she stood up outside of their car, and she started walking toward our hotel lobby, I admired the way that her back curved smoothly into a nice, firm, round ass, which then gracefully curved back inward, to end at those gorgeous, dark legs. Her shorts were just a little too long for me to see the sharply-defined crease that I just KNEW had to be at the juncture of her fine legs and curvy ass, the kind of creases that young women in cutoff shorts LOVE to show to all the horny males whom they walk past.

From my vantage point, those smooth legs seemed to go on forever, despite her being a relatively-short woman. I noticed Frank watching his wife's legs, too, and I was certain that he was thinking about those legs wrapped around his waist, or maybe around his neck.

All in all, I could see, from Latina's outfit, that she was an outdoors sort of woman. I like the outdoors myself--in fact, I prefer it to indoors. So an outdoorsy woman, like Latina, really appealed to my animal lust. She obviously enjoyed hiking in the woods, probably enjoyed camping too, although tonight she was pampering herself by staying in our luxury lake-side hotel, not in a tent. Besides hiking, I wondered whether Frank and Latina had ever enjoyed any other kinds of vigorous physical activity in the great outdoors. Maybe they would hike down through the woods behind our hotel, and (I hoped) they would then make love, right at the side of the lake, where I could hide behind a tree and watch their passion, without them ever noticing me.

As I peered in through the big plate-glass window of our hotel lobby, I first noticed how bedraggled Frank and Latina looked. They had obviously spent many long hours in the car, just to get to our lake-side hotel, and now one of our luxury hotel rooms was JUST what they needed, to rekindle their spirits. The sad look of disappointment on their faces, told me that the hotel desk clerk had just told them, that we had no more rooms available that night. So I scurried over to an open window, to hear what they were saying.

"You folks look really tired," I overhead the desk clerk saying. "I wish I could help you. But all we have left is the honeymoon cabin."

"A second honeymoon!" Latina exclaimed, her sad face brightening into a very appealing smile now. "That sounds wonderful!" Brad gazed lovingly, longingly into Latina's eyes, obviously lost in dreamy memories of the couple's FIRST honeymoon. "Mmm, I'd like that, too, honey."

"It's $150 for the night." the desk clerk responded in a flat, matter-of-fact monotone, not catching Latina's contagious enthusiasm.

"Oh, gee," Frank's face dropped, "That's really more than we have budgeted for this stay. But you're the fourth hotel we've tried, everybody's booked. Can we put this on our MasterCard?"

"Tell you what," the hotel clerk whispered, beaming conspiratorially at them. "I can see you folks are tired and really need a room. I'll let you have the honeymoon cabin at half price, $75 for just tonight. Will that help you out?"

Latina gazed soulfully into Frank's eyes, silently pleading with him to take the deal. She licked her lips suggestively, some sort of secret signal, that hinted at where her tongue might lick, once the pair got settled into their cabin. Now I noticed a tiny patch of dry, white crust at one edge of Latina's lips, and Frank's untucked shirt, and his shorts in slight disarray, and I wondered whether Latina's tongue might have ALREADY performed some magic on Frank, to relieve the stress and tedium of their long drive to our hotel.

Watching Latina's suggestive lip-licking, and seductive hip-swaying, as she nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other, Frank couldn't get his wallet out fast enough now. He eagerly handed the desk clerk four crisp, new twenty-dollar bills, fresh from the automatic teller machine, and the clerk handed him back a slightly-crumpled 5 dollar bill in change, along with a room key and a map of the hotel grounds.

Frank and Latina emerged from the hotel lobby, back into our parking lot. Pointing his electronic key at their pale-purple Lincoln, Frank pressed a button, and the trunk lid popped opened. They each grabbed a suitcase out of the trunk, and Frank gently pushed the trunk lid part-way down. With a soft electrical hum, the trunk lid moved downward on its own, then automatically closed and locked, with a gentle click.

Each with a suitcase in hand, Frank and Latina trudged down the long outdoor stairway leading to the honeymoon cabin behind our high-rise hotel. Although lower-down the hill than the hotel, the cabin still offers a spectacular view of the lake, a view which few of our honeymoon cabin guests ever take enough time away from each other, to admire and enjoy. A short walk from the cabin, through the woods, brings you right to the lake shore, where I have observed a few of our more-adventurous honeymooners, lustfully devouring each other beside, or sometimes even in, the lake.

I followed Latina and Frank quietly down the long, stone stairway, following at a safe enough distance to remain unobserved. Besides, Frank and Latina were too busy making googly eyes at each other, to turn around and notice me following them. They were obviously very deeply in love, and I knew just where to position myself, between the cabin and the lake, to gaze into their bedroom window, so I could watch their passion unfold. OK, so sue me, I'm a shameless voyeur. I only hoped that Frank and Latina would give me a good show.

At first, the view through their window was boring. They unpacked their suitcases, and they folded things away in the drawers, or hung them in the closet. As they moved around the room, they would pause each time their paths crossed, to wrap their arms around each other and smooch. Their kisses were soft and gentle pecks on the lips at first, but after three or four such kisses, I noticed that they started to let their tongues wrestle playfully, as they kissed. I wondered how long I would have to wait, until I could see them get to the good stuff.

The living room of our hotel's honeymoon cabin has a fire place on one side, always kept full of logs and kindling, so our honeymooners need only toss a lit match into the fireplace, to get a warm, romantic fire going. Beside the fireplace is a long, comfortable couch, its back facing toward the lake, and strategically placed to face a large television.

Frank lit a fire in the fireplace, and they both sat down on the couch. Frank switched on the TV, the fireplace to their left starting to warm them both up. I silently cursed, wondering when they would EVER get passionate, and knowing that if they ever did, the high back of the couch would prevent my seeing what they were doing. I silently hoped that their long, tiring drive to our hotel hadn't made them TOO tired to put on a live sex show, just for my prying eyes.

As Frank impatiently clicked through the TV channels, I could hear Latina's sweet, melodic, feminine voice quietly saying "No" to several programs. Then Frank joined in, his deeply-masculine baritone voice saying "No" to the next several channels he clicked through. Then the TV got up into the higher, cable channel numbers, finally hitting an adult-movie channel. Both shouted "Yeah!" in unison, then Frank and Latina turned toward each other, clenched in a tight hug, and kissed passionately for about a minute, before settling in to watch the movie. They sat side-by-side on the couch, kicked off their shoes, and rested their sock-covered feet on the coffee table, watching the movie, their arms around each other. Oh well, at least I could see the on-scene sex action, even if I couldn't watch Latina and Frank go at it.

The movie was the typical dreck of X-rated movies. A very pretty, but ditzy, black airline ticket agent, dressed in a navy-blue jacket, with matching miniskirt and cap, was welcoming a white, ex-professional football player to their airline, and she handed him a ticket. The ex-football guy still had broad shoulders and powerful arm muscles. "Come fly with us again," she called cheerily, as he headed toward the airport ramp, leading to the plane.

"Thanks," he said, "I will." Then something made him turn around and head back to the counter. "I don't want to wait until my return flight," he said, leaning over the counter, and planting a forceful kiss on the ticket agent's lips. "Ohhh!" the ticket agent moaned, startled, but obviously pleased by the football jock's sudden display of affection.

The muscular jock walked around behind the counter, to join the black ticket agent. He unbuttoned and removed her navy-blue suit jacket, revealing a tight, frilly white blouse underneath. His hands began massaging her blouse, directly over her breasts. Now he knelt on his knees, facing her, between the agent and the ticket counter. He lifted the hem of her navy-blue skirt, slid himself under her, and pulled the skirt back down over both of them. The camera showed his head moving around under her skirt, and I could hear him making loud, slurping noises.

Then I heard an even louder slurp, but this one did not seem to be coming from the TV. I did my best to peer in, over the couch, but I couldn't see much. What I DID see was Frank, on his knees, facing Latina, his back to the TV. Her khaki hiking shorts were open and he was slowly sliding them off of her, first revealing her hairy bush, and finally dropping until her shorts were bunched up around her ankles, almost blending in with her green socks.

I could tell that Frank's mouth was open, and I could see a little bit of his tongue protruding past his lips, but I could not actually see the tip of his tongue, licking its way along the entrance to Latina's excited little pussy.

As I continued to peer-in, through the lake-side window of our hotel's honeymoon cabin, Frank's head dropped down out of my line of sight now, then his head slowly raised back into my field of vision, accompanied by another, even-louder, "SSSLUUURRRP!" followed almost immediately by Latina's long, low, groaning moan, of her own obvious pleasure.

The cable-TV movie now cut to the cockpit of the airplane, presumably the same plane on which the otherwise-distracted football hunk was supposed to be a passenger. The co-pilot is strapped into the right-hand seat of the cockpit, but the left seat is obviously devoid of any pilot. A very shapely young Asian- American flight attendant now enters the cockpit. "The pilot sent me in here to keep you entertained, until he can get here to fly the plane," she bubbles cheerily. She takes off her navy-blue blazer, and she sits down in the pilot's chair, tossing her jacket over the back of the seat. "I've always wondered what it would feel like, to sit in the pilot's seat." She crosses her legs, which are exposed halfway up her thighs, with only a very-short navy blue miniskirt covering the very tops of her legs.

"I wonder that, too," the co-pilot replied. "I never get to fly the plane."

"You NEVER get to fly the plane?" the flight attendant echoed.

"I NEVER get to fly the plane!" the co-pilot pouted.

"Well, maybe we can do something else, until the pilot gets here, to take your mind off the fact that you NEVER get to fly the plane."

I began to wonder how many more times the script-writer had to tell us that this poor schlub of a co-pilot never gets to do any flying. Or were the actors stalling, until one of them could remember their next line?

"What KIND of something else?" the co-pilot asked in mock innocence.

"Well, you could fly ME," she cooed. "I'll ALWAYS let you fly ME."

Geez, was this miserable dialog REALLY in the script, or were these porno actors simply ad-libbing this garbage?

The co-pilot reached over to the pilot's seat, and with great finger dexterity, he slowly unbuttoned her sheer, white blouse, through which her hard, jutting, excited nipples were already visible. He then delicately pulled her blouse open, revealing big, firm, young breasts, with no bra to hide anything.

The Asian-American flight attendant stood up now, slid her arms out of her blouse, and tossed the blouse onto the pilot's seat. The camera focused on the pilot's seat for a long while, long enough to bring your attention back to the fact that the pilot was still missing, and to make you wonder where that pilot could be. Then the camera panned back to the flight attendant, now with her bare back to the camera, revealing acres of soft, young, sexy flesh. Now she removed her very short navy-blue miniskirt, revealing the tight, shapely, sexy curves of her small ass. She tossed the skirt on top of her blouse, on the pilot's seat. She began to walk slowly toward the airplane's instrument panel, crossing her legs in front of her as she slunk, cat-like, across the cockpit, her leg crossings revealing first one, then the other, of the delicate little creases, where her legs meet her ass cheeks, as she walked away, with her smooth back turned toward the camera.

Now this hot, young flight attendant turned to her right, to walk parallel to the instrument panel, toward the co-pilot. As the camera showed her in side-profile, I could see her long, lean legs, her big, jutting pear-shaped breasts, and just a hint of her carefully-trimmed black pussy hair, every time her left leg moved forward of her right. When she was even with the co-pilot, she turned to face the camera, and I could see everything now. Her breasts sloped down to end in perfect, soft, creamy-white globes. Her long, black hair softly caressed the tops of her breasts, and was cut to just the right length, so as not to block the view of her big, pink areolas, and her long, hard, excited nipples. Her black pubic hair ran up in a thick, straight, vertical line from her pussy, halfway to her navel, reminding me of a Mohawk haircut.

The camera looked down from the cockpit ceiling now, as the flight attendant knelt to her knees facing the co-pilot, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his navy- blue trousers, and began to lick at his balls and his exposed shaft, then sucked hungrily, eagerly on his throbbing cock.

Meanwhile, back in the honeymoon cabin, where I was peering in through the window, Frank was licking Latina's clit at an even faster pace than before, and she was moaning and groaning much more loudly, and more frequently too. She let out a loud scream, while thrusting her pussy forward into Frank's face, and I heard one final, loud "SSSLUUURRRP!" before Frank stood up from licking Latina's sweet pussy. Frank's face was now completely smeared with the shiny cream of Latina's passion, and I could see his semi-hard cock starting to wag excitedly, like a puppy's tail, as I heard him "Mmmm!" and "Aaahh!" over her sweet taste, and the sweeter satisfaction of knowing, that his talented tongue had coaxed so much goo, out of her innermost depths.

Now Frank sat down on the couch, and Latina stood up, facing him, and facing the window where I was observing them, letting me see her perfect round 38-C bust- line. I couldn't help admiring her wide, red-brown areolas, capped with very hard 1/2-inch long nipples. Now Latina knelt facing Frank. In other words, they traded places from where each had just been. As Frank sat on the couch, I could see his cock sticking straight out, from between his wide-open legs, and I knew I would get to see this action a little better than when Frank was eating-out Latina, only moments before.

Sure enough, Latina's long tongue was soon swirling, circling, and slurping all over the purple head of Frank's cock, a purple almost as dark as the wolf T-shirt she had been wearing, and a much deeper, richer purple than the pale-purple Lincoln Town Car in which they had pulled up to our hotel. As Latina frantically licked him, desperately hungry to suck his creamy load down her throat, I wondered whether it was the color of Frank's swollen cock head that made this chick love purple so much.

Next, Latina moved down and began sweetly, tenderly, oh-so-lovingly suck his balls ever-so-gently into her mouth, while delicately holding his excited cock in her slender fingers. I could tell she enjoyed pleasing him, almost as much as she had enjoyed being the receiver of pleasure a few moments earlier. How I wished at that moment that I had my very own female willing to do as much for me, and I would have gladly done anything for her, too. For now, at least, I would have to be content just to be an observer.

And what a show I was observing! I now watched her loving tongue's agonizingly- slow upward lick from the balls she had been so joyously nibbling, up along the length of his pulsating and stiffening shaft.

Closing her mouth almost completely, she sucked in just the very tip of his cock head, in a combination kissing, licking, and sucking motion, while lovingly encircling three fingers loosely around the base of his still-growing cock. I could see her big, beautiful 38-C breasts now, her wide red areolas and hard brown nipples delicately brushing the bare flesh of his balls and his thighs, as her sweet and sexy mouth made tender love to him.

At last, Latina opened her lips in a big, round, sucking O, and she let just the very tip of his cock in past her lips. Frank began sliding forward, VEEERRRY slowly forward, on the couch, easing his growing cock into her mouth, a millimeter at a time. I could see his long, thick shaft pulsing up and down in mid-air, as it slowly disappeared down her throat, her tongue licking and swirling around his 8-inch shaft, for the whole time that it descended slowly into her mouth, and against the back of her throat. As her tongue circled and licked at him, he kept driving his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, and his moans were becoming louder.

To my amazement, his cock now throbbed in one mighty pulse, and instantly sprang to its full, hard, 8-inch length and 2-inch thickness. In all my years of peering through the window of the honeymoon suite, I had never seen anything quite like this before, a cock going from semi-hard to rock solid in an instant, while wildly pulsing and throbbing in all directions, and easing down a woman's throat. It was the most beautiful and exciting thing that my voyeuristic nature had seen in a long time, how they were so in tune with each other, to be able to get that kind of a horny response from his long, thick, beautiful shaft.

I guessed that they were so much more in tune with each other, than most of the cabin's occupants, because they were already married and thus familiar with each other's bodies, needs, and responses, and they had none of the nervousness of a wedding night. And I knew now, that I was right about my first impression of the sparkle in Latina's eye, signaling that here was a lady who just LOVES sex, and who has NO inhibitions about it.

Frank now leaned all the way forward on the couch, jamming the last inch of his magnificent cock down Latina's hungry throat. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and I couldn't tell for sure from my vantage point, but judging by the way Frank jumped, and then loudly moaned his approval, I think that she slid her hands under his butt, and she cupped both of his ass cheeks in her palms.

Frank now placed his finger tips and palms on both of Latina's curvy hips, and he stood up, still with his cock buried down her throat, forcing Latina to arise from her kneeling position, in front of him. With his bare feet and lower legs, Frank shoved the couch to the right, further away from the warm, toasty fire in the fireplace, which was located to the left of the couch. He backed away from Latina, letting his cock slowly slide out of her hungrily-sucking lips. As his cock slowly retreated, I could tell by the pulsing inside of her cheeks, that she continued to lick the portion of his cock that was still stuffed into her hungry mouth. When his entire shaft was out of her mouth, his cock head slid out past her lips with a soft "pop!" She made one final lick over his cock head, then she planted a gentle kiss, right on his wide-open eye, at the very tip of his cock, which dribbled a tiny bit of his pre-come onto her lips and tongue.

Frank and Latina now stood up, facing each other, their hands clasping each other's ass cheeks, their lips forming long, slow passionate kisses, their tongues sliding deeply into each other's mouth.

Kissing and hugging like this, the two naked bodies walked over beside the fireplace, and both began slowly slinking down onto their knees. Frank now pushed Latina down, flat onto her back, parallel to the fireplace. Now he spread her legs open, and he pushed her knees up into the air. Next, he lay face-down on the hardwood floor, his face pressed against her thick, dark triangle of pussy fur.

He slid his long, thin middle finger inside of her wide-open pussy lips, and he flicked his tongue against her swollen clit. This display of passion was a much- better show for me, than their earlier affection on the couch, because now I could see EVERYTHING through the window, unobstructed by the back of the couch.

After only five or six of Frank's licks across her clit, Latina began arching her back, letting her curvy hips, and her sweet, dripping pussy, arch up toward the ceiling, tilting her head back saucily, and loudly proclaiming "Ohhhhh!" as the most beautiful look of sheer bliss, deep contentment, and inner peace washed joyously over her excited face.

I could see Latina's lips whisper to Frank, but because I was outside their cabin, looking in, I couldn't quite make out what she was saying. I tried to concentrate on her cherry-red lips, to lip-read what sounds her lips were forming, but it took about 3 or 4 of her whispers, for me to decipher the sounds which her lips were whispering to him, over and over again: "She wants you. Oh, she wants you. She wants you."

Frank sat up on his knees, slid forward across the honeymoon cabin's hardwood floor, then lay back down, this time on top of Latina. His hairy, manly chest pressed down hard against Latina's soft, but firm, 38-C breasts, his lips passionately kissing the left side of her neck, his fingers lightly stroking the curve of her hips. She reached down with both hands, and she guided his long, thick love muscle up against her wide-open, juicy slit. His cock pressed against her opening, and paused for a moment.

When it pressed just barely past her pussy lips, she already began to wriggle around on the floor and moan: "Fffrrraaannnkkkk! Ohhhh, my sexy, hunky Fffrrraaannnkkkk!" She wrapped her legs around his waist, resting her feet on his ass cheeks, and she pushed him down deeper into her, almost forcing his balls inside of her, along with his firm 8-inch cock. As Frank pulsed and throbbed, deep inside of Latina, she began rocking her cute, shapely ass off the cabin's floor, bucking and swaying her hips, as he pounded her pussy. As I said before, I don't normally notice our hotel's male guests, but as Frank slowly eased his cock back out of Latina, I couldn't help but admire his soft, smooth, tightly- stretched skin, along the outside of his pulsing, throbbing shaft, and his huge, reddish-pink balls. But mostly, I admired what his long, thick, pounding cock was doing to that gorgeous, hot, sexy wife of his, as he thrust powerfully in and out of her. I didn't get to admire his cock for long, as it thrust its way back inside of her hairy twat once more.

Then he pushed his thighs down and forward, forcing every last millimeter of his shaft deep into her, making her moan. He paused, leaving himself forced as far into her as possible, making her moan so loudly, that I thought someone up the stairs (in the hotel lobby) might hear. Then he swayed his hips left and right, causing his cock to explore and probe against first the left, then the right, wall of her deep, reddish-pink, feminine cavern. Now, when his cock eased back up and out of her again, his long, thick cock was all slick and shiny, completely coated with the sweet juices from the lining of her inner walls.

With his cock still mostly outside of her, Latina switched from her earlier whisper of "She wants you!" to a much-hungrier "Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me!"

As his cock began a much quicker, deeper, thrusting descent back into her, Latina's cries grew louder: "GIVE it to me. GGGIIIVVVE it to me!" Then a staccato, machine-gun-burst of shouted, nearly-screamed words: GIVE--IT--TO--ME!" Her face lit up in ecstatic delight as he lovingly, joyously slid ever deeper into her now.

When Frank was about halfway back inside of her, Latina's cries switched again, this time to "Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK me! FFFFUUUCK me! FUCK--ME!" Her repeated cries were unnecessary, as he was dutifully complying with her orders the whole time.

When Frank's shaft had once more disappeared completely from my view, Latina began bucking her ass hard, up and down on the hardwood floor, moaning "Uuuuuhhhh! Uuuuuhhhh! Mmmmm! Ohhhh! Oh, GAWWWD! Oh, fuck me! Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm COOOOMMMMING!" Frank slammed into her very hard, and stopped, leaving himself buried in her to the hilt as they trembled, shook, and passionately exploded their come all over each other.

Frank softly, tenderly, and repeatedly kissed Latina's neck, lips, nose, eyelids, and forehead, for several minutes. This time, when he finally pulled out of her, it was her clit's passion that coated his cock now, and some of her own liquid lust oozed up, out of her wide-open pussy slit, seeping down along her dark, smooth, creamy thighs.

As her come continued to ooze out of her, she suddenly spasmed in yet another orgasm, even though Frank's cock had already retreated. As she continued to tremble, shake, writhe, and moan with pleasure, she released some of the thick, white semen that Frank had just deposited deep inside of her. I smiled at the thick, gloppy expression of their undying love for each other, as I watched their thoroughly-blended juices stream all over her still-open pussy and dark, creamy thighs. Again, I wished that I had such a loving, committed, deeply-caring relationship as Frank and Latina so obviously enjoy. I, too, wanted a female companion whom I could make thrash and scream in such full, lovely, and glorious orgasm.

Meanwhile, in the cable-TV movie, the African-American airline ticket agent was flat on her back, on the floor, behind the ticket counter, her knees in the air, her dark-brown thighs invitingly pointing to a pair of very-dark black pussy lips, and showing a very tasty-looking reddish-pink interior. The ex-football player was leaning over her, madly flicking his tongue all over, pausing only long enough to suck and nibble on her hard little clit, as her fingers held her pussy lips wide open, so the camera could show us every detail of her inner-most recesses, as his tongue flicked along the outside of her love canal.

The camera cut-over, to FINALLY show us where the long-absent airline pilot was. He was standing in the cubby-hole, where in-flight meals and coffee are stored until served. A pale-complexioned brunette flight attendant had opened his fly, and she had lowered his pants just enough for his long, thick cock to spring straight out, in front of him. In one swift, practiced movement, she thrust her head forward, gulping hard, and swallowing his entire shaft in one powerful suck. Now her head slid forward and back, forward and back, pulling his cock all the way down her throat, then all the way back out again. Cut now to the airplane cockpit again. The Asian-American flight attendant is still on her knees, still sucking-off the co-pilot.

Still naked, Frank and Latina stood up now, bored with this movie, and they walked over, to turn off the TV. Now strolling hand-in-hand, gazing soulfully and passionately at each other, they walked over to the honeymoon cabin's master bedroom. As they walked, I could see the tiny, but thick, rivulets of her own sweet pussy juice, slowly dribbling down Latina's silky thighs, and Frank's long, thick cock eagerly jutting out in front of him, throbbing side-to-side, and pulsing up-and-down.

As Latina and Frank entered the master bedroom, I shifted my outdoor vantage point, leaving the living-room window, to peer into the bedroom window now.

The master bedroom has a geometric pattern, of dozens of mirrors, angled down from the ceiling, every mirror reflecting the reflections from other mirrors. Right in the middle, directly under the mirrors, is a big, Queen Size bed, and from that vantage point, the mirrors reflect every possible angle, from which you could EVER want to watch, as you make love on the bed. Somehow, I just knew that Frank and Latina were going to enjoy these reflections on reflections, endlessly repeating and revealing their entwined, naked bodies, in the throes of their uncontrollable passion.

Frank walked over to the in-room Jacuzzi, and he began to fill it with warm water. When it was full, he turned on the jets. Slipping into the churning water, Frank and Latina lay down side by side, and they began playfully, joyously washing each other with bath sponges, paying particular attention to thoroughly cleaning all those areas, where their lips and tongues would soon be hungrily exploring each other. All the while, they kept looking up, to watch their playful bathing endlessly reflected in all those angled ceiling mirrors. After draining the Jacuzzi, and toweling each other dry, Frank and Latina FINALLY climbed into the bed, to begin the action that I had so long waited outside their window to see.

Lying on their sides on the bed, Frank and Latina started with soft, light-as-a- butterfly kisses, on each other's lips. As these kisses grew into harder lip- pressing, their tongues began a slow dance around each other. Then their kisses moved down each other's bodies, him kissing her breasts, her kissing his bare chest, him licking and nibbling on her big nipples, her nibbling on his smaller (but just-as-hard) nipples, him kissing her curvy hips, her kissing his navel. Him kissing her thick, dark patch of pussy fur. Her rolling him over, to kiss the soft, smooth skin of his cute, tight, muscular little ass. But when he tried to kiss her exposed pussy, she gently, playfully pushed him away, teasingly patting his still semi-hard cock, then (getting more serious), lovingly stroking him back to full hardness again.

Now Frank turned around on the bed, his feet on his pillow, and his head resting on the foot of the bed. He again turned on his side, facing Latina, and he flicked his tongue against her thick triangle of dark pubic hair. Then he darted his tongue, very quickly, across her clit. Even that brief contact, between his tongue and her clit, was enough to make Latina writhe on the bed, and moan loudly. Enjoying her response, Frank began a long, slow lick, over Latina's hot, horny little clit. Amidst it all, they both kept gazing up at the ceiling, watching their passion, from every possible angle at once, in all those reflections.

Latina's response to all of Frank's loving attention on her hungry pussy, was to cup Frank's left ass cheek in her palm, and to pull his cock closer to her mouth. She then proceeded to slowly, provocatively lick her way up from his balls, up the underside of his shaft, across his cock head, and right onto the eye of his cock. Now she kissed and nibbled her way, down the top side of his shaft--until, reaching his balls again, she once more slowly licked and slurped her way, up the underside of his mightily-throbbing 8 inches of manhood. This time, when she reached the eye at the tip of his cock, she kissed him right on that eye. Then, opening her mouth wide, she very slowly began to suck his entire length, and his 2-inch thickness, into her mouth. In response, Frank sucked her entire clit up into his mouth; he gently clenched her clit in his teeth, and he began softly nibbling at her clit. Between his deep, baritone moans, and her high-pitched screams of pleasure, the noise level coming from the honeymoon cabin, was enough to make any observer (including me) desperately horny, for some of that action, too.

I saw Latina's entire shapely, sexy body spasm wildly now, and I heard Frank suck and slurp loudly, as he hungrily gulped down every drop of his wife's passion, now gushing out from her around her beautiful, swollen clit. A split second later, Frank's body also quaked and quivered, from head to toe. Then, sensing that he was over-filling her small mouth, with his deeply-buried cock and his powerfully-gushing passion, he very quickly slid his cock completely out of her throat, and he turned over, flat onto his back. I watched in amazement, as his cock pulsed and throbbed against his tummy, and as it shot thick, white globs skyward, landing on his thighs, in his dark pubic hair, on his tummy, and flowing down into his belly-button. Latina sat up and smiled, as she watched the erupting, gooey, sticky mess, which her talented tongue had so lovingly coaxed out of his balls. Latina slowly licked her lips, as she watched all that jism streaming out of his pulsing cock, flying through the air, and softly plopping down onto his skin.

Even I had to admit, that the show which Frank's big cock was putting on, was very sexy. In my growing excitement, I prayed that I would, some day soon, find a female as willing and eager as Latina, to satisfy all of MY OWN lustful desires, while I satisfy HERS. I guess my horniness clouded my judgment now, for as I watched so intently, I accidentally leaned too close against their bedroom window now, and I inadvertently made a loud, tapping sound against the window glass.

The noise that I made, caused Frank to sit bolt-upright on their bed, and he noticed me peering in the window. He walked right up to the window, and only the thin pane of glass now separated me from his still-throbbing cock, which was still dribbling fresh come out of its tip. He banged angrily on the window pane, and shouted, "Go away!"

I scurried off into the woods, which surround our hotel's honeymoon cabin. My heart was beating wildly, partly in fear, and partly in excitement for the show that Latina and Frank had just given me.

As I fled, I heard the door of the honeymoon cabin creak open. As I turned and looked back, I saw Latina and Frank, both still naked, framed in the doorway, and peering intently into the darkness, toward the lake, both desperately trying to see me, as I escaped.

"Damned voyeur!" I heard Frank mutter.

Latina threw her arms around Frank, kissed him once, softly but passionately, on the lips, and laughed. "Oh, honey!" she smiled. "Do you REALLY think a little raccoon could EVER understand, what he just saw us doing?"


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