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Lickety Split Pt. I
by AhMyGoddess

Every summer my best friend Heidi and her brother Will spent two weeks with their cousins Julie and Jake. When the two weeks were finished Julie and Jake would come and spend two weeks with Heidi and Will. I always felt a little dread whenever it was time for Heidi to return with Julie. Three can turn into a crowd very easily and every summer the two weeks turned into a contest between Julie and I for Heidi's attention. Then one summer everything changed.

It started out pretty typically. I went to see Heidi and Julie the day after they got back. They were both slim with long blonde hair so light that it was almost white, they were pretty much identical. As usual I had to listen to countless stories about the great things they had done while at Julie's. I was definitely bored and a little angry by the time Heidi giggled and said, "Julie showed me the coolest new thing this summer."

"It's not like the Elevator is it?" I asked suspiciously. The summer before they had introduced me to the Elevator. Basically you take 20 deep breaths and then hold your breath until you pass out. I hadn't been very impressed by it and was ready for them to introduce something just as stupid.

Heidi and Julie laughed at my question and exchanged smiles. "No, it isn't like the Elevator at all. It's much better," Heidi tossed her head at my mention of such a silly game. "But if you want us to show you then you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"And you have to promise to try it once," Julie quickly added. "No chickening out. Lickety Split isn't for babies. You'll have to try and be mature, Lynn."

"Lickety Split?" I asked. It certainly sounded like something for babies and the way that Heidi and Julie cracked up laughing at the name made me doubt how mature a person had to be to play their game. But I was also a little wary. They were laughing like little girls but they also kept sharing knowing looks and smiles. I was worried that they were trying to trick me into doing something that would end up embarassing me. I knew that Julie was a little wild so I was also worried that they were talking about drinking or smoking, maybe even drugs.

"Well, do you promise?" Heidi asked.

"One of you has to do it first," I answered.

"Oh that isn't going to be a problem," Heidi smiled. "We just want to make sure that you aren't going to tell anyone about what we're doing and we want you to promise to do it, too. Believe me, you'll love it."

I promised but I knew that if they were doing anything really bad that I could always just leave. After I promised, Heidi told me to go sit in a chair and Julie went and locked the bedroom door. Then she turned the stereo on, really loud. I sat in the chair and watched as Heidi and Julie started acting out a scene that changed my life forever.

As Julie started walking back to the bed after cranking the stereo up, Heidi rose up on her knees on the bed and took off her t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, her breasts were small and she reached up to cup them and pull at her little pink nipples. "Oooh Julie, this was a great idea. I'm already so hot and wet just thinking about Lynn watching us."

"I know," Julie answered as she knelt on the bed in front of Heidi and pushing Heidi's hands away from her breasts, began fondling them. "I've fantasized about someone watching me play with myself so many times... With someone really watching us doing this, I just know that I am going to cum and cum and cum."

I was shocked of course, really shocked, and I didn't even understand half of what they were saying. I couldn't believe that Heidi was letting Julie touch her breasts like that and the way they talked they planned on doing much more. And my presence was somehow making it better? Turning them on? They were bad, really really bad and by just being there I was participating in some sort of sick, sexual...thing.

I decided to leave, to get out of there as fast as possible. Would it be better to go right away or to wait until they were more into their thing and less likely to notice my going? I glanced at the door and then back at the two girls on the bed. Julie was trailing her wet, pink tongue down Heidi's neck. Heidi's head was thrown back, exposing her delicate throat to Julie. When Julie's tongue continued down to draw a pink nipple into her mouth, Heidi arched her body up into Julie's mouth and raised her head. As Julie sucked and nibbled her nipple, Heidi's green eyes, filled with sensuality and passion, were staring directly into my own. Her stare glued me to my seat, I couldn't move or look away. All thought of escaping the bedroom vanished from my mind. All that I knew were the intense feelings of pleasure, need and desire that Heidi's eyes were sending to me with Julie's every movement.

Heidi tangled her fingers through Julie's silky hair and began moaning and talking to Julie, all of her words seemed to be directed at me. Her excited voice sent shivers through me and made me breathless. "Oh Julie yes....oooooh I love to feel my titties in your hot mouth... Ah, ah that's right...suck me hard..ah... Oh Julie I need pussy is so hot and wet...lick my pussy Julie, suck my clit..."

Julie raised up and looked over her shoulder at me. "Come on Lynn," she ordered. "Come and sit next me."

Doubly shocked I started thinking about leaving again but then my eyes met Heidi's. She was my best friend and it just seemed like she needed me or something. I had to be a part of what was about to happen. Whatever it was I couldn't say no, couldn't run away. I stood up and went over to the bed.

Heidi and Julie moved over to give me room to sit down. Julie pushed Heidi down on the bed and removed her shorts and panties. Heidi and I had been friends for years, I'd glimpsed her naked before, seen her changing her clothes, even showered with her. But this was so different. Her legs were spread, she was moaning for Julie to touch her, her pussy seemed bigger, puffier, was definitely wet. I was wondering if her pussy was always like that...mine wasn't like that...

Suddenly all three of us jumped as someone started pounding on Heidi's door. We heard Heidi's brother, Will, shouting at her to turn her stereo down. I looked down at Heidi, her brother had a huge temper and I knew that she was afraid of him. She took a couple of deep breaths and then shouted at Will to go away. Julie giggled at Heidi's response and removed her own shirt, like Heidi she was braless.

Julie looked at me and said, "See this?" She reached out and ran her hand over Heidi's pussy. "This is the split." She ran her fingers up Heidi's slit and Heidi moaned. "And it's time to starting licking."

While I watched she spread Heidi's pussy lips wide and circled a little pink nubbin of flesh with her finger, Heidi stretched and moaned under her caress. "This is the clit. It feels really good when you touch it and lick it and suck it, better than anything you've ever felt before. Right Heidi?"

"Yes, it feels so good. I want you to lick and suck my clit Julie," Heidi begged.

"And this is the fuck-hole," Julie's finger trailed down and started circling Heidi's entrance. "This is where guys put their dicks but if you don't have a dick then a finger will do just as well." She rammed her finger deep into Heidi's hole and Heidi gave a loud cry of satisfaction and started bucking her hips and pushing her pussy against Julie's hand.

"Oh that feels good doesn't it, baby?" Julie purred to Heidi and then she turned to me. "You're next, Lynn. I'm going to finger-fuck you and suck your clit so hard that you'll be back every day begging for more."

I gasped at Julie's threat but I didn't even think about leaving. I was intrigued and excited by what was happening. Heidi was enjoying what Julie was doing to her with a kind of intense pleasure that I had never imagined existed. I couldn't wait to see what Julie would do to Heidi next and what Heidi's response would be.

Julie dipped her head down and started licking and sucking Heidi's glistening little clit. I was mesmerized as I watched Julie's mouth move on Heidi's pussy and her finger pumping in and out of her little hole. Heidi was moaning and thrashing, pressing her cunt into Julie's face, moaning and begging for more.

Heidi's moans grew louder and Julie inserted a second finger into Heidi's pussy and finger-fucked her dripping hole as fast as she could. I watched as Heidi seemed to spasm and with a loud cry fell back on the bed limp. Julie lifted her head from Heidi's pussy with a smile of domination and satisfaction. She looked at me. "Your turn."

"No, wait, I..." I started to move from the bed, I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave or stay. All of this was happening very fast and I needed some time to think about it, but Julie caught my arm and pulled me back down into the bed.

"Oh no, Lynn. You promised remember?" She pushed me down on the bed and lifting my legs up onto the bed she took off my sandals. I put one foot back down on the floor but she held my other leg. She trailed a hand up the inside of my leg, sending a shiver through me. I was wearing a short sundress and she pushed the light material up above my panties. I looked over at Heidi for help but she was lying there half-dazed with a smile on her face, obviously prepared to enjoy the show.

I looked back at Julie and her hand moved back down and rubbed over my pussy through my panties. She looked up into my eyes. "You're all wet, Lynn. Is it the first time your pussy has been all hot and wet like this? I can tell it is. You're a good girl aren't you, Lynn? Mommy and Daddy's good little girl with a cold, cold little cunt. But your good girl pussy is hot now isn't it, Lynn? Hot and so, so wet. Watching me fuck your friend really got you off, didn't it? Watching me finger her tight little hole and lick her hard pink clit. Oh yeah, that made you so hot, I can feel how hot you are.

"It didn't take long to turn our cold little virgin into a hot slut did it? You must have been a slut all this time, just waiting for someone to come along and get you all hot and wet and make you beg for it. Right, Lynn? Did it make you hot to see me fuck your friend? Were you thinking about what it would feel like to have my finger inside of you? What do you think it feels like to have someone suck on your clit? Mmmmm I bet you can't wait to feel it. I know I can't wait to taste your pussy."

She was right, I was wet. Wet and hot... Did that mean that I wanted her to do what she had done to Heidi to me? Was my pussy puffy and red like Heidi's had been? Was I a slut? Julie slipped a finger inside my panties and ran it up along my slit, then pushing her finger between my pussy lips she ran her finger back down. I gasped and bucked at the strange sensations that the touch of her finger sent shooting through me, little lightening bolts of pleasure that made it impossible for me to lie still. She took her finger out of my panties and raising it to her lips, sucked it into her mouth. "Mmmmm delicious. I have to have more."

She moved my leg back up onto the bed and slipped off my panties. She spread my legs open and began rubbing and licking the insides of my thighs, coming close to my pussy but never touching it. It drove me crazy in no time, all that I could think of was how much I wanted her to touch my pussy again. I felt as if I were being tortured. I heard her voice as if from far away. "What do you want, Lynn? Do you want me to lick you and suck you and fuck you, like I did Heidi? Tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything you want."

I let out a strangled cry. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to me but I knew that I needed whatever she was offering. I started begging. "Yes, please. Lick me...and...and fuck me...please. Please fuck me. Please!" I bucked my hips towards her face, crying out in frustration as she evaded my hungry pussy.

Suddenly she grabbed my thighs and pushed me down into the bed. Her face dove into my pussy and her mouth attacked my virgin clit. My clit was so virgin. I'd never even realized that it was there, let alone able to send huge bolts of hot pleasure through me. I was totally unprepared, I had no defenses against such unfamiliar sensations, no understanding of them and no way to control them. I lay back on the bed and every lap of Julie's tongue on my pussy or stroke of her fingers on my thighs crashed through me, pleasure suffused every inch of my body.

All that I could do was lie there and moan and cry out at the wonderful new sensations that were flowing over me in waves, each better than the last. I felt a hand on my tummy and looked down through dazed eyes to see Heidi pushing my dress up. She pulled my bra down, letting my big titties pop free. She began kissing and licking my soft white flesh with her hot wet tongue and molding and squeezing with her hand.

The combined sensations were overwhelming. Heidi's ministrations intensified the pleasure of Julie's movements on my pussy. I had my first orgasm, squeezing Julie's head with my quivering thighs and crying out again and again in pleasure. Julie and Heidi did not stop. They continued to ravage my titties and pussy. Julie pushed a finger into my quivering virgin hole and finger-fucked me to two more orgasms while her hot little tongue licked and sucked my clit and I screamed in uncontrollable pleasure.

After that I lay on the bed trying to regain control of myself and watching as Heidi began licking Julie's pussy. I was just about to join in when Heidi and Julie's brothers succeeded in picking the lock to the bedroom door.

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