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Lickety Split Pt. II
by AhMyGoddess

I lay on the bed in the aftermath of my orgasms trying to catch my breath and collect myself. I was amazed by what had just happened. Part of me couldn't believe any of it, was ready to reject all of it as inappropriate, disgusting, immoral. But I couldn't reject it, it had been too wonderful. I'd never felt anything so amazing, I'd never felt so satisfied. Was I really a slut like Julie had said? If this was what it felt like to be a slut then I guess I wouldn't complain. I lay there watching as Heidi began to kiss Julie and then work her way down to Julie's pussy. It was just so erotic and soon I knew that I had to join in. I sat up and removed my dress and bra and then moved over next to Julie and Heidi.

I was just reaching out a hand to fondle Julie's pert little tittie when I looked up and noticed the door opening. Heidi's brother Will and Julie's brother Jake walked into the room. Will tossed a paperclip that he had straightened out to pick the lock with onto the floor. I was so shocked and scared that I was frozen, unable to move or say anything to warn Heidi and Julie. Will and Jake stood staring at the three of us on the bed until Julie noticed them standing there. For a moment Julie just smiled at them and put extra passion into her moans as Heidi ate her out. Finally she reached down and pushed Heidi's face out of her cunt.

Heidi wasn't nearly as bold as Julie. When she noticed her brother and cousin standing there she let out a little yelp and jumped back, landing in my lap. Jake locked the door and Will went over and turned the stereo off.

Will walked over to the bed, his eyes devouring the three of us. "Well, well, well," he said. "Look what we have here. Three little sluts all snug in a bed."

"Will, get out of here!" Heidi shouted, her voice was shaky with fear and the threat of tears.

"Oh, I don't think so, little sister. I have some questions to ask first," Will sat on the bed next to us. "You see, I've been very worried about you. I heard strange noises in here. Moans and cries, even screaming... I thought that someone was sick or hurt. But you aren't hurt, are you, Heidi? No, you're far from hurt."

Will reached a hand out and began stroking Heidi's calf. Heidi jerked it away but Will slowly took her calf in his hand and moved it back to where it had been. This time his hand moved higher, his fingers caressing Heidi's inner thigh. Heidi began shaking. "So tell me, Sis, how does it feel to eat your own cousin's pussy? How does it taste? Does Julie have a sweet cunt? The kind you just can't get enough of? Do you love to eat your cousin's pussy?"

Heidi was beginning to whimper but Will ignored her. He looked her body up and down, taking in her nakedness. After a struggle he forced her legs open wide and looked at her pussy.

"Oh yeah, Baby Sister, you've got the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. Your little clit is just begging me to bite it and I know your pussy must be begging for a real fuck from a real cock. Isn't that right, Heidi? Tell Big Brother what you want. Tell Big Brother you want a good fuck with his great big cock." Will's hand moved higher and his fingers ran through the light hair of Heidi's pussy. He let out a little groan and then dipped his fingers between her pussy lips. His fingers moved relentlessly, exploring his little sister's soft cunt.

"No, Will. Please don't do this. Please stop." Heidi started to cry. She had landed on my lap when she'd jumped at the shock of seeing her brother and cousin. Now she was sitting between my legs, leaning back against my chest. She tried to pull away from Will, pushing closer to me and I put my arms around her, trying to protect her and to comfort her as she cried. I couldn't believe what Will was saying and doing to his own sister.

"Oh no, Heidi baby. I'm not going to stop. If you wanted so much to taste your cousin's pussy then I'm sure you'd just love to taste your brother's big cock and Jake's too." He played with her pussy lips for a few moments more and then looked up at her. "Isn't that right you spoiled little bitch? Don't you want my cock in your pussy? Don't you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a guy instead of a girl? Don't you want the real thing?"

"Will, please don't..." Heidi continued pleading with her older brother but he ignored her.

"Too late, Heidi. You fucking deserve this. The way you walk around the house flaunting your body. You're begging for it. You're always begging for it and I should have given it to you long before this. I'll make up for it now. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never forget it."

Will stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes. Heidi and I stared in wonder at the first cock we had ever seen. It looked huge to our virgin eyes, over 6 inches, so much bigger than Julie's fingers... Big and throbbing, it looked like a weapon and Will was certainly wielding it like one. He grabbed Heidi's ankles and yanked her down on the bed until she was lying down, still between my legs, with her head on my tummy. He spread her legs wide again and stroked his fingers up her inner thighs to her pussy. Spreading her pussy lips wide open, he drank in the sight of her hot young pussy, a smile of triumph on his face as he contemplated conquering his sister.

"No, Will, please..." Heidi was still protesting but I was surprised to find a difference in her voice. The sight of a real cock, or the thought of being fucked by it or her own brother was turning her on whether she wanted it to or not.

Will knelt down between Heidi's legs and took her little breasts into his hands. "Perfect," he breathed. "Absolutely perfect. More beautiful than I ever imagined." He caressed her titties, groaning in satisfaction as he watched her tiny pink nipples harden under his fingers. His hands slid down to Heidi's thighs and he spread open the lips of her pussy, drinking in the sight of the virgin cunt that he was about to make his own.

Will lowered his head to Heidi's pussy and slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, tasting every inch of her. After lapping her clit a few times his tongue trailed back down to her hole. He circled her hole with his tongue and then pushed it up inside of her. He fucked her hole with his tongue and Heidi started gasping and moaning. Heidi was enjoying things now, without a doubt. Remembering how good it had felt to have Heidi playing with my breasts while Julie ate my pussy I began molding Heidi's breasts, pulling and pinching her hard little nipples.

Will sucked and lapped up Heidi's juices, enjoying the taste of his sister's pussy. His tongue moved back up to her clit and swirled it around and around, lapped at it a few times and then drew it into his hot mouth to be sucked. The sight was so erotic that I couldn't help but buck my own hot hungry pussy up against Heidi's back.

Suddenly Heidi started shrieking and I looked down and saw her pink little clit caught between Will's gently biting teeth. I held Heidi tightly as she had an incredibly intense orgasm. As soon as her orgasm subsided Will had his cock at Heidi's entrance. I watched him push the hard length of it into Heidi's tiny hole, my own pussy hot and jealous, begging for the same treatment.

I held onto Heidi tightly as she moaned, gasped and whimpered while her brother forced his big cock inside of her. When he was finished he stopped moving for a moment and Heidi looked up at me.

"How does it feel?" I whispered, pushing her white-blonde hair away from her face.

"It hurts a little and it's really big,'s good," she whispered back and then tensed up as Will started pumping her pussy slowly with his cock.

It didn't take long for Heidi to relax and start meeting her brother's thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his waist and I continued playing with her titties, wishing that I was beside Heidi so that I could taste her nipples. My pussy was almost unbearably hot from watching my best friend fuck her older brother right between my legs. I continued to buck my pussy up against Heidi's back but it just made me more frustrated.

Will started thrusting hard and fast, pushing Heidi against my pussy and tummy with each stroke. It made me breathless to watch them, I couldn't imagine how Heidi could stand having that huge cock plunging into her so hard fast but she was obviously loving it, moaning and crying out her pleasure to her brother, begging for more. Heidi suddenly grabbed my hands and pressed them harder into her titties as she had another orgasm. Immediately after that Will groaned and shot his load up into his baby sister. He collapsed on top of her and they both lay between my legs breathing heavily.

"Hey, Lynn."

When I heard my name I looked around and saw Julie. With the excitingly erotic scene that had been played out in my lap I'd completely forgotten that she and her brother Jake were in the room. I could see the top of Julie's body over the top of the bed and from the way she was moving I figured that she must be riding her brother's cock.

"Lynn, your pussy must be on fire," Julie said between gasps. "Come and sit on Jake's face."

I was a little taken aback by her suggestion but I was more than ready to try anything to get some relief. I slid out from under Heidi and moved to the side of the bed. I looked down at Jake and he smiled up at me.

"Come on down here, Lynn," he said and I got off the bed and, with Jake's help, positioned my throbbing pussy over his mouth. His hot tongue started dancing on my clit and I started orgasming immediately. I grabbed his hair and pushed my pussy into his mouth, begging for more.

When I'd had enough I collapsed onto the floor next to Julie. Up on the bed I could see Will sucking on Heidi's titties.

"You know Lynn, with two of them and three of us it really isn't fair," Julie said.

"Yeah, you're right," I panted.

"Don't you have a brother?" Julie asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, I do," I said.

To Be Continued...
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