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Lexi's Surprise Pt. II
by Salome

"Suzanne, it's me. Is she ready?"

Lexi recognized the familiar male voice behind the door. Jack! It was Jack, her sweet, conservative, long-term boyfriend, who had taken her out for her twenty-first birthday.

Suzanne opened the door, and Jack strode into the room. To Lexi's amazement, he wrapped his arms around Suzanne and kissed her deeply, letting his hands rest on her ass and stroke her hips.

"Jack!" Lexi called from the bed. "What the fuck is going on?"

Jack didn't answer, but continued to fondle Suzanne. Suzanne ran her hands through his rich, dark hair and then began to massage the bulge in the front of his pants. Lexi was torn. Part of her was furious with Jack, but another, stronger, part of her was aroused to the point of frenzy. Desperate, she struggled with the ties that held her to the bed. Jack and Suzanne just laughed and continued their exploration of each other. Finally, Jack broke off the embrace and walked over to examine Lexi on the bed.

"You did a nice job with her, Suzanne," he said, running his hand over Lexi's newly smooth pussy. Then he leaned over and kissed Lexi deeply, instantly noticing Suzanne's lingering scent on her lips. "I see you also helped yourself to a free sample."

Suzanne sauntered over to the bed and sat next to Lexi. "I couldn't help myself. You understand, don't you, Jack?" Suzanne began to stroke herself though her slip.

"Of course, baby. Anyway, it's good practice for her."

"Practice?" Lexi asked.

"Yes, my love," Jack replied, smoothing his fingers over her swollen lips. "This is going to be your most memorable birthday ever."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, your twenty-first is a very special day, Lexi. And I figured that you've been such a good girl for so long, that it was time to help you explore your other side. That's why I slipped those pills into your drink last night, and that's why I asked Suzanne help me out."

Lexi's head was spinning with betrayal, confusion, and lust. "You know Suzanne?"

"Oh yes. We've been . . . special friends for a long time now. She's the one who helped me plan this little surprise. And baby, I know you're going to love it."

Lexi had a sinking feeling in her stomach. "What's going to happen to me?" she asked in a small voice.

Jack laughed. "Don't be scared, honey. You're going to love it. You and Suzanne are going to make a little birthday video for me, that's all."

"What? Jack, I can't - "

"Lexi, you don't have a choice." Jack stood up and pulled a video camera out of the closet, which he set up near the foot of the bed. "I knew you might take some convincing. That's why I gave Suzanne these," he said, tugging on a silk strap. Lexi yelped in pain. "Of course, if you agree to be a good girl, I could take them off," he murmured.

Lexi thought about it for a moment. She knew she had no hope of escaping the room, and the ties were beginning to dig into her wrists and ankles. Besides, Suzanne was looking more and more tempting, and she was desperate to cum. Maybe just this once . . .

"Okay, I'll behave," she said finally. "Just untie me."

Jack smiled and removed her restraints. Lexi immediately sat up and began to massage her wrists. "Okay, Suzanne, are you ready?" Jack asked.

"Of course," Suzanne said, reaching to remove her slip.

"Stop," Jack barked. "I'm directing this film, remember?" Suzanne nodded and let her slip fall back down. "Good, Suzanne. Now, let Lexi do that for you."

Jack positioned the camera on a tripod and looked at Lexi. "Get moving, Lex," he said. "Don't you want to take off her clothes?"

Lexi gulped and went over to Suzanne. She barely reached Suzanne's shoulders, but she did her best to lift up the slip and pull it over Suzanne's head. Now the beautiful blonde was a naked as Lexi.

"Good," Jack encouraged. "Now I think I'd like to see you girls suck each other's tits."

Suzanne immediately bent her head and began to lick Lexi's small, firm breasts, setting Lexi's body on fire. Then Lexi returned the favor, filling her mouth with Suzanne's huge, tan, breasts and sucking on her sweet, pink nipples. In her excitement, she almost gagged on the luscious flesh that spilled from her small mouth.

"That's nice, Lexi. Very nice. But I missed your earlier performance, and I need to see you eat Suzanne's pussy now."

Lexi fell to her knees, eager to get another taste of Suzanne. First, she used her small, pink tongue to lick between Suzanne's salty lips, and then she began to lick and suck and earnest, plunging her tongue as far into Suzanne as possible before settling over her hot, hard clit. Suzanne moaned and pulled Lexi's face against her pussy, grinding her juices into Lexi's face.

"Don't let her cum, Lex," Jack ordered. "I think it's Suzanne's turn to do some muff diving, isn't it Suzanne?"

Suzanne's eyes were clouded with her own need, but she obeyed and threw Lexi over the edge of the bed. Then, getting on her knees, she spread Lexi's legs and inhaled her scent.

"She's so wet, Jack," Suzanne said. "So ready for this." Suzanne extended her long, red tongue and thrust it deep into Lexi's wet, hot hole. Lexi screamed with desire.

"Good, good," Jack said. "Now bury your face in her pussy, Suzanne. I want her even wetter."

Suzanne lapped Lexi's small pussy with a raging force, her strong tongue finding every pleasure point in Lexi's snatch. Then, finally, she ran her tongue lightly over Lexi's bulging clit. Lexi bucked her hips. Her clit was so engorged that the smallest touch would send her over the edge.

"Okay, Suzanne, stop!" Jack ordered. Suzanne looked up at him, her beautiful face dripping with Lexi's juices. "I don't want either of you coming just yet. Go get the bag."

Suzanne opened a nearby black duffle bag and pulled out a huge, double-ended dildo. Lexi's eyes widened at the sheer size of the fake cock.

"I can't take that," she said, frightened.

"Shut up!" Jack barked. "You're going to take it like a good little slut, and you're going to enjoy it. Suzanne, you know what to do."

Suzanne climbed back into bed and looked at Lexi for a long moment. Lexi begged her with her eyes not to use the dildo. But then, slowly, she felt its tip press against her opening.

"Noooo," she moaned, as the enormous cock began to stretch her to the point of ripping. Calmly, Suzanne continued to plunge the dildo inside Lexi until it half of it was buried in her hot little snatch.

"Now you, Suzanne," Jack said.

Suzanne easily slid the other end of the dildo into her waiting pussy, sighing with pleasure as it filled her. Now the two girls were facing each other, pressed together tightly and held in place by the giant cock. Their clits throbbed against each other, causing Lexi to want to rub her bursting pussy even closer to Suzanne's wetness.

"Fuck each other," Jack ordered.

"I don't know how - " Lexi began, but Suzanne silenced her with a deep kiss. Then, slowly, she began to rock her hips, allowing the dildo to thrust in and out of her. Aroused, Lexi followed suit, fucking herself and Suzanne by thrusting her hips and grabbing Suzanne's shoulders and enormous breasts for support. The two girls fucked each other into a frenzy, yelping and moaning as the giant dildo did its job.

"Okay, girls, you may cum now - but make sure it's together," Jack announced.

Immediately, the girls reached for each other's clit with their trembling, wet fingers. In less than a minute, they exploded together, spilling their juices all over their pussies, the bed, and the dildo. Exhausted, the fell into each other's arms and removed the cock with a loud, squishy pop.

Lexi breathed heavily and buried her face in Suzanne's sweaty breasts. Jack set the camera on pause and came over to join the pair.

"Very good, girls," he said with a wicked smile. "I think you're both ready for the next step."

To Be Continued...


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