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Lexi's Surprise Pt. III
by Salome

Lexi and Suzanne were exhausted from their orgasms, and they clung together, dripping with sweat and cum, ignoring Jack.

"On your feet, girls," Jack ordered. "We're not done celebrating Lexi's birthday."

The girls struggled to their feet and waited for Jack's instructions. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a small, jelly egg and a remote control.

"Lay down on the bed, Lex." She did as she was told and Jack walked over and stood above her. "Now spread your legs for me, baby, just like you did for Suzanne."

Lexi spread her legs and Jack ran his hand across her smooth pussy, taking in her red, wet lips and swollen clit. His fingers toyed with the opening of her hole, pinching at the reddest parts of her snatch.

"You got a good fucking, didn't you?" He asked. "Did you like being with a girl?" His fingers continued to caress her, now and then slipping into her wetness."

"Yes," Lexi murmured, already aroused again. "Oh, yes."

"Did you like sucking Suzanne's clit?" Jack fingers began to move faster.

"Oh...oh...yes. She tasted so good. I want to eat her again, Jack. Please, let me."

"Maybe later, Lexi." Jack's fingers were now fucking her vigorously. Suzanne stood behind him, salivating over the squishy wet sounds that his fingers made in Lexi's tight, wet snatch. Then Jack removed his fingers and slid the thick, jelly egg inside Lexi's pussy. A short cord dangled from her opening.

"What's that, Jack?" Lexi asked.

"It's a remote control vibrator, baby," he answered. "Suzanne, lick this up," he ordered, shoving his wet fingers into her mouth. Suzanne sucked them violently, drinking down every drop of Lexi's juice.

"Mmmm. That's so good, Jack," she whispered as she licked his fingers clean. Jack handed her the remote control.

"To conclude Lexi's birthday surprise, we're going to take our show on the road - so to speak. Put these on." Jack handed each girl a short, tight dress. Lexi and Suzanne looked at each other, and then squeezed into the outfits. Lexi's white dress was practically sheer, and her dark nipples poked through the material. On Suzanne's tall body, the black dress barely covered her dripping pussy, and her ample breasts poured over the low neckline, practically exposing her nipples.

"We can't go out like this, Jack," Lexi said with a giggle.

"Quiet, Lex." Jack gave her a sharp smack on her tight ass. "Now, here's the plan. We're going to go downstairs in the hotel and you two are going to put on a little show in the front lobby while I film it from behind the desk."

"No way, Jack," Lexi argued. "Enough is enough, we can't -"

"I have this video of you and Suzanne," he said. "If you don't obey, I'll send it to every one of your professor . . . not to mention your parents and - "

"Okay, okay." Lexi looked at Suzanne. "We'll do whatever you want."

"Suzanne has the remote control," Jack continued. "She'll be standing some distance away from you, with me."

"And then what?" Lexi was beginning to feel a bit sick.

"You'll see. I want you both to meet me downstairs in five minutes. Oh, and clean yourselves up a bit."

With that, Jack left the room. Suzanne and Lexi headed to the bathroom and splashed their faces with water. Although Lexi was worried about what Jack might have in store, she could not help being aroused by Suzanne's gorgeous body straining under the too-tight dress. Almost against her will, Lexi ran her hand up Suzanne's thigh and over her enormous breasts.

Suzanne turned to her and smiled. "Once Jack showed me your picture, I immediately agreed to help him with his birthday surprise for you," she said. "You're such a beautiful girl, Lex. Do you know that?"

Lexi blushed. "Not compared to you. You're amazing!"

"So are you, Lexi. Those perky little tits, that tiny waist . . . and your sweet, sweet pussy."

"And newly shaved, at that!" The two girls laughed, wrapping their arms around each other and rubbing their bodies together. "You know," Lexi began, "I'd like to see you again after this."

"Me too," Suzanne said, kissing her deeply. "I mean, I've had women before, but you are just fantastic. Besides, I figure we have to get back at Jack somehow, right?"

"Right." Lexi pulled Suzanne's dress down and gave her nipples little bites. "He was tired of the good girl. I wonder how he'll like it when he finds out that I'm good WITH girls."

Hand in hand, the girls made their way to the crowded lobby. Suzanne gave Lexi a quick kiss on the cheek, and then disappeared. Lexi found a plush, velvet sofa in the lobby and sat down, ever conscious of her short dress and the jelly egg inside her.

For a few minutes, nothing happened. Then, suddenly, she felt a low buzzing begin to rumble inside of her. Her eyes flew through the room - where were Jack and Suzanne? She couldn't see them anywhere, but she knew Jack had to be nearby, filming.

The buzzing increased, and Lexi let out a low moan. A man in a business suit passed her and gave her a strange look, but Lexi just smiled, concealing her arousal. As the egg continued to vibrate, Lexi's juices began to seep into the velvet sofa and her scent wafted through the air. She squirmed in her seat. When was the torture going to end? She was desperate to pull up her dress and massage her clit - or, better yet, grind her dripping pussy into Suzanne's hot mouth.

"Ohhh," she moaned. The very thought of Suzanne made her even wetter, and she could feel the egg moving and sliding inside of her tight little snatch. Her pussy ached with anticipation.

Suddenly, across the room, she spotted Jack and Suzanne. Jack was hidden behind a statue near the front desk with his camera. Suzanne stood a bit behind him, and Lexi could tell that she was fondling herself. Jack said something to Suzanne, and after a moment of hesitation, Suzanne headed toward Lexi. At the same time, the vibrations increased to a throbbing pitch. Lexi was sure everyone could hear the toy at work inside of her.

As Suzanne approached, she grabbed for Lexi's arm and pulled her behind a potted plant, where the girls were partially hidden.

"I have to eat your pussy," Suzanne said softly.

"What? Here?" Lexi looked at her in amazement.

"Jack insists. Look, we're mostly hidden by the plant. I'll do it fast, you'll cum, and we'll leave. Don't worry, baby." Suzanne smoothed Lexi's damp hair from her forehead. "Just relax and enjoy."

Suzanne dropped to her knees. She was now completely hidden by the plant. Lexi, on the other hand, was still partially visible, and she tried to contain herself so as not to attract attention. But Suzanne's long tongue was perfect, and it massaged her aching clit with such fervor that Lexi was soon moaning uncontrollably.

"Take the egg out, Suzanne. Finger fuck me. Please, please," Lexi panted. "Make me cum so hard."

Suzanne reached inside Lexi's pussy and removed the dripping egg. Then she pressed it against Lexi's clit, letting the pulsing toy bring Lexi's pleasure to new heights. Just as Lexi was about to cum, Suzanne tossed the egg into the plant and attached her lips to Lexi's throbbing clit. In her ecstacy, Lexi threw her body against the plant, lost her balance and pushed the plant to the ground. Now the girls were totally exposed, and everyone in the lobby turned to look at them. What a sight! One small, pale girl with her dress pulled up around her waist was moaning with pleasure as a tall, striking blonde ate her dripping pussy. The men in the room were instantly hard, and the women longed to throw themselves on top of the pair and join in.

If Lexi and Suzanne were aware of the gathering crowd, they didn't let on. For the next ten minutes, time stood still as they ravaged one another's bodies, licking and sucking every inch of their tingling flesh. When Lexi plunged her tongue into Suzanne's blonde snatch, Suzanne responded by sucking hard on Lexi's firm breasts. When Suzanne slid her finger into Lexi's tight ass, Lexi responded by finger fucking Suzanne into a frenzy. Finally, the girls reached their peak, slathering each other in waves of hot, sticky cum that covered their young, taut bodies with a sexy shimmer.

The crowd began to applaud, but the girls just picked up their dresses and went to the elevator as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

In less than a minute, Jack joined them in the elevator and held up the brand new video.

"Great performance, girls," he said with a wicked smile. "Let's all go upstairs and watch the video of Lexi's most memorable birthday surprise ever."



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