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Letters to Purvi Pt. I
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

Thank you so much for that sweet, lovely letter. I liked it so much that I read it twice and then lay in bed with it and imagined you in bed with me -- licking my breasts, sucking my nipples, my tongue deep in your cunt. Soon I had two fingers in my cunt and I came within minutes. You must be really wondering why this long delay. Sorry, darling. I have this export business that requires that I should be abroad occasionally and this was one of these trips. So I got your letter only on my recent return and I am sending you this quick reply.

Incidentally, sorry about the short postage. It was not really my fault -- the Bombayite office forwarded my letter and must not have put enough stamps. It shouldn't happen again.

You are lucky to have such an understanding husband like Uday. I'm sure he must have a nice thick strong cock which obviously satisfies you. Now, darling I want you to do something for me. Stop reading here. Wait for Uday to come home and then read the rest of my letter together.

When Uday comes in, wait till he's free and then take him to your bedroom and close the door. Have him sit on the bed with his legs over the edge. Then get him to lie down. Open his pants and reach in and take out his cock. If it is not hard yet, rub it a little in one hand and then you are sure to get a good stand (Don't tell him what you are going to do). Than kneel on the floor between his knees and bend and kiss his cockhead. Make it a long kiss, and then, while your lips are on his prick, move your mouth all over his cock. Then put your tongue out and give it some long licks to get it really glistening wet. Then take his hot hard fuckstick in your mouth and suck it. Let it go as deep into your mouth as possible and then pull your head back slowly so that it just slips out of your wet lips. Be careful not to let your teeth scratch him! Now, here comes the important part. Tilt his cock upwards so that you can see the underside. There, just below the head, in the middle, you will see something that looks like a vein or a small muscle. This is the most sensitive area of a man's cock. Flick the tip of your tongue across it, from side to side, slowly rubbing your hand up and down his prick at the same time. He will soon be groaning with pleasure. Alternate taking his cock in your mouth and moving it in and out, with this rubbing with your tongue, which is called the butterfly stroke. Within minutes, he should come. Catch as much of his thick white sperm as you can in your mouth and then swallow it. Don't worry --it is only protein! Then kiss his softening cock once more and say "That was a special present for you from Lalitha!"

This is only one of the many sex techniques and tricks I can teach you to really make your sex life flower. I have learnt these from a variety of sources, and don't worry none of them are difficult, all are very yummy and I have tried whatever I tell you. Some things, lots of times!

Now, you want to know more about me. Physically, my bust is 38. (What fun to know that we have the same bust size -- imagine rubbing our breasts together!). My overall dimensions are 38-26-39, which should give you an idea of my figure! Slightly 'well-rounded', but certainly not fat! I exercise quite regularly, so my muscle tone is nice -- also my breasts don't sag, despite their size (that is inherited -- the typical Punjabi body)!. I have a thick black bush at my crotch, which I trim from time to time, sometimes cutting the longest hairs away from my cunt. My cunt is warm (very wet right now)! And tight as I have learnt the technique of tightening my crotch muscles during fucking so as to give my partner a really good time.

I love wearing jewelry, especially during love-making. My favorite perfume is Joy, which I always dab on my wrists, behind my ears, in my cleavage and sometimes, just before a fuck, I brush a touch on my bush. I wear mainly salwar kameez, bright colors like red, blue and yellow that suit my skin color -- I normally wear sarees to look sexy, since I have some real dynamite blouses -- backless, low-cut, halter-necks, etc. I wear my sarees low on my hips ever since one of my lovers said he got an instant erection from just looking at my navel when I wore a saree.

Now, my love life. I'm no prude, but I'm real careful about my relationships. I have had five lovers since I lost my virginity in college -- at sixteen -- four men and one woman (which you know all about). I am not a complete lesbian -- like you, I'm really bisexual. Right now I have this broadminded relationship with this friend, who is an East-West pilot.

Rajesh is a good lover, and keeps me fairly satisfied, though I wish we could fuck more often. However, with all his flying and my business commitments, we sometimes aren't able to connect for a couple of weeks. He has a fat, dark cock, which is almost 9" at full stand (Do describe Uday's cock in more detail - I really want to know). It is really thick -- I have to stretch my lips wide when I take him in my mouth. Why, the first time I saw that thick fuckpole, I was almost unsure that my poor cunt would take it! Anyway, it did, and still does, mainly because he has a lovely tongue which he uses to great effect in my pussy, getting me dripping with juice. Then I also suck him a little, so that his cock is nicely wet and slides in deep and easy, like a hot knife in butter.

Have you tried 69? Because if you haven't, you really must! All you do is lie at opposite ends to each other, so that Uday's crotch is level with your mouth and vice versa. Then you suck him while he licks your cunt - it's a really great experience! Try it!

You wanted to know more about my fantasies and experiences. I would love to describe some of my best sex experiences to you and I will be doing so in the next few letters - things like how I lost my virginity. As to my fantasies. These days, darling, they are all about you and your sexy husband.

Incidentally, I must tell you that I would really like to fuck both of you at the same time. I am telling you this frankly as I feel you are a really broadminded and frank type of person and I don't think you will mind. And I am sure Uday won't mind fucking two sexy women at the same time. Though I hope we won't tire the poor darling out.

My favorite fantasy is of the three of us in bed together. Uday is lying back at the head of the bed, naked and holding his dick and softly stroking it while watching us undress each other. We take turns in helping each other out of various articles of clothing, often pausing to kiss, fondle and suck each other. Then we climb on the bed, one on either side of Uday. You reach out and take his prick in your soft hand.

Then you bend down and run the tip of your tongue down his stomach, through his bush to his cock and up to the tip. You kiss his cockhead and then part your lips and let it sink into your hot, wet mouth. Slowly you begin to move your head up and down, stroking and cupping his balls in one hand. Meanwhile, I reach up and pull his face down to mine. I press my lips to his, parting them so that I can stroke his wet tongue with mine. We kiss long and deep. Uday moves a hand down my body and cups a breast, rubbing the nipple with his fingers till it is hard and erect. He then puts his hand down to my cunt and massages the area with the flat of his hand

Then I slowly disengage from Uday and move down to join you. My open long hair now covers Uday's stomach. As you feel me next to you, you raise your head from Uday's groin and his fat prick, wet with your saliva and hard as steel bar slips from your lips with a soft 'plop' sound. We kiss, long and deep, while you continue to stroke Uday's prick with one hand so as to keep it stiff. Then we both begin to use our mouths on his dong - licking on opposite sides, kissing, etc. Soon we start taking turns to suck his prick. Occasionally one of us licks or sucks his balls.

Soon Uday is groaning in pleasure, throwing his head from side to side. He has a hand on each of our heads, fingers twisted in our long hair, pressing our faces deeper into his crotch. He cries out that he going to come. And he does. You happen to have his cock in your mouth at the time and you quickly release it, so that we can both press our lips to the tip and enjoy the spatters of thick white sperm as they shoot in spurts across our lips and cheeks.

As Uday sinks back, panting, I climb over him and lie over you. We lick each other's lips and faces, licking off the gobs of cum. You have a few drops spattered in your hair. Soon we are kissing again and then we move into a 69. You have your face buried in my crotch and your wet dripping cunt is positioned over my face. Our tongues go into each other's holes and find the sensitive little spots with skilled ease. Moaning, we try to push our faces deeper and lick more faster. Uday lies on his side, watching, one hand stroking a softened cock. It doesn't take long. Already excited with Uday's cum, we both come, almost together. We fall apart and lie on our backs, panting with the force of our orgasms.

Uday has seen enough to become quite excited. Climbing to his knees, he positions himself such that his semi-soft prick is dangling over my panting mouth. I open my eyes to his cock almost brushing my lips. So I open my mouth and suck in all of his semi-soft prick. His balls press against my chin. He reaches out to cup my breasts. Slowly, his cock erects, slipping out of my lips inch by inch as it gets steadily harder and harder. Suddenly he jerks it from my mouth with a sudden movement. and begins to move down the bed.

It is obvious to all of us what he wants next. So I stay on my back and simply raise my legs, parting them meanwhile and then bending them at the knee. I support each knee with my arms, holding them as far apart as possible. So my wet and ready cunt is exposed as much as possible.

Uday is kneeling in position. You move up to my side and bend over and give his cock a last suck, getting it as stiff and wet as possible. Then with one hand you spread the lips of my cunt while with the other hand you position his cockhead against my cunt lips. Uday is impatient and thrusts himself forward, sending his cock hard into me. I groan with the sudden thrust, but I am so wet it hardly matters. As his hips pound into mine, I automatically release my legs which open wide and then wind around his hips. I then spread my legs again and place a foot on either side of us so that I can also thrust, matching his movements. We fuck.

My hands stroke his shoulders urgently, and my nails leave white marks in the skin. We are both gasping and moaning in excitement. His hips plunge forward again and again, and his lovely fuckpole is sliding rapidly in and out of my oiled hole. You are sitting beside us, one hand on Uday's buttocks, urging him on, enjoying the feel of our excitement as we both move to a raging climax.

We come, crying out with joy. You lean forward and hold his balls in one hand as he pushes in his last thrust. You squeeze them gently, letting all the cum move up his cock. And I am moaning with excitement, feeling my cunt walls pulsating strongly around his thick hard rod and loving the delightful feeling as his cum spurts inside me, splashing against the walls of my pussy.

Uday falls away from me and his cock slips wetly out of my cunt. We are both lying there panting as you spread my thighs and kneel between them. Thick fluid, both Uday's and mine combined, leaks out of my sopping hole. Then you bend and place your mouth over my cunt. Your tongue is like a finger as it pushes into my cuntlips, licking up the cum fluid. You go on, licking all over my crotch, while inserting two fingers in my cunt and plunging them in and out. Soon I am coming again, strongly, and I wind my fingers in your hair and shove your face even deeper into my cunt.

Then you lean over Uday and the two of you go into this incredibly long and deep kiss, tongues exploring each other's mouths. He is obviously excited by the taste of the cum fluids in your mouth. Meanwhile, I lean over his crotch and kiss his wet and sticky prick, which is rather soft. I then take his cock into my mouth and begin to work my tongue over it, rubbing at his asshole with one finger as I do so. Soon you remove your mouth from Uday's and move up a little, till he is able to reach your breasts with his mouth. Uday takes your nipple into his mouth and sucks noisily at it. Soon he moves to the other, which he has been massaging all the while. Then back to the first. You are moaning softly and your nipples are hard little points. Uday's excitement increases and he is soon growing increasingly hard. In a while he is fairly stiff. Soon he slips out of my mouth, hard as a board.

You reach down and gently move my face to one side. Then you swing a leg over Uday's thighs and position your cunt just above his cock-tip, which is still wet with my saliva. I reach out and hold his prick in position while you spread your cunt with your fingers and lower yourself onto him. The hard rod pushes its way into you and I can see the soft flesh of your pussy curling inwards as it accepts more and more of the fuckpole it is so used to. You moan deep in your throat and throw your head back and cup your breasts with your hands.

Releasing your breasts, you now lean forward and support your body on your hands. You then begin to raise and lower your ass, pumping your cunt on his cock. Uday now reaches up and cups your breasts. You are moaning with happiness and desire. You are looking happily down at your husband while his cock is battering at your soft pussy walls - what more could any woman want! Uday is also groaning with pleasure, heaving his hips up to meet each of your thrusts. I lie beside the two of you, happy to watch and catch my breath.

Then Uday puts his hands on your shoulders and makes you stop,. He says he wants to change position. I suggest you try it from the back. With that, you climb off and lie over me, lip to lip, breasts rubbing on breasts and cunt pressed over cunt. While we kiss deeply, Uday moves into position over and behind you, spreading your legs.

With a grunt, he rams his cock up to the hilt in your cunt. You gasp and then moaning, press your lips to mine. Fucking hard, he thrusts rhythmically into you now, while you moan and pant with pleasure. The motion makes our bodies rub together and our erect nipples occasionally rub against each other causing us both to gasp with delight. We fuck.

The only sounds now are of our hoarse panting and the wet slap of flesh as his prick moves in and out of your hole. Suddenly you tense and then gasp that you are very close! Then... you are coming, arching your back in delight. While you are in your orgasm, Uday cries out and rams his cock in up to the hilt - he is cumming too! I hold your breasts and kiss your neck as you both shudder in the ecstasy of a perfect sexual climax.

We all collapse moaning and panting on the bed, side by side, entwined. Our bodies are wet with sweat and the various love fluids We kiss each other, deep and long.

Well, how did you like my fantasy? By now I have masturbated at least 3 times since I started writing this letter - I have been so excited! So tell me if you enjoyed reading it and what you two did after reading it together - then I can write you some more!!

Now I have three requests, which you must please do for me. First I want a photograph of the two of you, just so that I know what you look like while I am having these fantasies. Secondly, I want you to write me a nice long letter this time, with lots of sexy details. Like, all about Uday's prick - is it long or short, thick or thin, does he have a fat cockhead that rubs in your cunt when you fuck? Then about yourself - what is your figure? Describe your cunt, your breasts - do they have pink nipples or brown? And most important, tell me a long description of one of your real sexy encounters. Like Uday appears to have been your first fucker. So tell me what it was like - your 'first night', or at least the first time he put his rod inside you and tore aside your virginity. I really love reading about sexy encounters and nothing would make the letter more exciting for me than a complete detailed description. Also tell me which are your favorite fuck positions - on top, on the side, from the back, etc.

Lastly, please give Vandana a special kiss with your tongue deep in her mouth from me. She sounds like quite an exciting woman! You don't need to tell her about us, just tell me how she liked the kiss!!

Going to end here now. I have lots more to tell you, so I will be starting the next letter in a couple of days. Meanwhile fuck Uday well, enjoy yourself - and don't forget to suck him off for me!!

Lots of wet kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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