The Best Erotic Stories.

Letters to Purvi Pt. IV
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

My precious Purvi ,

Just back from my annual marketing trip abroad. Which is why I havenít been able to write for such a while. Had an absolutely fabulous sexy weekend while in Europe, which I will write about in my next letter. Right now, I'm dying to share this account of this wonderful fuck session I had just before I left.

Remember Rajesh, my steady boyfriend with the fat, thick and dark cock who keeps my cunt well filled and wet? Well, Rajesh had been away for a month in August, making a long overdue visit to his relatives in the South. I was, of course, missing him terribly after less than a week, and not least because I was missing my regular weekly fuck session. So after four weeks of this, you can imagine the state I was in when Rajesh finally called.

After I had fired him for ignoring me all these weeks (it felt like a year!), he apologized profusely and said that he had been real busy running from one relativesí house to another. Also he had to wait till he found a house where he was close enough to the family to ask whether he could make an expensive long-distance call. Then he said something unusual. He said that he had felt for some time now that our relationship had gotten somewhat routine (not boring) and he wondered if I would be interested in some changes -- and if I agreed, our relationship would enter a new phase. Very curious, I questioned and pressed him to tell me more. But he insisted that I should either agree to trust him or alternatively, we could go back to our original relationship, such as it was. He kept saying that I should not feel pressured in any way. After a very quick think, I called him saying that I was game -- however, he still wouldnít tell me a thing. He then went on to tell me that he would be returning a week later, but couldnít tell me exactly when. He just asked me to come to his flat on the following Saturday night -- wearing something nice and sexy!!

You can bet I was there bright and early! I wore one of my favorite saris, a clingy soft silk chiffon that draped itself over my hips and breasts like a soft outer skin. Also some of Rajeshís favourite jewelery on my ears and deck -- long dangling stuff!!

Rajesh opened the door and grinned happily on seeing me. He was simply dressed in a dressing gown -- I thought at the time that he was in the middle of changing his clothes. As soon as he closed the door, I went gladly into his arms and we kissed long and hungrily. It was nice to feel how he had been missing me -- especially when I moved my legs against his crotch and felt the thickening warmth of his rapidly hardening cock. My tongue in his mouth, I moaned softly at the well remembered feeling -- oh, I wanted him so badly, after all this time. I believe I would have fucked him then and there, but he gently disengaged himself, saying "Come on inside, darling. Thereís someone I want you to meet."

I followed him into his living room, where I got a surprise. Sitting there was a young woman, dressed in a pretty pink negligee and watching TV. She got up, smiling. As I looked at Rajesh, confused, he grinned and said "This is Mona, my cousin. Sheís staying with me for a while." Mona smiled at me and said " Iím so glad to finally meet you -- Rajesh has been telling me so much about you!"

Quite mystified, I turned and looked at Rajesh, but he was busy pouring me a drink. As he handed me a glass, he said "Mona and I were just about to watch a new film I picked up the other day. Please join us?" Still confused, I joined them on the couch. Rajesh sat between the two of us, his arms outstretched along the back of the sofa.

The film was called "Confessions of a Plumber". It started pretty innocently, with this plumber going into a house where the housewife asks him to fix the flush tank in her bathroom. He rapidly sets it right and she is so grateful for his prompt service that she invites him to have a drink. And while he sips at his drink, she suddenly kneels before him, unzips his fly and starts licking his prick. Then of course, they fuck.

I realized fairly early, that this was a porno film. But decided that I wasnít going to be the one to say anything, so I kept my eyes on the screen. It was only when the camera moved in to show a close-up of the plumberís hard dick moving in and out of the blonde housewifeís mouth, that I peeked a look at the others. And boy, was I surprised.

Rajesh was still leaning back, watching the film with evident enjoyment. His arms had by now slipped down from the back of the sofa to our shoulders. But Mona really startled me. She had half turned to Rajesh. Though still watching the film, her hands were now inside his dressing gown, at his crotch, moving busily. There was little doubt what she was doing, and even as I watched, she pulled apart the gown with one hand and Rajeshís thick dark tool sprang into view. One of her fists was curled tightly around it and I could see the head pulsate with dark blood and the drops of pre-cum leaking from the eye even as she stroked firmly at the warm meat.

I gasped. And Rajesh turned his head and smiled, saying "She also sucks cock so well -- almost as good as you!!" Mona, who was looking down at his thick cock, looked up at this and smiled at me.

Then tucking her hair behind her ear with a quick businesslike movement, she bent her head, her eyes still on mine, and flicked her tongue across the cum slit at the very tip of his dark cock. A thin string of pre-cum stuck to her tongue tip and hung glistening between her lip and the cock head. Rajesh, watching, moaned throatily.

As I watched, fascinated (I had seen a lot of blue films and sex photographs before this, but never actually seen anyone make out in front of me), she bent even further down and commenced moving her tongue all over the sensitive underside of his cock. Her head was tilted to one side, almost as if to give us a better look and her long dark hair, which was open , was lying in a thick pool across Rajeshís thighs.

Rajesh was now breathing in deep hard breaths -- a sure sign that he was quite excited. He used the arm he had draped over my shoulder to pull me even closer to his side -- then his fingers moved lower. Even as his hand brushed the side of my breast, I was suddenly aware that my nipples were now hard little points --- I could feel a warm wetness in my crotch -- my cheeks were warm -- I was getting really turned on!!

Then with a little cry, Mona widened her lips and sank her mouth around the rounded head of Rajeshís prick. Her head went lower and lower -- she seemed to be taking an incredible amount of the hard cock-meat into her mouth before she raised her head again and let it slowly slip out -- dark, and wet. Rajesh moaned again and pulled me to him. He faced no resistance -- I was a more than willing participant now.

We kissed long and deep again. His hands were on my breasts through my blouse -- cupping, squeezing, massaging roughly. It was my turn to moan, lost in passion. I ran my hands over his muscular chest, enjoying the feel of his chest hair. There was a warm wetness between my thighs, and I could feel it squish every time I moved my legs.

Suddenly Rajesh broke off our kiss, and leaned back, breathing hard. As I watched, panting too, he then took Mona gently by her hair and lifted her bobbing head from his groin. I looked on, enviously, as her lips reluctantly let go of the hard meat with a soft wet Ďplopí. Then smiling at both of us, he said " If weíre going to do this lets do it properly. Why donít you lovely beauties undress each other?"

Mona and I looked at each other. She slowly lifted herself off the couch, even as I rose myself. And looking deep into her eyes, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. Almost immediately, I felt the soft fullness of her lips part and her tongue pressed forward, slipping easily into my mouth. We kissed long and hard, our tongues coiling around each other. I could taste Rajeshís cock in her mouth, and that really got me excited.

Meanwhile, Mona had her hands on my breast, my waist, everywhere. I felt the buttons of my blouse being skillfully and easily unsnapped. And then her hands went behind me and I felt an instant release as she unclasped my bra. We broke the kiss and Mona stepped back, admiring my boobs. "My goodness, youíre so beautiful", she murmured, pulling at the string bow of her negligee. It swung open, loose around the throat. Then her hands were pulling at the knot of my sari, and as it loosened and fell about my feet, she was already reaching for the waistband of my petticoat. Equally eager, I pulled open the collar of her loosened negligee, and it fell off her shoulders, revealing a pair of superb breasts, each crowned with a pointed reddened nipple.

As her negligee fell to the floor, I gently pushed Mona back till she was sitting on the couch. I was down to my panties by now, but I ignored my own building desire -- I wanted to see Rajesh sink his cock into her! "I think he wants me to get you hot for him, darling," I said, smiling at Mona as I knelt between her legs, placing a hand over her luxuriant black bush.

She giggled. "Iím already so horny, Iíll probably cum straight off. Iíve been thinking about doing it with you and Rajesh for the last two weeks."

I laid her back on the couch and raised her knees, exposing her sweet little bottom, and began to use my tongue on her. It was the second time in my life I had tasted a woman -- she tasted wonderfully sweet and it excited me incredibly, knowing that my lover was watching me eat out another womanís cunt.

I felt movement beside me and glanced up to see Rajesh standing there, naked, his wonderfully hard prick sticking straight out from his loins.

I spread her cunt lips wide with my fingers. " Look at Monaís pussy, darling. See how pink and wet the inside is."

"Ummm," he said, bending over and gazing at it. " Lick it darling, Lick that pink little slit. Stick your tongue way in there. Lick it all over."

Mona moaned and bounced around. Her pussy lips were all swollen with passion, and I licked them lovingly.

"You look so deliciously naughty, Mona," Rajesh said, placing a hand on her breast. Though your titties arenít as big as Lalithaís." He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it "Just as yummily sweet, though." he rasped, his dick as hard as a spike.

"Oh! Oh! Oh please, let me suck your cock!" Mona cried, wrapping her fingers around it and drawing Rajesh forward. I watched, panting with my own desire, as she sucked my loverís big tool. Meanwhile I worked her pulsating clitoris with one finger and shoved the other three up her wide-open pussy.

Suddenly Monaís pussy started throbbing and snapping around my fingers. She took her mouth off Rajeshís prick and screamed. Her cunt gushed. I looked up and said "Fuck her now, Rajesh! Do it now, sheís really hot for it now!!" I could feel my own juices flowing freely down my thigh. If another prick had been available, I would have been impaled upon it in a second. But not Rajesh. I wanted him to fuck Mona first.

Quickly, Rajesh moved between her quivering splayed legs, as I moved out of the way. I grabbed his jerking cock and guided it into her hole. He shoved, hard. His prick slid easily into Monaís climaxing cunt.

" Oooh, fuck me," she cried out. "Ram it in and out!"

Rajesh was so aroused by this time that he could only manage four or five plunges. The he pulled his dick out of Mona. He cried out, arching his back and I watched, almost blind with lust as he fired balls of cum onto the lips of her cunt. And then he lunged forward again, driving his still exploding prick deep into Monaís body -- still pumping like a fiend.

I moaned in passionate heat as I watched her little hole kissing his hardness tightly as it plunged and withdrew. I could see her wetness shining on his dark prick. and while they gasped and jerked in climax, I stood beside them and rolled my ass, rubbing desperately at my own clitoris.

The shudders of ecstasy began in my head and ran down to my toes, hitting every nerve in between. My orgasm burst in my pulsating vagina. The strong, involuntary spasms of my pussy alternately gripped and released my fingers. Never before had I cum so fiercely.

The three of us collapsed in panting, quivering heaps. Rajesh pulled out of Mona and fell back to sit on the sofa, while I sprawled next to him, my fingers still buried in my cunt. Mona stayed arched back over the end of the sofa for a while, gasping in air, her legs still apart, showing the white froth of good sex around the rim of her well-fucked hole.

Slowly, we recovered. Rajesh mixed us all fresh drinks. Mona and I visited the bathroom where we refreshed our make-up (its incredible how smeared your lipstick can get!) and combed our hair. Then sitting together on the couch again, we simply sipped our drinks and watched the porn film -- a blonde was now getting a major fucking by two muscular blacks -- in her mouth and her cunt -- and from the way she was responding, either she was a great actress or she loved every minute of it.

By now, I desperately needed to be fucked. I put my drink down and slid off the couch to kneel between Rajeshís legs. I took his limp cock in my hands and began to press hot tongue kisses on it. It tasted lovely -- a mixture of cock and cunt juice -- very sexy!!

Within no time at all, Rajesh had a nice stiff tool sticking up from his lap. "Put it in your sweet mouth, darling. Suck on it, darling." Rajesh moaned, sliding his hips forward.

I looked at Mona, who was staring at us, her face flushed with excitement. "Do you want to join me? I bet Rajesh has never had two mouths blowing his cock or licking his balls."

Mona grinned and sank to her knees beside me as Rajesh spread his legs even wider. Alternately, we took turns, using our mouths to lick and suck my loverís cock. This really made Rajeshís prick twitch. Using a hand on each of our breasts, my lover stroked them and tweaked the nipples, his cock growing harder and harder.

"Darling, Monaís hot mouth is really sucking my cock," Rajesh groaned, his glassy eyes looking down at me. "And does her mouth give you pleasure?" I smiled up at him. "Exquisite." he groaned. "But I donít want her to milk me off. I want to fuck you and her too."

"Yes, I want that too," I said, stroking his tightening balls.

Rajesh suddenly pushed us both away. "Why donít you lie down on the floor. Mona, you lie on your back and you, darling, on top of her -- face down. That way I can fuck you both -- alternately."

I gasped at the bold idea, startled yet pleased. Mona was already lying back on the carpet, licking her lips in anticipation. I wasted no time in lying on top of her. "Isnít he a real stud?" she breathed in excitement. We kissed deep -- our tongues stroked and coiled around each other as our lipstick coated lips gummed together. Both our mouths tasted of the pre-cum we had licked from Rajeshís prick.

Behind me, Rajesh lifted my buttocks a bit and spread my legs. I felt his expert fingers on my clitoris and whined in pleasure. My passionate moan was lost in Monaís mouth. Then it was her turn to quiver and moan. I knew he was fingering her cunt. I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth and used my hands on her tits.

Mona closed her eyes and squealed and twisted beneath me. When she bucked and gave a sharp cry of delight, I knew my lover had put his tool in her pussy and anxiously awaited my turn. "Iím fucking her, darling," Rajesh cried. Monaís body quivered beneath me in rhythm with his thrusts. Soon, he pulled his prick out of Mona. Then I felt the pressure of the bloated head of his thrumming tool against my horny cunt slit, which was by now very well lubricated.

Suddenly, Rajesh speared me.

My loverís cock moved marvelously in my cunt. He fucked me slow and easy and then fast and hard and then slow and easy again, grinding his pelvis around. Since he had cum once, he could easily hold his cum. Several times more, Rajesh then switched from cunt to cunt, driving us to the brink, then withdrawing and fucking the other one. And again it was my turn to be fucked and Rajesh slid easily into my wet dark cunt.

In a strangled voice, Rajesh cried, "Cum, darling! I canít last much longer. Youíve got me too horny!" I felt his hand beneath me. The quick rubbing of his fingers on my sensitive little clit drove me to a continual chorus of ooohs and aaahs.

All the while, Mona was flicking my lips and mouth with her exquisite tongue. Her fingers drove my hardened nipples wild. Sandwiched between them, they catapulted me to glorious state of explosive passion. "Harder, darling! I want to cum!" I screamed, my body vibrating with the need for it. They had me too tightly between their bodies for me to move much. Yet the fact that I was a little helpless seemed to add to my excitement.

Rajesh tightened his grasp on my hips and screwed me with mounting passion. Growing thicker and thicker inside me, his cock throbbed. "Cum, now, darling! Iím almost there!!"

His cry triggered my cum. The next instant, I felt an enormous orgasm burst inside me. Making little screaming sounds, I spasmed with enormous pleasure. Waves of passion swelled over me until I felt faint. Rajesh drove into the heart of my pussy. His spongy cock-head spit again and again. Generous squirts of semen kept pumping from his fleshy tube and into me. Rajesh moaned, and I could fell his hips flex repeatedly as his warm cum sloshed deep within me.

Beneath me, Mona cried out and stiffened. I realised she had her hand in her cunt. From the feverish look on her face and the gurgling sounds she was making, I knew she had rapturously enjoyed herself. For me, it was one of the most explosive and satisfying climaxes I had ever known.

Rajesh withdrew his fast wilting rod from me and staggered over to the couch. I rolled off Mona and stretched out on the floor beside her. For long moments, we contentedly lay there, side by side.

Mona rolled over and looked at me. "Feeling him fuck you was one of the best experiences I have had. Did he fill you cunt with cock-cream? Can I see?" I nodded, still unable to speak. Mona wiggled down between my legs and raised my knees. At first, she just looked.

"Your pussy is oozing Rajeshís white cum-juice!" Then her fingers were on my cunt, smearing the trickling wetness around my slit. The next thing I knew, Mona had dropped her head into my crotch, and for the second time in my life I felt the sweet sensation of a womanís tongue on my cunt.

I sighed in sheer enjoyment. There is nothing quite so sexy as the soft cool tongue of a woman on your well fucked hole. Mona moved her obviously experienced tongue over my cunt, licking and sucking, lapping away at the drooling juices she could find.

As I watched her dark head bob in my crotch, I relaxed on the soft carpet and smiled up at Rajesh, who was sipping at this drink and lighting a cigarette. "Thanks or the wonderful surprise, darling. But I would love to have an explanation!" I said, reaching up and stroking his thigh.

"Well, now is a good time, I guess," he said, laughing. "I need to get my strength back and Mona looks like she is settling down for a really long suck!"

Mona is really my cousin (Rajesh said). She is my auntís daughter and lived until just recently with her mother (her father died a long while back) in a large sprawling property in our native place. As they had the most place, I was invited to stay with them while I met all the relatives and completed the property matters which I had gone down for. I was given a large private bedroom on the first floor of their house, right next to the room Mona used to use for her studies -- she has just completed her twelfth standard.

I had a lot of time to myself as most of the relatives, including Monaís mother were too old and preferred each otherís company. Also, the government departments I had to deal with were as slow as always, so that I spent most of my time reading on the large verandah adjoining our rooms. It was really quite boring -- and I missed you dreadfully, darling. I ached with the need for a good fuck. Of course, I masturbated almost every day -- but that is hardly any use.

I had noticed Mona as an oily plaited, quiet girl, who I barely saw except for mealtimes. I had no real interest in her beyond the conversation one normally exchanges with cousins.

One afternoon, while Mona was at school, impelled by absolute boredom, I wandered into her study room. And then, while idly going through her books, I came across a carefully folded envelope with lipstick marks on the cover. Curious, I opened it and read the letter inside. My cock stiffened almost immediately. It was from a girlfriend of Monaís called Rajshri. She spoke of Monaís body and how she loved it; of the excitement she felt when Mona kissed her for the first time -- it was immediately obvious that the two of them were having a lusty lesbian affair!!

I could barely wait till dinner was over. After dinner, Mona went as usual to her study room and I to my bedroom. I waited till I was sure my aunt and the servants would have slept, and then walked into her room. She was sitting at a table, studying, and looked up inquiringly.

I grinned. "I happened to come across a letter today, Mona. From Rajshri -- I think you know what was in it." Mona gasped and went pale. I quickly grasped her hand and reassured her. "Donít worry. Nobody needs to know anything." She looked up hopefully. "That is, if you will follow my instructions exactly" She nodded her head, still unable to speak.

I sat myself in a comfortable old chair and asked her to stand. She was dressed in the traditional home costume of the unmarried girl, a long sweeping skirt and blouse. "Take all your clothes off -- let me see you naked." I said, grinning. She looked at me silently for a long moment, then turned and went to the door and locked it. Then coming to the center of the room, she looked straight at me and slowly reached up and began to unbutton her blouse.

I watched, barely breathing, as her fingers slipped down the front of her blouse, As the cloth parted, I could see the black of her bra showing and the soft paleness of her skin. Then the blouse was open and she shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her large, mango-shaped breasts now pushed against the thin black fabric of her bra. She then unfastened the knot of the nada of her skirt and loosened it. The skirt fell down about her feet, the cloth rustling softly in the absolute quiet. Her virgin cunt was covered by a simple pair of white cotton panties.

She reached behind her back; the movement caused her breasts to rise up and out, pushing harder against the thin cotton that encased them. I could barely contain my excitement as she unsnapped the fastener and the bra popped open and loosened. It hung from her shoulders for a minute and then she shrugged it off, dropping it to one side. As I admired her glorious breasts, standing proudly out from her chest, each crowned with a dark nipple, she hooked her fingers in the waist-band of her panties and pushed them downward to her knees, from where they dropped to the floor. As she stepped out of them, I saw her cunt, covered by an lovely dark bush of curly black hair. She stood looking at me -- but I could barely speak. Without a word, she then turned a complete circle, showing me her lovely white globes of her buttocks.

As she turned back to me, I found my voice. "Thank you, Mona. I will definitely give you your letter back now. But before you put your clothes back on, I must ask you -- would you like to fuck?" My throat was dry with excitement as I searched her face for some reaction. She smiled.

"Perhaps, Rajesh. But let me see you naked first. I have never been with a man and if I am going to lose my virginity, I want it to be with someone who is good." I needed no more encouragement. I stood immediately and pulled at my kurta and lungi, under which I was naked. In seconds, I was as bare as her, my cock standing proudly out, quite stiff.

Mona walked over to me, her eyes riveted by my twitching cock. She stopped a bare foot away and I groaned softly as she reached out and put her soft, warm hand on my dick. She held it for a moment, and then moved her encircling fingers up the thickening shaft and down again. "Itís so big," she whispered, her voice full of wonder. "How do you ever get it into a woman?"

"Itís been in quite a few women and theyíve really enjoyed the size." I said, softly. "You will too."

She seemed fascinated by my dong and couldnít take her eyes off it, even as she kept fondling its warm length. "Are you sure," she said doubtfully, "It seems awfully big and hard -- and even Rajshri could only get two fingers into my hole and that too with cream."

"Donít worry," I said, placing a hand on each of her firm breasts. "Iím very experienced and very good --- Iíll be gentle -- much better than a stupid boy who is also getting his first fuck!"

She looked up at me and I drew her close, sinking my lips onto hers. She surprised me by parting her lips readily and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a while and I massaged her tits, feeling her nipples stiffen and pop out. Her hand was still on my dick, though she had stopped fondling it.

I broke the kiss finally and stepped back slightly. Then bent and took a nipple into my mouth. She gasped and her hands went around my head as I moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and letting my tongue dance across the nipple tips. By the time I finished, Mona was breathing hoarsely with desire.

"Yes," she moaned "oh, please, yes.." Then I lifted my head and broke the spell as I stepped backward again. She looked up at me, startled, then down at my cock, apprehensively. I knew she was expecting me to push her onto the bed and begin shoving it in. But I had other ideas. I hadnít had a fuck for three weeks and my balls were bloated with the need -- almost painful. I needed to take the edge off. So I pushed gently at her shoulders, till she sank to her knees on the floor. Initially puzzled and resistant, she quickly realized what I intended and to her credit, was willing to experiment.

As I moved forward, Mona looked at the stiff tool in front of her face. Slowly, her pink tongue came out an licked her lips and then she tentatively leaned forward and took a gentle lick across the surface of my throbbing tool. I jerked in reaction and groaned "Be careful Mona, Iím going to blow any time now."

She giggled "Iíve never done this before. It does seem like fun though." She held the throbbing head in both hands and I could barely hold myself back from shooting right there and then. Mona kissed the head and slowly licked the shaft "Am I doing this right?" she asked, "Does it feel good?" Her tongue lapped moist swabs around my cock crown. Evidently she like the tasty uniqueness of salty sperm as her tongue now dipped into the long slit in search of more.

I groaned aloud in pleasure. "Thatís great Mona. Now move your hand up and down, pump it while you lick. Thatís it. See that ridge at the underside of my dick?" Mona grunted in answer, her lips and tongue busily moving down my tool.

"That ridge is sensitive" I panted. "Lick it with your tongue. Ahhh, yes. You can play with my balls and lick them too if you like, darling.

"Like this," she breathed, bathing the hanging, hairy sacs with her saliva.

"Yes, darling. ohhhh... yes" I groaned in ecstasy. Mona moaned on my prick and went right to sucking my cock. She never even gagged, and as you know darling, I really have plenty to choke on! Once she got the hang of it, Mona had my tool tripping in and out her mouth like a well-greased piston. And the more she sucked, the hotter I got.

Looking down at her dark head bobbing in front of my crotch, I warned her I was going to shoot off any second. Mona took her mouth off my dong just long enough to say, "I want your cum," then sucked me in again. My balls just couldnít stand it. I took her head in my hands, holding her by her hair, which was twisted into a thick plait that hang down her naked back, swaying back and forth in time to the movement of her lips on my cock.

She smiled up at me, her lips stretched around my cock-meat and I felt her tongue moving on the underside. It was just too much. I went rigid and choked out her name --- then my tool started spitting white sauce into her sucking mouth. Mona never even paused -- I kept shooting and she kept swallowing, but still some cum ran out of her lips and dribbled down her chin. She sucked and sucked, till I was dry and then licked me clean.

Mona sat back smiling, wiping away a few stray drops from her chin. "I hope you havenít shot your lot. I was hoping to get my cunt broken in by you!"

My breathing now under control, I grinned as I pulled her to her feet. "Just you try to keep me off now!" I said, leading her to the large bed set against one wall. It was one of those large old wooden beds --- just the size you need for a really sexy romp. We fell on it together, kissing and rolling around, our limbs all tangled around each other.

If Mona thought I was about to fall between her legs and plant my dick in her virgin hole, I was about to surprise her. I kissed her long and hard, my hands playing with her titties, then moved my lips down over her body.

I covered her breasts with my mouth, sucking eagerly till both nipples were standing tall. Monaís body was trembling with desire by now. She had here hands twisted in my hair and she kept tugging, pleading with me to make her a woman, but I just went on kissing. I then moved onto her belly button, poking the tip of my tongue in and out of the tiny opening. And then my mouth was poised over her clit.

Monaís body was trembling with anticipation and desire. I knew she wanted it but she was not really sure I would actually do it.

I couldnít keep her waiting too long. I gave her clit a few flicks of y tongue and then ran my tongue over that magnificent black cunt hair until I could thrust it into her hot virgin slit. Mona clamped her thighs against my cheeks and hunched madly, again and again as a powerful orgasm racked her young body.

I kept licking her pussy till Mona begged me to stop and replace my tongue with my delightful prick. Finally, I moved up and positioned the dark spongy head of my once-again rigid tool at the quivering wet entrance to her vagina.

I poised myself over her and looked down into her eyes. "Itís time, darling," she said, looking up into my eyes and running a hand through my hair. She reached down and squeezed my cock and then carefully moved the hot head up and down her burning slit. I lowered my hips gently and she tensed momentarily -- deep within her eyes I could see the worry as my thick cock-head pushed its way into her cunt lips. But her hands on my hips still continued to pull me downwards.

Slowly, I sank my thick dick into her wet and willing softness. She gasped once as it sank deeper and deeper and then once again when it stopped, wedged up against the thin wall of her virginity. "Is this it?" she whispered, trembling. "Yeah," I replied, "just relax, darling --- the pain will vanish in a second."

And before she could get tense, I covered her mouth with my hand and thrust, letting my hips fall forward, ripping instantly through the thin skin of her virginity. Mona screamed out aloud, bucking upwards against my hand, her face shaking from side to side, tears filling her eyes. I lifted my hand away, then, as I concentrated on ramming my cock in and out of her lovely virgin cunt.

"Oh, its too painful" she moaned again and again. "Please itís too big ... your cock is too big... oh you must... you must take it out... oooh..." But then the moans began to change to deeper moans of sheer pleasure as the pain faded to be replaced by the new sensation she was feeling for the first time -- the slick movement of a thick cock in her cunt. The hands with which she had been pushing vainly at my chest, now moved around to dig into my back.

I had been moving slowly at first, careful not to hurt her more than was necessary. And also I was luxuriating in the incredible sensation of her virgin cunt -- it felt like I was moving my cock through a tight, wet muscle, that was constantly pulsating, throbbing -- gosh, she was really tight!! But now that I felt her responding, I began to let myself go -- soon I was slamming my hard tool in and out of her steaming pussy!

Mona thrust a fist into her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. She moved her legs about for a moment, uncertain how to position them, but soon figured out the technique for herself and had my bucking hips caught between her muscular, smooth thighs, her ankles locked behind my thighs. Then she was hunching her hips up to meet mine, matching me stroke for stroke.

We would have liked to have gone on and on, but I could feel a tightening in my balls. Suddenly Mona screamed out my name and pulled at my hair, while thrusting her hips up at me -- she was cuming and the sensation of her spasming cunt was enough to send my orgasm off -- I shot wad after wad of hot semen into her willing hole. That was one hell of a cum. We lay rigid, locked together, our bodies jerking and jerking with reaction until the spasms began to lessen and finally faded away. Then we collapsed, side by side, panting.

Mona was the first to recover. "I never knew sex with a man could be so good." she murmured, turning towards me and running a hand over my chest. "Raj always told me that sex with a man was no fun and involved a lot of sticky stuff -- sheís done it, you know."

We lay together for a while, talking. Mona told me of her classmate, Rajshri, who had first seduced her almost a year ago, since when they had been regularly fucking each other. Rajshri had apparently been taken to bed by an older relative and that experience seemed to have put her off men for good. I wondered aloud what Rajshri looked like, and Mona went over to her books and pulled out a large colour photograph which she presented to me smiling.

The sari-clad young girl in the picture was definitely not masculine -- in fact, she was one of the prettiest woman I had ever seen!! And almost without my realizing it, my cock twitched at the thought of fucking her, slowly rising till I had a soft stand.

Mona swung her plait of dark hair over one shoulder and bent down to lick at my cock. I moaned again, looking down and watching her mouth go down on my full length. "Wow, youíre ready for another bout...gosh, youíre really sexy, Mona!!"

Then I had a sudden inspiration. "Mona, letís try a different position. Can you straddle me, that is ride my cock? Youíre so sexy that I would really like to look up at you while we are fucking."

Mona didnít need a second invitation. In seconds, she was poised above my quivering pole, reaching between her legs to part the lips of her slippery target -- her clitoris glistening with her sweet juice and the lips of her pussy puckered as though begging for a kiss. She also ran her fingers up and down the shaft of my cock, memorizing every contour and swollen blood vessel.

"Is this what you want?" she gasped as she lowered her body just enough to allow the head of my prick to penetrate.

"Yes," I groaned, as I cupped the silky cheeks of her soft hot ass and made my tool twitch inside her tight hot sheath.

"Will you make me cum with your big, fat prick?" She sighed as she lowered her body and took two inches of my hard dick into her ready hole.

"Iíll fuck your brains out," I groaned as I held her ass tightly and shoved the rest of my dick deep into her churning channel

She squealed happily as my balls slapped against her squirming ass. "Please," she whimpered, "fuck me with that thing. Fill my pussy with your juice."

It was incredible -- we were both watching our crotches with fascination as she raised and lowered herself rhythmically, her greasy wet cunt swallowing my lust hardened meat and then the thick fuckpole reappearing, coated with a slimy whitish juice, the flesh of her tight little slit clinging to it.

"You like it, Rajesh?" Mona murmured, as she slowly raised and lowered her hot, juicy cunt over my cock.

"Oh, yeah," I groaned. "I love you fucking me."

"It feels good. Your cock is touching places inside my pussy it never touched the last time."

I could barely hold myself back. "Your molten cunt is sucking on my cock, darling! Faster! Iím about to cum! Help yourself --- rub your clit. I want you to cum with me." Both my hands were still on her bottom, helping her ride my cock.

Mona looked a bit confused about fingering herself for a minute. Then the incredible feelings rising out of her cunt made her forget any such ideas. Reaching down, she swirled her finger tips in some wet fuck juice and rubbed briskly at her hard little clit. By now, her cunt was swallowing my cock faster and faster. She kept churning and gripping at my rigid pole with her juicy, tight hole.

"Thatís it, darling," I moaned as I thrust up again and again, using all my strength. "Cum for me... I want to see your face when you cum." I could feel my fuckpole going deeper into her twisting belly.

"Harder...oooh, harder, please..." she panted with need as she rode my bucking hips like a horse-rider.

"Ride it, Mona..." I grunted, "fuck my cock."

Then I came. I slid my hands out from under her round and silky buttocks to her hips, holding them tight to me. My body went rigid. I could feel thick gouts of sperm shooting up into her body.

Mona screamed with pleasure as her cunt muscles clutched and grasped and clutched again at my spitting, rearing cock. It was a long, thrilling orgasm.

Mona collapsed forward on me, nestling her panting, flushed face in my shoulder. We were still locked, and stayed that way for a while, both panting and warm with the afterglow of good sex. Finally Mona shifted slightly and rolled off me, letting my now soft tool plop out of her well fucked cunt. I could feel a pool of our combined juices pooling on my balls and trickling down to the sheets.

We stayed that way for a long while, talking softly. Luckily no-one else had heard us, even when Mona had cried out in her climax. So we were clasped together for a real long while, telling each other about the most intimate matters ... like how you and I met, darling. And how we fucked... what you were like... your favorite positions.... some of our really memorable fuck-sessions.

Then we discussed Rajshri and Mona told me about their first time together and how exciting it had been for them both. Rajshri had sworn that she would never let another man fuck her and Mona commented on how sad it would be that she would miss out on such an incredible experience. At this point, I squeezed Monaís breast softly and said I would like very much to fuck Rajshri -- after all, she did look like dynamite in her photograph! Mona was doubtful, though quite excited at the thought of sharing me with her best friend and experimenting with the fun of a threesome. So, that evening, lying cuddled together in her bed, we laid out a plan.

It was three days later, (Rajesh continued) that Mona brought Rajshri home. She had had to arrange it so that her aunt and the servant would be gone for the entire day, to a puja in the next village. Also, Rajshri had to be free -- though she didnít need much persuasion, as Mona indicated to her that she wanted her to come over for a long delayed cunt-lapping session.

I was watching from a covered corner of the verandah as the two girls got out of the rickshaw. They were both dressed well, but Rajshri looked especially beautiful with her long black hair open around her shoulders, dressed in a bright scarlet salwar kameez and a long white dupatta.

The girls ran inside giggling. Following our plan, I quickly moved back into my room and stripped. My dick was already stiffening in anticipation. Then winding a towel around my waist, I moved to the door of Monaís room and put my eye to a previously selected crack.

The two girls were kissing, their arms around each other. Mona had her fingers buried in Rajshriís luxurious hair and she had plunged her tongue deep into her mouth. And even as I watched, Rajshri slid her hand up Monaís thigh, sliding aside the skirt of her kameez till she was able to cup her partnerís groin. Mona groaned and bucked slightly at the intimate contact.

They kissed for a while, their hands now roaming familiarly over each otherís bodies, squeezing a breast, stroking a thigh. I could hear them panting, gasping with desire. Then Rajshri broke away, gasping, "Letís get these clothes off, darling. Iím dying to suck you!" Smiling, Mona got up too, and the two girls stood facing each other while they slipped off their clothes. I massaged my rapidly stiffening dong in one hand and watched.

Finally, both of them were naked. Mona had on only a thin silver chain and some glittering ear-tops that sparkled through her hair, while Rajshri had left on her large artificial pearl necklace and some matching dangling white earrings. They both looked incredibly sexy and fuckable -- I had to stop stroking my cock or I might have just shot off then and there.

Rajshri sat down on the bed and took Mona by the hips, moving her crotch closer and licking her lips. Then Mona put the second part of our plan into action. Lifting one leg to the bed, she took Rajshriís hand and placed it in her crotch, pushing two fingers into her cunt as she did so. Smiling up at her, Rajshri slid her fingers up and into the tight wet tunnel and then --- shock!! Startled, she pushed her fingers even deeper as Mona giggled. Rajshri looked up at her and said "Mona, darling, what happened? Your cunt is clear --- your virginity...? How?..."

Giggling, Mona said "Gone, darling. Gone on the tip of a yummy, delightful cock. Oh, it was heavenly!..." And as Rajshri listened open-mouthed, she gave her an explicit account of our actions together. As Mona spoke, she put her hand in Rajshriís crotch and quietly inserted a finger into her slit. And as she described every bit of our love-making in graphic detail, Rajshri began to squirm a little with suppressed excitement.

This was my cue. Naked except for the towel around my waist, I walked quietly out to the bed. Rajshri had her back to me and did not realize I was there till Mona lifted her eyes to me and smiled saying, "Hello, Rajesh". With a small cry of surprise, Rajshri whirled around.

"Wha... what is he doing here?!" she gasped, instinctively covering her breasts with her hands. Still moving her fingers in Rajshriís cunt, Mona now began to caress her breast with her free hand. "I invited him, darling. I thought it would be such fun to have some hard cock also available for us to have fun with."

"But.. but.." Rajshri said. "I donít want to fuck a man!"

"I know, darling," said Mona. "But you donít know what youíre missing just because of a initial bad experience. Look, Iíll tell you what," she continued, not stopping rubbing Rajshriís clit for a moment. "Iíll fuck watch. If you like, you can join us. But anyway, weíll definitely fuck .. just because Iíve discovered what fun it is to be filled by some hard cock-meat doesnít mean that I donít like cunt-lapping any more!"

Slightly reassured, Rajshri appeared to be calming down. Also, Iím sure the sensations she was feeling in her cunt were a considerable distraction. With a quick motion of her head, Mona indicated that I should climb onto the bed. As we had planned, I therefore lay down quietly, hands behind my head, my cock rearing up like a flagpole.

Abruptly abandoning Rajshriís cunt and breast with a last quick squeeze, Mona lay across my thighs and encircled my cock with her hand. She closed one of her hands about my prick up against my balls and then closed her other hand just above it. Several inches of my cock still dangled free.

"Doesnít it look beautiful?" she murmured "I can feel my cunt really leaking away already."

And as Rajshri watched with a horrified fascination, Mona sucked and mouthed the engorged length of my cock. She ran her tongue slowly up and down and clasped it lovingly to her open mouth, lips caressing the sides and the red knob. She held it up and licked underneath it, up and down the groove where the thick rim and the head came together, licking me all the way back, running her tongue over my balls.

Rajshri had unconsciously leaned forward, her red lips parted and her lovely pink tongue showing a little. Monaís head was moving up and down at my crotch. As she felt Rajshri come up beside her, she lifted her head away with a wet Ďplopí sound and smiled up at her, swinging her heavy hair to one side of her face.

"Want to feel it, Raj?" she asked, running her tongue over her lips. "Here, put your hand on it." And then she had put Rajshriís soft hand on my engorged knob. Almost instinctively, Rajshri began to move her hand a little along the hard length. It was all I could do to keep from shooting off right there.

Impulsively she leaned forward and pressed her puckered warm lips to my throbbing shaft. Her warm breath sent those most sensitive nerves into a fine frenzy. Her fingers held the shaft of my cock firmly as she brushed her closed lips back and forth over its sperm-bubbling eyelet.

She smiled up at me. "Tastes nice," she whispered.

I desperately wanted her to suck me off. "Taste some more," I urged.

Her lovely mouth opened and her velvet lips slid forward , her cheeks hollowing as she sucked my prick deep into her mouth.

"Thatís lovely, darling," said Mona, her lips also moving over my balls. "I knew youíd love it." Rajshri moaned in answer, her mouth stuffed with my dong as she moved her head slowly up and down. Mona was also licking at the base of my tool, and both girls were running their fingers over my cock and balls. I was taut with delight. Two lovely girls mouthing my prick -- oh, it was almost enough to make me explode! I was strongly tempted to let it go on and then fill Rajshriís soft mouth with a load of cum.

But then Mona lifted her head and pushed at Rajshriís forehead until she released my prick -- though she still had her slim fingers wound around it. "Enough darling... heís going to cum any second now... why donít you take it in your cunt?"

Rajshri paused and looked up at me and down again at my throbbing tool. Then she nodded her head in assent and quickly sat up "Okay, since you think heís so good.. letís see how good a lover he really is!"

Then she lay back alongside me. I slipped one arm around her slim waist.

We stared into each otherís eyes as both her hands squeezed the juices in my cock and my hand stroked her slightly bent knee. The inside of her thigh was as smooth as satin. I watched her lips part, the white teeth glimmering behind them as she breathed a little faster. My fingers were tracing the deep fissure of her cunt.

Rajshriís hands left my cock, her arms coming up to coil around my shoulders.. My mouth closed down on her full lips, My cock had been pounding hot and ready ever since she had let it slip from her mouth.

We had both forgotten Mona for the moment, but she got back into the act as she bent to Rajshriís crotch and dipped her tongue deep into her slit. Rajshri gasped again as we watched Monaís tongue work busily at the little stub of her clitoris.

Then Rajshri spread her warm thighs and I was in between them,. With a muffled cry, I mounted her, driving my prick into her waiting cunt. My cock, all slick from the saliva of the sucking, slipped into her easily. It didnít hurt. I lowered my cock easily into her soaked vagina, so deep that she was gasping for breath.

One of my hands was braced against the bed head, the other levering her broad hips up from underneath. I stopped going in. We lay for long moments motionless, our throbs being the only genital stimulation, savoring the ecstatic mating of our bodies. Then slowly, I drew my rigid cock back.

She moaned insanely; " Donít leave me so soon! Please!"

"Iíll never leave youí" I muttered .

My cock slowly returned into her twitching groove. It made her breathless and she panted heavily.

This slow coming and going of my prick was delicious. The leisurely pace was obviously setting up delightful sensations in her belly. As her hunger for the fuck increased, I increased the tempo of my long-rooted strokes.

At last I reached a point in my passion that signaled the end of my self-control. Hard-driving lust clouded my vision. I pistoned my cock deep and hard and fast. As fast as my muscular hips could drive the sledgehammer of my lust downward and back.

Her hand frantically clutched my arm. She opened her mouth wide as if to scream but no sound came out of her passion-clogged throat. Beside herself with ravishment, she chomped her white teeth down again, seeking to chew on something.

"Oh, yes, yess.... oh fuck!!" I gasped, "Youíre going to get--it--all!"

I rammed forward. Her insides boiled with the force of my hot ejaculation. It squirted violently into her womb.

I collapsed weakly on Rajshriís softness. Both of us were panting hoarsely and trembling with the force of our orgasms. Rajshri moaned softly as I rolled off her body. "My goodness!! That had to be a real champion fuck!!"

We heard a panting and turned to see Mona lying back to one side, her fingers thrusting furiously in and out her sopping hole. With an exclamation, Rajshri sat up and moved over to her, reaching for her quaking crotch.

Rajshriís hand brushed against Monaís swollen cunt and then she let her fingers trace the outline of her furry slit, pushing Monaís fingers away as she did so. Tiny droplets of cunt honey smeared her fingers. Mona sighed heavily and relaxed, wanting more. Rajshri worked one finger gently between her puffy cunt lips. Both of them sighed as she found her liquid center. Mona caught her breath and moaned into the pillow. Rajshri made a few small circles inside with her finger and then added another.

"Oh!" Mona whimpered. She spread her legs further apart and pushed back against the exploring fingers.

Leaning forward Rajshri licked her way up her belly. Then, she kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear. Mona was really breathing hard, trembling with need.

Rajshri worked her fingers in and out of her pussy slowly, going a little deeper with each stroke. Monaís juices flowed and her thighs clamped repeatedly around the thrusting fingers. Her breathing was ragged and her face was flushed.

Rajshri then slipped her wet fingers out of her trembling cunt and circled her erect nipples. Then she leaned over and sucked the twin peaks into her mouth, one at a time. Mona gasped and guided her friendís hand back to her leaking hole. When Rajshri cupped it, letting a finger slip inside, she lifted her hips off the bed reaching for more.

Rajshri kissed her lips and nibbled at her neck.

Then, after working at her belly, she tongued her dimpled navel lightly and rubbed her nose in Monaís cunt hair, inhaling deeply. Mona spread her legs eagerly. And just as eagerly, Rajshriís tongue slithered between her cunt lips.

"Ohhh!!" Mona groaned. "Itís been so long."

She kept on talking, tangling her hands in Rajshriís thick mane of hair. Rajshri went right on licking. She ran her tongue up and down her entire slit. Then she flicked it across Monaís swollen nub. And when Rajshri began tongue-fucking her, Mona groaned and humped her face. Rajshri held on to her ass with both hands, driving her tongue down deep and slurping noisily.

"Donít stop," Mona whispered over and over. "donít stop"

Rajshri wasnít about to stop. She wrapped her lips around Monaís throbbing clit and sucked hard. As Monaís excitement increased, Rajshri then plunged two fingers in and out of her cunt to match her humping rhythm.

And then Monaís orgasm hit her. "Iím coming..." she moaned, moving faster. She pulsed, fluttered and began squeezing Rajshriís hand with her thighs. And then she sat straight up, crying out in ecstasy. And Rajshri sat up and pressed her lips to Monaís, muffling her squeal of delight.

The two girls collapsed beside me, their limbs all entwined. They were both panting with the force of their fucking.

Meanwhile, all this action had had some effect on my tool. From its wet and soft state, it was pretty hard now, lifting up with throb after throb.

It was Rajshri who noticed first. "Look darling, heís getting hard again from watching us. Isnít that sweet?" Mona, who was still panting a little, smiled at me. "Oh I think its lovely... my turn now, isnít it?" I could only grin back.

Mona leaned over, brushing her hair away from her face. She nuzzled her cheek against my dick and then kissed my cockhead. Her tongue slipped out and coated the head of my cock with saliva. She licked her way up and down the shaft, making me tremble with desire. Then her tongue tip was playing with my balls, moving them back and firth inside their sack.

Her lips were back at the top of my prick. This time they parted. Her tongue swirled around the head, then flattened out to press against the underside of my shaft as it entered her mouth. She began moving up and down, taking more of my pole with each stroke.

As I got harder and harder, Mona let my dick slip out of her lips. "Time to fuck," she giggled , looking over a Rajshri who was lying quietly, watching us.

She climbed up the bed, and bent to kiss me deeply. Our tongues rolled together and thrust deeper into each otherís mouths. She had one hand on my chest, holding me in position as she threw one log leg across my belly, getting into the saddle. Her head bent so that her long hair brushed teasingly against my heaving chest as she angled herself to come down properly on my upright shaft.

Inch by inch, her hips rode down my cock, her breaths coming in little catches and grunts, her receptive cunt welcoming my hardness within her. At last she brought her tight belly down against my muscular one. She had so much cock in her that her face twisted with the sensation.

"Ride it, darling," I groaned, " ride it!"

She whimpered with pleasurable pain as her lovely pear shaped bottom rose and fell steadily. Her whole body was shaking with the pleasure. I could feel the walls of her cunt pulsating against my prick and I concentrated on making it last.

I flexed my cock inside her quivering cunt and she screamed aloud with pleasure. "Iím cumming," she cried, and spasms rocked her body and made her soft breasts jiggle with tremors. I was very proud that I could hold on (of course, the tremendous fuck I had just had with Rajshri helped). I felt like some kind of super stud as I lay back, flexing my hips and watched her shudder through a series of orgasms.

Rajshri had propped herself up on one elbow and was watching. And as we fucked I suddenly felt her soft warm hands touching my balls and stroking my slimy cock when it wasnít buried in Monaís wet cunt. Then suddenly she was standing above me and as I looked up she sat astride my face and lowered her hairy cunt to my mouth. Oh, she tasted wonderful. Warm and slippery and sweet as syrup and I made sure my tongue probed, poked and licked every inch of her honey pot. And while Mona pounded against my crotch, Rajshri worked her pussy all over my face. We were all going crazy with the sensation.

"Please," Mona moaned between spasms. "Fuck me with that cock. I want to feel you. I want you to fill my pussy with cum."

The words triggered a reaction that soon had my dick pumping her pussy like crazy. I grunted, I groaned, and I pushed my dick in and out of her hot, hungry hole until a climax hit me --- hard. I yelled out and showered her cunt walls with a load of hot cum that seemed to go on forever while both the girls came again and again, Rajshriís hot cream flooding into my mouth and Monaís cunt walls flexing in orgasm around my cock.

We lay in a satisfied heap for a while, resting. We ate some food that Mona had kept ready and then we went back to it, fucking and sucking till late into the evening. Finally, we had to stop because Monaís aunt was due home any minute. And thank goodness we did, because even though those two had inspired me to a really superhuman performance, I just didnít think I could last much longer.

Quite an experience, isnít it? Monaís going to be staying with Rajesh for a short while till she finds a hostel. But sheís definitely going to be here in Bombay for a long while yet. So Iím looking forward to lots more fuck sessions with her. After all, sheís almost like a younger sister. And since our monthly cycles donít really match, Rajesh is really happy -- he now has a cunt available for a screw anytime he feels like it!!

Write very, very soon!!

Lots of hot kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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