The Best Erotic Stories.

Letters to Purvi Pt. IX
by Lalitha Mehta

The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

Darling Purvi,

I'm glad you liked my last letter so much. And yes, I would really like to party with you and Uday -- perhaps we should make it a foursome with Lali and maybe even Mona -- that would be quite memorable.

Since you have asked me for more, I thought it would be interesting to tell you about my first experiences with a woman -- the time I lost my virginity. That was when I first discovered how much fun sex could really be.

I was quite young at the time -- only 19. I had failed my board examinations and my parents decided to move me to another city, assuming (rightly so) that I had too many distractions at home and re-appearing for the exams in a totally different environment would be far more effective. If only they knew!

I was therefore sent to Bombay to stay with my uncle, my mother's older cousin. My uncle was one of the oldest members of the family, and had a thriving business in the export of machinery components. He had started from the ground up and worked his way to his present level of success by concentrating on business alone. It was not till he was approaching 50 that he finally agreed to get married and had subsequently married my aunt, who was considerably younger. It was an arranged match -- I had never met my aunt as my uncle rarely if ever attended the normal family functions, apparently finding it very difficult to get away from his business affairs.

It was a very comfortable arrangement for me. They lived in a large flat in a quiet suburb of Bombay and had few if any friends and visitors. I was given my own room and left pretty much to myself. My aunt Seema turned out to be a rather good-looking woman in her thirties and I remember thinking that my uncle seemed to have been pretty lucky in making the match. My uncle was out of the house most of the time, either at office or visiting his various suppliers scattered across Bombay or in neighboring Gujarat. My aunt spent most of her time in her rehearsal room -- she had been an award winning classical dancer before she married my uncle and she practiced for over five hours every day, using a set of recorded tapes so that she did not have to bother with hiring musicians.

Some time after I moved in, my aunt was asked if she would perform at a charity show organized by a well known cultural organization. She checked with my uncle and he finally agreed only because one of the chief organizers was a long time business acquaintance who personally requested him to give his permission.

Aunt Seema was quite transformed by the project. Live musicians were called in and the three weeks leading up to the event had her practicing up to seven hours a day. The house resounded to the thumps of the tabla and the musical notes of her belled anklets were everywhere. In fact, she took to wearing lighter anklets at all other times, so that the soft chime of bells always accompanied her wherever she went.

The day of the performance dawned. I was to go straight to the hall from my tuition classes and my uncle was to come straight in from office. I was there well in time and therefore was able to get a good seat right in front. I had no great interest in classical dance at the time, but had come simply out of family loyalty.

The program started a little behind schedule. Most of the dancers were quite good -- but my aunt amazed me. It was quite obvious that she was definitely in a class well above the others. She was dancing Odissi, a temple dance that is very sensuous and I was quite entranced. Suddenly the woman whom I had seen around the house, her long hair casually twisted into an oily bun, dressed in a caftan or a simple sari, was quite simply -- a goddess. Her elaborate jewelry shone in the stage lights. Her gold embroidered costume clung to her outlines, which were definitely voluptuous. Her hips swayed, her lovely bosom heaved. Her wide expressive eyes danced and her long and lovely fingers made beautiful patterns in the air. All too soon, the performance was over.

In the interval, an usher came to me with a note from my aunt. It said that my uncle had been unable to come to the performance, as he needed to fly to the US the same night on urgent business and had been held up at the office, awaiting his tickets and other papers. She added that she wished to return home immediately to see him off, so if I could meet her with a taxi at the stage door, we could leave without any delay.

I did as she asked and found her waiting. Not having had time to change, she had simply thrown a shawl around her elaborate costume. She said little as she stepped into the car, except to ask the driver to hurry. She seemed in no mood to make conversation and simply smiled when I complimented her on her incredible performance. I did not speak much after that -- the car was full of the heady scent of the flowers in her hair and the bouquet she had been presented. I was embarrassingly conscious of the close proximity of a very attractive woman. Her thigh had come to rest against mine when she got in and the bags she had placed on the other side prevented her from moving away -- not that I wanted her to move away.

My experience with girls at the time was incredibly limited. I had no sisters or close female friends and any romantic flings had been restricted to distant admiration of the prettier girls in college. As I had never been one for the party life, I had had little opportunity to meet many girls in a social way.

We were soon at the house and my aunt proceeded up the stairs while I paid off the cab. When I got in, I heard the sound of raised voices from my uncle's bedroom -- he was evidently packing for his trip. I could understand the reason for my aunt's poor mood -- she had been looking forward to this - her night of glory for which she had put in a considerable amount of effort -- and her husband had failed to show up! It did not help that my uncle was not in the least bit repentant -- the program had very low importance in his scheme of things and he could not see what the fuss was all about.

I went to my room and changed into a T-shirt and lungi, waiting for the house to quiet down so that I could masturbate a little. I was quite excited by the sight of my aunt and the other lovely girls I had been watching, and I thought that it would be nice to lie in bed and stroke myself for a while. I was not a habitual masturbator, but the excitement of the evening had left me with an uncomfortable erection and I was badly in need of some relief.

Soon, it was time for my uncle to leave. I joined them at the door, finding my aunt still in her costume. I could not help but notice the deep and mysterious valley of her cleavage, uncovered now and clearly visible above the tight silk of her blouse.

I went back to my room, very aware of the sensation of the cloth of the lungi moving across the circumcised head of my cock (I wore no underwear), maintaining my semi-erection. As soon as I had the door closed, I lay across the bed and gripped my now turgid tool in one hand. I had no intention to rub hard -- this was one cum I wanted to last.

I had just started by rubbing my thumb across the velvety head of my cock when there was a soft knock on the door and my aunt called out. I had to quickly wrap my lungi around my waist and open the door. I could only hope that she would not notice the obvious bulge at my crotch., where my erection was barely covered by the folds of cloth.

My aunt said that she was still keyed up from the show and planned to dance for a while in the rehearsal room to tire herself out. Since I had so enjoyed the earlier show, would I like to watch? I accepted immediately, reasoning that I could always resume my solitary pleasure a little later -- and it would be all the better if I had some fresh material for my fantasies!

We went over to the rehearsal room, which was simply a large room with a cool marble floor. On one wall was an expensive stereo system and a thick white cotton mattress was placed to one side -- it was here that the musicians and visitors were seated.

My aunt busied herself with selecting the music while I sat, carefully cross-legged on the mattress. She had lit some sticks of incense, and the heady fragrance of jasmine filled the room, raising my already heightened senses to a newer level.

Then, she danced. I do not remember what exactly the dance was, as my knowledge of Odissi was and is limited. But it was very different from the one she had performed on stage. The movements were quieter somehow, and she moved slowly and fluidly, often holding a particular pose for a beat longer. It soon became obvious that this was some kind of dance of worship -- Odissi is a temple dance and was originally danced in worship of the residing deity.

Slowly, the pace built up. I could not take my eyes off her -- her heaving bosom, her rounded hips and her long fingers. My nostrils were filled with the scent of jasmine flowers -- my ears with the soft music. My erection was now rock hard and I could see a damp spot on my lungi, where some pre-cum fluid had leaked out. I did my best to hide the rise, keeping my hands in my crotch in an effort to cover it. Unfortunately my hands kept brushing against my erection, making it even harder till it was almost painful.

And then it was over. With a slow movement, Seema Auntie finished in a kneeling position, her forehead touching the floor, her hands outstretched before her. As the music came to an end, she sat up. She was breathing deeply from her exertions and was covered in a light sweat despite the air-conditioning. Her bosom rose and fell with every breath and my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her breasts, tightly encased in the deep red blouse.

"Well, that is a compliment!" my aunt said. With a start I realised that she quite probably had seen where I was looking and looked up at her face. But her eyes were on my crotch. She sucked in her breath and moved closer. "Can I touch it?" she purred. Her eyes were kind of glassy and she was breathing funny. I nodded and closed my eyes, too embarrassed to watch her do it.

And before I could make a move, she had leaned forward and reached out to hold my cock through the thin cloth. "Ohhhh" she moaned as her fingers caressed the shaft. "It’s getting bigger. I think it likes me," she giggled. My cock thumped against her warm, soft fingers as it grew in her hand.

I gasped and for a moment could not breathe. My cock was harder than I’d ever seen it. I felt I might come at any second. I gritted my teeth and held my breath, trying my best to make it last. My head was a jumble of sensations – the erotic sent of the incense, the soft white mattress under me and the pain of my erection – and the soft warmth of the hand that held it. I could only stare quite petrified at the beautiful woman who knelt right in front of me, smiling gently as she ran her thumb over the top of my cock. I stammered and placed a hand over the hand at my crotch, instinctively trying to pull it away.

My aunt shushed me with a motion of her lips, shaking her head. She then reached out and gently removed my hand, before placing a finger across my lips.

"Lie back," she whispered. "And keep still."

And then she pulled at my lungi with one hand as I lay back on the mattress, moving closer so that I could feel the heat of her body as her knee pressed into my thigh. I moaned involuntarily as the cloth moved off my aching cock, which she released only to capture again, now moving her hand up and down its length.

"Have you ever done it…?" she panted as her hand began stroking my tingling tool. I shook my head and shoved my hips at her maddening hand. She knelt over one of my legs, pressing her crotch down on it as she stroked my dick.

I had always wondered whether I had an average cock, like most teenagers. Any doubts I had were now put to rest as she exclaimed in pleasure at her first sight of it – nine inches even at that age, thick and hard.

I was lying back and watching her, almost with disbelief, but now I sat up, propping myself on my elbows as she bent low and kissed it. I moaned louder, and panted a little – I was beginning to wonder whether this was all a dream.

The long fingers of her other hand played up my bare leg and reached my crotch. I felt my heart beating as she now moved both hands over my throbbing cock. My aunt smiled and licked her lips invitingly as she stared at my rigid tool, her inviting mouth a bare inch away. I lifted my hips, poking her in the mouth with my hard dick.

She lifted one hand to her head and tugged at something. I could feel her long black hair falling silkily over my bare thighs as she bent her head forward and put her full, hot lips against my now very hard and throbbing dick.

Her lips enveloped my dick, and her tongue ran tight little circles around the sensitive head, making my entire body quiver. She gradually took more and more of me inside her warm, moist and hungry mouth and sucked my tool ferociously. She held my balls securely in one hand and wrapped the other hand tightly around the swollen shaft. Her tightly wrapped hand traveled up and down my shaft with the same motion of her lovely head.

I felt the familiar tugging inside me as my cock flew in and out of the hard friction of her soft but tightly compressed mouth – only it was much, much stronger than I had ever known. I went crazy, lifting my hips higher and higher, trying to jam my entire cock inside her throat. She was making noises that sent delicious little vibrations up and down my cock. My toes were clenching and curling as my cock shot in and out of her slippery mouth and her entire head was moving to the rhythm of my passionate thrusts. I gasped out that I was going to cum.

I think, even in my passion, I was a little surprised when she did not move away. She actually wanted me to cum in her mouth!

With a harsh groan I shoved my entire cock all the way inside my aunt’s mouth and began to shoot my hot cum into her throat. I felt my semen begin boiling forth in a glorious burst of pleasure. I shot my cum into her hot mouth and could imagine the sperm covering her full, red lips. It felt so good; I didn’t care about anything, just releasing my love juices into the wonderfully sexy mouth of this beautiful woman.

I was crying out and shaking all over with the force of my cumming and she was making noises that further excited my crazed penis.

I pulled out a little so that I wouldn’t choke her and when I opened my eyes I was astonished to see her sucking and licking up every last drop of my sperm. My cock was sensitive and my balls ached with the force of that discharge, but I couldn’t make her stop. Her lips were moving up and down my cock, her tongue whipping around and around it, tasting and probing and I swear she got every single drop!

I was lying there panting and still trembling a little when she sighed and sat up.

"I hope that is not all you have in you," she said, rising to her feet. "Because I want some more."

I could not answer. My throat was hoarse from all the panting I had been doing and I could only look up at her, still barely able to grasp what was happening.

Seema Auntie giggled. "You poor boy," she smiled. "This is the first time you are with a girl, is it not?"

I nodded my head dumbly – I still did not trust my voice.

Meanwhile her hands were busy, unbuttoning and unpinning her costume. A few snaps and her blouse was shrugged off her shoulders. Another snap and her black bra fell away to the floor, while I drank in my first sight of a naked woman’s breasts. Unlike the unreal pictures of hugely busted blondes I had seen in pornographic magazines, Auntie’s breasts stood proudly out on her chest, with only a hint of sag. Her nipples were really large – I have never seen any with such large aureoles. In the bright lights of the rehearsal room, I saw her nipples begin to harden and lift up, pointing out.

Then she bent and slid off her panties. I had been too immersed in her breasts to realise that she had already undone and dropped the lower sari-type garment. Underneath she had on a simple pair of flower patterned cotton panties, which she now lowered.

As Seema Auntie stood up, smiling a little, I realised she was not the least bit embarrassed by the fact that she now stood quite nude, except for a few ornaments, before her nephew by marriage. She ran her hands over her hips and moved them up to her breasts, cupping and stroking the nipples with the tips of her fingers.

"Well darling," she said softly. "Time to lose your virginity!"

And with that, she knelt beside me again, reaching for my still moist cock, looking deep into my eyes all the while. I groaned as she bent and gave my aroused tool a few quick sucks to bring it to full erection

My hand went for one of her big tits and she turned and moved into my arms, kissing me with those red, cock-sucking lips. "You’ve really got a nice big cock," she whispered in my ear. "How did you like being sucked?"

"auntie, I…" I began, but she put a hand over my mouth.

"Just Seema, darling…" she breathed into my ear, before moving her lips to cover mine. For a brief moment, I felt her soft lips move against mine, her tongue easing past my lips and into my mouth. I grabbed her tits, suddenly desperate to know every inch of her lovely body. I ran my hands all over them, cupping and pressing them in growing excitement.

Then she raised herself up and swung a leg across my hips till she was straddling me. Her long black hair, the remnants of her floral decoration caught here and there in its strands, covered her shoulders as she looked down at our crotches. She then steadied herself with one hand on my chest as she held my now hard cock in the other hand and pointed me up at her cunt.

For a moment she stayed in this position, rubbing slightly on my cock, moving her little finger over the sensitive tip. And then she positioned herself over me and let herself down, slowly. As my cock sank into her, she threw her head back and let out a deep, earthy moan that seemed to vibrate all the way down to my balls.

I groaned in response. Sensation was all over me. My cock felt like it had never felt before. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet and she was moaning and gasping frantically, seemingly on the verge of an explosive orgasm.

Then lovely Seema began grinding her hot cunt against my cock, mashing herself against my pelvic bone with a tight circular motion. She leaned over me and shook those lovely tits on my chest. Her erect nipples brushed against mine and now we were both moaning like two hot and horny lovers.

I grabbed those beautiful mounds and sucked on them one at a time. Her tight, swollen nipples expanded even further inside my mouth. I’d never seen nipples grow so long and hard. They were the tightest, firmest nipples I could ever had imagined. Her breasts seemed to swell with every breath she took. And they felt like soft pillows as this lovely woman’s body rose and fell hard and fast on my rigid cock.

Her voice was singing an erotic symphony. Her frantic moaning was interspersed with hard gasps and intermittent panting. As she got hotter, she emitted soft whimpers and when she was right on the verge of soaking my crotch, she shrieked. Even though I had cum in what seemed to be torrents only a few minutes before, I could feel my orgasm rising swiftly. I groaned and tried to hold back, but it was no use.

"Now!" she gasped. "Cum with me!" She trembled all over and screamed as my hot, thick cum spurted into her cunt. Her spasming pussy unleashed a torrent of her hot, musky cum. It ran in swift-moving little streams down the insides of my thighs and soaked the mattress beneath us. I thought her flow would never end.

Seema kept right on fucking me. Her lovely body kept rising and falling on my cock, keeping me hard.

Finally she seemed to lose steam and she sank down on me, covering me with her trembling body, her warm breath in soft pants in my ear. As her cunt relaxed its grip on my dick I felt the wetness of our combined juices flowing out to cover my crotch and balls.

Then with a deep sigh she rolled off and I gasped as my semi-hard tool slipped from the warm tube which had been holding it. The cool air of the room notwithstanding, we were both covered in a light film of sweat, leaving our skins slick to the touch – somehow that added a really powerful element of erotica to the scene, making me even more excited.

We both lay quiet for a while, Seema running a gentle hand over my chest and down to my crotch, where I could feel the hairs still soaked with our cum.

Try as I might, I could not suppress a feeling of guilt about my uncle. I wondered how to bring it up, not wanting to break the mood. Then Seema solved the problem for me.

"Don’t worry about your uncle," she said. "He has never had sex with me – and probably never will."

I sat up in surprise. "Never?" I looked down at Seema, who was lying back in sweet abandon on the slightly disarrayed mattress. Her luxuriant black hair framed her lovely face; little flowers were scattered in the strands. Her breasts rose and fell softly, the lovely nipples still distended in excitement. One hand was in her crotch, idly stroking the puffy lips of her wet pussy, which was framed in the gently curling dark bush. Somehow I could not imagine being married to this incredible creature for so many years and never fucking her.

"Never." She said, a little sadly. " He has absolutely no interest in it, you know. I do not know why – perhaps he is gay? Soon after we were married I made a couple of advances which he repulsed with complete disinterest. I soon learned that he had simply married me to stop the family from pestering him with marriage proposals. All that he is apparently interested in is his business – I am just required as a hostess and housekeeper."

She spoke with little bitterness, almost with humor. "I had almost given up hope of ever having a proper orgasm again – then when I noticed the way you were looking at me this evening, all the way back in the cab and afterwards, I knew I just had to have you."

"It is not like I have never known what an orgasm is like" she continued. "If I was a traditional Indian girl who comes a virgin to her marriage bed, perhaps I would never have known what I was missing. But I had a boyfriend in college, and we fucked and sucked and did all kinds of wonderful things with each other -- but we could never marry, because he was already engaged to another girl. And after our affair, my reputation was ruined in our community and I had quite literally to take what ever was available in the marriage market -- which turned out to be your uncle!"

Her fingers were now moving deeper into her cunt, two fingers slipping in and out, sliding easily and emerging shining with dampness. "Since we are busy getting rid of your virginity," she whispered a little huskily. " Perhaps it would be good to finish the evening in the classic position."

With that, she lay back and spread her legs wide, looking up at me with a lazy welcoming smile. Her meaning was obvious. I felt a current of fresh excitement run through me. I rose up on my knees and looked a little doubtfully at my semi hard tool.

"I don’t know about this," I said, a little embarrassed, because I was not used to discussing such intimate details with a woman – and especially not naked! Also, I was not quite sure how many times a man was supposed to be able to cum – I normally had just one orgasm every time I masturbated.

Seema was not worried by such minor details.

"Bring it here," she husked. I moved closer and she reached out and caught hold of my prick with both hands. Juice glistened on the hand that had been in her cunt and she wiped it on my tool and used her long and supple fingers to spread it over the dark flesh. All the while she pulled gently until I was kneeling beside her head.

Seema parted her full lips and ran the end of her tongue around the head of my prick. Then putting one hand behind my ass for leverage, she lifted her head and took my entire prick into her mouth, holding it at the base with her other hand.

I moaned as I felt her tongue begin to work all over my cock. I looked down at her and saw that she was looking up at me. I felt a strong rush of absolute lust for this woman and I could feel it move into my cock, which rapidly hardened. Slowly the engorged length moved out of Seema’s lips as it became harder and harder.

I caressed her dark black hair and the sides of her cheeks as she let her tongue flick wildly against the sensitive tip of my cock. And in no time at all, I was kneeling between her legs with a very respectable hard-on poking out of my groin.

Seema lay back and smiled up at me, spreading her legs wide. I took a deep breath and looked down at the lovely body offered to me and drank in every detail. The large soft mounds of her breasts, each crowned with a dark hard nipple that stood out, all puckered up. Her long fingered hands, running over her stomach and up to her breasts, tweaking each nipple and massaging her breasts. Her long legs, wide apart now, showing me every detail of her wet pussy – the thick hair still wet and matted from our last bout and the puffy lips that she now spread with the fingers of one hand. She then reached down and grasped my very erect dick with her other soft hand, running her fingers over the hard length and then holding it and moving the loose skin back and forth, keeping my excitement at a fever pitch.

"Time to fuck, darling." She whispered. "Time you really had your first woman. Don’t worry about holding back – I’m wet and ready and so hot I think I will cum from just feeling your cock inside me."

I leaned forward and watched with fascination as she held my cock head against her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down her slit. Then she was pushing it into the center and I could feel her lips opening up for it – soft and yielding, then my cock moving into that hot and liquid tube that held me so tight.

With a moan I slammed my hips forward and sank all the way in right up to the hilt. Seema gasped at my thrust, which was hard enough to move her a few inches up the mattress. But she was wet enough and I don’t think she was in any pain.

For another long moment I looked down at the junction of our bodies, where the curled hairs of our bushes were rubbing together and then I knew I could not wait any longer.

I lowered myself on her softness. Her soft breasts were like pillows between us and I moved one hand up to a breast, which I began to squeeze.

Seema groaned at my sudden weight. "Easy, darling," she murmured. "You’re heavy – take your weight on your arms – yes, your elbows – that’s right. Then swing your hips up and down and don’t worry about how hard you ram me – I can take it all!"

I had stopped in confusion and not a little embarrassment, but the encouraging motions of her hands on my ass made me swing my hips up and down, following the urging of her hands.

The sensation was delightful. I could feel my cock bury itself deep within her body and then emerge a little way, and then go deep in again. I wondered how much of this pleasure I could handle.

Seema moaned throatily in my ear and then swung her legs up and locked her ankles over my heaving ass. Her nails were buried in my buttocks and she used this as a lever to swing upwards with her hips with every stroke I made downwards, slamming our crotches together. Now I knew why she had suggested we try this ‘classic’ position – even now I get no greater pleasure than when I am ‘in the saddle’ so to speak, with a lovely woman writhing under the impact of my cock.

Her strong dancer’s thighs held me hard around the waist. With every stroke, the bells on her anklets tinkled loud enough to be heard over our moans. And that will always be the strongest memory of that first fuck – how the bells chimed with the motion of each stroke. Even today, all I have to do is hear the soft sound of a woman’s anklets to find myself instantly hard!

I could not last very long. Even though I had cum twice already, I was very near when Seema suddenly screamed out and pulled me harder into her, urging me to go faster and to ‘really give it to me!’ I slammed in and out as fast as I could, feeling the rising tide of my own cum.

And then I came. I do not know how much semen actually spurted out, but the orgasm was huge and it felt like I was pumping buckets into her. I groaned in dismay when I came, as I had hoped to wait for Seema, but my orgasm only seemed to set her off – she went absolutely rigid and put one arm around my neck, holding me hard against her body. Along my cock I felt a clenching and releasing again and again as she came, a long and delightful orgasm that left her shuddering and twitching.

I rolled off her and I remember her reaching down to hold my wet and now quite limp cock, just before I fell into an exhausted sleep.

I awoke late the next morning. I was alone, sprawled on the mattress, which had been pushed towards the center of the room by our exertions. Sometime during the night, Seema must have washed off my crotch and covered me with a blanket. The only trace I could find of the night was a few scattered flowers, which lay crushed on the mattress.

I quickly slipped on my lungi and T-shirt, wondering how I could face Seema. I was not sure whether she had been a willing participant in the previous night’s activities. I was so preoccupied with my own guilt that I could not clearly remember whether it was she who had initiated the sex, or whether I had pulled her onto the mattress and ravished her.

I went in search of her, but she was nowhere around. I had classes early that day, so I had to leave soon afterwards. Not that I could pay much attention to what my teacher had to say – my thoughts were filled with the images and the sensations of the previous night. I could hardly wait for class to be over. I had no idea whether Seema would be home and what sort of mood she was in …. But I really wanted to find out.

I hurried home. I let myself in and went from room to room searching for Seema. Finally, having gone through most of the house, I went to my own room. And all my doubts vanished – because there was Seema, sitting on my bed and waiting. And with one look at her, I knew that there was only one thought on her mind – the same one that was on mine.

Seema was dressed in a lovely gold negligee – some kind of soft silk. I could clearly see the aroused points of her nipples as they pressed clearly against the thin cloth. As I walked over to the bed, her eyes moved from my face down to my crotch.

I reached out and held both her breasts while she undid my belt and pulled my zipper down. I stepped out of my pants as she pulled them off.

"I can see you’re ready," Seema said, admiring the large bulge in my underwear. She reached up and grabbed it as she slid off the bed and knelt in front of me. "Want me to get it all wet?"

I silently turned and sat on the bed, my eyes on her, still feeling the softness of her tits. She knelt in front of me and slid my underwear off as I pulled my T-shirt over my head and threw it away. Then Seema stood up and slid the thin straps of her negligee off her shoulders. With a soft rustle, it fell in silken folds around her ankles, revealing the sexy body that had been filling my dreams all this day.

I pulled her onto the bed and kissed her open mouth, running my tongue deep into her throat. I grabbed her full breasts with both hands and squeezed them roughly.

"Ohhh, that’s good. Suck them, darling, suck them hard." I needed no urging to feast on those tasty nipples and I sucked first one, then the other into my mouth, pausing a second at each one to chew them lightly.

Seema, meanwhile had got hold of my balls and was squeezing them roughly. At any other time it would have hurt me, but now it got me hotter. She reached up and grabbed my cock with the other hand and started to slide her hand up and down my shaft to keep it hard; obviously she wanted to have my cock ready for action.

I kissed Seema’s neck as she moaned throatily, while I moved my hand between our bodies until I reached her slit. I slid my middle finger down through the moist crevice and began running it in and out.

Seema reached down and grabbed my cock. She spread her legs over my stomach and slid down so that she could position the head of my cock right at her moist hole.

"Bet you’d like it in there right about now, wouldn’t you?" she teased.

I kept kissing her neck." Why don’t you put it in?"

Seema moaned and slid down on my prick, sending it halfway into her clasping pussy. "ohhhh..........yessssss!!" she moaned, pushing her hips down further. She now had all of my cock in her pussy. I grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them hard.

"Ooohhhhhh, yes," Seema moaned into my ear. She started to pump her hips. I liked the feeling of our stomach and pubic hair rubbing sensuously together.

"Would you rather get fucked or sucked?" she whispered.

"Fucked now, sucked some other time," I replied. "I like everything with you. You can suck me off after you give me some cunt."

Talking about it pushed me to the brink of my explosion. "I hope you’re ready now, Seema, ‘cause I can’t hold out much longer."

"Oh cum!! I want it up me before I cum. I’m gonna squeeze that big fucking cock of yours bone-dry you fucking stud. Ohh...."

I grabbed Seema’s ass and held it down while I arched my hips upward. The pressure in my loins continued to build to a raging flood, and when it reached its peak, I felt my cock begin to jerk wildly, and what seemed like a torrent of white-hot cum flowed deep into Seema’s cunt. She remained still for the first few spurts, but as the thick staff of flesh that spread her legs continued to fill her pussy with cum, Seema began to bounce her hips on my pelvis. It obviously wasn’t easy because I held them so tightly, wanting to unload as deep as possible within her. But Seema couldn’t take being held down at a time like this.

"Let my ass go, Raj, let me move it," she whispered desperately. I obliged and began kneading her breasts while she started to ride wildly on my cock. She thrashed her ass violently from side to side and up and down while beating off her passion. I could feel her cunt contracting violently even with all the bumping and heaving. My cock, which had emptied the last shot of cum into her cunt, was getting so wet and slippery with her love juice that I didn’t think it would stay in while she came. But every time Seema seemed to buck too hard and twist her hips too far, she would immediately grind them down on me again, sending my cock deep up into her hole again. I thought I had come for a long time, but Seema kept writhing and squirming her hips on my stomach for a full two minutes. When her cunt gave its last weak squeeze, she finally quit riding me and collapsed across my body, so that just her ass and stomach were on me, with my cock still poked about an inch into her drenched cunt.

"Oh that felt so good!" Seema moaned in my ear, her breath a warm current. Her hands were moving softly up and down the sides of my torso. Then she raised herself up a little and kissed me deeply. I was not very experienced at French kissing (or deep kissing, as it is called now) and I was not quite sure what I was to do. Her warm wet tongue in my mouth felt very good though, and after a initial fumble I kissed her back, sucking as hard as I could on her tongue and sending my own into her mouth. I held the firm globes of her buttocks in both hands, holding her cunt to me, feeling the wetness that dripped slowly out of her pussy coating my cock and balls.

Seema suddenly slid off my body and looked down at my crotch, exclaiming at the wetness. I sat up, planning to go to the bathroom and wash myself off, but she pushed me back onto the bed with a smile. And the next minute, she had moved her head down to my crotch and was slowly and languorously running her warm pink tongue through the hairs of my bush and over my cock and balls. Her long nails scratched delicately over my thighs, adding to the sensation that her talented tongue was producing.

Her tongue moved through the wiry hair of my bush and traced its way up along the semi-soft length of my cock. It then moved around and around the crown before she opened her mouth a little wider and swallowed my dick. Her lovely fingers moved up to my balls and she cupped and fondled them, all the while looking up at me, watching my reaction to her talented cock sucking.

I could only pant with renewed excitement as I looked down at her. My hands moved to her head, where I took double handfuls of her thick and lustrous hair, holding her head as it began to move up and down. My cock was quite hard by now and I groaned again as I watched her full lips move up and down its length. It felt so good!

After moving her mouth up and down my tool for a few minutes, Seema let it escape from her mouth, resting her head on my thigh while she ran her clasped hand up and down its wet length, keeping me rock hard. A small drop of liquid appeared at the very tip of my penis and she smiled up at me and bent my dick over to her mouth so that she could lick it off.

Then she slid up my body and kissed me deeply, running her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cock and it was not really unpleasant –in fact I found the smoky taste quite exciting.

Seema broke the kiss and raised up, her hair falling all around my face in a dark curtain.

"I can see you like that," she whispered. My hand instinctively reached between her legs and in a husky whisper I answered "You were great. You’re a beautiful cocksucker."

"Time to complete your education, darling." She said. "Turn about is fair play, you know…"

For a moment I really did not understand what she meant. Then she suddenly disengaged and moved up the bed till she was part lying against the headboard. She lay back and spread her legs, slipping the tip of one finger into her wet cunt. I watched in fascination as she ran the glistening tip around the somewhat puffy pussy lips and then flicked it over a little nub right at the top – I would soon learn that this was her clitoris.

With a finger of her other hand, Seema beckoned me in. I ran my tongue over my lips, feeling myself grow harder as I realised what she wanted me to do – I was going to suck a pussy for the first time!

My excitement was clearly turning her on. She lay back against the headboard and spread her legs a little wider. Her finger was dipping a little into her wide-open cunt. Her pussy looked so pink and luscious! I knelt between her thighs, hoping that I could give her pleasure she deserved.

Her cunt loomed before me. Poised below my face. Reaching around, I massaged the satiny skin of her hips and brought my lips down to her cunt. Seema caught her breath as I bent lower, licking my lips as I approached her pussy. Not quite sure of how to start, I gently kissed the little nub I had seen her finger flick over. Her reaction was very encouraging. Seema let out a gasp and brought her free hand to my head, pushing my face into her crotch. "Yes, darling, yesss!" she panted. "It’s been so long!"

That was all the encouragement I needed. Automatically, I stuck out my tongue and moaned with joy as I reveled in my first sweet taste of pussy. Every time I rolled it over her quivering hole, she moaned and moved her hips in tiny circles against my face. I licked that hot juicy pussy with a vengeance, pushing two fingers inside of her and sucking her clit hard. She was moaning. I found I liked the sweet taste of her. My fingers were well coated by now with her juice along with the cum I had pumped into her cunt earlier and emerged again and again, coated with a slick viscous mixture of our juices. I kept working her over until she was on the brink of another orgasm.

I felt Seema begin to cum in my mouth, her pelvis jerking and twisting against my head as her muscular dancer’s hips twisted and turned against me. Her whole body was quivering as I sucked and lapped at her cunt. Her pussy rocked against my face as she pounded herself off. On and on, the juices flowed freely until I was drowning in satisfaction. I drained the sweetness from her insides.

Then I pushed her hips away and sat up, wiping my lips and chin. Seema lay there, panting and smiling happily, her eyes partly closed. Still lost in the after glow of her orgasm. I looked down at the soft lips that had tasted so good and idly stroked my very hard cock as I wondered whether I should ask her to put it inside for me… I knew I had to get inside her cunt or her mouth soon!

For the moment, I sat there gaping at her beautiful nude body. "Do you like what you see?" she smiled, as she very slowly ran her hands down over her tits and then her firm flat belly. She stopped when she reached the beginning of her pubic hair.

And then Seema lay back on the bed, spreading her hair out around her head in a halo. She had her knees up with her feet flat. She made sure I was watching before she began opening her legs, running her fingertips up and down her pussy lips.

I loved the sight of the wet pink lips of her pussy as they puckered at me. I licked my dry lips. It was beautiful. Better than I had imagined, even in my wildest wet dreams.

My cock was still sticking straight out. Unconsciously, I was slowly stroking it as my eyes drank in the mouth-watering sight.

"Don’t waste it," she moaned. "Come closer".

I knelt between her parted legs and leaned closer to her open slit. "I can feel your breath," she giggled, as she moved her legs and made the lips of her pussy quiver before my eyes.

"Touch my clit with your cock," she murmured, becoming more excited by the minute. I crawled forward and let the shaft of my cock rest against the slippery slit while the head nuzzled her swollen clit.

"Slide it up and down," she groaned, gasping for breath as she pushed her hips up and down against my sensitive cock. The feel of that wet pussy caressing my cock was indescribable.

"I want you inside me again. I want your cock in my pussy." Seema moaned over and over again. I wasn’t about to argue.

When I penetrated her with my shaft, her hands dug into the skin of my back and I could feel her whole body shudder from the excitement. Her hips pushed forward against my tool and her ass rocked back and forth with passion.

Seconds later, my sexy fuck teacher locked her legs around my waist and whimpered as she trembled all over. And within seconds she came! That wildly spasming cunt worked me off again and I shot my second load deep inside Seema. Her lovely body jerked with each spasm of her cunt as I quickly shot several quick hard blasts of cum deeply inside of her. Her soft orgasmic whimpers turned into excited squeals as she felt my hot spunk shooting inside her wet pussy. It was an intense orgasm for us both and our bodies held rigid for at least a full minute as we came.

When she finally stopped cuming, she sat up and I lay back on the bed beside her. She toyed with my cock while she thanked me again and again for the great orgasms. My ego was really soaring.

That was the start of a great period for me. Seema and I fucked like a pair of honeymooners. We couldn't get enough of each other's bodies. We fucked in all kinds of positions -- doggy style, standing up, even sitting in a chair. Sometimes I would meet her as she came in from a visit to the temple or the market, her hair in a soft plait decorated with flowers, very demure and proper in a Kanjeevaram silk sari. I would bend her over the end of the sofa or the dining table, lift her sari to the waist and simply pull the thin crotch of her panties to one side before plunging myself deep into her sopping cunt -- because she was always wet and ready for me. I found the sight of her in this position incredibly exciting -- from the waist upwards impeccably dressed and coifed, her gold necklace swinging with each thrust I gave her. And below the waist, her bare bottom pressed into my groin, her fair skin contrasting with my dark one as my slick tool thrust in and out of her clinging pussy lips. She knew the effect that this had on me and would dress in her finest saris --- after a while she stopped wearing any panties and I found this all the more erotic.

When my uncle called to say he was returning, she was sitting in the chair next to the telephone with my head buried between her spread legs. Somehow she managed to keep her voice level, thought I think she got an extra thrill out of speaking to her husband while I ate her out.

Soon after my uncle returned, I had to leave as my term was up. I knew I had not done too well --- I was far too tired most of the time, but I was fairly confident of getting through.

As a going away present, Seema bought me an air-conditioned Ist class ticket -- very expensive, as the journey would be a long one -- two nights and a day. She had tears in her eyes as she hugged me before I got on to the train. But what she whispered in my ear sent me reeling -- she was pregnant!!

In my entire fervor, I had never considered birth control, but apparently Seema had been hoping for something like this to happen. In my shock, I could only think of my uncles' reaction. Seema was quite dismissive ---- "He will accept it as his child, don't you worry. He will not want to have everyone know that he is unable to sleep with his wife!"

And with that the train began to pull out. At the window, Seema looked up at me and said " You have given me the finest three months of my life -- and a gift of a child -- now this journey is my gift to you -- enjoy!"

As the train pulled away, I wondered what she meant. I assumed that she was talking about the comfort of the ride that she had arranged for -- it was only some time later that I found out that this was not all she had arranged.

Well, that is quite all I can write today. Duty calls, and I must run. But I will write to you again, and tell you all about Seema's surprise. That merits a letter all of its own.

Lots of sexy kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued...


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